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  1. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    My new ageless plastic Guru! Total devotion!
  2. @statusquovadis Here is one, please enjoy.
  3. What motivates your hobby? Are you still trying to discover what type of practice actually interests you?
  4. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Who cares about being politically correct when you can be technically correct!
  5. Buddhist Practice Is Not For Spacing Out Buddhism is very keen on emptiness and unselfishness (non-self), but it's not spaced out or navel gazing hippie spirituality. Why? Buddhism teaches that there are two merits to be accumulated: the merit of virtue & the merit of emptiness. The former requires compassionate action and true altruistic love for others because only these realize what is truly unselfish behavior. This is where many people — especially the self-initiated Western folk — interested in internal cultivation get a failing grade: they simply disregard perfecting conduct as a supplement at best or as a needless annoyance at worst. You wouldn't find any traditional Buddhist teacher supporting such disregarding notions. People who claim to understand about abiding in emptiness might just get swallowed by a false impression instead. I have seen quite a few Western yogis (even more abundantly outside of this forum) who claim to attainments and speak of their self-grasping having diminished, but neither do their conduct nor yogic accomplishments align with the traditional criteria at all. Who is fooling whom? No virtue, no bodhicitta, thus no advancing in the two accumulations. For those who wish to practice the Buddhist way: Don't go cherry picking what is easy or you may end up doing the spiritual equivalent of glue huffing or sniffing farts and thinking yourself really civilized and top of the game. Please have some grounded skepticism instead and try not to be impressed by any appearance of "emptiness" because that itself would also be another illusion.
  6. What you refer to seems to be more in line with growing in tolerance and adapting to conformity. I don't see these necessarily leading to genuine respect, kindness, or compassion. I have to make such maneuvers because the benefit of doubt given to users on this forum varies quite a lot, and I'm not only referring to moderation. The variance sometimes feels rather unsettling actually, which brings us back on this current controversy about how people feel about the user "awaken". Whatever.
  7. Compost Toilet

    Sometimes I really just wonder how hard it is to develop rapport and have caring human discussions even though dissidence is present. I don't mind it though. I suppose that being curious about what others do only leads to side tracks.
  8. Ooh, where do you find these places? Maybe I'm overly pessimistic in my observation, but I find it unreasonably hopeful thinking that a sprawling spiritual discussion forum would be an actual place of respect, kindness, and compassion. People rarely join any Internet discussions in order to have their non-virtues uprooted, but to receive grooming or have verbal wrangling with others. Nothing wrong with the ideals of peace and respect though. It just doesn't reflect our actual human condition very much. EDIT: After re-reading the above, I think I should have been more careful with the words because they can give an impression as if manners or benevolent oversight are entirely lacking in forums such as TDB. This is not the case, so I would like to apologize for my unskillful wording.
  9. How Much Can DT Store

    The body is an illusion, energy and its storing are illusions, and the act of "compression" doesn't mean anything else except giving apparent solidity for the mind's desire to have some squishy and graspable sensations. Energy "compression" almost certainly is a deviant way to practice because you are only playing with sensations. The authentic goal of internal skills is to access a level of inner peace where your conceptual or thinking mind stops messing with the body-mind's natural capacity to retain a stable view of non-action: You simply stop playing around with your mind. This might sound a bit technical, so I would ask that you please read it a few times with the Daoist and Buddhist philosophy of non-action in your mind. It's an important lesson. Any anxiety would be the surfacing of your own pre-existing condition(s). My advice would be to stop forcing yourself and seek a knowing teacher to help you process your existing issues first. By the way, do you even have a (good) teacher already? Self-initiation can be a painful road with its trials and errors process, and asking the Internet for advice is another unwise thing to do. But to each his or her own! Maybe I'm already giving plenty of ignorant advice here. If you receive more responses that give contradictory advice, then it could increase your anxiety and confusion. That's what self-initiation and practicing without good and knowledgeable teachers gives: you truly remain on your own. What you are experiencing and fearing would be the results of continued forcing and grasping, not correct mind training. If you overstimulate the mind or agitate the heart, then it easily leads to sensations rushing up to head.
  10. A beautiful prayer. Full text available at Lotsawa House website:
  11. I think we could have more discussion about referencing, quotations, and establishing credible and trustworthy sources. Branching into a separate thread perhaps? This is the academic view chiefly if you appeal to the respect for the author. There is no need to classify plagiarism if there is no competition or anything to lose or gain. The best use of referencing simply acknowledges the reader and sets the threshold low. As an interested reader, I would rather prefer good meta information if something sounds especially appealing and worth discovering more. True enough for a casual discussion such as this.
  12. DGS

    What is this more value you refer to?
  13. Compost Toilet

    Since the love of the Buddhas has been likened to that of parents' love for their children: Could you see yourself installing enshrined images of your very own mother and father in the outhouse toilet? What type of mindfulness would such pictures result then? Personally, I wouldn't offer any type of (questionable) honor to the Buddha if the same respect wouldn't be fit for my parents, good friends, or significant other either. I think there is important merit in showing our loved ones (and with enough bodhicitta even including our enemies) that we really mean well and want to offer only the best.
  14. Here Are My New Spiritual Advisors!

    When do the spiritual teachers act like dodgy salespeople? Is this behavior ever necessary for teachers in order to benefit the student? I consider dodgy salespeople as great spiritual advisors. Not because they offer good value for money or that I'm buying anything, but because their clever rationalizations and plain encouragement of greed makes it easier to see how the world is built on illusions and managing perceptions of comfort. Do we have a deal yet? Here's a bit longer TV documentary: