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  1. Selling Waisun Liao courses

    am I to late??
  2. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Qigong teacher 1- Practice Reverse Breathing everday 2- meditation (lower dantian) morning and night at lease 1hr daily 2-taiji everday 30mints to one hour everday
  3. 5 Level

    great! thanks for ur insight.
  4. Sleeping feeling rejuvenated?

    As a Fitness guy and conscious eater for many years now. Sleeping has been my priority but what makes the body rejuvenated not crashing through the day vs Meditation/qigong/taiji? Does qi/prana govern by the Brain Waves which enable the subconscious to recharge/rejuvenate the body? What if you charge aka imblue qi/prana into cells during sleep that cause one to feeling refresh and not drunk ass (lack of sleep)?
  5. 5 Level

    haha thanks....I guess
  6. Favourite qigong system

    damo mitchell - nei gong & Kunlun
  7. Chen Tai Chi : How To Learn

    I learned with Master Jesse the 12 generation of chen style You can download or purchased DVD I like this Yang & Chen taichi
  8. 5 Level

    I was reading about 5 levels and I cam across Bodhiharama supposedly a qigong & zen master base this 5 levels. Has anyone attain one these? Does this cultivation practice of storage qi or purifying/increase qi flow? Venerable Bodhidharma was about to go back to India. He said to his students, "The time has come. Can you express your understanding?" 1 One of the students, Daofu said, "My present view is that we should neither be attached to letters, nor be apart from letters, and to allow the Way to function freely." 2 Bodhidharma said, "You have attained my skin." 3Nun Zongchi said, "My view is that it is like the joy of seeing Akshobhya Buddha’s land just once and not again." 4Bodhidharma said, "You have attained my flesh." 5Daoyu said, "The four great elements are originally empty and the five skandhas do not exist. Therefore, I see nothing to be attained." 6Bodhidharma said, "You have attained my bones." 7Finally Huike came forward, made a full bow, stood up, and returned to where he was. 8Bodhidharma said, "You have attained my marrow." 9 Thus he transmitted the Dharma and robe to Huike. 10
  9. Question on doing cleansing ceremony on roof

    u could also use plant to help u cleanse ur space.. u just program the plants asking to to cleanse or remove watever u desire it to do. some people use violet flame engulf there space help it cleansing.
  10. Stillness-Movement Workshop -- Comments

    yea the workshop was great. I purchased the book and i wasn't sure about it. I enjoy the meditation, meditating 5 hours a day for 2 months then attend the work shop. I see now why its call stillness "movement" meditation .. I attended 3 days workshop & it help me understand how this system is differ from others for greater self. The people were nice and very easy to talk 2. Michael is pretty funny guy n value ur questions. its a powerful unique energetic system. i've done meditation mastery, kunlun neigong, medical qigong, taiji just 2 name few and I do very much like this system. i WISH i had pay more attention but o well. I'm saying this system is best for me that's all.. win win
  11. reverse breathing

    I've been told you should use reverse breathing when practicing taichi how long are you suppose to do reverse breathing for? I shouldn't practice reverse breathing more then 3minutes?? Let me know what you think regarding reverse breathing and how long one should practice? thanks
  12. how to gather yin chi

    Hi everybody I always wonder how one would gather yin chi. I'm still newbie at this and hope someone can enlightened me on this. How does one cultivate yin chi and where do you store it? Would you store in hui yin? Hui yin is scrotum??? Thank you for your time. May Peace be with you
  13. nasal breathing - winter effect

    Hi everyone Is their any way to balance my left and my right nose nasal breathing during my meditation. This is the reason I don't agreed with winter cold weather. my nose is stuff up and I can only breath only one end of it. One side is block and I'm not having it. I'm sure most of you come across this nuance problem. Pleas help May peace be with u
  14. The Celestine Prophecy (Movie)

    have you read his last book "The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight " I have not yet read it. have you read it?
  15. The Celestine Prophecy (Movie)

    I didn't the movie but the books was better. They cut 2much