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  1. Dear Dao Bums, This is the post I always searched for; a no nonsense, personal description of my experiences with the Spring Forest Qigong system of Chunyi Lin. 1) First I'll give an intro as to my thoughts on Spring Forest Qigong and how it works in general. 2) Then I'll go through level 1, 2 and 3 of the system (there are 5 levels in total). 3) Thereafter I'll give a short summary of what I've covered. 4) Finally I'll conclude my post. Intro: There is an enormeous amount of qi transmission from Chunyi Lin in Spring Forest Qigong. Even though you simply follow the instructional videos online, or go to train with an assistant teacher, they're all connected to Chunyi Lin's qi. This is because a hallmark of Spring Forest Qigong is "connecting to the master's qi". Therefore, your personal individual energy system gets plugged in to the larger container of Spring Forest Qigong. Just like you pay taxes in the country you live in, and then in return you get access to education, school, health care, protection from police force and army, roads and traffic regulation etc. In Spring Forest Qigong, the "taxes" are simply practicing the system every day. In return, you get access to the qi of all Spring Forest Qigong Practitioners, Chunyi Lin, and the masters of Chunyi Lin which he's connected to (alive in China that he trained with, or simply master in spiritual form he is connected to). Therefore you can achieve good results very fast, as you plug in your energy system to a larger, shared container. Level 1 Here you learn basic standing exercises, which open your body and meridians, circulate and build your qi, as well as building your lower dan tien (the foundation for your physical strength and health, your physical vitality.) These exercises might seem basic, however, they contain everything you need to build up your vitality (jing, physical body) and energy (qi, energetic body). Level 2 Here you start to focus more on how to apply the qi you've built towards healing others; it can be people or animals. It can be through qi-massage or through qi transmission through your hands. You learn qigong exercises to increase your healing power through your hands. You also learn some qigong exercises to start to build your spiritual energy, your shen, your consciousness. This is because building this up will increase your healing power, as well as your ability to easier understand what's wrong with the patient and how to heal it. Level 3 Here you start to go more into the spiritual side of qigong. This is done through longer and deeper meditations, fasting, as well as some explanations about how the universe works. You also learn about the third eye and auras. Summary: In level one everything is covered for you to attain a strong, healthy body, good energy and a peaceful, relaxed mind. It has everything you need as an individual to take care of yourself and your health. You develop the lower dan tien. In level two you learn to share this with others through healing. You develop the lower and middle dan tien. In level three you go deeper, going into the spiritual side of qigong. This makes you stronger and more spiritual, as well as increase your healing power. Through meditation you start to develop your upper dan tien and third eye. Conclusion: This was a very short explanation of the system in general. I will provide information about level 4 as soon as I take it. Be blessed