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Found 13 results

  1. Mo Pai 2022

    Hello this is my 1st topic yet after lurking for months lol. Anyways I have recently come across Mo Pai on the forums From what I heard everyone that practices It gets stage 4 cancer like the author of the english books why is that so? Also why do alot of u say it is the right path even so? Even so It seems so dangerous
  2. Hey, all. I've been here a long time and this is the book I wish I would have had when I first started my Eastern spiritual journey. Book excerpt: THE TAOIST ALCHEMY OF 100 DAYS BUILDING THE FOUNDATION MY PREPARATION Diet – I ate no meat, but I ate eggs, fish, and dairy. Meditation – Emptiness four times a day for twenty minutes to an hour until July, then I was doing 8-12 hours of meditation a day, which included several hours of Taiji. The Firing Process – After having gathered enough qi in the lower dan tien through a good diet, Taiji practice, and meditation, you need to “fire” it so it moves upwards and transforms into shen. Normally, the firing process happens naturally if you have enough desire or if you’re young or going through puberty. If your older, you will need an outside agent, and this has been one of the greatest secrets of alchemy in the east and west. Three things fire the qi, and that is pain which means ascetic practices such as self-flagellation, sexual arousal without ejaculation such as is found in Tantra and fasting. Any will work, but use sexual stimulation only on days you do the breathwork. Fasting should be extreme, but don’t kill yourself, and if you’re going to use pain, then do it every day. Breathwork – Bone breathing with closed eyes lasting twenty minutes once a day, and I did this several times a week but not every day. This is done by inhaling ten times into your belly and focusing on pulling qi into your belly on each inhale and storing it on the exhale. Then with an inhale, draw the qi from your dan tien to the bones of your left hand. Exhale and visualized compacting the qi all the way into the marrow. Do this same routine in all your bones, starting next with your left forearm, upper arm, right hand, right forearm, right upper arm, left foot, left lower leg, left upper leg, right foot, left lower leg, left upper leg, pelvic bone, collar bone, spine, jawbone and lastly cranium. Then ten more deep breaths, drawing qi into your dan tien, and on both the inhale and exhale, draw the qi up your spine and into your head to lead it to the pineal gland at the center of the brain. After the last ten breaths, you should hold your focus on your pineal with your attention, and it should feel like you are “reverse gazing.” My 100 Days Start: April 24, 1994 (Full Moon) I practiced the firing, and then I practiced bone breathing with breathing energy up my spine and then in meditation and had a powerful vision of interior light. Every time my perineum would begin to pump furiously, the interior light would blaze forth before my inner vision. June 8, 1994 (New Moon) I did the firing process and then the bone breathing. While breathing energy up my spine, the perineum began pumping with pressure/pain was felt in the third eye area. My testicles were also in pain. I was using forced willpower to move the energy up the spine. I tried to relax but couldn’t. I tried to leave my body several times unsuccessfully. Then I seemed to come out of my forehead. It was like I was in a little body a couple of inches tall. I could only get out of my forehead up to my waist. 100 Days End: July 27, 1994 It was incredible. My normal vision was replaced with a new vision. Instead of seeing with my fleshly eyes, I became aware I was seeing from my spiritual center, my soul. This spiritual center within me was the same spiritual center within all things. This “Unity” filled me with awe and peace. I also seemed to be eternally caught up in the now. I wasn’t thinking or feeling anymore. I was just being. Looking at the trees did not reveal leaves and bark. I saw an explosion of light. It began where the seed sprouted originally. The explosions then flowed upwards and downwards. I saw into the earth. It was a golden-hued transparency. The trees were like flowing golden fountains of living light that were continually being born anew every moment. It seemed purely accidental that water and dirt were carried along with the exploding fiery light. It did not diminish the glory of it in any way, though. I thought modern science was absurd because it studies the accidental shadow and not the actual substance. I knew everything from the beginning of time. I saw it all. At the same time, I was so peace-filled that I did not desire to know anything. With this expanded perspective, human understanding of everything, including metaphysics, seemed worthless. All the books I had read paled miserably in comparison to this. All the spiritual anguish I had been experiencing for the past few weeks vanished. I felt desireless, completely free, and at peace with all. It was as if I woke up and was seeing reality for the first time. I was released from this universe of light after a few minutes.
  3. The Three becomes One? "Taiyi could yoke Yu from the barn." The cat pondered basking in the golden Sun. The Great She, her antennae willows deep knows no sleep. The Wind, his breeze, can you hear? It has no beat. Over there, where, here Jasmine's Flames caress the feet.. "If one is beyond time why not wait? The tides stand still, your anchor already weighed." "...Jing is the great switchboard..."
  4. Immortality?

    I don't think I understand the concept of "immortality" in Taoism. We're talking about physical immortality if I'm not mistaken? I can't reconcile the idea with the way Nature works. I get longevity, but has there ever been a Taoist that has attained immortality, or is it simply thought of as an ideal. It's a stumbling block for me and I would give loads of appreciation if someone could point me to a reasonable explanation. Thanks
  5. Greetings

    Hello The Dao Bums Feels like home here already. Almost like there's no use for words. I've had many great teachers, one of whom was a priest of the Quanzhen lineage. who have given me insight into the mysteries. Not the most strictly disciplined here myself, but have a lot of knowledge. Mystical experiences lead me to the Dao De Jing, and I am able to feel qi as magnetism between my palms. Went to Naropa University in boulder, co where I got a degree in Traditional Eastern Arts, Concentration Tai Chi Chuan. That is also where I met the priest. Im a quarter Chinese, my grandfather's jing. The Yellow Emperor's Y chromosome. Excited to talk and meet people here.
  6. In this thread I'd like to discuss and hear opinions concerning the signs and effects of successful jing ("pre-heaven energy", "essence", "ming") replenishment through high-level taoist practice ("taoist alchemy" etc.). What in your opinion are the effects and signs of successful jing replenishment through taoist practice? Do you know quotes in classic taoist texts which describe the signs and effects of successful jing replenishment?
  7. Introduction and questions about chi

    Hello, let me start out with an introduction. I am new to this website and wanted to see if any would help me out with their perspectives on some questions I have about chi and qigong. I have been interested in chi for a few years and ever since I was stuck in my head trying to figure out what it really meant and the meaning behind the power of it. On my path I found myself lost trying too hard to balance myself and wanting to control every aspect of my life. My path consisted of so many ups and downs, but it was if I was going in circles; and when I realized I was going in circles I would break out into a new path, but then I started going in circles again in the new path I was going in. I couldn't distinguish between which was yin and what was yang though I read online the feelings associated with both. It seemed like I was more consumed by the mental aspect of what chi was. Mentally I felt like nothing could harm me but deep inside I still felt off balance and wondered why things in my life (mostly people) would still reject me for who I was though it was all truly in good meaning. I would sit for hours in my head thinking of so many possibilities of the world and why things are the way they are. Many "wierd" and "normal" questions and thoughts went through my head and it seemed as if I was still while the world was passing me by. " Is immortality possible? Can I have superpowers? Why do we exist? Why am I here? Is this life real or is death real? What if the people who are close to me die? I wouldn't be able to deal with that pain but thinking about it brings me pain. I wish I could just die and end this pain. I'm not meant for this world" and so on and so on. Imagine how much pain built up in me living like this for years. As of recently, all that changed. I think I finally felt CHI. I emptied myself of all these thoughts but somehow kept a little hold of them in order to process reality in my own way. I found out that by keeping myself in this box of mine, I rejected myself of my physical body. I was feeling both energies but I was consuming myself with yin I believe (I am a guy though) which kept me inside of my head. As I released this energy I felt more energy going throughout my stomach and through my body which had been there all this time, but was just stagnant because of my mindset that I didn't have to worry about my body because I thought I knew it already and me not being able to distinguish between the yin and yang energies. Now I seem like I know it. I was now able to go deeper into these areas and I found myself being able to feel and discover areas of my body I didn't really think about much such as places on ears or my toes. I started living more in the moment not because it's what I have heard so many times, but because it felt... right. I realized that my immediate desire to balance my chi took me to my lowest, but at the same time brought me to my highest, and at the same time the realization allowed see and capture what I truly wanted. As of now I see truly see my mind and body as one thing; and whenever I put my energy towards something, I also see it as one and everything else seems to fade around it.Though it may or may not seem as a powerful story; to me it is really just a release that I found the opportunity to act upon. I know that my journey will never be done and I will continue to develop through my life and hopefully if there is an afterlife, will continue then. Don't worry I'm not suicidal or anything I plan to live as long as possible and take what life gives me. Anyways sorry for the very very long introduction hah I got very into it. But now for the questions. Have any of you learned how to store chi in the dantien? If so what does it feel like to you? Also have any of you been in very deep meditation and what experience did you have in doing so? How do you know how much chi is in your dantien and when it is full? Last, how do you project chi (such as using it to send heat through your hand)?
  8. This is particulary oriented to Taoist Immortality - but feel free to discuss other forms. My Question: Once one is Immortal and after the death of the physical body, can one still cross over (into the light)? Most people not having become Immortal would cross over - is this still an option for an immortal? Say your spouse is not immortal but you are - would you still have the option to cross over to "be with them"? I'm not after a discussion on the semantics of crossing over and being with - but feel free if you need to. My question is about whether you still have that option?
  10. Back When I Had A Self...

    I introduced him over here: You can find out more about me here or here: Creating a separate thread in case it is required to unlock the other site features. peace love one and have fun
  11. Hey dudes, I've read enough frustrating threads where there are big misunderstandings because people use old cryptic terms like "jing", "shen", "yin", "yang", "yuan chi", "immortality" and so on. In different schools and lineagues there are different understandings of these terms which eventually lead to strong misunderstandings and this prevents a mutual understanding and a fruitful discussion that could further a deeper understanding of the truth that lies behind the goals and methods of those old traditions which are occupied with achieving "immortality". Some guys even just want to mesmerise other people by indulging in cryptic terms and statements, which only prevents any progress at all. Therefore I want to "cut the crap" in this thread and want to try to analyse with you guys/gals the goals of and the methods that lead to immortality of the different traditions from a modern pov, in modern terms and with logical understanding to carve out the similaries of these different traditions to be able to conclude a synthesis which explains logical in modern terms what immortality is and how it can be achieved. ("Cryptic" terms can be used in this discussion, but please make sure to explain them appropriately, so everyone can understand what you mean! This thread is thought to lead to further and deepen understanding, not to spread mysticism!) Let me try first: 1) What does the traditions mean with "immortality"? Immortality means the survival of the conscious functioning personality forever and beyond bodily death. So this seems not to be a given in the theories of these traditions compared to the theories in the abrahamic religions for example! This goal means either that the personality survives in some sort of stable personal energy field that will "hold it together" or that the person's body doesn't die or that the person even transform its body into energy and includes this energy to create "a stable energy field". Other traditions claim that the conscious personality could "endure" when it fuses with a greater energy energy field that permeates the universe ("tao"). 3) What happens to people who don't achieve that goal? Their conscious personalities cease to exist, one way or another. This is the end result of a life-long leaking out or wearing down of the person's energy and usually happens at the point of bodily death. Some traditions claim that the conscious personality simply goes out like a flame (which could be compared to the dominating opinion of modern science) or that their energy scatters completely and therefore their structure get's destroyed, others claim that they get born again as other persons or animals with a wiped out memory. Other traditions claim that only a "downgraded" version of the personality survives death as a "ghost" who is very limited in its cognitive functions. 2) Why and how do the traditional methods actually work or are supposed to work? The "energy" of a person is thought to be limited and to leak out via sexual activities, mind activities and simply all activities in life. Therefore the traditions have developed their theories of how to stop the leaking out (via methods of "consolitation" of energy) and of how to refill or restore the stock of energy a person has to the level of a newborn or even beyond. "Consolitation" of energy would mean for example to store energy in a closed room (like "tantien") or to fuse different volatile energies which tend to "evaporize" or "leak out" to a more stable energy ("the fusion of shen and jing", "kan & li") or to a primal precurser source energy of these energies. "Refilling" or "restoring" energy can include "reversing" the energy flow from out to in to bring in outside energies into the personal energy field or by the transfering of matter into energy and infusing it into the personal energy field or stock. Please share your own insights and opinions! The more these are thought through and explained in modern terms, the more helpful and understandable these will be for the other participants of the thread!
  12. Here is part of the very interesting dialogue on immortality by Schopenhauer. Deep down this is basically what all traditional religions teach. Student —Look here, I shalln’t give two pence for your immortality unless I’m to remain an individual. Philosopher —Well, perhaps I may be able to satisfy you on this point. Suppose I guarantee you that after death you shall remain an individual but only on condition that you first spend three months of complete unconsciousness. Student —I shall have no objection to that. Philosopher —But, remember, if people are completely unconscious, they take no account of time. So, when you are dead, it’s all the same to you whether three months pass in the world of unconsciousness, or ten thousand years. In one case as in the other, it is simply a matter of believing what is told you, when awake. So far then you can afford to be indifferent whether it is three months or ten thousand years that pass before you recover your individuality. Student —Yes; if it comes to that, I suppose you are right. Philosopher —And if by chance, after those ten thousand years gone by, no one ever thinks of awakening you, I fancy it would be a great misfortune. You would have become quite accustomed to non-existence after so long a spell of it—following upon such a very few years of life. At any rate you may be sure you would be perfectly ignorant of the whole thing. Further, if you knew that the mysterious power which keeps you in your present state of life had never once ceased in those ten thousand years to bring forth other phenomena like yourself, and to endow them with life, it would fully console you. Student —Indeed! So you think that you’re quietly going to do me out of my individuality with all this fine talk. But I’m open to your tricks. I tell you I won’t exist unless I can have my individuality, I’m not going to put off with ‘mysterious powers’, and what you call ‘phenomena’ I can’t do without my individuality, and I won’t give up. Philosopher —You mean, I suppose, that your individuality is such a delightful thing—so splendid, so perfect, and beyond comparison—that you can’t imagine anything better. Aren’t you ready to exchange your present state for one which if we can judge by what is told us, may possibly be superior and more endurable. Student —Don’t you see that my individuality, be it what it may, is my very self? To me it is the most important thing in the world. “For God is God and I am I”. I want to exist, I, I. That’s the main thing. I don’t care about existence which has to be proved to be mine before I can believe it. Philosopher —Think what you’re doing. When you say, I, I, I want to exist, is it not you alone that say this? Everything says it, absolutely everything that has the faintest trace of consciousness. It follows then, that this desire of yours is just the part of you that is not individual—the part that is common to all things without distinction. It is the cry not of the individual, but of existence itself; it is the intrinsic element in everything that exists, nay, it is the cause of anything existing at all. This desire craves for and so is satisfied with nothing less than existence in general—not any definite individual existence. No! that is not its aim. It seems to be so only because this desire will attain consciousness only in the individual, and therefore looks as though it were concerned with nothing but the individual. There lies the illusion, an illusion it is true, in which the individual is held fast, but if he reflects, he can break the fetters and set himself free. It is only indirectly, I say, that the individual has this violent craving for existence. It is the will to live which is the real and direct aspirant—alike and identical in all things. Since then, existence is the free work, nay, the mere reflection of the will; where existence is, there too must be a will; and for the moment, the will finds its satisfaction in existence itself, so far, I mean, as that which never rests, but presses forward eternally, can ever find any satisfaction at all. The will is careless of the individual, the individual is not its business; although I have said, this seems to be the case, because the individual has no direct consciousness of will except in himself. The effect of this is to make the individual careful to maintain his own existence; and if this were not so, there would be no surety of preservation of species. From all this it is clear that individuality is not a form of perfection, but rather of limitation; and so to be freed from it is not loss but gain. Trouble yourself no more about the matter. Once thoroughly recognise what you are, what your existence really is, namely, the universal Will-to-live, and the whole question will seem to you childish and most ridiculous.