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  1. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    This is what Sifu Terry had to say about jewelry over a decade ago: Sifu Terry on electronics a few years ago: Hopefully this helps while Sifu Terry's answer is still pending.
  2. Practices for World Peace​

    Meeting with European Campaigners for Peace November 8, 2023 Thekchen Chöling, Dharamsala, HP, India - This morning His Holiness the Dalai Lama met a group of peace campaigners mostly from Europe. Their leader, Sofia Stril-Rever from France, declared that their hearts were filled with joy to meet him again. She told him that they were inspired by the example he has set in service of humanity. She reported that the group took part in observing the UN endorsed Day of Conscience on 5th April. This occasion is dedicated to establishing fundamental freedoms and human rights for all people without distinction. Stril-Rever asked His Holiness how good conscience and love can contribute to lasting peace in the world and he responded: “As human beings we all receive our mother’s love as soon as we are born. As young children we unhesitatingly play with other children without caring where they are from or what they or their family believe. This kind of openness is our basic human nature. “As adults, too many of us see other people in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’, basing our discrimination on secondary political or religious differences between us. If we are to contribute to peace among us, we must find ways to acknowledge that fundamentally, as human beings, we are all the same. We share a common experience. We are born the same way and ultimately, we all die. “Focussing on differences of nationality or faith just becomes an excuse to kill each other. It’s unthinkable. Even animals live together more peaceably. If things are to change, we 8 billion human beings must learn to live together on this planet. We must recognise our common humanity. That’s why, whenever I meet someone new, I always see them as another human being like me. And because of this I recognise that we all belong to one human family.” In answering questions about the climate crisis, His Holiness remarked that the changes taking place seem to be beyond our ability to control. He reiterated that as human beings we are all the same and we must learn not only to live together but also to work together in our common interest. “While we still have time,” he added, “it would be sensible to cultivate a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood and help each other. We need to find a way to prolong the basic human love our mother shows us at birth and extend it to others for the rest of our lives.” Asked how religion can influence the future of the world, His Holiness replied: “The essence of religion is warm-heartedness. This is what all religions teach, whatever philosophical stance they adopt. Warm-heartedness is the essence: cultivating this is what will help.” The Efficacy of Non-Violence
  3. Rudi Authentic Neigong

    See my old post here: There are many ways to study and approach the qi phenomenon and how the human energy-body works. I've also read of cultivators in Germany using infrared video cameras to capture how the body reacts to higher training.
  4. What do you train

    Mantas are beautiful creatures and diving in the sea is a great hobby for sure. You take photos or just go on to admire them?
  5. Can jing be replenished?

    Do you feel there is difference between romantic love and altruistic love? Why do you think the Mahayana Buddhist practice is centered around cultivating bodhicitta, i.e. altruistic love? Could it make meditation more powerful by any chance?
  6. Damo Mitchell

    The Dao Bums doesn't have any decent policy for content curation. Think of it as the anarchists' library where books are often placed and returned on random shelves.
  7. Damo Mitchell

    In general, Mitchell says that his main lineage is Dragon Gate.
  8. Damo Mitchell

    Mr. Mitchell keeps his lineage information hidden which is considered alright and even normative in the Daoist tradition. Not everyone likes this lack of transparency.
  9. Rudi Authentic Neigong

    My thoughts about the overall abuses in this thread: Having correct ethical discipline is one of the key means for bestowing clear and meaningful speech. Lacking maturity or kindness, it's easy to permit abusive language, odd attempts at humor, or get sidetracked into nonsense. If a person believes that causing no harm is a valid and highly worthwhile value, then there is real consideration for not harming others even by accident. Not harming is one of the few indicators that are difficult conceal and which show pretty accurately where a person stands in their ethical training, and by that I would also say how well their preliminary training has succeeded. Preliminaries should be in everyone's heart when any strange powers or attainments are discussed because it's the loving behavior which actually transforms and empowers people. The lack of love only empowers vices and delusion.
  10. Lower dantian not below the navel?

    Basically huiyin, yes.
  11. Rudi Authentic Neigong

    Thank you for confirming your ignorance.
  12. Rudi Authentic Neigong

    You probably have no experience of genuine cults based on how and what you write, therefore you are just another person who doesn't really know how to articulate their thoughts. Cults always have more sinister stuff going on than some crazy monetization scheme(s), but so far you have or anyone else has even implied anything of those on Rudi or his teachers. Of course, it's a very effective insult to call some group randomly a cult because it just suits your fancy, isn't it?
  13. Lower dantian not below the navel?

    Some years ago I discussed briefly with @freeform about a neigong practice that had a non-standard lower dantian: it was located at the perineum. What does this mean? It tells that the location of the lower dantian is really flexible and can depend on the cultivation method entirely, unless the dantian forms spontaneously through meditative practices. This also implies that some qigong and neigong methods may have natural incompatibility unless the dantian is fully developed already. What is the point of having the dantian in the perineum? It allows a greater stimulation of the root chakra and basic vitality. The downside is that the practitioner must have a very strict discipline in ethics and sexual behavior so that it doesn't lead into losing steam to increased sex drive. There might be other considerations also, but I'm not initiated in the practice and don't know more details.
  14. Rudi Authentic Neigong

    Oh boy.
  15. Rudi Authentic Neigong

    I understand perfectly well that you are pulling a lot punches with little regard to proper investigative dialogue, etiquette, and how others feel about your judgmental views which you explain as straight facts. You are inspecting your attitudes and giving them a public voice. You really shouldn't be discussing things you don't have the faintest idea about.