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  1. Good night Xuan! I have some questions about the practice: 1- Do I need to follow any rule like in SFQ, in example the 30min after practice to avoid cold water, going to the bathroom or eating something or I can just do that normally after the meditation? 2- Can I join the meditation late? If I can't join in the beggining, can I join like 5-10minutes late? I did that a few times because I couldn't join before and I feel that I still got a good connection to the practice, but I'm wondering if maybe that's wrong to join late. 3- If I need to leave in the middle of a meditation, can I? I'm asking this because today unfortunately I had an unexpected guest at home and I had to leave with only 20min of practice. 4- If I leave in the middle of the meditation, can I come back again later? Like today, I meditated for 20min and had to leave, would it be wrong if I came back after the guest left? I was thinking about just putting hands in prayer position again, connect to you and practice for the rest of the time left, but I'm not sure if I can do that. Thanks in advance!!
  2. How to build Qi?

    Today I was watching this video: by Damo Mitchell, and in the minute 21:18, from what I know, he refers to the Zhan Zhuang(ZZ) posture as not good for building Qi, and I always tought ZZ main purpose was exactly to build Qi in the body, so if it does not, what standing static practices build Qi? Basic Wuji standing? Or what other practices builds Qi? I recommend watching the full video for context, it's 22min total and you will understand better my question.
  3. this is actually a great post, let me ask you, do you have spontaneous movements while practicing SFQ? When I did it it caused me a lot of weird movements/twists in my body and sometimes I even fell to the ground, do you have any of these?
  4. Noob Question About Energy

    No question is a noob question! I'm also curious about that, let's see what others say, meanwhile, I can tell you that there are some QiGong forms which you should practice outside or you will have minimum results practicing it indoors, and there are other forms that it just makes no difference, also there are some forms where it's best to be grounded in the earth. I guess it just depends on what your teacher says and what style of qigong you are practicing.
  5. Wim Hof hemorrhoids

    I can answer that Some time ago I made a post here about the LDT, and in the middle of it we started talking about cold exposure, and I think we answered that question pretty well. Here's the link: It's 5 pages of content, we talk about cold exposure in the first page only. But if you are into LDT, Jing and Qi concepts it's full of knowledge there from our fellow bums! A quick spoiler: Don't do it(cold exposure) unless your master/teacher/sifu says so. But I find it helpful for you to read the arguments there, because we also mention the Wim Hof Method a lot. Have a good day!
  6. I can explain this part But first: Wow, I've been away for some days and this publication went to a whole different subject haha At the moment I'm practicing only level 1 and I can say that I felt chi in my hands in the first few days of practice, then the feeling went up to my arms , I feel good practicing it so for me it's working. I had heart palpitations sometimes and pain in my lower back which lasted for months, after starting the practice it all went away in 2 weeks of daily practice. If you think it's a scam that's completely fine as long as we can respect each other, I like to exchange ideas Ok so going back to that part I quoted you: I know a guy here where I live, he also treats people from distance, he is a vajrayana buddhist and also a clairvoyant. He treated a lot of people from mental, emotional and physical problems, and also treated people with cancer, he has medical reports of people who he treated, one of them with the doctor saying "it's a miracle". He has everything he needs to be a "billionaire" as you said, but you know what people think when they see this? They think "Oh, western medicine says that what he does is impossible! Energy blockages? Hungry ghosts? He pays people to give false medical reports, he is a scam!". Unfortunately that's how people look at Master Lin too. That's why they aren't rich, people just don't believe. Let me give you another example, my mom has severe depression and anxiety, I told her about this guy who can treat her, he already treated me from some problems I had in the past and with great results, but when I tell her what he can do, she just don't believe. It's fascinating, It got to the point where it's funny, because it just don't make sense to me, I'm telling her he helped me, I'm telling her "ask for just one session of treatment, if you don't feel nothing I never talk about that guy again" and you know what? She still says no because she just.. don't.. believe. And that's how people are, a medical report or a testimonial isn't enough. People are still blocked by western medicine concepts. I know in the future it will be different, people will start to believe and see that these things are possible, they will realise that you can be treated from cancer without chemotheraphy, you can be treated from your depression without drugs that can cause you more harm than good, you can be healed from your physical pains like magic, but unfortunately, that day is not today. English is not my first language, but I hope it's ok to understand.
  7. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    That's a good idea, thank you!
  8. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Yea I will wait until I can afford both
  9. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Can someone start with only level one? I heard it's best to start with levels one and two together, any toughts?
  10. thank you! Yes very similar to level one, do you know a place where people only talks about this specific practice? I know there is the Learning Strategies forum but they only talk about SFQ main practices, I believe this meditation(5 elements) work but it feels so vague, I'm used to buy things I read a lot about first, like forum online, testinonials, etc.. and unfortunately in this case I can't find much info besides SFQ official website and youtube channel.
  11. Hello everyone! I was reading about Five Element Qigong in Spring Forest Qigong but I couldn't find much people talking about it or testimonials, I just want more information on how exactly are the exercises, are they moving forms like the other Wu Xing(five elements) qigong we see out there or are they exercises more focused on visualization? And how does it relates to SFQ level one or the whole SFQ system? And how these exercises work in our body to heal, do they remove past traumatic emotions, trapped emotions, etc..? I know probably there are a few people here who know these answers and they might not even see this post haha it's a very specific question and probably I will have no replies, but I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance!
  12. Coming back to it all after almost two decades

    But wasn't he(Terry) working to create an online platform, so you could pay a subscription to get acces to his teachings instead of the need to buy the DVD's? I heard it somewhere, can't remember exactly where now.
  13. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Good night everyone! Does FPCK heals traumas, phobias? Emotional imbalances in general? Thanks in advance!
  14. Sorry for being kinda obssessed with how to create female attraction, but if ya'll knew my actual situation you would understand why haha, I'm not playing the victim, I know it's wrong, I need to control my mind, my worldly desires and learn to transmute this energy to something more noble Thanks for all the replies!