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  1. Yan Xin PDF from the CIA website

    Yan Xin, huh? Interesting. Above couldn't be the same smiling cat in TX I once knew on another unrelated forum. Agreed.
  2. ….underfunded Klutz WHO WILL undercut the butcher.

  3. I know that's one ugly f'n tie...

  4. simplify

    ….or numbers
  5. simplify

  6. simplify

  7. simplify

  8. simplify

  9. The Cool Picture Thread

    I gotta say all these pics are cool and one is even close to my heart.
  10. What are you watching on Youtube?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmhsGyNGhAY Seven Psychopaths
  11. another perfect day

  12. If I knew why, would it matter?

  13. Where do I start?

    Great question! From the standpoint of a student there are some books that just fit my system better. I have an instructors cert in Wuji and Eight Mother Palms standing qigong, which is kind of the vibratory engine of the internal systems. ​I have two personal favorite postures and they are my faves for very different reasons, my first favorite is Wuji. ALL of your forms will start and end in it, think about that. Must be important, eh? The other I love is known as the hunyuan posture of the embracing the barrel or embracing the tree all of which I have heard the position I call thunder palms. This posture was held for many hours along with the other seven. Wuji, is a great way to find your CENTER. Find it then come back on your heels a bit, no so much you lose balance but more weight on the heels than any other part of the foot. ​As for muscle tendon changing I am quite sure this happens with time in all three internal arts. A great set to add for daily practice is the 8 pieces of brocade! That form and the Sam Chein form (Sanchin, Sanzhan) are the two forms I have seen most results from ​These last two would be moving meditation and you should be able to find plent of examples. I can't recommend obtaining a copy of Liang Shou Yu's Qigong Enlightenment enough!