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    Spoken like a true Sage 😊
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    Hello again, I want to express my apologies for my lack of manners in my first message. I feel like I jumped the gun a bit and walked into someones house without taking off my shoes. I will start by showing my respect and thanks to the active members and founders of this forum and humbly make a second attempt at introducing myself. The posts and information I have had the pleasure of reading so far are very informative and helpful. As I am writing this I can feel the inner and outer energy field of my body and there is a noticeable sense of space between my thoughts and emotions. I am currently based in Norway and a member of the SotoZen order over here. I am into bodywork, meditation and different modalities of energy work. About a decade ago I had a massive energy spike or overload form overdoing my breath work and a form of Osho dynamic meditation. I have only shared this experience with a few trusted individuals but I think it is appropriate to share it here and maybe It will help clarify my intention for reaching out. Back then I did not understand the experience but now believe I had what some refer to as a spontaneous kundalini awakening. This was back in 2012 which lead me on journey to heal my nervous system. For many years I was what you may call an “unhealed healer”. I had a spiritual awakening back in 2003 triggered by the passing of my Mother. Witnessing her spirit leave her body had me convinced that death was nothing but a transition. Determined to understand more I read all the classic esoteric material I could get my hands on and attended every available workshop and retreat I could afford on the subject of energy healing and light body activation. In 2008 I found myself traveling to South Africa as a “Christ light healer “ where we as a small team of healers gave hundreds of energy treatments to teenage Mothers and children with HIV in the slums of South Africa . I have seen and experienced many wonders and met some truly beautiful and powerful healers on my journey, but that being said, I myself made the classic mistake of never really working though my own mental and emotional trauma and unknowingly at the time I completely bypassing my physiology and ended up burning out in the “literal sense” by overloading my nervous system to the degree that it has taken over a decade to fully recover. An experience I would not recommend but at the same time would not be without. Today I am certainly more grounded and emotionally stable. I have for many years now maintained a simple practice of body awareness meditation and I spend plenty of time in nature. I have an open mind and childlike curiosity when it comes to exploring “chi cultivation” Not to step on any toes but I have found that techniques like semen retention and the micro cosmic orbit can only take you so far. And I am now honestly hoping to gain insight into other alternative or better ways to build and maintain a stable flow of energy. I firmly believe that energy medicine will in the near future play a greater roll in emotional,spiritual and physical health. And I want to be a part of that movement. I am sure there are many great chi healers and teachers in here that have more experience and I would appreciate a pointer in the right direction… Thanks 🙏🏻
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    Hello I am searching for a teacher that has more of a jin style approach to developing high levels of bio energy for application in healing and bodywork. In my personal experience the human body is delicate and pushing large amounts of bio energy and heat though the nerve fibers and nervous system is painful when done with too much intensity. I have had dragon sickness many times after doing my chi training and have found that the no pain, no gain attitude gets old fast in the higher levels of energy cultivation. Is there a safe and gentle way to achieve significant gains without the pain and emotional roller coaster ride that my hormones and adrenal gland’s do not seem to like. Anyone who has the same experience and can point me in the right direction:) Thanks