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  1. Om Mani Padme Hum experiences

    I continues with the mantra cultivation received different type of qi downloading from my crown with two points in process of opening my thrusting channels and middle and upper Dantians. The Feel of compassion felt mix of pressure, heat or pure emotion compassion. The energetic vibrations was can be felt medium flow off and on. Alright that’s my latest update
  2. Om Mani Padme Hum experiences

    I’ll checking it out. Thanks
  3. Om Mani Padme Hum experiences

    Om mani Padme Hum pretty popular except for you until I decided to cultivate this mantra until this year is over. my daily mantra around 2000 times daily but I’ve also practiced 3 Dantians cultivation has imprinted on them. I notice during the inward mantra, I felt all dantians being full up with this mantra qi. I had heard voices and gong first day of this mantra. The mantra meditation itself trying to open up my thrusting channel and at the same time purging energetically out of my body. It came from liver,heart and spleen weird crawling like and out from my crown. Yesterday, I saw gold color in my practice. i know their lots of stuff but I would share and Cliftnote for myself as well.
  4. Hey Spiritual cultivators I like to hear any advice on what happened next after three dantians are FILLED and flowing? recently couple days of ago, this happened to him while cultivating my lower dantian then it flow up fill my middle dantian for couples of weeks then fill my upper as well. Now when I cultivating my lower dantian (sitting meditation upon it) the qi flow from lower to middle to upper and now it return back to lower dantian. I like to know more about this process and what WILL happen next?
  5. Yat Wah Cheung - Unique Sexual QiGong

    U should get it
  6. Livia Kohn

    Steve thats cool u attended. Did she recover about the types of micro orbits or placing ur mind specific dantians? I asked because during my 500hours of medical qigong, we had a pregnant women practicing her cultivation and she told us we had to reverse her micro orbit vs fire path. I'm curious why thought and the non-pregnant women kept their fire path orbit.
  7. Livia Kohn

    I wish though.
  8. Livia Kohn

    sounds interesting. please update us about ur experiences.
  9. Taiji Tai chi Progression (yang style)

    Master Jess Tsao replied to me that i did well in the internal flow. Couple Days later my Taiji cultivation progress to heavy bones. The chi is being store in my marrow giving me heavy bones feeling after my practice which is normal and on the right direction from Master Jesse Tsao. That was last week. Today either of my Taiji or Stillness moving meditation I continuously feel light strong connection of my dantian and meridian channels daily life. As I'm typing right now or standing mundane style, I feel energetic "TISSUE" like Connection but before I felt during my taiji breakthrough. This new development slowly changing my life from inside to outside yin to yang. This is what I KNOW about Taichi developments. 1-Jing stage physical forms 2-Jing & chi: discovering chi 3-Jing,chi & Mind intertwine us one. Mind lead chi and chi move the jing. 4-Chii & Mind - express or manipulate fa jin or internal flow power either my spiraling or other expressions 4.5 - Chi & Marrow - Chi will storage in marrow then affect aura then merge OR refine at ONE. Since its just me talking to myself that's cool with me. I'm add more as my cultivation progresses & I hope this others.
  10. Hey Bums I have a question about Taiji levels of progression. I've been practice taiji form everyday sinking qi to my dantian for couple of years and still practicing stillness moving meditation (dantian). Couple days ago, My dantian and Meridian Channels transform my being. Now my Meridian channels feels like STEEL. I feel my Yin Channels powerful steel like feeling. I easy ward off or push any opponents easily its not every funny. Every times I practice taiji (yang), This Steel like meridian channels getting stronger and this why I'm here. Can anyone tell me the stages of my progression with my Taiji Tai chi? I'm going to reach out to Master Clear tai chi and Master Jesse tsao about it b/c I've been in the past train with them. Will update about they say about it. I hope this will HELP others in the future. Thank you
  11. I still mainly practice stillness moving meditation only. YOU?
  12. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Qigong teacher 1- Practice Reverse Breathing everday 2- meditation (lower dantian) morning and night at lease 1hr daily 2-taiji everday 30mints to one hour everday
  13. 5 Level

    great! thanks for ur insight.
  14. Nocturnal emission prior to 100 days

    I had many nocturnal emission after successfully made it to 340days & I've conclude any sexual in my dream will invite nocturnal emission. Anytime I perceived female in my dreams atomically I must change my aspect my reality or keep ignoring it.
  15. The drawing up of sexual energy

    Looks like the energy being on condense into dantian increasing it storage which I don't know what's ur goal of ur meditation. This occur when one trying to cultivate dantian not micro orbit. What you;re saying has happened to me but I was mainly cultivating my dantian and my channels were opening enable chi to flow out my being.