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Found 4 results

  1. I think this version is dynamite. Incredible energy. And the master explains what you should focus on unlike many people on Youtube who just perform the movements. I think this might be from the same lineage our fellow 'bum Spotless practices. Amazon link to DVD: Youtube:
  2. Ba Duan Jin

    Is anyone familiar with . . . 1. The Pivot of the Way (Dao Shi, c. 1150) which, according to Wikipedia, describes an archaic form of this qigong and 2. The Ten Compilations on Cultivating Perfection (Xiuzhen shi-shu, c. 1300) features illustrations of all eight movements any information or leads appreciated thank you
  3. Hello from NYC

    Hello, I've been practicing Tai Chi, etc. for many years, I just discovered this forum. I teach Tai Chi as a self defense discipline, with the focus on leading with the dantien and proper breathing. Nobody seems to teach this traditional method any more, just "go like this and look pretty in the park".
  4. Hi Tao Bum's, About 15 years ago I brought 'The Way of Energy' and diligently practised ZZ for around a year. At some point, and I can't remember why, I gave up, it was possibly down to a particularly bad hang over and a lack of discipline for my age (22 at the time). I then dabbled with various spiritual practices and eventually settled on the sitting practice of 'Silent Illumination' for a few years and even went on a retreat where I made good progress. At some point I ended up giving that up too, but it was very useful while I did it. I've now found I've returned to ZZ and am getting a great deal from it, both in terms of the meditative aspect and the physical too. And here is my question. While I was practising 'Silent Illumination' I could easily find the motivation to sit every day with out fail. ZZ for me, however, requires a bit more will power and I am very concious of pushing myself too much and then giving up at some point in the future. Therefore, I've been going very gently, never putting myself through too much pain and so always kind of looking forward to it each day. I'm now at the point, 4 months in, where, after warming up my knees, hips and shoulders, as per 'The Way of Energy', I stand for 15 min twice a day and all is going well. I know this because just in the last week, when the timer goes off, I'm quite happy to stand a little bit longer. But - I'm not sure what is the best way to continue my practice with out using up too much will power, and therefore motivation. I can tell that around the 15 min mark, many new energies are now moving round my body and my legs are almost standing without effort. My thoughts are, should I start increasing the duration of my morning stand, pushing myself more, maybe much more, and then start doing the Ba Duan Jin in the evening. The idea here is that if I'm only standing once a day, I will have will power to push my self more. - Or - just slowly increase the duration of both stands, say by one minute a week. This is because I actually like an evening stand where I can let go of the stresses of the day and I can lose myself / clear my mind better standing then I can by doing the Ba Duan Jin. i.e. Is it better to stand twice a day, or, stand once a day in the morning and do the Ba Duan Jin in the evening? Thanks for any advice you can give. MiffyMog.