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  1. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 8

    Verse 8 The best thing is to follow the rules that water does. The good thing about water; It benefits all living things And does not play favorites. It lives in the places all people find a hostile environment. It flows along to where everything winds up going! Look, the river flows right beside the trail. It is good to live on the land It is good to have a deep heart It is good to give with compassion, To speak truth Take care of the things you are in charge of In an upright manner. Work up to your level of ability. Do things in their season, Timing is essential Then the so-called grownups Will have no reason to bother you.
  2. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 7

    Verse Seven The sky is far and the Earth has endured, The Sky and the ground are so big, and have existed for as long as they have Because They have no separate existence apart from one another So, they have endured since times long past. This is the reason the person you should emulate Is behind their body But their body advances They perceive themselves as if From outside their body But they still get along And take care of things That need taking care of. What they don’t have Is the fault Of a flawed private self They have the old ability The skills, the techniques To fend For themselves. 能 Neng The original letters almost Seem to say that they are some kind of mythological Bear like creature That the sage is like an old bear Or better still, A mythological Bear like creature Who knows how to fend for themselves. Without evil personal flaws, They are able to just Do what they need to Pick berries, catch a nice salmon, Just wander around Being some kind of bear like, Mythological creature.
  3. Petrichor, smoke has cleared

    Sounds a bit more organized and easy than hanging them in the vestibule. Although the sketches are not so much a journal in this context; I'm not putting them up in chronological order or as I make them. Also I was hoping to continue to place my translation notes in the threads dedicated to those chapters of the DDJ; I hope they can be seen as a contribution to the general pool. Thank you. Dan
  4. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 6

    Verse Six The Valley has a spirit, it is not dead Depth itself Is a mystery a man could learn about By learning from Women. The deep female mystery is the gate The root and foundation of heaven and earth Soft softness, compliance, shaping to fit circumstances, shapes that harbor and retain Function without effort. I'm remembering my father Teaching me to catch A spiral pass with a football Yelling “soft hands” across the field. “when spirit began to degenerate into intellect, there set a reaction against it, … the dark, earth-born, feminine principle with its emotionality and instinctiveness reaching far back into the depths of time and into the roots of psychological continuity.” — Carl Jung
  5. Qiqong exercise for increased focus?

    This was like a Magical Kung Fu Manual, like the Nine Yin Manual. I mean the results were there to use and misuse, I sleep like an unstrung bow since I read it and using it as a practice seems to support other, more vigorous postures, well.
  6. Gravity, a light tap on the shoulder to show you where you are holding tension.
  7. It lays an excellent foundation for a Zhan Zhuang practice.
  8. I worked one on one with an instrutor at their location, generally bi weekly. Mostly standing adjustment, gentle taps and pushes from the instructor to suggest where I might redistrubute my stuff. Some table work, some chair work. Some walking. After a while, I started to bring my musical instrument, as well as simulating postural situations such as reaching over a mixing board, reaching for objects, practical stuff. You quickly start working with "internal forces" and "nameless techniques". Years later, I was able to work with a voice coach who had also worked with an Alexander Technique Instructor, which made those voice sessions quick and full of that wordless communication of technique. Almost like a shared language of touch.
  9. Four years working with an Alexander Technique teacher here, and it was an excellent experience that set up a lot of the foundation and understanding for my current practice. The more short term goals of improving my alignments and body usage mechanics were almost a side effect of the perspective changes I went through as a result of the sessions. An idea in Alexander Technique is that correct head alignment and the hip angle will follow this correction.
  10. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 5

    Verse Five The sky and the ground are not sentimental. All those scorpions pouring out of that hole Might as well be straw dogs, like Xmas trees On boxing day. The person you should emulate is not sentimental. All the families, all their names, Might as well be straw dogs, like Xmas trees On boxing day. Heaven and Earth are Not the only thing that can operate like A bag blowing a flute! Empty when not in motion. Move and a lot comes out. A lot of words leads to a poor outcome. You’re using up your resources standing there yakking, which does nothing to strengthen your core. Wasting too much time on definitions Gets in the way of learning technique And doing the things that have to be done. Don’t put yourself in a situation where What other people think affects your decision making. Make your own decisions, and let other people make theirs. Too much time talking about bigger picture politics Can leave your own household in disarray. These seem like Simple directions to avoid having things in general Turn into a “real shit show” I’d prefer not to have family meals Turn into political battlegrounds So - let’s not get into it.