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  1. Really need help with healing, qigoing recommendations?

    Flying phoenix is defenetly a solid practice for boosting health and wellbeing. I've had a lot of success with it. I would also suggest something like elderberry for what your describing. Either a syrup or gaia has extract capsules you can open and take under the tounge for a more potent delivery. It's very good at taking care of viruses in the body, clearing mucus in the body, boasting the immune system and a number of other things.
  2. Flying phoenix new member

    My experiences have been pretty great so far. I'm on my 308th day of consistant practice that I slowly progressed to how long I practice now. One thing I've noticed in particular is my bodies ability to adapt. I work rotating shifts and ever since I've been about 3 months in I can switch shifts with ease. It use to be very difficult and hard on my mind and body. I've also noticed improvement in the flow/relaxation of my tai chi practice. FP has certainly taught me to go slower in all aspects of my life.
  3. Flying phoenix new member

    Thanks for the welcome. I've done some of wong kiew kits stuff (carrying the moon, spantanious qigong etc),fragrant qigong, yi jin jing, one thousand hands buddha, wei qi gong, Eddie chong five petal plum chi kung, tao tan pai and some other bak fu pai internal forms such as vermilion sparrow returns to the nest which is a really good and I still practice often.
  4. Flying phoenix new member

    Ive been practicing flying phoenix for a little less than a year and also following the blog here on the dao bums for some time. After it going private recently I decided to go ahead and get membership and perhaps participate in the blog. The blog has been a big help throughout my practice of fpck. My current practice is about an hour in the morning and an hour in the early evening alternating with exercises from volumes 1-3. Ive tried a lot of different qi gong and also practice tai chi and fpck has truly been life changing and eye opening for me. Something about it makes it easy for me to practice consistently. Where ive struggled practicing other styles daily. thanks joe