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  1. It's silly. The kriya purifications can be found likewise silly if you mentioned them to the average uninitiated and spiritually disinterested Westerners that these were parts of spiritual practice, or do you disagree? Humor is often made from contrasts. Anyway, I don't want to argue, stir anyone's sensibilities any more on this, or continue with loose footing where I'm not granted any benefit of doubt. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, dwai. I appreciate them despite your distrust for me.
  2. Look, it was a light hearted response. I could have brought up the Aghori and mention the left-hand path practices that are more wilder for sure, but I don't see why it's necessary to view the apparently puerile emphasis I presented as anything else than honest admiration. Seriously, I think it's really great that this type of protocols exist because they actually make sense unlike the the copper wire cultivation.
  3. And I had thought that copper wire into the rectum or into the male member were the coolest methods ever. Support your local kriya yogis and yoginis!
  4. Inner smile practice: Problem of authenticity

    In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with the inner smile concept even if there are no traditional sources to give credence to it. If you use gentle means in order to gain modest satisfaction and equanimity, then it's an innocent affair.
  5. The TM rabbit hole

    You are completely mistaken. Dzogchen is about resting in the ordinary awareness without any contrived effort. It's even called non-meditation for that reason.

    Hello and welcome! You might like the following thread: It's never wrong to develop more wisdom and insight as far as any meditation and cultivation practice goes.
  7. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    @Apech A wrathful wisdom teacher.
  8. Research and starting out

    Hi DrSomnibus! Traditional martial arts are cool. What do you exactly practice? @Zhongyongdaoist is very proficient with European hermetic tradition and its Neoplatonist past. Maybe you should look up what he has written around on TDB in case his approach resonates much more than Wicca. This forum section could interest you:
  9. Wing Lam's Tai Chi video series

    Actually, you didn't specify anywhere that there should be personal experience or material possession of the videos. Good that you brought up your desire now afterwards. If you don't trust the I Ching oracle and its interpretation for a good general indication that can pass for a very brief review, then it's your choice and completely ok.
  10. Wing Lam's Tai Chi video series

    What are the most important things TDB members should understand about this video series for the purpose of seal-learning and gaining some actual internal skill due to practicing according to its instructions? (887978) 31 Influence: moving line 4 => 39 Obstruction My interpretation of the I Ching: It's okay for learning external forms, but you would need to learn the internal skill through some other means.
  11. Spontaneous qigong practice & possession

    Can you name the style or the instructor? This could be a problem. Spontaneous qigong as a group means that each of you are creating a field of energy that occasionally interacts, which can lead to experiencing karma and emotional layers of others. There should be some mechanism in the style that shields from excess karmic entanglement. Psychological grounding is especially important also, more so than with other qigong methods. Group healings and qi transmissions have the same issue, so you would have to trust that you don't receive any unpleasant karma from the other person in exchange. 1) There are different types of spontaneous practice. If you can't trust the process, then it's not good to practice. In any case, spontaneous practice is supposed to be a minor phase in balancing the energy-body: Spontaneous moving lasts few years at most and becomes completely inactive when your energetic balance is settled. You could ask your instructor how long he has been doing it and ask his opinion whether continuing 5+ years of spontaneous practice is alright in his opinion. 2) It depends on the style and its principles of the spontaneous practice. The basic tenet of all qigong is that the peacefulness and stillness of the heart-mind leads to good health and progress. If you don't have peace because of the spontaneous work, then you should reconsider what you are doing. I myself have experience with a spontaneous style that was corrupt, so I know very well that there can be bad consequences with flawed teachings. 3) If there are gestures and esoteric components in the practice, then it's pretty difficult to guess what is the intended working mechanism. Nevertheless, I find the possibility of getting into spirit possession or entity attachment in one's aura, which is easier to get, to be negligible. The threshold for actual possession is high and even entity attachments require that your aura is weak due to ethical breaches or substance consumption. The danger in flawed qigong practice does exist and spontaneous styles are especially susceptible: emotional trance states are bad in this regard. I'm paging @freeform because his teacher has much experience in treating deviations in spiritual practice. In the meanwhile, listen to your own heart. What do you want to do really? Long walks in lush nature and charitable activities among people could really nourish your inner harmony and help you ground better.
  12. change name request

    Thanks a lot! I realized an essential issue though: The symbol that you used for my name's apostrophe is not the same I had intended, and as such there may be technical highlighting issues in the future if users have automatic curly quotation marks input enabled. Let's make the user name entirely another one thus: senseless virtue Thanks in advance.
  13. change name request

    Apparently it wasn't quite alright! Do I really have to settle this with @idiot_stimpy on the Thunderdome, or would you require another renaming suggestion?
  14. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Apt quote to identify one of the greatest schemers in the world history: Otto von Bismarck made a highly successful political career out of using people as pawns and he was in no way shy in making use of the flaws of others.
  15. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Listen to various teachers and ask yourself if that person speaks to you, then consider if this is a person to whom you will listen even when you are completely crazy. - Ken McLeod, Dharma teacher