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  1. Correct tongue position

    I have no teacher. I'm also not doing any type of meditation or qigong. I'm just wondering because since I read Damo Mitchell's books back in 2016 he mentioned a tongue position to be maintained 24/7, which I believe is called ''fire position'', where you put your tongue right behind the front teeth as if you just said ''bite'', and I've been doing this since then, and now this question arised. After posting this I've done some research and from what I've read what I'm doing is right.
  2. Hello everyone! There is something I`ve never fully understood which is the correct tongue position. I always put it right behind the front teeth, but I've seen people saying that it should be on the back of the mouth/soft palate, so which one is the correct posture for everyday life and to create a bridge between ren mai and du mai? Thanks in advance!
  3. Gan Mai Da Zao Tang

    Hey, what about phobias in chinese medicine, do you people think there is a formula for such or these are more 'aspects of the mind' and cannot be treated by herbs?
  4. Gan Mai Da Zao Tang

    Thanks for this information, Awaken! In the present moment I ain't taking no qigong classes, just taking break from practices hahaha
  5. Gan Mai Da Zao Tang

    Yes, exactly, thanks! Haha bro, that's exactly what I tought was gaing to happen, nicely it haven't so far lol Thanks a lot for this translation!! Yes I have excessive heat symptoms and also emotional instability(overthinking/obsessive thinking behavior) due to these problems but I'm not sure if it may be heart fire or heart phlegm, I'm just guessing. Thanks bro, I wish the same for u!
  6. Gan Mai Da Zao Tang

    Hey, it's me again! So, I've been looking for TCM herbs lately and I've found a formula that might be safe for use and also very powerful, the name of it is GAN MAI DA ZAO TANG, and it's composed of GAN CAO (Radix Glycyrrhiza uralensis), FU XIAO MAI (Semen Tritici aestivi levis) and DA ZAO (Fructus Zizyphi jujubae), but I can't find the right dosage of each herb in this formula. I read this mixture is used as a decoction, so I should put them together, boil the water and then let it simmer for 15 minutes. Any of you know the right dosage of each herb? Thanks in advance!
  7. Ok so, this is a quick question, some of you know I messed up and had some problems trying to do qigong on my own, now I'm doing more physical exercises and I stumbled upon horse stance, I want to know if someone who had psychological problems and probably a qi deviation can do horse stance, is it considered just a physical/resistance exercise or there is more to it? Can I practice it daily or not? Thanks in advance my qi friends
  8. Zhan Zhuang - Grounded or Ungrounded

    I stopped the process of Zi Fa Gong in the middle, can this be the cause of qi trapped in my chest area? BTW, I'm feeling a lot better guys, nothing too serious, but I had my lesson lol Yes, exactly what happened to me, when I stood still the movements came immediately, at first I was thinking I was making the moves, but I checked and I wasn't, it was my first experience with Zi Fa Gong and very fun actually.
  9. Zhan Zhuang - Grounded or Ungrounded

    It's kinda funny how both topics I created people changed subject and had wrangle, maybe I should stop creating topics for the well being of this forum
  10. Zhan Zhuang - Grounded or Ungrounded

    Please, show me the website, I'm not sure if I will continue to practice, but I want to learn more about what I did.
  11. Zhan Zhuang - Grounded or Ungrounded

    Thanks, you are right, now I need to be honest with you guys, I messed it up, I'm so dumb. Yesterday I did Zhan Zhuang for like 15 minutes, then I decided to let my chi flow, doing some Zi Fa Gong, and after that I did 30min of seated meditation. The problem is that after the zi fa gong I started feeling disconfort in my chest and my heart was pulsating very fast, I had insomnia and today the symptom persists, my heart is beating faster, do you guys have any advice? I swear I won't go back to practice without a teacher, just help me I'm so dumb, what should I do?
  12. Zhan Zhuang - Grounded or Ungrounded

    I know, but where I live there is no teacher so I'm trying to find out things for myself and I know it can be dangerous, that's why I'm asking a lot of question hahaha, but thanks for the advice again Is this the same for qigong deviations? If I create a qigong deviation in my chest area(faster heartbeat, discomfort in the chest/heart area, insomnia), should I ground myself to drain this excess energy? By letting the chi flow you mean to just stand still and let the chi flow on it's own, which will create spontneous movement, correct?
  13. Zhan Zhuang - Grounded or Ungrounded

    What about Zi Fa Gong while standing in Zhan Zhuang posture, it can happen?
  14. So, what about Zhan Zhuang practice indoors inside of an apartment versus Zhan Zhuang practice barefeet in the grass? Does it have more benefits?
  15. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    @freeform thanks! I asked because I read that people could get problems doing this the way I did it.