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  1. Today experienced I had today I felt opening compassion with my mind became cave of emptiness. I was my Tibet mantra and added Anatta with separated meditation of course. I started to getting hang of Anatta how my mind deeping to nothingness. It’s like you so damn tire and you crash into deep state well that’s what I feel like but fully awake. I can feel massive energy/qi outskirts of my brain. I can feel this part of my brain slowly expanding the longer I stay in this state. Here’s where my compassion triggered. I had a Autistic i was working with today, my compassion felt for him normal but something in me desire to have compassion all sentient beings that’s when automatically I felt this big trigger of compassion energetically and feeling of light compassion massive running. This feeling became bigger after looking at the trees as I’m driving and my mindset still quiet as before. I honestly felt PEACE during this whole time. Now I can enter this state at ease and the middle dantian compassion getting stronger and third eye is being stimulated. Anyway, what is this I’m experiencing?
  2. Good spiritual/ energy healers? Qi deviations

    If Chun Yi expensive then ask his senior students instead. I think Lomax charge $65 that’s was years ago after attending his workshop. Have you done to Acupuncture or other Holistic Avenue? Maybe you Changing Diet, start practice qigong (self healing)or working on your own shadow work? if it’s serious, it’s okay to go modern Doctors.
  3. Just practice Reverse Breathing. This can be practice sitting or throughout the day. When done correctly, it should take 3months to vibrate. Some people they take lower. It’s easiest ways to build foundation on lower Dantian. 8 pieces of brocade is good but make sure u combine with revise breathing. Find basic Taichi as well.
  4. Bak fu pai

    Depend who you’re talking to. I know a guy who taught my doo wai and claim he’s legit. He mentioned bak fu pai left out some stuff and Change breath percentage so u don’t get real attainable cultivation. I’ve checked Bak fu pai last year and it looks interesting but we won’t get real complete system and correct breathe percentages. I’m sure don’t teachers in that system may shall correct breathe percentages. Don’t put all ur faith into that system thats my opinion.
  5. MCO

    Why not
  6. Taichi FORCE?

    Hello fellow Cultivators I have a question about FORCE or Jing which I’m confuse about. Here we Go... My taiji consist with yang 37 and 108 daily at that time my fingers were vibrations. This vibration doesn’t occur when I use Yi. Months later aka now, the vibration changed to FORCE qi strong feeling fingers tips as well my Yi (shen) effortless. It’s much more powerful qi feeling. I don’t know the name of this “FORCE” I’ve cultivated. Is it Jing? Are there any good source for this? thanks
  7. How Do I Build a Strong Foundation

    For me when I have someone new, I would proscribe this routines weekly. I would encourage 8 pieces of brocade(2 sets of 9reps) for simple bigger mobility. After that I would courage Zhan zhuang for 3-5minutes for the mind. Last, I would reccomended sitting (cross leg) focus on breathing (in/exhale)from nose counting each breaths 36-108. It was helped my students with there cultivation but whatever works for you, Just keep up weekly practices.
  8. I've heard about one of a Taichi Master did that and became very sick. He had to remove his qi lower dantian before serious health issue. This is why you need to circulate your qi when you practice.
  9. Tai Chi Ruler

    Yes, I have purchased his ruler magnets and also his taichi ruler as well. You can feel the blood moving as your practice taichi ruler routines but didn;t feel any benefits. I've done Taichi ruler from Terry Dunn & some white on Taichi ruler on amazon. I also did special taoist taiji and ruler qigong by by Wang Zhiqiang, Feng; Fengming. They're all the same to me but what makes the different is sink chi/qi to dantian and song. That's where you really get your Gains of chi/qi.
  10. Vibration palms from taichi

    Wow, that’s amazing. How are u doing that? I like that applications a lot. What type of vibration are u utilized?
  11. Vibration palms from taichi

    Great help friends. Free form -I’ll work in my closing down little more. Dwai-Liao discussed in his book of bone breathing and your right the vibration slowly govern my body. Dwai- is there a note 📝 or progression after vibration occur? The vibration still active even now as I’m typing in my hands and sometimes in my feet. I did some vibration palms training today, it helped me project that feeling vibration toward nicely.
  12. Vibration palms from taichi

    Not for Taichi. I’ve done workshop with Jesse Tsao & taichi clear but local here they don’t understand it. My Neigong master just say it’s a process and don’t worry about it. He’s more korean martial vs taichi.
  13. Vibration palms from taichi

    Hello fellow cultivators👋 My taichi practice enable one to cultivating vibration palms and I don’t what to do with it? Any moves (yang style) I do, I feel my palms/fingers generated vibration every time I practice. Vibration expressed it’s self Effortlessly. I can sit around and feel light vibration on my palms. Are there any good source other then waysun Liao taichi vibration palms? 1-what happens with vibration if i don’t use it? 2-I don’t want to hurt anyone so what do I need to do prevent it? 3-I want to use it for healing and some martial applications to understand more about it. Thanks