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  1. Neigong Interview with Rudi

    Trebor is a cool guy. Glad Rudi and Trebor meetup chatting good vibe and truth.
  2. Max Here, Interested in moving objects/people with energy

    Since you're into TK/PK. Here
  3. Wanting to learn Qigong

    Best to look for medical Qigong.
  4. Looking for light

    Good REAL Neigong online worth it. Trust me
  5. Tai Chi dead zone

    Sifu Liang good as well.
  6. Qi Gong Keeps Making Me Manic

    I've done level 1&2 Spring Forest qigong never issue with that. Make sure closing correct and don't open up your psychic/intuitive in between closing including completion of closing afterwards
  7. Dantian vs Dhammakaya light 💡 orb

    Yes, I already know about cult stuff but I wasn't asking about that and relaxing light will show up that I already know. Upon keeping awareness on Dantian as dantian increase qi circulation whole body, the feeling happiness awakens like shen gong and my consciousness expand. This feeling now resign anytime I place my awareness on my dantian and expanding consciousness as well. I noticed this similar note 📝 from Dhammakaya experiences but I wanted to ask others if anyone has similar experiences. I'm sure it's nothing new or big deal and would like to hear about it. thanks
  8. What's the difference difference between light 💡 orb upper navel vs lower Dantian? my experiences upon focusing on my dantian, I felt inner happiness(exactly if I were to smile when someone taking my picture) and bright light off and on in my sitting meditation and wuji standing dantian meditation. Has anyone practice this? The Essence of Dhammakaya The word “Dhammakaya” is an ancient word means the Body of Enlightenment (Dhamma means the truth or the enlightenment and Kaya means body). This term was found many places in many old Buddhist scriptures both in Theravada and Mahayana schools. It is not the new term or new theory from the Teaching of the Lord Buddha. Dhammakaya is the body that transformed Prince Sidhatta to The Lord Buddha. The enlightenment of the historical Buddha is explained as his mind became perfectly refined and purified to the same level of the refinement and purity of the Dhammakaya, and thus attains the body of enlightenment. The Dhammakaya is therefore seen as central to the Teaching of the Lord Buddha. Dhammakaya is a source of peace, wisdom and true happiness, exists in all human beings and can be attained through the process of self-refinement and self-purification. Dhammakaya Meditation Technique Dhammakaya Meditation Technique was rediscovered by Luang Pu Wat Paknam, the late Abbot of Wat Paknam. With his great work of meditation, he found that the station of stillness or the gateway of The Middle Way is at “The Center of the Body” around two-finger width above the navel. And the center of the body is the best point that any meditation practitioner should lay the mind down upon. The technique is simple but effective. Just keep your body and mind relaxed and maintain your attention slightly at the center of the body. Once you touch or feel the station of stillness at the center of your body, you will experience inner peace, true happiness and the transforming power that Dhammakaya Meditation can provide for every aspect of your life. Although Dhammakaya Meditation was developed as a technique by the Lord Buddha, its practice is not limited to Buddhists. The practice has nothing to do with any organized religion or sectarianism. For this reason, it can be freely practiced by everyone without conflict due to race, creed or religion. People from many religious backgrounds have experienced the benefits of Dhammakaya Meditation and have found no conflict with their profession of faith.
  9. DK Yoo vs Bradley Scott

    All I can say it was lots of ❤️Hugs going on from DK. I get it’s Holiday coming up but come on. Brady was on point and respectful.
  10. Your opinion about reiki?

    I’m Reiki Master, I found with my clients to be relax/song feeling enable full healing session but that’s it🥲. It’s good system to newbie understand how energy work and it’s usage. Reiki is for kindergarten vs learning real internal ✨qigong/Neigong/Neidan is college/Master/PHD. Reiki to me is more Energetic Spiritual vs Shen expression. I just attune someone become reiki levels 1&2 also taught him three dantians cultivating and micro circulation so he won’t be those new age reiki practitioner. For those Reiki players should definitely transition to Michael Lomax Neigong,spring forest qigong and prana healing.
  11. Today experienced I had today I felt opening compassion with my mind became cave of emptiness. I was my Tibet mantra and added Anatta with separated meditation of course. I started to getting hang of Anatta how my mind deeping to nothingness. It’s like you so damn tire and you crash into deep state well that’s what I feel like but fully awake. I can feel massive energy/qi outskirts of my brain. I can feel this part of my brain slowly expanding the longer I stay in this state. Here’s where my compassion triggered. I had a Autistic i was working with today, my compassion felt for him normal but something in me desire to have compassion all sentient beings that’s when automatically I felt this big trigger of compassion energetically and feeling of light compassion massive running. This feeling became bigger after looking at the trees as I’m driving and my mindset still quiet as before. I honestly felt PEACE during this whole time. Now I can enter this state at ease and the middle dantian compassion getting stronger and third eye is being stimulated. Anyway, what is this I’m experiencing?
  12. Good spiritual/ energy healers? Qi deviations

    If Chun Yi expensive then ask his senior students instead. I think Lomax charge $65 that’s was years ago after attending his workshop. Have you done to Acupuncture or other Holistic Avenue? Maybe you Changing Diet, start practice qigong (self healing)or working on your own shadow work? if it’s serious, it’s okay to go modern Doctors.
  13. Just practice Reverse Breathing. This can be practice sitting or throughout the day. When done correctly, it should take 3months to vibrate. Some people they take lower. It’s easiest ways to build foundation on lower Dantian. 8 pieces of brocade is good but make sure u combine with revise breathing. Find basic Taichi as well.
  14. Bak fu pai

    Depend who you’re talking to. I know a guy who taught my doo wai and claim he’s legit. He mentioned bak fu pai left out some stuff and Change breath percentage so u don’t get real attainable cultivation. I’ve checked Bak fu pai last year and it looks interesting but we won’t get real complete system and correct breathe percentages. I’m sure don’t teachers in that system may shall correct breathe percentages. Don’t put all ur faith into that system thats my opinion.