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Found 31 results

  1. This is the post I talk about I wanna know other systems methods (if safe) to experiment with them so I can create a system to become practically invincible because I haven't found a single system that guarantees results nor one that doesn't take fucking decades to get the littlest result and all these systems have risks of blowing up in your face for some reason and no I don't want a system with any type of chant as I've seen what they do and it's not good for the soul. I'll be honest the only limit to my training is the fact that you need to rest three days after training before training again if recovery was instant id probably be throwing a building right now. So please tell me about some systems.
  2. I made a post before this about the techniques I found but this time I have a link to the cheat code audio file so this will save you YEARS of training here it is Anyway have you guys ever seen Goku and wanted to be like that well I have so if you wanna know more check my previous posts they detail how to do that and remember to listen to the file I linked to you can even leave it running in the background it'll help. You need to ground after each use of techniques just imagine used energy going deep in the ground from your body Basically circulating your energy from your heart to all limbs and head and back to the heart in a cycle till you are "tired" and then resting for some days until your not tired anymore this increases strength of energy. And attempting to create objects with energy from dantien until it's empty to make qi regeneration and capacity greater once a day or two As for strengthening. just focusing your energy to power up I don't know how to explain this one but if you just try to activate strengthening you will feel your aura tighten on and inside your body and muscles only if you put strain on the technique which you probably should only do for 10 secs a day as it increases recovery time. If done successfully you will begin to feel lighter and you can lift slightly more. Do this technique while doing the other one or by itself if you want but for 10 mins or until you exhausted the technique and rest until the technique recharges. One important thing to note. THE AURA BOOST IS AN ADDITIVE TO STRENGTH AND DURABILITY NOT A MULTIPLIER THE AURA BOOSTS GROWTH HOWEVER IS EXPONENTIAL. You could do the techniques but you can also rely on a cheat code I had someone create to boost energy powers I will attach a link to a video which can increase your energy strength if you have it in the background fully trust me you will feel it and it will immensely boost your growth listen to it once a day ONLY if you can handle it. READ MY MISCONCEPTIONS POST AS I FORGOT TO PUT THE RISKS OF THE CHEAT HERE.
  3. 1. Which is the better and more complete Nei Gong training between these two? Ling Bao Tong Zhi Neng Nei Gong Shu by Wang LiPing OR Daoist Alchemy: Nei Gong & Wei Gong Training by Jerry Alan Johnson The book by Wang LiPing seems to have a more secure and known lineage (I know there is a 2nd edition of the book, but I'm going with the 1st edition). But the book by Jerry Alan Johnson looks a lot more detailed. So I'm kinda stuck. 2. If there is a better and more complete nei gong training (in the form of a detailed book), what is it? 3. If you think I should start with Qi Gong training because it's easier and will lead to me feeling energy quicker, which one do you recommend (book name please)?
  4. Newcomer Seeeking Answers

    Hello, I'm just some guy who is seeking answers to various questions before I begin training in anything. I'll probably be making a thread to ask specifically about this one later (in the appropriate sub-forum where it will get the most views) but I guess I'll mention my first question here anyways (it's a two part question): 1. Which is the better and more complete Nei Gong training between these two? Ling Bao Tong Zhi Neng Nei Gong Shu by Wang LiPing OR Daoist Alchemy: Nei Gong & Wei Gong Training by Jerry Alan Johnson The book by Wang LiPing seems to have a more secure and known lineage (I know there is a 2nd edition of the book, but I'm going with the 1st edition). But the book by Jerry Alan Johnson looks a lot more detailed. So I'm kinda stuck. 2. If there is a better and more complete training (in the form of a book), what is it?
  5. New Member

    Hello again, I want to express my apologies for my lack of manners in my first message. I feel like I jumped the gun a bit and walked into someones house without taking off my shoes. I will start by showing my respect and thanks to the active members and founders of this forum and humbly make a second attempt at introducing myself. The posts and information I have had the pleasure of reading so far are very informative and helpful. As I am writing this I can feel the inner and outer energy field of my body and there is a noticeable sense of space between my thoughts and emotions. I am currently based in Norway and a member of the SotoZen order over here. I am into bodywork, meditation and different modalities of energy work. About a decade ago I had a massive energy spike or overload form overdoing my breath work and a form of Osho dynamic meditation. I have only shared this experience with a few trusted individuals but I think it is appropriate to share it here and maybe It will help clarify my intention for reaching out. Back then I did not understand the experience but now believe I had what some refer to as a spontaneous kundalini awakening. This was back in 2012 which lead me on journey to heal my nervous system. For many years I was what you may call an “unhealed healer”. I had a spiritual awakening back in 2003 triggered by the passing of my Mother. Witnessing her spirit leave her body had me convinced that death was nothing but a transition. Determined to understand more I read all the classic esoteric material I could get my hands on and attended every available workshop and retreat I could afford on the subject of energy healing and light body activation. In 2008 I found myself traveling to South Africa as a “Christ light healer “ where we as a small team of healers gave hundreds of energy treatments to teenage Mothers and children with HIV in the slums of South Africa . I have seen and experienced many wonders and met some truly beautiful and powerful healers on my journey, but that being said, I myself made the classic mistake of never really working though my own mental and emotional trauma and unknowingly at the time I completely bypassing my physiology and ended up burning out in the “literal sense” by overloading my nervous system to the degree that it has taken over a decade to fully recover. An experience I would not recommend but at the same time would not be without. Today I am certainly more grounded and emotionally stable. I have for many years now maintained a simple practice of body awareness meditation and I spend plenty of time in nature. I have an open mind and childlike curiosity when it comes to exploring “chi cultivation” Not to step on any toes but I have found that techniques like semen retention and the micro cosmic orbit can only take you so far. And I am now honestly hoping to gain insight into other alternative or better ways to build and maintain a stable flow of energy. I firmly believe that energy medicine will in the near future play a greater roll in emotional,spiritual and physical health. And I want to be a part of that movement. I am sure there are many great chi healers and teachers in here that have more experience and I would appreciate a pointer in the right direction… Thanks 🙏🏻
  6. anybody know about this practices?
  7. Hi, I’m 42, male Norwegian. Been doing yoga for a few years. Had a burnout this summer after some stressfull periods, and started searching for «how to relax and control my energy». On most days I have high levels of stress on my Garmin watch, ie. i have low HRV-levels, ie. its difficult for me to relax, i fatigue after activity, and i easily get infections/sick. I sleep well though, but being able to relax more easily during the day would be a major increase in quality of life. (Had acupuncture, and diagnose was something like «excessive Liver insuficcient Kidney») Came upon qigong, and followed Shi Heng Yi and his Ba Duan Jin and Xi Sui Jin videos for a while. Wanted to understand more what it was and found out about Nei Gong, and saw Yap Boh Heong and his «Roadmap to Nei Gong»-video on «The Martial Man» YT-account. Did some research and really connected with Damo Mitchells way. Am reading his book now, A comprehensive guide to daoist nei gong, and on week 5 of his Nei gong academy. I enjoy this, and so far the Anchoring og the breath seems like something i should be doing a lot of for a while, to get out of my head and relax and conserve my energy. 1. I feel connected to my breath, been doing some meditation, pranayama, wim hof, etc before. But I enjoy this attention vs intention practice. I’ve had far too much intention before, so just observing seems like a relief. Been doing this in 5-45min bursts throughout the day for a few weeks now. How long to start seeing a real impact on my HRV/stress/relaxation? 2. As I can’t try out all the systems out there, I’d like to know if anyone can sort of sum up the qualities of Damos system, and maybe compare it to others? Like the one just released by Yap Boh Heong on This system of his is said to be constructed to be learned faster and more effective than others, as it was made for the elderly Shaolin monks. Learn in 3 years what normally takes 10. (I really like this guys mild personality) Or the one by Jiang Yu Shan on (As a newbie, his pedagogical skills seems a bit more challenging to me...) 3. Also, I had cancer, in 1992, had chemo and heavy radiation to lower back, I’m on crutches due to nerve damage in the hips/legs, and i’ve had some surgery in my abdomen, so a lot of internal scar tissue in sacrum/belly-area. Will this affect my internal work, especially with the Dan Tian, and the flow of qi? I’m working on standing in wuji without crutches, but it might be years before I can do any moving standing qigong. I guess i’ll try doing every standing practice sitting instead? A major lack of quality compared to standing? Better to do only practice intended for sitting? ok, this was a lot. Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. Looking for real Nei Gong

    Hello lovely Community I am glad to found you. I am looking for real Nei Gong there are so many teachers out there, that are not teaching the real thing. And for me it is really difficult to see who is which. I hope I can find help here. Best wishes
  9. Hi. A decade and a half ago I first heard about “John Chang” aka The Magus of Java. I know that many people in the forum are aware of him, and since I recently got to Ubud, Bali, I am wondering if anyone knows of a local school similar to the one he had in Java, that involves Nei Gong or Tenaga Dalam. Also, does anyone have any recommendations for a respectable Manku/Balinese priest who’s willing to share knowledge about the Balinese esoteric tradition? I’m aware that there are many who offer to teach a kumbaya version of it to New Age tourists, I’m hoping to get a chance of meeting someone honest who knows theirs tradition. Thanks in advance for your time, Vuk
  10. Hello to many sifus, Just registered with the forum days ago. Hoping to learn and practice nei kong from someone who can teach (hopefully) around KL. During this quarantine, i've been trying to take the time to improve myself. Found some videos about tai chi/qi gong on youtube and it sparked my interest to learn about it, subsequently reading a few books about Nei Kong. I've read The Magus of Java and Nei Kung and The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages by Kosta Danaos, then Seeking the Master of mo pai by Jim McMillan. I have a lot of questions about nei kong and hoping to make new friends who can discuss and share their knowledge about this esoteric practice. Cheers.
  11. Hello a new book is out called "Taoist Shen Gong Qi Gong for Meditation" available now. It covers a Daoist I jin Jing and six standing posts from the Yang Tai Chi system as well as other Daoist topics. It is a translation from Zhang Dun Xie's book that is out of print and very difficult to find. The I jin Jing is different from the "Buddhist" versions in practice today. The six standing post are not seen hardly at all on any social media. (I have found a little on a Chinese site). They move from posture to posture and are also used for Dian Xue or Dim Mak. If anyone gets it I would like to hear comments about the two sets in it. Has anyone practiced or seen them before?
  12. Sifu Dan ferrera

    Hey I am curious. Does anyone know how old Dan Ferrera is. Does anyone still keep in touch with him. I think he probably still looks like he is in his 40s.
  13. Many Paths One Destination

    Hey guys New here, been meditating on and off for about 10 years. Done a lot of many different experiments, once I took a pill and started breath meditation and realised breath was the one and only way to connect back to the source, and even remember our true nature. Then I came down and forget how exactly I was breathing (lol) Other times I've seen things, almost astral projected, used chi to move Styrofoam (bio electricity / chi w.e.) I even almost hypnotized females with my sexual energy before if not actually did do that. Now I want to do all of this naturally without drugs or anything. I think I'm naturally gifted at chi manipulation , made plenty of chi balls (sober) lol but seriously I want to have all these amazing experiences naturally. I've researched advanced stuff like nei gong, micro cosmic orbit, qi gong, reiki, Indian Vedic stuff , but now I've just become someone whose "knowledgeable" (<jokingly) and not the artist. Even right now I can manipulate my chi at will but I have no concrete aim / plan / regimine in mind. Please help me out guys. I need a solid foundation to start off with. My goal now is to raise the chi level (maybe I'm saying it wrong) in my body or produce more of it So I can handle more of the extreme energetic practices. Should I start of just doing qi gong , if so what type of qi gong or maybe a different path. I'm open to suggests and or criticism. Thanks guys!
  14. This is a form I'd like to start on a little know person in Chinese history called Mo Tzu. As my teacher has told me some story's about this man. I would like to focus more on his inner cultivation system here and remove some of its mystifying aspects. So Iam gonna get to the point so to say. This isn't a post for someone looking for history. It's more about what he understood and what we can do with what he understood. So Mo Tzu believed Chi descended from heaven entered our head then went to the dantien and back up the heart out to the world. Mo Tzu developed a nei Gong system based on this idea. And he developed a mediation practice that could cultivate Qi in this manner. It was similar to other systems of the time but a bit different. Difference doesn't mean better. So this system Mo Tzu made requeriers meditation deep meditation. Just like all other real systems. Then when the practitioner had enough Qi he compresses it through a series of meditation practices and breath hold/ compacting. Now it may take the practitioner years to get to a deep meditative state where they have enough Qi to compact let alone be able to awaken themselves to feel this energy. Or with the right teacher they can learn in a few years. So a hundred d percent full is a western understanding of simply haveing enough Chi to compact. Then he does go further this guy named Mo Tzu. Well everyone he was a interesting guy an we don't know a lot about him unless you can read and write and speak ancient Chinese and understood nei Gong then unfortunately it's gonna be hard but I hope this helps to some extent. The word Pai means way So Mo Tzu way to inner cultivation was years of deep meditation to get in touch with qi. Then once you where in touch with qi and had enough of it you would naturally start to compact it and build more of that qi. Then you would start to be able to make that qi move. And if you where in touch with Qi and could fell it and cultivate it you. You would be able to read what I just wrote and understand and be able to do Mo Tzu inner cultivation system. And use what I said to do exactly that.
  15. The essence of this story is one of destiny. I was being called to The Art and I had the courage to listen and act even though the people closest to me thought I was crazy. The gift I received for my courage and willingness is beyond all compare. I would love to hear your stories of coming to this ancient art that calls out to so few. Thank you in advance for listening. I have a wonderful story to share about how I came to apprentice with a Grand Master. For anyone who is interested, grab a cup of tea! As my sifu was fond of saying, but never really doing, "to make a long story short..." I had been living and working as a healing therapist in Rhode Island (US), for 19 years when I became overwhelmed with a sense of impending dread. I am not one to be fearful, but I was beginning to feel like maybe a huge tsunami was coming. The first glimmer of understanding came at a spiritual workshop I attended in the southwest, when a complete stranger, Cindy, kept following me around and introducing me to people as though I lived there. I turned to her and said, "I don't know what you know, but I live in RI and don't see myself moving here any time soon." She looked right at me and said, "Maybe not, but you are moving." Hmmmm. I returned home from that workshop with a new bug in my ear. Mind you at this time I had been a dedicated practitioner of meditation for years and believed that the answer lies within the silent spaces of our minds and heart, but I was overwhelmingly baffled! Unable to ascertain for myself through meditation or prayer why this foreboding feeling would not go away, I consulted a friend, Neri, who is a gifted intuitive and professional dowser. After an hour of the blind leading the blind, she received the message that all information was blocked because I first needed to commit to moving. My friend gave me advice on steps to take to mentally free myself for a move and then she invited me to the Northeast Dowsers Association annual Conference. Taking her advice I began telling people, " I'm moving; not sure where, just letting you know." You can imagine how that went over with family and friends. Still I was beginning to feel energy return and excitement at the prospect. Step 2: I drive to the dowser’s conference in providence, RI where I meet a famous dowser, John Wayne Blassingame. My friend, Neri, asked him to dowse a map for me because I felt too embarrassed to ask him myself. John let his pendulum twirl all over the map while he drew my energy out by asking me what I was looking for in a move. To be honest I didn't feel like I knew what I was looking for as much as I was surrendering to something beyond myself. I didn't feel like much help, but nevertheless his pendulum hovered over Arkansas. He relayed a few interesting facts about Arkansas and we left it at that. Inside I felt nothing for Arkansas and let it go for the time being. Later that night after an evening of dining and singing with my friend and many of the dowsers at the conference, I was saying my goodbyes when John Blassingame said, "Give Arkansas some thought." Damn, confused again. Remember the woman from the Southwest, Cindy, who divined that I was moving? She emails me extolling the gifts of a friend of hers who is an astrologer that helps people with relocation. I am aware that it must sound to the reader that I am putting important decisions about my future into the hands of strangers. Yet somehow it felt more like surrendering to a higher power that was working through these people. After looking at the particulars of my birth location, she charted the most beneficial or affirming places for me to live in the world. Melbourne, Australia was top of the list. I quickly informed her I was not prepared to leave the US as I have children and a limited budget. Really no budget. Taking my limitations into consideration, that left Texas, Arkansas, and southern California. Sorry, but Texas was out and southern California seemed so far away. OMG; that was 2 strikes for Arkansas. Soon after that the woman from the southwest, Cindy, who knows nothing of my investigation into a move so far, sends me an email. She is so excited to inform me that she is moving to stay with a friend of hers. Here is where we insert a drum roll. Yes she is moving to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. When I read her email the walls came tumbling down and I was filled with wave of realization. Three strikes for Arkansas. Arkansas was it, that was where I was going to move and now I had a place and a person whom I knew there. If I sound nuts to you then you are in the company of just about everyone I know, whom I told, I am moving to Arkansas. Let me redeem myself by saying I first flew out to meet my southwest quazi-friend in Hot Springs Village to check out the area. Hot Springs Village is nestled in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. I arrived at dusk and woke in the morning to the beautiful sounds of nature. I went outside and took a short walk to get a feel for the land. My whole body felt so at ease energetically. OK, long story short, I had no real idea of what this place was, but it felt right and so during that stay I found a place to rent and put down a deposit for the following month and flew home to Rhode Island. This next part I really want to skip because everyone I knew thought I was insane, including my parents who would have preferred I said I was moving to the moon than Arkansas. There is a lot of prejudice out there for Arkansas! My children hated me and truthfully I could not provide any substantial reason for the move accept that I was being called. As for being called, from the moment I decided to move to Arkansas a wave of Grace descended that lasted throughout the entire move and well into our arrival one month later. Amidst much disapproval and disharmony, I packed our belongings into a 16' U-Haul and with the help of a friend who needed to clear her mind, drove with my children to our new home in Arkansas. Grace was with us and within a week I found a salon where I could practice massage therapy and my kids joined a youth group that they loved. A month had gone by and one of my clients at the salon invited me to go a local Karaoke Bar with her and a friend. Life up until then had been pretty uneventful because as it turns out I moved to a predominantly retired community. Yahoo, a night out! Later that night I met my new friends at the Karaoke Bar and enjoyed a glass of wine. An elderly man came up to us and began talking about himself and the restaurant he used to own in the village and everyone he knew. We had a couple of dances, and before parting I handed him a few business cards and asked if he might help me network since he obviously knew everyone. That is the last I saw of that man, whose name is Robert. I am going to leave the story there and skip to just shy of one year later when I get a phone call from Robert, who after asking if I remember him, invited me over to his house to meet a friend of his visiting from Chicago. He said his friend was John Tsai, a Grand Master of Kung Fu. That call came right about the time I was seriously questioning why a single, young, woman such as me had moved to a retirement village. I had to accept based on the grounds that it was the most interesting offer I had had in over a year. Well my patient listeners, if any of you made it thus far, that introduction and meeting with Grand Master Tsai was to be the ending of one life and the beginning of another. John Tsai is a 17th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu and Mei Hua Qigong Grand Master. He is a legend in Kung Fu in Chicago and the coach of many champions, including Arlene Limas, a gold medalist in the Seoul Olympics. GM Tsai asked me many questions about what I thought energy was that first day. He was friendly and unassuming, an easy person to talk to. Three hours passed quickly by and I left feeling curious and excited to have had a small adventure. Three days later I was invited back to Robert’s house to spend more time with GM Tsai if I was interested. He didn't have to ask twice; somehow being in the company of GM Tsai was stimulating and lively even though he was a man of 64 years. This time another woman was there as well and GM Tsai had both of us lie down on the floor and practice a breathing meditation he called Dantian Tu Na. After an hour or more of Dantian Tu Na he had us stand up. He called me over to stand near him and he placed his hand on my Dantian. Next thing I know my spine is moving in slow wave like motion. I was scared because I couldn't understand why my body wanted to move like that. Sensing my apprehension, GMT had me sit down and explained to me that what I felt was my own energy moving through me. I'd love to say that cleared everything up, but I was clueless although less afraid. He repeated the same technique on me and this time because I was less inhibited my spine moved in rhythmic waves that sent a lovely energy to my head. GMT seemed pleased and I felt great. Long story short; I somehow fell into a pattern of arriving at Roberts’s house nearly 7 days a week at 6:00 am to train with Grand Master Tsai for four hours. After greeting me with warm green tea he would ask me to sit down and take dictation while he spoke about Qi and the practice he was teaching me. I didn't understand what I was writing, but I wrote it down anyway. GMT would show me a new technique and then walk away for 45 minutes, leaving me to practice. Something was happening to me, I was changing from the inside out. I was experiencing a quality of energy and connection to life around me that was heightened in a new way. I began to feel ten years younger and had a new desire to challenge my physical abilities. Namely that resulted in climbing trees and wrestling with my teenage sons, What I was unaware of at the time was GMT's plan. He was grooming and training me to be his chief instructor for a Qigong school he was going to open in Arkansas. That is exactly what transpired. After giving a workshop we had a group of people interested in training and on the first meeting date GMT handed me a uniform and I became an instructor. I am a humble person and so at one point I questioned a promotion that GMT gave me saying I have only been practicing for a short while. He seemed somewhat offended and said, "you are training with a Grand Master. What I am teaching you takes some people a lifetime to learn on their own." That is why I call myself a master instructor. I do not have the years that many practitioners have, but I have a masters level of knowledge. I don't practice what I know, I know what I practice. And so it went on for 5 years until Grand Master Tsai moved on to teach others. I took over teaching at our school until I moved back to Rhode Island so that my children could have an easier relationship with their father. I continue to teach the techniques for building a Qi body that I learned from GMT and I continue to learn from the Daoist Classics and other Teachers of Nei gong. Thank you for your time, Leah
  16. Flipped through my journal tonight and thought I'd share some notes I've taken over the years of various teachers from many diverse traditions. They're snippets. Some from books, some from videos. A lot of it is paraphrased but the gist of what was said I tried to make sure is accurate. This section of notes come from some (rather long if you have the time) Youtube vids of Shri Rohit Arya. (I've grown to like him as much as Master Nan Huai Chin and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev) If even one person finds something of interest here I'm glad I came up from the depths of lurkdom. **************** On Money Shakti 1. Money shakti has a golden hue. The vibration enters through the Mooladhara and Svadhistara. Which is why if the 2 lower chakras are damaged you very rarely get money. But here is the extraordinary thing...if your heart chakra is closed or damaged or you've suffered a lot of emotional trauma the money shakti is blocked. - Shri Rohit Arya 2. Money is not the same as abundance. Abundance shakti is not the same shakti as money. Lakshmi is the energy of abundance. Kubera is the shakti of money specifically. Lakshmi is bounty - overall abundance. Bounty/Abundance is known as "shri" (pronounced "shree"). When everything is at its peak, everything is going very well, (examples: you hit the jackpot at the casino, your business won the government contract bid) - that is Shri. Lakshmi power brings shri. Said differently Lakshmi is the energy/power of success. However, if money is what you are wanting specifically then that is Kubera. - Shri Rohit Arya On Mooladhara and Prana / Chi (Moola "core", adhara "foundation') 1. When one first becomes aware of prana (chi) most people experience a swirling movement. Clockwise, anti-clockwise, like a funnel. We feel certain movement and the feeling of tremendous heat. That is because there is resistance in the body to the flow of the prana (chi) and the resistance causes friction. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you feel a cold flow of energy but usually people feel the swirling and/or the heat. As you advance from doing your practices you can feel the cold flow of prana / chi and that is actually a very good sign. - Shri Rohit Arya 2. Of all the chakras in the body the Mooladhara is the most important for life. Not for spiritual progress but for life and the processes of life and of being embodied it is. All the troubles that come in your life, all the troubles that are removed from your life - both come from the Mooladhara. The state of your Mooladhara determines 3 primary things in your life. a. it determines the state of your health b. it determines the state of your money (income, gross / net wealth) c. it determines how long you will live. - Shri Rohit Arya 3. Mooladhara needs to be a strong chakra since it is the Rupa (rupa "form") and prana / chi of life energy. Everyone wants to work on their higher chakras these days so many people have them developed. There's also the aspect that working on the lower chakras runs up against many Society taboos for the lower sections of the body. So most practitioners do all kinds of practices working on the higher ones. There's a lot of information on working with the upper ones these days freely available. But for most practitioners their 3 lowest chakras are usually still a mess. - Shri Rohit Arya 4. Very often you will see people have 1 or 2 of the 3 things primarily granted by the energy of the mooladhara but it is rare to find a person with all 3. It's because their mooladhara is not vibrating / functioning optimally. examples: the person has health but no money the person has long life but no health and no money the person has a lot of money but poor health There is a 4th aspect of the moodhara too. It also has an impact on the Mind. - Shri Rohit Arya On Karma Yoga 1. Nassim Taleb's book The Black Swan is one of the most astounding works on karma yoga ever written. He gets why you have "the right to the action but not the fruit" better than any Indian or spiritual person I've ever known. - Shri Rohit Arya 2. Gurdjieff's method (the 4th Way) was primarily based around karma yoga. Can you throw everything about your being into an action without clinging to a desired outcome. Only those who can let go of any outcome - positive, negative, desired, not-desired - only those who let outcomes in life become what they become from those actions and don't cling to either failure or success of those actions have the capability to grow. They do what needs to be done then move on. - Shri Rohit Arya On Focusing on the Breath 1. The underside part / divide between both nostril outlets has its own chakra. All the texts were actually talking about that chakra and getting you to become aware of it by focusing on the breath at that single point. Focusing on this chakra also is related to the root chakra Mooladhara. The texts were not telling you to go cross eyed focusing on the tip of your nose. They were trying to get you to become aware of the chakra that lies at the fleshy strip between both nostril openings. - Shri Rohit Arya On things forgotten about the Markandeya Mantra 1. Markandeya mantra is typically taught in books and videos as a healing mantra. This is incorrect. It's actually a karma-burning mantra and often the fastest way to burn karma is to go through a lot of suffering in a short amount of time. This suffering might be short to Shiva but not necessarily to you, the mantra chanter. Markandeya himself was a highly advanced being and this mantra was given to him by Shiva to burn the very last of his karma and he - that is, Markandeya, is now outside of space and time. This mantra got the reputation of being a healing mantra because in the old days village Indian tantric healers would use it as part of a series of actions done on behalf of a seriously sick person. However, there were many other things they did along with that mantra that are important and much of that knowledge has been forgotten and not passed on. But the thing the lay people remembered was the use of the Markandeya mantra and so it acquired a reputation as a healing mantra. That's what you see in all the books and videos. But anyone who is aware of the energy of that mantra's shakti knows it burns karma - and often times not in a way the chanter is prepared for (read: they slam headlong into a lot more suffering instead of being alleviated of suffering instead). - Shri Rohit Arya edit: typos
  17. Hey everyone, I'm curious for those who have personal experience or knowledge about the neidan firing process - focusing on the lower dantian while contracting the lower abdominal muscles and the perineum during inhale to build chi in this dantian, etc. I'm not sure if it has an actual name or not. I can find very little on this practice on the internet. Specifically, I'm curious what the benefits and purpose are both to this practice, and the effects in general in daily life, and whether the practice is really necessary for the rest of the neidan process. Any idea? My current twice daily practice is Mantak Chia's version of the microcosmic orbit (focusing on the accupuncture points along the ren and do, one by one). That's usually it, because the couple of times I've added Zuowang at the end of it, I've had very intense experiences, so I'm somewhat loath to include it as a regular feature. (The first time, I saw what appeared to be a white moon without craters in the darkness, except that it was as bright as the sun. And the second time, I felt as if my whole body was rising, and then I had very strong experiences of spacial/bodily distortion, and then it felt as if my whole body was sinking.) Any information on this would be cool. I learned about the technique from Damo Mitchell's latest neidan book.
  18. After finally coming back around to Taoism, the teachings and thought of which I internalized along time ago (mostly unconscious, I'm not trying to say I fully grasped them back then), I'm interested in cultivation techniques. Now this isn't one of those "where do I get started" threads. I believe I had already started before I came to this forum, so this is more of a "have I really started and what do I need to look out for and refine my practice?" I began using Osho's book the Secret of Secrets, which discusses the methods of the SotG and Osho's concepts. The line in the title best captures the technique, and I want to see if the translation is doing it justice or how it compares to other methods of Nei Gong/Dan. It has an emphasis on simplicity, and that the mind simply wants to make things more complicated but sitting silently doing nothing is really all that is required in the end. To this effect I had no idea about the concepts of Nei Gong, Jing->Qi->Shen alchemy, LDT, MCO or any of that. The 'backwards flowing method' is the closest it comes to describing the internal alchemy. I begin by sitting on a yoga block in a comfortable cross legged posture with spine erect, closing the eyes half way and focusing on the tip of the nose. I do this after 20 minutes of visuzalizing golden light coming through on the in breath, and yin qi coming up from feet to head on the out breath. First I press the thumb against each of the fingers to open up the meridians, I do this on the exhale for about 5 minutes. Then I simply fold my hands in a buddhist mudra of balance(right hand laying on left thumbs connecting) and watch my breathing. Not focusing on breathing in and out slowly, but simply being aware of it and watch as it calms naturally and slows. Then move into stillness and no thought for as long as I can maintain (usually 30+ minutes these days, not continous but I mean thats how long this practice goes). Now I want to do this method for 3 months if its remotely close to Taoist cultivation that this forum is familiar with before I begin to add on and look for a Nei Gong teacher around or order a book to being working that way. Thoughts? Advice? Questions?
  19. New 100-Day Challenge!

    UPDATE: I have prematurely awarded the prize to the1gza. I am leaving the country to do intensive training in Taiwan, and as I may be M.I.A for a while, it's important that I keep my word. Thank you to the few people who participated in this challenge. Overall, I was disappointed that this practice-oriented thread generated so little interest, but this is the internet, after all, and in a way the lack of love helped to kick me off the internet entirely and into real practice, which is pretty much the ideal outcome. ---------- Okay! Ladies and Gentlemen! I hereby declare a new 100-day challenge/contest of practice. I really enjoyed the last one started by BKA, but alas, I was very late to the party, and I did not win. So this time, I'll be offering two grand prizes for two special winners. THE CONTEST: SATURDAY, MARCH 7th -> SUNDAY, JUNE 14 POST YO' PRACTICE (IDEALLY 100 DAYS STRAIGHT) THE RULES This contest is limited to the following practices: -chigong / nei gong -energy work of any kind (like shen gong, reiki, whatever your energy practice is) -yoga -trampolines count Post as much as you want: what you did and for how long. Keep a record of how much you're doing. This is on the honor system. GREAT PRIZES FROM DOGSON At the conclusion of the practice period, I will be offering the following prizes: GRAND PRIZE - MOST CONSECUTIVE DAYS OF TRAINING Whoever has the longest streak of training, measured in days, will win the Bruce Frantzis Tai Chi Mastery DVDs. This is quite a lot of material. About 12 DVDs I think, including fighting applications. It is specifically the Wu Style short form. FIRST PRIZE - MOST INSPIRING POSTS I am going to offer another prize for whoever posts the most "inspiring" stuff about their practice during the 100 days. This is totally vague and subject to my whimsy. This is because I'm a libra and also left handed. Seriously though: I feel that inspiration is really valuable, and I think that a great reason to train is in order to enjoy a long beautiful, healthy, creative life. THE PRIZE FOR MOST INSPIRING POSTS WILL BE THE BRUCE FRANTZIS XING YI DVDs - I believe an 8-DVD set, including a separate I-Chuan standing program. PLEASE NOTE: "INSPIRING" DOES NOT INVITE SPAM AND CLICKBAIT. You are not going to win by constant posting clips from the matrix or crouching tiger! Post real stuff about your real practice/life experiences. Yoga note: I'm including yoga because yoga is dope. EDIT: NEW TRAMPOLINE CLAUSE Trampolines are now considered as chi training after my awesome experience with my new rebounder. Admittedly, after I do a 20 minute bounce, I always do some tai chi... but it really opens stuff up. Feel free to post with your trampoline nei gong experiences, trampoline nei gong is totally welcome in this contest, and furthermore, everyone should get a trampoline. *drops mic* LET THE GAMES BEGIN
  20. I started Nei Gong pratice (Sung Breathing and Ji Ben Qi Gong) and I felt great. Yesterday before Nei Gong practice I tried the 5 tibetan rites and felt very dizzy, tired and felt a kind of pressure on the crown chakra (feel like something is open above the top of the head, perhaps the crown chakra itself). My first reaction was to stop the 5 tibetan rites because I think it didn't match with Nei Gong. Furthermore I would like to understand: what might have gone wrong with the 5 tibetan rites? And how can I neutralize the effect on my crown chakra?
  21. hello everyone i am new here

    hello every one i am new to the forum. was hoping if anyone could help me to study neigong in Australia Brisbane i have a intermedia understanding of the qi.
  22. Neigong Forum Relaunched! I proposed the idea of starting a nei gong forum. I kindu gave up since I really had no clue what I was doing or how to start one, but after tons of research I got the hang of it and decided to go for it. Anyways everyone seemed to support the idea so for everyone that PMed me saying they were interested and who commented on the thread I thought I'd announce it in case you missed it. There is also something I'd like to say to The Tao Bums community. I've had some heated debates with some of you in the past and some of you I don't particularly like, but none of that will carry over to my new forum. I'm starting fresh over there and I'd like everyone to know that they are welcome to join the forum and participate if they wish. Even if I disagree with you, you are still welcome to express your opinion freely. The only thing I don't want is trolling (obviously) so don't just go join for the purpose of making 10,000 "wire up your a**" jokes". The forum is obviously centered around neigong but there are also sections for martial arts, qigong, philosophy, etc. in case you are more interested in those topics.
  23. Would appreciate help

    The practice: Mo Pai nei gong. 2 and a half years. A year and a half into level 2. The problem: Horrible itching all over my body. I've experienced a lot of unpleasant chi-related problems, but this one takes the cake. At the moment, I don't have a teacher I can turn to for help, so I consider Tao bums, a forum which I know a lot of serious practitioners to use, the next best thing. Without limiting my meditation, what can I do to reduce the itching? My doctor has tried treating it as a bacterial infection, fungal, and so on, without any results. No medicine seems to be working. If I had the cash to fly out to Indonesia, I could go and see The Man, but I don't. What must I do to stop the pain???
  24. Hello all, This book is a very good one and could be a good starting point for beginners, as well as excellent supplemental material for the seasoned practitioner. Enjoy. It would be interesting to find out from any Bum who has practiced these what their experiences have been. Dwai
  25. Hello all, i too am new to this site.. Ive been hoping to learn and practice as much about developing and using my internal chi energies, or Nei Kung as ive heard its called.. The only problem however is that there are alot of people out in this world who will give false teachings/training that will get you nowhere.. As much information and help with a newbie like me would be most appreciated.. I would like to get started as soon as possible!! Just need to know the correct and true authentic, proven ways though.. Ive read that meditation is the main way and there are specific techniques and exercises that produce certain results. I would like to mainly learn how to awaken and develop my yin and yang chi's to be a stronger person all around. Only allowed practices though please. I dont want to dis-respect anyone or their closed door traditions by practicing there techniques if im not allowed to. Thanks!!