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  1. Not mixing

    Hello. What are people’s opionins on when a teacher says to not mix systems. Yes other teachers say it’s ok as long as they are spread apart. Is it a dogmatic idea or one in truth? Jeff
  2. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hello to everyone, Just posting a Q&A I had with Terry. It helped clarify some questions concerning Skype lessons. Hope it helps. Hello Jeff, To learn the Advanced Flying Phoenix levels, one has to first demonstrate proficiency in the "basic" (not so basic) FP Qigong system as taught in the DVD series through Volume 7...and especially the FP Long Form Standing Meditation as taught on Volume 4. Good mastery of this exercise is essential because Advanced FP Qigong builds upon the basic level's qi development and yet cultivates a totally different energy that is not exclusively a healing energy. If Skyping, may I video tape the lesson. Yes. Once a student starts learning the Advanced FP system, he or she may video tape the skype screen from his/her end with the written stipulation that they will not post any recordings on the internet with my expressed consent. Similarly with my advanced students in L.A. who are learning the Tao Tan Pai system, I allow them, or I make for them private recordings of the TTP Kung Fu forms, and advanced TTP Nei Kung--with stipulation that they are not to go on the internet. With regards to learning and perfecting the basic FP Qigong taught on the dvd series, next year, I will produce a new series of demonstration videos for Youtube and other internet platforms that will show my present level of practice of this material. The new series of demo videos will complement the DVD series quite nicely and offer a entirely new level of nuance in terms of energetics and body dynamics. How much can be covered in an hour for the Advanced work? It all depends on your level of proficiency in the basic FP level and also your experience in internal arts. typically, it takes an hour-long lesson to learn the first Adv. FP Form. The fifth one can be learned in about 1/2 hour. The 9th (Last one) is complex-about as complex as Vol.4 Long Form Standing Med.--and will take up to 2 hours or more to learn if one has good muscle memory. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 8th Adv. FP Meds. Are short and simple. The 6th, 7th, 9th and first are most complex. Again,it depends on one's experience in Chinese internal arts. For all of them require Tai Chi-like total body relaxation and body mechanics based on energy--not muscle and bone. Hope this adequately answers your questions. Sifu Terry Dunn
  3. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Ahh. Thank you.
  4. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi Toa Stillness. Appreciate your feedback. I am currently moving my way through the posts. When I used the search engine and typed tai chi, nothing came up. Jeff
  5. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Question for those who have been doing Tai Chi on a regular basis. Has your Tai Chi practice lent itself well to the Flying Phoenix practice? Have you found that your FP has helped or changed your Tai Chi practice/energy, or vice versa, Tai Chi helping your FP practice? Any input is appreciated. Thank you. Jeff
  6. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hello. Just wanted to share my experience today. Today was my first time doing Wind Through Treetops. Really enjoyed the movements and energy. What was fun however is realizing as I did the 3 standing movement in DVD 1 and performing this natural flexion and extension movement, I seemed to have been prepping for Wind Through Treetops. I just go with the flow of the energy and sometimes I am doing some interesting bending and extending holds, and here I start WTT and lo and behold I am doing a flexion and extension movement. Go figure. Anyway, little things like that are always fun to chat about. Jeff
  7. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hope all is well. Question on Wind above the clouds. Whilst looking through the posts I realized that I wasn’t doing the breath sequence on each repetition of Wind above the clouds. Didn’t clue in when Terry mentioned it at the end on the DVD. I will make that change now. My question is, when Terry says perform the breath sequence again if doing a second repetition, does the breath sequence include always the 3 initial and 3 ending breaths? Just want to make sure I am clear on these instructions and not skipping something. Thanks. Jeff
  8. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi Frederic, Thanks for the question. I can only answer you obviously based on my experiences and what I know. Of the 3 postures, Monk Gazing is still the hardest. I certainly have strong energy blocks in my head How did I come to the point in which everything became more easier. For me, I went back to what I know which is listening and building a relationship with myself in kindness and self respect. The day I did 40 minutes with Monk Holding Peach was just that one day. It's like I was testing new waters and creating a way of exploring with the work. Since then, I have backed off of looking at the clock and allowed myself to to know that I am doing the right amount for me in the moment. Which differs day by day right now. I work very intuitively with my QiGong and Energy Healing Work. I am also a medical intuitive, medium etc, so listening is a huge thing for me. I also worked in pain management for years in a physical therapy setting. Generally for a client to improve they had to respect were they are at. Allow yourself to explore each and every fibre of your being within that moment. Wether it be 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Quality over Quantity. As you are kind to yourself and building a strong relationship on what you know is an equal balance b/w easing into the work and testing new boundaries or states, you will naturally grow and evolve. If I were you I would stop the focus on the time and focus on the feel. The sense of how you feel whilst doing it. If you have a lot of pain still, break up the movement into smaller chunks throughout the day. Pacing is huge. Again, each one of us has different experiences and different ways in which we come to the same space. I specialize in chronic pain issues in my therapy and fundamentally people generally are to hard on themselves and programmed to push. This hardened approach can get you there, however, there are different choices, personally I would rather be in ease and flow and allowing it to naturally happen. So, I would not intentionally push through the pain, instead allow yourself to unfold and be present. This moving through pain part will happen without effort or pain That's my take. Hope it helped. Jeff
  9. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hello to everyone. Just wanted to share a milestone. Big for me at least. Yesterday was the first day I did the three standing postures with pain at a minimal and the head quiet, relatively speaking. Big thing was the ease and comfort of being in the posture. The pain in the shoulders and arms and noise in the head has been well let's say, interesting . Today was the first day in which the pain was so minimal that I could enjoy the posture and be more present. For me it certainly meant the energy reached a high point were it was self sustaining. Not sure how else to put it. Anyway, I am very excited with that moment. Today, I also saw a spinning willing ball emanate from my lower dantien. In front of my belly. It was attached. I heard that I was working now with reserve qi, which I believe means prenatal/kidney? Anyway, the work is certainly fast. Very enjoyable. Jeff
  10. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hello. Thought I would share some more information that Terry has provided me through correspondence. Me: Just did a set of Monk holding then peach for 40 mins tonight. My mind wanted to quit several times. I just listened to the silence and allowed myself to be still whilst the chaos and pain wisped around. The energy grows quickly. Terry: Excellent that you are practicing the basic standing FP Meditations like Monk Holds Peach for 40 min. One must go through the silence and pain. All bodily sensations and mental formations resulting from those sensations and of the mind itself are "grist for the mill." On the other side is no sensation and rapture has been long extinguished. That's the threshold of what the Hindus and Indian Buddhists have mapped as the 4th jhanic state. Since you have the ability to practice FP Qigong with the requisite focus and perserverance, I strongly recommend that you download from the web a .PDF copy of Daniel Goleman's "The Buddha on Meditation and Higher States of Consciousness," which is an invaluable roadmap to know exactly where you are on the path of evolving consciousness. Besides the Goleman roadmap, these books are absolutely essential, required reading for all mys students: 1. Secret of the Golden Flower - Wilhelm translation with foreword by Carl Jung. 2. Tibetan Yoga & Secret Doctrines by W.Y. Evans Wentz. 3. Tao Te Ching - Penguin classics translation is good. Hendricks/Darthmouth translation is best imho. if you continue to practice at this duration of focus and concentration, you will discover that each one of the "basic" meditations can cultivate the FP healing Energy to a level of miraculously healing efficacy. And I am paraphrasing what GM Doo Wai said to me about just the basic level FP Meditations, which sets them far above any Qigong syste or yogic system that I have experienced or have observed. Thanks for sharing. Sifu Terry Dunn
  11. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hi Terry, I have been working with the posts in the toa bums, gaining what I can from them. I was hoping I could gain your insight on using FP for healing work. Is the energy of FP generally used with whatever modality a healer happens to be using? Or does FP have a particular protocol or way of performing healing work? I apologize if this has been answered. I am slowly working my way through the posts. I am personally an energy healer. I work in the physical therapy field, but also have studied Osteopathic Manual Therapy in Canada, Massage, I am a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and I also have done acupressure. With all of it I tend to creatively do my own thing. Kind of like learning scales for a guitar, but eventually you remove the walls and get cracking with some real music! Anyway, I also would like to know what is the best root when studying with yourself if my intention is that of a healer. Would I stick with pure FP or mix in some of the other forms you teach? Your feedback and time is appreciated. As of right now, I intend to keep my focus on FP for a while until the wounded healer gets back to form P.S. I was doing monk gazing at the moon today for 30 minutes and I literally felt and saw black ooze draining from my head down my legs to the earth. Wild effects from this practice. Thank you. Hi Jeff, Thanks for sharing your background in energy healing with me. Here are answers to your questions: Is the energy of FP generally used with whatever modality a healer happens to be using? Yes in general. FP Qigong healing energy can naturally be applied, dispensed through any healing with the hands modality--ranting from Tui Na acupressue to Swedish massage. But there is a big exception in that intermediate and advanced healing with Flying Phoenix healing energy does have a specific and very sophisticated protocol in that it uses Bok Fu Pai family's herbal formulas in terms of linaments, poultices and other medicines. Or does FP have a particular protocol or way of performing healing work? It all depends upon what level of FP Qigong cultivation one attains. When one becomes proficient in the basic level of FP Qigong (as taught in the DVD series), and at least higher levels of advanced FP Meditations, AND if those advanced levels have their normal effect, then the highly cultivated healing energy and elevated consciousness naturally makes one a most effective energy healer who transcends all methods. I've described several times in the FPCK thread how the FP Healing Energy can almost spontaneously transfer on its own to heal another person in one's proximity for whom one has positive regard. If you haven't reached that part in the thread, you'll get to it eventually. And that quality of the FP Healing Energy makes it a spiritually transformative art. There is no published Qigong, meditative or yoga system from any culture that has such an effect. Anyway, I also would like to know what is the best root when studying with yourself if my intention is that of a healer. Would I stick with pure FP or mix in some of the other forms you teach? Best route is to study as Cihan (in Turkey) has shared most recently is to learn the entire basic level FP Qigong (taught on Vols.1-5 and Vol.6) of the DVD series without doing any other qigong, yogic or meditative practice. One can practice any Chinese martial art in addition to FP Qigong, although most ideal would be to practice Bok Fu Pai Kung Fu. The goal is to practice FP Qigong intensively in its purity so as to experience its full effects without any interferences. Regards, Sifu Terry Dunn
  12. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Question of curiosity. Hopefully it doesn't kill that cat. I am fairly new to Flying Phoenix, still working on Volumes 1 + 2. Benefits are through the roof. Hands down the most effective practice I have done. Very fun and unique experiences within the energy fields. Anyway, as I am new to this system and slowly integrating knowledge through the posts over time, I am curious about this website Is this the individual in which Terry has learned the Flying Phoenix system from? On his website he has a DVD set which he calls Doo Family Healing meditations which he says are better then Flying Phoenix. I guess what I am asking is, what am I looking at? haha. Appreciate any feedback. Thank you. Jeff
  13. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hello. Quick question. For Monk Serving Wine Exercise 2. Is it ok if I go from the earth position to prayer position to initiate each movement. Vs. putting my hands on my knees and going to prayer. I prefer the flow of going from the earth position to prayer. However, I will not change the mechanics of it, if it is essential to place the hands on the knees in that sequence. Thanks for the help. Jeff
  14. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Yes. Main focus is Flying Phoenix. Learning the Tai Chi is done slowly.
  15. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Hello to everyone. Question on Terry's Tai Chi DVD's. I recently started the 108 Yang Long Form. This is my first time trying Tai Chi. Not QiGong however. What is the difference b/w the short and long form that Terry delivers? Does the long form include the short? Is it advantageous to do both? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you. Jeff