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  1. How do you get to the Truth

    It doesnt matter if we get to truth. It isnt an important thing to try for it. We are like babies and like each baby doesnt know who feeds her, who loves her etc, we dont know anything. But each baby is being loved by their parents and the parents are ready to meet her needs. Their love is the truth even she doesnt know. When she naturally grows up she will learn. She doesnt have to do anything. She being herself is source of the truth of their parents.
  2. I once heard of that atman and its closer equavalent in words possible felt like "teacher" by then. But the way they called it as "beloved" shows their love for learning and understanding, it seems. Or when all is your teacher what is left to love. Like it is your soulmate. There is you and there is soul outside of you as everything and teaches you about you and what else can you love? I think it is the tip point, climax of duality. Then what comes is "all i know is that i dont know anything". Empty. When your empty your atman can fill you up. That is pretty much like being drunk, that is when you need to sit for a thing worthwhile oh, i made a joke. It isnt wrong to call atman as your soul then but not before.
  3. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 37

    I like this very much. Thank you. Is rihanna classical taoist? I am thinking she might be.
  4. Emotions are the path

    Oh, that is so beautiful. That is my middle name. Fatma. I appreciate the gift dearly. Thank you. You must know i have the same desire❀
  5. for deletion (cleanup)

    I always viewed kabbalah teacher i worked with as a flying dragon, unintentionally. And it pissed me off so much 😊 that image popping off in my head all the time.he could go anywhere and do anything and i..i was so little.
  6. An opinion or observation of madness

    It was NOT sarcasm. I am not a he if you are talking about me and if i misunderstood and if you have warbed someone who is a he because of me, i think it is very unnecassary because i like my time here from end to end. I understand we dont speak same language and there are some misunderstandings already and you are new to my way expression but there arent any two ways of expressions who are alike and our sensitiveness towards those ways of expressions increases or decreases our paste of understanding. Slow is no good than fast though. My existence will stay no matter how fast or slow anyone grabs it.
  7. Emotions are the path

    I see many posts talking of calmness, stillness as if it is preferable state or as if it is the end result. It is an old saying but...i dont really think it is as the eyes see all the time. How many of you want your masters be vanished really?
  8. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 35

    But what is that thing inside of us that likes doing things a lot and that wants to do things all the time like this:
  9. Emotions are the path

    Anything that serves you, actually is your master. If you didnt have emotions, you wouldnt find enough motivation to do anything in life. Escaping punishment and trying to get close the reward are the main settlement underlying emotions. You should treat emotions as the way they are for serving you.. as if they are your master. But the question is what do you feel about a master?
  10. Oh, thanks dear steve. I had thought only dawei was doing it, i apologize for any inconvenience. I ll post lots of songs and i am sure i will enjoy it. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β˜ΊοΈ
  11. Emotions are the path

    You dont seem to be enjoying the discussion though as you claim. I told you they are part of my discussion and the point that i want to make clear. Thanks for giving me opportunity yo make this clear over and again for anybody else who had doubts.
  12. Emotions are the path

    They are immovable part of my point and and my discussion. I wouldnt put them there if they werent, i presume. You are free to move them as the moderator you are😊 Thank you in advance for that as well.
  13. Emotions are the path

    Are you moderating? Can you move the post in hindu scriptual discussion from the person who forgot to wear his diaper while meditating to his ppd? It is pretty much out of its place there. Thank you in advance.
  14. Emotions are the path

    Everything is emotions of likes and dont likes. Because i am a human 😊 that likes and doesnt like. I like myself very much this way.
  15. Emotions are the path

    Where is the monk in this case? I am sorry, i am not quite aware what i am supposed to be asking but it sounded about right to go.