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  1. @dwai I've been reading some posts that say we shouldn't keep this statue at home if we don't worship him(Shiva), but maybe it's ok then
  2. Some years ago my uncle went to India and bought a Shiva Nataraja Statue for me, but recently I'm discovering that I shouldn't keep this statue at home If I don't practice hinduism, can someone please tell me what should I do? Thanks in advance!
  3. Another Forum like this

    Daoist and buddhist practices. I forgot to mention the type of knowledge haha, thanks for noticing
  4. Hey, good night! Have you had any experience with gilles marin inner smile practice in his book ''Five Elements, Six Conditions''? Thanks in advance
  5. Hey guys, good night! Is there another forum on the internet just like the dao bums to discuss this type of knowledge?
  6. Hello, good afternoon! Some time ago I started a topic here about this practice, but I haven't started practicing yet. Now I'm commited to do it because I have some traumas and phobias and I want to get rid of them to live a more healthy life. ============================================================================================== 1- What is the correct order to do the sounds? Mantak Chia start with lungs but I've read some topics here where people would start with LIVER and then KIDNEYS-LUNG-SPLEEN-HEARTH-TRIPLE BURNER(a complete different order from Mantak's teachings). 2- Should I practice seated and focused on the sounds or should I do movements along with the sounds? Mantak teaches some movements to do while you do the sounds, but I've read that you can do the sounds only sitting still without moving, only breathing and focusing on the sounds. 3- Should I do the sounds audible or inaudible? I've read that audible sounds are better for physical issues and inaudible sounds are better for psychological issues(my goal). I also read that you shouldn't do the sounds audible. ============================================================================================== Thanks in advance!! P.S. English is not my first language, so maybe I made some mistakes in writing, but I hope it's understandable
  7. Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds Practice

    Interesting. I started with lungs, then kidneys, etc.. You said that I need to purge, tonify and regulate, so I think I am missing the last one. Last night I did the lung practice and then went to bed and had a dream I can remember until now, it was very clear and seemed like I was really having that experience. I remember there was a part where I wanted to say something but I couldn't, my voice just vanished and this morning I woke up with a feeling of pressure in my throat, this is the part that marked me the most although I don't see the relation with lung practice and voice/throat(I'm trying to find a meaning to my dream lol) I'm sharing this because it was a looooong time ago when I had my last vivid dream experience like that, and coincidently it happened just after my first healing sound and inner smile day practice.
  8. Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds Practice

    oh yess, now it's clear. thank you again my friend!
  9. Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds Practice

    thanks for the answer man! I just have a question, so you saying I should practice the healing sound and then smile into that organ. So you saying I should do the full practice in one organ before moving to the next one? In example: Now I will do the LIVER healing sound and in sequence I will smile into that organ, then I go to the next organ. Right? At first I tought I should do all the six healing sounds and then do all the inner smile practice, you changed my perspective. Thanks @liminal_luke
  10. Hey guys, I'm new here and I'm still learning. I have a lot of fears, anxiety and social phobia, and it was told to me to practice the INNER SMILE and THE SIX HEALING SOUNDS to solve these problems. Then I went to look for a book to buy about this practice and I found Gilles Marin book "Five Elements, Six Conditions"(which is a great book btw) and I just finished reading it. In the book he doesn't describe the six healing sounds practice, just the inner smile. So, I was thinking in practicing the six healing sounds from Mantak Chia and the Inner Smile from Gilles Marin book. -If there is something wrong please advice me- I have 2 questions: 1- Should I practice the six healing sounds before the inner smile or after? Because I read somewhere that the six healing sounds takes away the organ energy so you need to tonify the organ after, so I tought the right order is: The Six Healing Sounds before and The Inner Smile after, but I want your confirmation on this, please. 2- Since there are 5 organs, should I practice them every day(7 days of the week) or should I practice them separated, in example: Lungs Monday, Liver Tuesday, etc.. ??? I hope it's understandable, english is not my first language, sorry for the mistakes. Thanks in advance!!
  11. I'm new here

    Hi, I've been studying meditation the past months and I hope to learn a lot more from you guys!