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  1. I had been doing no fap, by then i had managed to go on a bunch of 40 + day streaks, i was also doing mindfulness meditation everyday and having done the white tara and medicine buddha empowerment i would often do the medicine buddha mantra. On one of my rounds in Colchester UK i went into an old peoples resisdential area 'Kendall Terrace' for the first time and i am not sure how to described this but there was this light/bliss coming from my right side in front of me as i was walking at the back of this place and there was a buddha staue there. I have heard people talk of clear light maybe thats what they mean. Anyway i had been back since and it never happened again, i still dont know what the hell that was all about, i wish i could go back in time whatever i had back then i have lost it.... wasted seven years on self destructive behavior i used to have such bliss.
  2. What you said Steve has inspired me to be more into Buddhism, when i was happiest when i was more dedicated to it and over coming my own vices for the sake or all sentient beings. I do believe in god and Jesus, also other spiritual paths intrigue me and this has caused the strange type of suffering in me of cognitive dissonance but perhaps that does not have to be... i dunno despite having mystical experiences i am more confused than ever. I do seem to resonate more with buddhism although i am not scholar so dont ask me to recite the 8 fold path please. A strange thing happened to me whilst i was working as a post man at the end of 2013 / beginning of 2014 i had done some Drikung Kagyu empowerments the links of which are on this video but they are now expired.
  3. Spirits do exist, what do you think allot of ufo's and alien abductions are? Demonic/Fallen angelic beings! These things i believe have been messing with me my whole life, back in 2013 i started doing mindfulness meditation everyday and thanks to doing so i managed to slowly cut back on my porn addiction, i finally made it 3 weeks no pmo and woke up one morning in sleep paralysis with a 4ft grey alien/archon/demon standing at the foot of my bed... anyway since then things got really weird like they were influencing people against me and i got allot of psychic attacks especially at night. I can go into more detail, but the point is these entities exist or at least that is the conclusion i have come to after looking into the topic and believe me things on this planet including peoples weird behavior starts to make waaay more sense...i sometimes remember the way someone acted in the past and will be like 'ahhhh there was probably a demon behind that'. Also remember seeing a reptilian but in what i assume is the astral or lower astral... im not into astral projection. Anyway i have been doing allot better recently again and i think that perhaps that is down to listening to buddhist mantras to dispel and protect against black magick... i dunno its always weird talking about this stuff even on a forum like this.
  4. Jing transfer?

    Oh and the time i managed to abstain for long periods not only did i get healthier but i felt this bliss in my body... sometimes it was so good that i am actually amazed i would go back into porn or even want real sex for that matter, although i am sure with the right person it could be phenomenal but tbh imo sex is kinda gross i wish i could build a light body and just gtfo
  5. Jing transfer?

    Someone told me that when they had sex they felt this energy circulating back and forth between them and their partner. This reminds me of what i have heard about tantric Buddhist sex. Unfortunately my experience is limited as every time i have been with a woman i have been in a low jing state and since i am a massive wanker who is enslaved to porn i haven't really enjoyed it either. As for the energy vampirism well its demonic entities you have to watch out for, back in 2013 i started to practice mindfulness meditation everyday and thanks to that i finally managed to slowly cut down on my porn addiction... that summer i went three weeks no pmo for the first time and i woke up in sleep paralysis witha 4ft grey alien/archon/demon standing at the foot of my bed. Anyway it would take to too long to go into all my experiences with entities invading my mind, manipulating my dreams and also those around me which i know sounds crazy but once you realize this happens and they do indeed exist allot of things make sense. In the beginning of 2015 i was waking up one morning and i felt energy being drained from my left arm a bit like pins and needles but not. I turned my head to the left and just before i opened my eyes i saw what seemed like a fractal realm of red orange and yellow with a short reptilian humanoid prominent brow ridge with a big messed up grin arm outstretched holding my arm. About to go off topic but i did have an interesting bunch of experiences in the spring of 2014 i had managed to go a load of 40 ish day no pmo streaks and then more recently every couple of weeks relapse... two different times i was around two different girls i felt my lower dan tien connect with theirs and there was this crazy sexual tension. But when i spiraled back down in porn slavery those two girls seemed kinda disgusted at me whereas before they really seemed to like me which is funny they wont know why exactly. The first time i made it 7 weeks no pmo i kept thinking about a co worker who is not even attractive, so i wake up one night and feel something trying to pull my boxers down.... oh and i have IBS the only way to get better is suppliments and sexual abstinence but despite my symptoms being awful i still havent managed to overcome my porn addiction.... so yeah the last 7 years have been a nightmare, well i guess my whole life as this probably means i have been abducted by aliens since i was born so yaaay for being human on this stupid fucking planet!
  6. Looking like some kinda crazy Magician!
  7. Damo Mitchell's Dragon Daoyin DVDs

    oooh whats this, i have the book but i didnt really use it a dvd would be much more useful.
  8. the flying phoenix up to the golden flying phenix

    Hello So are the flying phoenix meditations on this site are related to and part of the same system that Terry Dunn teaches? I was not aware there were many more meditations in that system aside from the ones in his DVDs.
  9. How to Feed Your Demons

    These entities are not some manifestation of my mind because if you look into abduction experiences you will see groups of people being abducted by them...or in one case one guy out of half a dozen and they saw him get abducted. They reported it to the police, took lie detector tests and passed but the police did not believe them and then he turned up half a week later.~ Many cases like this, be careful i dont think its a good idea to invite a bunch of interdimensional assholes into you life.
  10. How to Feed Your Demons

    Why would i want to feed my demons they have taken enough from me and ruined my life. Im talking actualy entities i have seen. I have been under demonic oppresion...the best way to sum it up. But i think these entities have been abducting me since i was a toddler or a baby even...after all my research into alien abduction shows that abduction is a life long thing and if your seeing them then most likely your an abductee... i have other reasons to belive so also. It was only in 2013 when thanks to mindfulness meditation i started to over come my porn addiction, that summer i managed to go three weeks no fap and i woke up in sleep paralysis with a grey alien standing at the foot of my bed. Another experience i had was a year and a half later when as i was waking up i felt energy being drained from my left arm, i tunred my head over and before i opened my eyes i saw a reptilian entity, in what im guessing is the astral plane, arm outstretched holding my hand with a big creepy grin on its face. Ive done silly simon before and the first big visual to hit me was what looked like an alien language, although i cant remember it properly now. But its was compicated and vivid nothing my imagination could come up with, this was many years ago before the entity experiences i mentioned. The language was golden, shining in a double helix spinning in a giant void with other strands in the distance and it seemed to go well with the music i was listening to. The thing it reminded me of though was serpent like in essence a bit like the dollar bill sign $ or just S is serpent like, but more complicated, like if a reptilian alien language existed it would look like that. I think psychadellics can open you up but not necessarily and perhaps they just show you what is already there. My bloodline is probably cursed. I might have found a solution though, although its even harder to believe. After hearing so many near death experiences about Jesus i ended up going to church...long story short i had chritians pray for me and i confessed sins ect ect. A week later i ended up wrestling with that entity in a dream or out of body and we fell on my bed except my hand was on it, it seemed pretty short actually and it was wriggling and gyrating...thrusting its hip peversely, i some how called on Jesus and the entity evaporated. Yep what the actual ****
  11. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    So then that would be at 8:30 pm bst
  12. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    I know its a bit late, but i assume you mean 0:30 - 1:30 pm? So does do the meditation at the same time world wide increase the energy, is that the idea behind doing this?
  13. Is John Chang really that hard to find and train with?

    Another reason i would want to learn is to find a way to deal with Archons/Entities as according to one of his student Jim McMillan there is a way...something to do with strengthening yang chi. Im pretty sure ive been messed with my whole life by entities, only last year did i really consider it after waking up in sleep paralysis with a grey standing over me, tbh i would like to get revenge for having been messed with i know realize that my self destructive behavior and addictions in the past where most like encouraged if not caused by entities.
  14. Is John Chang really that hard to find and train with?

    Mo pai looks incredible, i would love to be able to practice it because it seems to be a very effective way to heal people but also because i have heard it is a way to attain Nirvana. That once one masters all 72 levels they reach Nirvana. If only there was someone in the UK that taught it
  15. Yes i had heard later on it can imbalance people, i was 21 when i initially activated my third eye. However i think that is because i already had an addictive personality, one i am really suffering for now and i think apart from my own inclination towards being intense and obsessive i grw up eating allot of sugary cereals. Coco pop, no joke i think if only my parents told me not to eat them and why i would have had more self control. It has like 36 grams of sugar per 100 grams and i used to eat like 4-6 bowls a day, no wonder i always felt unsatisfied, sugar releases dopamine and what else realeases dopamine porn and i naturally had a high sex drive... i knew it was bad on some level but when i abstained i would have a build of energy in my dan tien but nothing to to focuse that energy on as an outlet... it actually still bothers me to think of all that wasted potential. Anyway so yeah pretty much over doing things, i did have an elemental qi gong teacher but she has stopped teaching which is a real bummer because i loved practicing that, i dont remember nearly enough of it and i do wish i knew more earth element. Funny thing is when i looked at my astrological chart, cant remember the name of the website, i had like 43 planets in fire, 7 in water, 6 in air and only one in earth. I am very ungrounded often in fantasy rather than in the moment interacting with people, i did meet a girl last year that got me in the moment but i messed it up dealing with addictions and terrible IBS... i dont want to believe in any of this twin flame nonsense but its a good explanation for the experience. I hate the way she makes me feel, i cant forget about her and i cant be with her cause i have issues...she is such a prude, driven to be successful materially, strong boundaries, grounded...complete op postie to me . God why am i talking about her, wish there was a drug i could take to cure oneitis. If anyone could suggest some practices i could do for grounding that would be much appreciated, i should probably look some up myself, i already practice flying phoenix and reiki but those are celestial energies i guess so not what i need. Maybe i should completely focus on grounding energies and my other energies will follow. Funny because i have ibs would that also be associated with my lower chakras and earth?