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  1. How Do I Build a Strong Foundation

    For me when I have someone new, I would proscribe this routines weekly. I would encourage 8 pieces of brocade(2 sets of 9reps) for simple bigger mobility. After that I would courage Zhan zhuang for 3-5minutes for the mind. Last, I would reccomended sitting (cross leg) focus on breathing (in/exhale)from nose counting each breaths 36-108. It was helped my students with there cultivation but whatever works for you, Just keep up weekly practices.
  2. I've heard about one of a Taichi Master did that and became very sick. He had to remove his qi lower dantian before serious health issue. This is why you need to circulate your qi when you practice.
  3. Tai Chi Ruler

    Yes, I have purchased his ruler magnets and also his taichi ruler as well. You can feel the blood moving as your practice taichi ruler routines but didn;t feel any benefits. I've done Taichi ruler from Terry Dunn & some white on Taichi ruler on amazon. I also did special taoist taiji and ruler qigong by by Wang Zhiqiang, Feng; Fengming. They're all the same to me but what makes the different is sink chi/qi to dantian and song. That's where you really get your Gains of chi/qi.
  4. Vibration palms from taichi

    Wow, that’s amazing. How are u doing that? I like that applications a lot. What type of vibration are u utilized?
  5. Vibration palms from taichi

    Great help friends. Free form -I’ll work in my closing down little more. Dwai-Liao discussed in his book of bone breathing and your right the vibration slowly govern my body. Dwai- is there a note 📝 or progression after vibration occur? The vibration still active even now as I’m typing in my hands and sometimes in my feet. I did some vibration palms training today, it helped me project that feeling vibration toward nicely.
  6. Vibration palms from taichi

    Not for Taichi. I’ve done workshop with Jesse Tsao & taichi clear but local here they don’t understand it. My Neigong master just say it’s a process and don’t worry about it. He’s more korean martial vs taichi.
  7. Vibration palms from taichi

    Hello fellow cultivators👋 My taichi practice enable one to cultivating vibration palms and I don’t what to do with it? Any moves (yang style) I do, I feel my palms/fingers generated vibration every time I practice. Vibration expressed it’s self Effortlessly. I can sit around and feel light vibration on my palms. Are there any good source other then waysun Liao taichi vibration palms? 1-what happens with vibration if i don’t use it? 2-I don’t want to hurt anyone so what do I need to do prevent it? 3-I want to use it for healing and some martial applications to understand more about it. Thanks
  8. Om Mani Padme Hum experiences

    I continues with the mantra cultivation received different type of qi downloading from my crown with two points in process of opening my thrusting channels and middle and upper Dantians. The Feel of compassion felt mix of pressure, heat or pure emotion compassion. The energetic vibrations was can be felt medium flow off and on. Alright that’s my latest update
  9. Om Mani Padme Hum experiences

    I’ll checking it out. Thanks
  10. Om Mani Padme Hum experiences

    Om mani Padme Hum pretty popular except for you until I decided to cultivate this mantra until this year is over. my daily mantra around 2000 times daily but I’ve also practiced 3 Dantians cultivation has imprinted on them. I notice during the inward mantra, I felt all dantians being full up with this mantra qi. I had heard voices and gong first day of this mantra. The mantra meditation itself trying to open up my thrusting channel and at the same time purging energetically out of my body. It came from liver,heart and spleen weird crawling like and out from my crown. Yesterday, I saw gold color in my practice. i know their lots of stuff but I would share and Cliftnote for myself as well.
  11. Hey Spiritual cultivators I like to hear any advice on what happened next after three dantians are FILLED and flowing? recently couple days of ago, this happened to him while cultivating my lower dantian then it flow up fill my middle dantian for couples of weeks then fill my upper as well. Now when I cultivating my lower dantian (sitting meditation upon it) the qi flow from lower to middle to upper and now it return back to lower dantian. I like to know more about this process and what WILL happen next?
  12. Yat Wah Cheung - Unique Sexual QiGong

    U should get it
  13. Livia Kohn

    Steve thats cool u attended. Did she recover about the types of micro orbits or placing ur mind specific dantians? I asked because during my 500hours of medical qigong, we had a pregnant women practicing her cultivation and she told us we had to reverse her micro orbit vs fire path. I'm curious why thought and the non-pregnant women kept their fire path orbit.
  14. Livia Kohn

    I wish though.
  15. Livia Kohn

    sounds interesting. please update us about ur experiences.