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  1. Zhan Zhuang is a wonderful exercise, especially in the beginning. This would be a wonderful way to begin a journey into qigong or martial arts. I also began training ZZ with the Lam Kam Chuen book, The Way of Power. The author lays out a great guide for training. Zhan Zhuang is a corner stone of training in the big 3 internal systems. (baguazhang, xingyi, taiji) I find that focusing on my breath worked as a great way to still my mind, both in the beginning and now. Many will experience tremors and profuse sweating after one's first initial training session. Both will subside with practice. I don't see how Zhan Zhuang could be harmful providing one is using common sense sort of thinking. I would recommend 8 Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin) as a moving exercise. This set of movements is quite basic and there is a lot of information easily found on the exercises. Happy training!
  2. Yan Xin PDF from the CIA website

    Yan Xin, huh? Interesting. Above couldn't be the same smiling cat in TX I once knew on another unrelated forum. Agreed.
  3. ….underfunded Klutz WHO WILL undercut the butcher.

  4. I know that's one ugly f'n tie...

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    ….or numbers
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    I gotta say all these pics are cool and one is even close to my heart.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmhsGyNGhAY Seven Psychopaths
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