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  1. Is there a metre in Dao De Jing?

    Where ideas stop and start, and how the text flows, is subject to interpretation among Chinese language experts.
  2. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    I'm just finished Ada Hoffmann's " The Outside", trippy space opera stuff, candy. Book two is not out yet.
  3. Daoist Staff Work...? Staff (Guen) - This,multitude of unique tactical applications. I'm answering your question as if "Daoist" and "Internal Martial Arts " were interchangeable terms. This page might point you towards something that would be of use to you though.
  4. Hey Goodlookin, What u got Cookin?

    I bought goat from a non Asian, non halal source once. A goat dairy had some at the farmers market. Very different texture and color and the dish turned out different too. But very good.
  5. Hey Goodlookin, What u got Cookin?

    A Jamaican friend gave me his recipe for curry goat when we lived in London, during the mad cow days. His main point was to go to Dalston Market and find the halal butchers. One of them would have fat Jamaican ladies in line. This was the line to be in, I was to confirm this with the ladies and get what they told me to get. Any further questions were to be directed to them. Over the years I've made it many times, finding that halal goat is rather variable, depending on the butcher. I had a great guy in Berkeley.
  6. Asking for feedback

    The card in the first post is a pretty hard working piece of design. There's a compact elegance that suits the material.
  7. Asking for feedback

    I couldn't agree more about the tarot flavored cards, and many other attempts at fusions and tables that equate things that don't equate.
  8. Asking for feedback

    One die, with 5 unbroken lines, three unbroken moving lines, seven broken lines and one moving broken line. Yes, that is sixteen sides, which the die in fact has. A 3d printed metal die. I believe I just demonstrated how much use it's gotten by forgetting the number of sides.
  9. Asking for feedback

    The cards look excellent. I like the layout as well. The hexagram looks great like that. I've been experimenting with a 12 sided die balanced to reflect yarrow stalk probabilities, but I don't consult the oracle often. I've used it around major strategic life decisions; moves and job changes, stuff like that. Very useful in that context. I highly recommend the David Hinton translation, set up to be read straight through without the divination based structure. I found it to be helpful, particularly in terms of thinking of the 64 hexagrams as an organizing structure, as in feng shui and baguazang, for example.
  10. The poetry thread

    The ravens in the schoolyard Patrolled during classes Watchful, walking slowly Eying us sternly through the dormer windows Of the classroom. Immediately the sister Addressing the students Would zero in on my desk And close in Smelling faintly of carrion.
  11. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Murderbot did not take long. Next up, Archeologist Genevieve von Petzinger on the symbols found in ice age rock art.
  12. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    The new Murderbot has landed. "Fugitive Telemetry". Like candy with a prize.
  13. Have you seen, for example, a Roman catholic church built after Vatican II?
  14. art in religion Is art being used for a purpose. Like this Styrofoam fishing fly, why would it work harder than it has to?
  15. Porch Weather

    We picked this house in part because I like a nice porch To play guitar on. Born in a land of brick row houses, I'll sing on a stoop But a porch is luxury, ease, joining the chorus with the birds, Watching the world walk by. There's all sorts of pollinators out, and the Squirrels are Squirreling it up, But they never seem to let up here.