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  1. New Member

    I said my final decision. You asked me i replied how it is supposed to be.
  2. New Member

    And lets help him think This is kinda disgusting it doesnt have words though.
  3. New Member

    Hmm. Banning by its nature isnt asked if it is convenient to the person under question. Lets do it that way. Ask the lerner what he wants to do about it.
  4. New Member

    I am expecting you not to insult yourself to that degree next time or be a bit original. Love yourself as much as your daddy does. 😌😊❤
  5. New Member

    Also, dont trust your feelings that much about what i am used to. You couldnt have survived the forums that i have been in. Guess what? Neither did I. 😊 They were beyond your darkest nightmares. This place is a kindergarden sandpool compared to them 😊. You cant keep it that way for too long. Also we have a correction on your number of ten thousand. ..To the coming of joy in your heart that feels the joy of feeling the person of the another like themselves. Hahahah. Ok, that was deliberate. I suppose. I sometimes suck with english. But you get the point 😁
  6. New Member

    I need to say something. This isnt argueing. I need to say this, because it is literally not possible we can argue. You personally have read sarcasm once where i had zero of it.( I still think you joked though. It is so hard to get sarcasm from that )There is a great big language barrier. You dont understand what i am saying and your logical indiscrepancy adding to it. You cant force me into where i am already in. You could use my friendship though and you will. I give you no choice on that. Neither does the nature. If you felt, i forced you into anything with my bare existence my bare existence is unavoidable just like yours. I am ok with yours in 10.000 other places. How about you? Everything in this world is persona and i have a really and veerry verrryy small world. do you understand? Do you understand what it means? It is a great insult to tell someone remove their person. You should be ready to remove your person and have fun and give joy with it when you ask someone to do it. Or it is taken as a real big insult. Also, that is not the way to make friends in daily life, even kids know that, and without friends you cant be you. You are free to try. Even now. Me being not your friend and doing you a big service. Capish? Because? why? 10.000 other places...If you have access, you can see. If you dont have access keep on spamming. One day, it ll come. if spamming is your real problem, which i think is not, start with yourself. I saw no spamming until you mentioned it. The place was filled with spams. Bones of same ideas coming from every corner. Thanks for the eye opener and suggestion on finding that other better places for myself. I got it 10 days ago when i saw the spam anyway. Your humbleness deserves appreciation though, i must admit. But it is unnecessary. And btw, there are coding ways in software to avoid it, posting of multiple messages in a given time. But if you want an argument, i cant know that. Do you? How much you really need to argue? How frequent are you to use it? Do you really need it? Until when you ll keep insisting on arguing with people that dont need it, personally? Shouldnt you wait until you can differenciate who is who, at least once in a while? Are you sure if that is not a daddy issue for you? 😊 Without sense or feel of argument you demand,though, you probably wont add that account deleting feature which i think is necessary for 10.000 other friends that may stop by. They van spam somewhere else as you say. If it is that simple. And if you wont add it, this post will be up above long enough for new comers. And that too is something that i can do comparingly effortless thanks to your initiation on demand of argument. If you get sarcasm from any of this you are still wrong. This is directly demeaning of your person. In sarcasm there is cowardness, which i am not effilicted with, when i am called for an argument. Are you haunted by any cowardness, yourself, the lerner? Just to clear it up. That was pretty fun 😁 Personally i am interested in account deletion because i like to adorn people no matter who. And my stuff is valuable. Extremely. Yours not so much. That is the outcome of having a small personal world. What is mine is mine, what is yours is also mine. Or you d all be pretty ugly down here. And more, you would starve. Can you follow my language? Or is it still hard for you and you are still in need of argument? Do you know what song is playing now? 😁 I was never a keeper. But that doesnt mean it isnt mine. Better trust yourself next time. Listen the song. See how he trusts himself. You dont need to humble yourself to that degree dont fear yourself your capacity. I was enjoying your spam until you talked about it and made it a problem for yourself. I still enjoy it. 😊😁 that is the 10.000th time i listened to that song. And it is so fresh.
  7. New Member

    The lerner Pls add to your long list of welcominh rules that you have no account deleting facility and that for those who want to close their account here wont be any mail moderation or insite facility buttons. I deleted the posts that i could reach but it is up to a point, it seems. So if you ignored and didnt delete my account, 10 days ago when asked to site's moderation, i ask you to do it again or else i already deleted the part i could reach. I dont wanna leave my stuff around while leaving a house that is bothered by them. Makes sense? 😊 If you are just so sensitive to new people account deletion should be easy to do. Understand? Anyway. I dont know how you are having fun around here but good luck 😁