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Found 5 results

  1. Saying hello

    Hello, I'm new here: A friend of mine recommended this forum, he says one can find real wisdom reading these threads... Well, I'll give it a try I'm not interested in martial arts, never found fun in fighting, confrontantion, conflict... However I'd like to know more about qigong, the one like Spring Forest Qigong method (working with energy). Here in Spain there is nothing like it. What other work of energies (qigong) are out there? Regards, J.
  2. Solar plexus blockage

    I am curious if anyone has experienced a major blockage in the solar plexus area (about 4 fingers above the belly button) and may know how to clear it or the root cause. I have tried breathing techniques, chakra balancing/energizing techniques and many types of visualization techniques but still have an noticeable pressure in this area which I am 99% sure is energy related. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I've progressed in my spiritual development and meditative practices and discovered myself to possess Astral Blindness that is a rather persistent problem over the years. Does anyone have any recommendations or practices to begin working on this?
  4. New 100-Day Challenge!

    UPDATE: I have prematurely awarded the prize to the1gza. I am leaving the country to do intensive training in Taiwan, and as I may be M.I.A for a while, it's important that I keep my word. Thank you to the few people who participated in this challenge. Overall, I was disappointed that this practice-oriented thread generated so little interest, but this is the internet, after all, and in a way the lack of love helped to kick me off the internet entirely and into real practice, which is pretty much the ideal outcome. ---------- Okay! Ladies and Gentlemen! I hereby declare a new 100-day challenge/contest of practice. I really enjoyed the last one started by BKA, but alas, I was very late to the party, and I did not win. So this time, I'll be offering two grand prizes for two special winners. THE CONTEST: SATURDAY, MARCH 7th -> SUNDAY, JUNE 14 POST YO' PRACTICE (IDEALLY 100 DAYS STRAIGHT) THE RULES This contest is limited to the following practices: -chigong / nei gong -energy work of any kind (like shen gong, reiki, whatever your energy practice is) -yoga -trampolines count Post as much as you want: what you did and for how long. Keep a record of how much you're doing. This is on the honor system. GREAT PRIZES FROM DOGSON At the conclusion of the practice period, I will be offering the following prizes: GRAND PRIZE - MOST CONSECUTIVE DAYS OF TRAINING Whoever has the longest streak of training, measured in days, will win the Bruce Frantzis Tai Chi Mastery DVDs. This is quite a lot of material. About 12 DVDs I think, including fighting applications. It is specifically the Wu Style short form. FIRST PRIZE - MOST INSPIRING POSTS I am going to offer another prize for whoever posts the most "inspiring" stuff about their practice during the 100 days. This is totally vague and subject to my whimsy. This is because I'm a libra and also left handed. Seriously though: I feel that inspiration is really valuable, and I think that a great reason to train is in order to enjoy a long beautiful, healthy, creative life. THE PRIZE FOR MOST INSPIRING POSTS WILL BE THE BRUCE FRANTZIS XING YI DVDs - I believe an 8-DVD set, including a separate I-Chuan standing program. PLEASE NOTE: "INSPIRING" DOES NOT INVITE SPAM AND CLICKBAIT. You are not going to win by constant posting clips from the matrix or crouching tiger! Post real stuff about your real practice/life experiences. Yoga note: I'm including yoga because yoga is dope. EDIT: NEW TRAMPOLINE CLAUSE Trampolines are now considered as chi training after my awesome experience with my new rebounder. Admittedly, after I do a 20 minute bounce, I always do some tai chi... but it really opens stuff up. Feel free to post with your trampoline nei gong experiences, trampoline nei gong is totally welcome in this contest, and furthermore, everyone should get a trampoline. *drops mic* LET THE GAMES BEGIN
  5. Looking for some help...

    I hope this is the right place to post this... I'm new here (a Taoist/Christian wandering along), and need a little help. I have trained Tai Chi (Wu style) for around 20 years. I had a great teacher, who poured as much as he could into me with the time we had. After training under him for around 8 years, I had to move away. By that time I was teaching my own classes for beginners. But since that time I have been on my own. Now I find myself in a small town with no resources for me. The local tai chi classes are taught by a Hard Stylist (which is going to be zero help for internal energy work), and he doesn't even do Qigong. I am looking for some help on working with my Chi, as well as some question as to Mindfulness Meditation. There are so many people in the Personal Practice area, I am guessing someone could be of help, but how do you know? So I guess this is me casting my net to see what swims in. Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!!!