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  1. How are you?

    Hey, man. Are you feeling better? The spring has started. Do you have any close friends to help you out? My best to everyone reading this.
  2. Calculating & Cultivating Solar Midnight

  3. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 29

    This translation was not mentioned and it's special (for me, because of the inability to read the original text): Hua-Ching Ni 29 Those who want to conquer the world and make it conform to their own desires will never have success,for the sovereignty of the world is a subtle thing.He who tries to shape it spoils it.He who tries to hold it loses it.The things of the world are constantly changing.There is a time for things to move ahead,and a following time for things to retreat;a time to withdraw internally,and a following time to expand externally;a time to grow luxuriantly,and a following time to decay;a time to rise up,and a following time to sink down low.Therefore, one who does not separate his being from the deep nature of the universe avoids all extremes, extravagance and excess.
  4. Bums I am missing

    @offtopic Do you still have that figurine of Laughing Buddha? Glad that you're doing well. @ontopic I wish all of the old members were active, but there you have it - impermanence...
  5. To be great, be whole: don’t exaggerate Or leave out any part of you. Be complete in each thing. Put all you are Into the least of your acts. So too in each lake, with its lofty life, The whole moon shines. This topic has been recycled by Cosmic Recycling Committee. Thanks for reading
  6. The Tao is...on vacation?

    Thank you, guys. Take care.
  7. The Tao is...on vacation?

    Nature – the Gentlest Mother is, Impatient of no Child – The feeblest – or the waywardest – Her Admonition mild – In Forest – and the Hill – By Traveller – be heard – Restraining Rampant Squirrel – Or too impetuous Bird – How fair Her Conversation – A Summer Afternoon – Her Household – Her Assembly – And when the Sun go down – Her Voice among the Aisles Incite the timid prayer Of the minutest Cricket – The most unworthy Flower – When all the Children sleep – She turns as long away As will suffice to light Her lamps – Then bending from the Sky – With infinite Affection – And infiniter Care – Her Golden finger on Her lip – Wills Silence – Everywhere –
  8. Alan Wallace August 2014 retreat

    One stupid question: when he says substrate consciousness (never heard that syntagma before), does he mean alayavijnana? Thanks for the link.
  9. do a dog have a buddha nature

    One dog, many woofs... Senzaki's translation of Mumon's comment: https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Gateless_Gate/Joshu%27s_Dog One of the ways to practice h'ua tou: http://lachs.inter-link.com/docs/Lachs-HuaTou-2012.pdf As for the one hand clapping, Bart Simpson solved that one in a rather zany way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1tsCOkCoC8
  10. Cha'n, Zen and Taoism?

    Maybe a quote from Liu Huayang will spark a tolerant and fruitful dialogue between the practitioners of Ch'an school and Daoists (I sure hope so...), for the benefit of all seekers of Truth.
  11. Its cold out there, what are your thoughts on Tummo?

    Also, it's not a seasonal practice... From the same book: edit: formatting
  12. Tiantai Shamatha-Vipashyana

    Thanks. I did rely on the old translation for some time...Too bad he didn't mention that in the preface To clarify: I posted the link only for comparison. Ideally, every practitioner should read the source text. (Didn't want to reply 'cause I don't have anything useful to say regarding the subject.) All the best.
  13. Tiantai Shamatha-Vipashyana

    Older Dharmamitra's translation of "The Essentials of Buddhist Meditation": http://www.fodian.net/world/1915.html
  14. Punk's not dead

    Fragmented blues + ... + punk = checkitout Ehmm...(the ones not mentioned in previous posts) Fugazi? Wire? Bitch Magnet? Classic stuff: ... Something more recent (although they're not pure punk): S-pank-ed do-nut. edit: That sexA song is about a children's game (at least part of it). Thanks for all the links, especially for Devo.
  15. What are you listening to?

    Something to warm the Yang energy...