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Found 11 results

  1. Taoist master John Chang has passed away. 5 Feb 2020 My condolences. Some say he fell off his bed. Let us, and those mopai practicitioners, if you are bow with sincere respect.
  2. Hi everyone. if you maybe know any information about who is it, write me please. always want to find people connected with this theme. thanks.
  3. Hello to All! A Little bit more About me is in the Welcome Section. I'll try to make it short and to the Point. Use to read the dao de and dschuang dsu for the philosophical value, but never got into the practical side of daoist teachings. Now thats exactly where I want to go I allready am aware that it is not going to be an easy path finding a School/Master to study from From my research into the field (and also the Research of this Forum, which is like a battleground sometimes ) I found the longmenpai and the mopai Schools to be interesting. I welcome any recommendations to other Schools i can look into first what i found out is: I have no clue if it is possible and how to become a Student of the MoPai second is: I will have to do some serious saving before i can attend an longmenpai Seminar with master Wang, it Costs quiet some bucks Until the time beeing (or until I manage to save that much Money) I'll have some time to practice : so Question 1: What can you advise me to practice and what books to read so I can form a beginning understanding Question 2: Is this legit as a starting Point (I somehow like the Video): if not please some advise also if my Questions(and future Posts) are inappropriate or wrong to the Forum in any way, please give some advise Best Regards Aleks
  4. Is this MoPai?

    Is this book about MoPai / Neidan ? Union of Bliss and Emptiness: Teachings on the Practice of Guru YogaPaperback – 15 Jun 2009 by Dalai Lama VI (Author),‎ Thupten Jinpa (Translator)
  5. Mo Pai Levels

    Hi All. Where can I find the needed skills to be tested or shown on each degree of "72 Levels of Mo Pai"? Any resources will be welcomed! Thank you
  6. Per Moderator message: Original Thread started in: CourtYard- Welcome from a new member: Obviously members still wanted to discuss this topic, but with all respect for Moderator message, I decided to take it to another forum (being this one)
  7. Nei Gong Forum?

    I'm thinking about creating a nei gong forum, but first I need to anyone would be interested in participating. If you're wondering why I'm thinking of doing this it's because, for the most part, the only reason I'm on TTB in the first place is to follow nei gong/mo pai related threads and sort of keep an eye on what's going on. However, as it turns out, I think it's quite obvious that TTBs is a good place for these threads. It is my opinion that there needs to be a separate forum for Mo Pai/nei gong related topics. Anyone agree with this? Who all would be interested in participating in a nei kung forum?
  8. Check it Quoted from here "Mozhi Rinpoche had a contest of realization power in tummo concentration with all my fellow brothers who practice tummo concentration. With the exceptions of Kaichu Rinpoche and a rinpoche from the Office of H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III who has the realization of vajra power at the level of causing great movement of a vajra pill in public, the rest of us, including dharna kings and venerable ones, were no match for him. So, in the end, it was decided to let him be the chief master to produce the heat of tummo. Other rinpoches would be his dharma-protecting assistants. He stated that the purpose of his coming here was not to compare his realization power with others and was not for making Kazhuo Ande pills. It was a coincidence that he met this cause. He regards it as his duty to do something for living beings. His wish was to use the rare merit from this practice to persuade H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III to conduct an initiation on him for the dharma of Vajra Body Substitution Meditation. However, H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III told him, “I am not able to conduct initiation of state practice. I have illnesses all over my body. I don’t have good health. I would like to ask you to give me a treatment with the heat of tummo. I recommend you learn from the master of Kaichu Rinpoche, who is named King Rinpoche. Without using his belly, his fourth-step tummo power can use just one finger to get you burnt and leave a scar on you.” Thus, Mozhi Rinpoche respectively visited King Rinpoche and stated his request. Upon listening to what he said, King Rinpoche immediately prostrated toward the visage of H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and said, “Good heavens! My Buddha Master over-praised me. What kind of being am I? You, as a yogi, do not adhere to continuing your journey of searching for treasure in the vast ocean and now come to a lake to look for a pearl instead. Your boat is going the wrong way. Go quickly to beseech the Buddha! With the small ability you have, how can you contest with others? You should go quickly to repent yourself and beseech the dharma.” Mozhi Rinpoche said, “Isn’t the Buddha Master ill?” King Rinpoche laughed heartily and said, “The illness of Holy Venerable Vimalakirti was more serious! I will pray for your receiving the dharma of Vajra Body Substitution Meditation early.” Mozhi Rinpoche regrettably mentioned that the Buddha Master did not teach him the dharma of Vajra Body Substitution Meditation and he did not know what to do. However, he said, “I have made my iron-clad determination, just like having swallowed a sliding weight of a steelyard. I will not leave until I learn the dharma Vajra Body Substitution Meditation. I will just stay here shamelessly until I learn the dharma. I came here to learn the dharma for the benefit of living beings.” At the dharma assembly, Mozhi Rinpoche lay on the dharma board and had his head covered up so people would not know who was practicing tummo concentration. This great holy virtuous one with true realization of power and abilities never wanted to boast or praise himself. Everyone attending the dharma assembly was greatly moved and felt ashamed by such holy and pure style of humble self-cultivation. When the great holy virtuous one was conducting the dharma, a porcelain pot for frying the medicine was laid on his belly. The high-temperature heat of tummo was strong and vicious and directly penetrated the thick porcelain pot. Rinpoches who used a finger to test the temperature were all scalded badly. They had to throw the medicine powder into the pot and get away quickly to protect their fingers from getting injured." More to come.........
  9. Can anyone recommend this system of 72 levels, can you please share any experience with the system -
  10. Hello from Aziz

    My name is Aziz. I've been practicing qi gong more than 15 years. I started them with Mantak Chia's inner smile. Today I'm practicing 3 different Daoist Sect's Nei Gong practices. On lvl 1. I learned Xing Shen Zhuang Fa from David Verdesi on 2002. And in last 2 years I began to practice Da Mo Pai's Nei Gong step 1 and Mo Pai's Nei Gong Step 1. Pai as you know means "school". Also I'm practicin and teaching Yi Jin Jing. The formal method of Da Mo Pai which the school of Bodhidharma or DaMo. I mostly practiced traditional forms of qi gong. I met with an "immortal", "sage" on these years. Yes I saw with my eyes he got really exciting powers. After all these years spending on qi gong I started to realize a different path. I'm mostly practicing ZaZen meditations now. All the qi gongs are helping my meditations. I'm here to learn different stages of meditations and traditional paths. Practices that I learned and still using: Xing Shen Zhuang Fa Xİng Gong Ba Gua Yi Jin Jing Stillness Meditation Shen Zhen Gong Nei Gong - Part 1, Step 1. Fullfilling the lower dantien with yang qi. Regards Aziz