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  1. Potent Systems

    The main form in the school is Wuji Gong. For Qigong practice I mean. In the begining of the teaching we are learning Emei Qigong System has some specific rules. Such as in first 2 levels we mostly work on ourselves. Like %70 to self development %30 to help others. Coz Emei Qigong has two different disciplines. Taoism and Buddhism. Uses both traditions works. Yes you will find mostly explained and also clearly explained informations about the exercises and practices. Most of them not open to all. If you were a student of any Emei Qigong teacher, the knowledge will open to you. For all levels of Emei Qigong practices I can easly say that you/we have to practice too much. Like every other practices. Why I chose this path? I was a student of David Verdesi and some other else's. I realized that I don't like power based systems. I am looking for enlightment. I only need developing my wisdom, nourising myself, and realize my true being. The Emei Qigong is very simple. So simple but also deeper. After you practiced for a while you will understand many things about Qigong and cultivating the inner and outer parts or self. Not only cultivating Qi. If we were talking about cultivating Qi, what we will plen to do with it? Having some super powers like John Chang or Jiang Feng etc, or becoming a good person? If we weren't using the cultivated Qi to help others, will we want to become an immortal? I simply chose developing myself and helping others. This is my reason to choose Emei Qigong. Also Grandmaster Fu Weizhong, really so so kind teacher. I couldn't find any question that he couldn't answer. When my questions were silly, he alsways replied me in a polite way ans he said: "You don't need this information on your teachings or on your practices, if you'd like to become a disciple or a monk you will learn." Grandmaster Fu Weizhong's mission is teaching the Emei Qigong's treasure to the world. There are too many jewels like Emei Qigong I think. Most of you already found and you already started to practice. Each way has own jewels. They are waiitng us to find whee they are hidin.
  2. Potent Systems

    And also I amd 4th level on his teaching system. Practicing Wuji Gong and other methods regularly.
  3. Potent Systems

    If this topic or this questions still alive, I'd like to reply. I am former advanced student of Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, 13th Lineage Holder of Emei Qigong School.
  4. 5 Shens Model of Alchemy

    Please correct me if I'm wrong; 5 Shens are rooted on each 5 main organs. When I said shens I mean yin/yang both. In some kind of neigong practices first we are trying to purify the organ energies with celibacy (for men) and keeping emotions calm (for women). When all these energies come critical level they try to "produce" dantians. And 5 shens will come inside of dantien. Mostly we know that cauldron. Also same as Golden Flower exercise. Am I wrong? I'm tryin to understand the phases. I know how Hun can be controlled. But I don't know how Po can be controlled. Because if it was move by itself this could be dangerous. I know this cause of my wife. If these questions are not suitable for this topic pls inform me I stop writing here Regards.
  5. 5 Shens Model of Alchemy

    Hello I'd like to ask you something: Where can I find most detailed information about wuxing/five elements theory? Medical and physical? Books or website ? I'm not livin in US that's why its difficult to buy books from amazon for me. Regards
  6. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    I began to breath works after 2.5 year hard physical and mental process. Like what? Daily Yi Jin Jing, weekly Xing Shen Zhuang Fa, in every 2 months I was on retreats. And we practice daily 2 times Yi Jin Jing plus XSZF. And some other works becomes more and more. Why because we need to strengthen nerveous system, body and spine. After them I can say that breath works comes better. Btw just watch how you breath. This can be a good begining. How is your chest, stomach, shoulders? Just watch your body when you are breathing regularly.
  7. Immortality

    Lmao ) This is not elixir. Tomorrow you will understand well. Without pictures all these words are meaningless. Believe me after you see the photos you will understand everyting. Without doing it noone understand how it affects.
  8. Immortality

    K then, Let's start; First what wee need, tomorrow I'll took all photos and write all down. An A4 paper. Don't need blank, used one better. Kind of baking cups could be find in markets. We are making our own here. ) Fresh ginger slice. We use max 5 cm long and 0.5 cm width. Salt. Big meal spoon. And a piece of coal like you see above. You have to lay on floor and keep things not burning near you. A metal forceps or pincers must be near you. And papertovels. For starting you cook some salt on oven. Till it get out own humidity. We use A4 paper to make a cup for keeping salt into it. Salt will be hot and you don't want to burn yourself with this hot salt And we have to burn coal before we start practice. Be very very carefull when you are doing this exercise. Sometimes you want to sleep do not sleep. Maybe you have to keep alarmed clock or something else. Maybe someone will say you how long it take. Each practice takes 1 hour. No more no less. In first part just laying down. In second part we have a hyperventilation breath work sometimes. Min practice lenght 120 days. You can see the difference after you start. Tomorrow I'll take pictures and you will get the whole practice During these practice you don't need celibacy. This practice has same effects like celibacy. With my best wishes.
  9. Immortality

    No doesn't die. I'm just thinking about to where I wrote his exercise. Because it has some dangerous parts. We are going to use burning coal. On every practice we are using one small part of this coals. I'm thinking about do we open this topic into an protected chapter in TTB forum? I don't want anybody get burned coz of this. Any suggestions?
  10. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    1. Do what your practice is daily. You have to practice it daily and daily. 2. Do not have expectations about your practice. Doing practice is enough. Don't think about what you get a result. Results come when you don't think. 3. When you are practicing first you get too much time to remember the practice well. On next months everything comes like same. and you passed the remembering. But againg you have an obstacle. Routine. You have to keep yourself every practice like a beginner. Your mind must be fresh as you do first time. I spent 14 years practicing without these rules. I became an good practioner. Not an adept. After I learned everyting changed. With my best wishes.
  11. Heat on Coccix

    I have to write some other exercises. I really don't know their english or chinese names. Today I learned I already learned "heavenly water circulation", microcomic meditation (very very different like Mantak Chia's), Dao In too many major forms, Tui Na (I'm professionally doing this also), nei tsang (again a bit different Mantak Chia's), Ba Duanjin, and different types of breath techniques. I've been practicing them more than 2 years. On some of them I have been teaching degrees. I already learned too much Main secret is this: the first steps are difficult and a bit comlicated. But when you go up stairs, you can realize tha every new and next step's practice is very very easy and simple. With my best wishes to all.
  12. Immortality

    Tomorrow I'll try to take photos. And also try to explain well with my poor english.
  13. Heat on Coccix

    YJJ+Nei Gong +Song Fa Gong+Shen Zhen Gong+ Some of martial arts from same teacher. My teacher learned them most from Chinese Grandmasters who I cannot write their names here. When you visit one of these masters they can give my teacher's name directly. There are not too much westerner teachers students of them. And five animal gong fu martial arts another teacher before. Xing Shen Zhuang Fa and Xing Gong Ba Gua from David Verdesi. All practies that I learned can used for triple. Why? Because YJJ the Da Mo version is a primary practice for Da Mo nei gong. Before you start to practice Da Mo Pai Nei Gong you need to practice YJJ more than 1 year min. For what reason? First YJJ strengthen body in a short time. And when you begin to relax when doing form the energy starts to move in body. You can realize this very clearly. More than 500 person had this experience in Turkey till 2010 Opens the energy meridians. Breath is getting smooth. Main effect is come to mind. Mind become clear. You cannot held by emotions and toughts easly. Song Fa Gong is a part or relaxation. Like sitting in oblivion. This is what I'm looking forward it. There are levels of this. From skin to cell step by step you are going inside. Xing Shen Zhuang Fa also is a master class. Masterpiece for spine and body. Takes too much time. Seems like yoga. You can find some videos on youtube. Shen Zhen Gong, is alchemy. You can realize that what is rough what is subtl. There are levels also inside of them. Active and passive stages. Celibacy needed first here. Nei Gong starts after all these steps. Why all needed before? 1st- For discipline, 2nd- Get ready for body systems. Especially respiratory tract, nervious system and spine. Main effect in on mind. Concentration is growing up. Where we are using is on meditations. Like zazen or dhayanna. I'm open to all Buddha's original path. Why I'm using them only enlightment. I don't mind any special powers to gain. My aim is just simplify my life, and do my best every step of my life. As a result, my all practices work and develop all triangle; body, energy and spirit. With my best wishes.
  14. Heat on Coccix

    O.K. Let me try; Water mill is a part of inner alchemy. Which is written in Secrets Of The Golden Flower. This describes us after powering up energy on lower dan tien, energy goes up to spine automatically. To where? Till the second man we see. On this part of spine. What is ox by now. What is mud over there? I'm asking these parts to learn. Or we can make a new topic about this and we will discuss with all?
  15. Heat on Coccix

    Thank you Gerard, But if I'm not wrong, this picture describes all taoist inner practices. All immortality practices and mindfullness ways pictured in it. For example, what is water mill over there? What this part telling us? Also what is the practice of this part ? Like that I asked With my best wishes. P.S. : The original one is below.