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  1. Lately I've been experiencing incredible chi sensations in the legs but mostly in the yongquan points. When practicing qigong my yonquan points feel full of vibrant energy. It feels like I'm standing on giant fluffy chi balls. I've been practicing Emei Wuji Gong lately so maybe that has something to do with it. I find it odd because in all my time practicing spring forest qigong which also involves bending the knees slightly while standing I've never experienced anything like this. In this Wuji Gong form there is a lot of twisting and bending at the waist and knees. Maybe that was the trick to unblock them? The sensation can be achieved easily now even not in practice and I also feel a deeper connection with my laogong points also. Maybe I'm not really asking a question but I'm just unfamiliar with the legs and arms so much . I was hoping it is a sign of deepening my practice.
  2. I think this version is dynamite. Incredible energy. And the master explains what you should focus on unlike many people on Youtube who just perform the movements. I think this might be from the same lineage our fellow 'bum Spotless practices. Amazon link to DVD: https://www.amazon.com/Shaolin-Section-Brocade-Wellness-Practice/dp/B004GVLLMU Youtube:
  3. My experience with Spring Forest Qigong

    Hi Nuralshamal! Would you mind sharing some insight and experiences regarding the small universe as practiced in SFQ ?
  4. Just started up Tidal Wave Chi kung again -

    Isn't that the esteemed master Gary Clyman?
  5. 8 Brocades

    I don't mind Jesse Tsao's version on Amazon Prime. Also Yan Xin (not the legendary Qigong master) has good instructions on Youtube
  6. Mantras

    the "Thoth mantra" is discussed widely on the internet as being effective for stimulating the third eye. Interesting that it is also the name of an Egyptian deity. I can confirm that it works, but the trick seems to be the tone. I always wondered what the origin of the mantra is because I only find it mentioned in new age circles
  7. Need Help Channeling

    Have you read "Keys to Perception" by the same author?
  8. Spring Forest Qigong and Zhan Zhuang

    well you are standing (with knees bent) for roughly an hour or more during the active exercises...
  9. Sacred Drinks

    Replaced coffee with Matcha years ago. Also switched to room temperature bottled water after I read about the adverse effects of food and drink being too hot or too cold
  10. Internal alchemy for everyone

    Internal alchemy is not for everyone. Title is misleading.
  11. I've been practicing since 2015 and can only do 30-45 minutes (sometimes longer) comfortably, and I sit in half lotus every day all the time while sitting at home. Sit often in half lotus and alternate the legs. Use pigeon pose to stretch the hip flexors (when you feel the stretch you'll know the sweet spot) and learn to actually rotate the hip when guiding leg onto other opposite thigh (again you''ll feel it) hope that helps
  12. Now that it's summer here in the states, anybody have any good G&T recipes?
  13. Dan tien/solar plexus/tinnitus

    If I focus on my crown I get those same high pitched sounds, and sometimes it feels like my whole head is getting bathed in energy, similar to the way you describe it. Is it just tapping into the vibrational qualities of that chakra?
  14. Stillness-Movement Qigong basics steps

    good question. i recently purchased Lomax' book on Amazon and was interested in SM, too. Any elaboration about SM technique from somebody would be greatly appreciated!