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Found 3 results

  1. so... since I have no experience with Meow Pai and the likes, however, I see a lot of similarities in the systems and I have a strong suspicion that at the certain level they are all the same in Daoist's school. Some lock their students for 90 days into darkness, some "speedlight" it to the point of "insanity" and if one passes, well, next level in video game had been achieved... I would like to hear more personal stories about the phrase above... Feel free to use "my friend once told me" vs "one time I did XYZ and I know if I tell you , you will think I am officially crazy..." I would like to move beyond creating fire, moving objects and other "circus" stuff... I am particularly interested in "dark" stuff. ( as I mentioned before my Sifu warned me about "tuff stuff coming", but I guess my naivette is not comprehending the "heaviness" of it). Sometimes it is EXTREMELY shitty. Like "kill me now" shitty. discuss... p.s. the quote is from the threat about you know what, but I am afraid it will be banned soon. However, would like to discuss this topic in detail without attachment to any lineage.
  2. Neigong Forum Relaunched! I proposed the idea of starting a nei gong forum. I kindu gave up since I really had no clue what I was doing or how to start one, but after tons of research I got the hang of it and decided to go for it. Anyways everyone seemed to support the idea so for everyone that PMed me saying they were interested and who commented on the thread I thought I'd announce it in case you missed it. There is also something I'd like to say to The Tao Bums community. I've had some heated debates with some of you in the past and some of you I don't particularly like, but none of that will carry over to my new forum. I'm starting fresh over there and I'd like everyone to know that they are welcome to join the forum and participate if they wish. Even if I disagree with you, you are still welcome to express your opinion freely. The only thing I don't want is trolling (obviously) so don't just go join for the purpose of making 10,000 "wire up your a**" jokes". The forum is obviously centered around neigong but there are also sections for martial arts, qigong, philosophy, etc. in case you are more interested in those topics.
  3. Spirituality Podcast

    I am the co-host of a podcast on the subject of spirituality. It's called The Dais. My co-host, Jayne Fox, and I interview people about their spirituality in a non-confrontational way. We haven't really touched on eastern religions or philosophical disciplines yet. If anyone is interested in being a guest on our podcast to discuss the basic tenets of Taoism, I'd love to hear from you. Email is best. [email protected] Thanks, and hello to all.