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  1. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    There are no coincidences, really. The clips on that imjur thing were very creative, the hammer throw was incredible. Wow.
  2. What happens to suicides?

    So you think you're trying to do better eh? It is your job to find the meaning you will have. Suicide hurts the people who did care about you , on whatever level they did care. Its a pro-rated vindictive action. Eventually , everybody just goes on with their own life , in which they have found meaning. Or , they find that they have their fair share of happiness without some thing to hang a hat on. I liked several peoples contributions , but you might not be ready for what they said.
  3. What are you watching on Youtube?

    Yeah, that was an interesting discussion! Good find.
  4. What animal are you?

    ANTHROCON July 4 - July 7, 2019 - Theme: "Surf Pacific" July 2 - July 5, 2020 - Theme: "Aesop's Fables" #Anthrocon, Inc.‏Verified account @anthrocon Jul 7 More Anthrocon 2019 by the numbers: 290 events 16 DJs over 3 nights 101,300 watts of sound 250+ Floor Wars/Dance Comp signups 2,400 fursuit badges 9,358 awesome attendees $46,440 raised for PEARL Parrot Rescue
  5. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    I'm curious how someone else will be making sense of the cat herd.
  6. What animal are you?

    I can see how the idea is being spun, however , Jung was getting at perhaps something else. Though I read the article, I am not clear , there's several pivot points. I was told that traditionally the spirit animals were not totems. Totems functioned as labels to keep track of affiliations. The spirit animals were teachers, who were of value, precisely because they had characters which did not.. come natural. These teachers could change over time, rounding out a personality and lending flexibility. Then ya got yer furries zodiac things, mascots fantasies patronus ? ,and muses. And finally there's role playing and visualizations. However, the inferior functions might be Freudian principles or aspects of personality. Yueya should perhaps clarify if the OP intends anything beyond sharing an association or gentle critique.
  7. Essentially true, (though sometimes I am just mischievous), I truly believe that the things we need to consider, are things we do not want to hear. ( and never will want to hear) An argumentative win means that a person has reinforced what they already believed , whilst an argumentative loss means that one has gained a perspective they didn't have , (and most often didn't want. ) Who does not want validation? Who wants to accept that they have erred? Its just an ironic fact of the human condition . And for the same sort of reason sound advice is rejected , even though it has been solicited. Its not fair to the responder , and does not serve the solicitor. There is that saying about the cup being full already and that one needs to empty it, when one does that , there is no need to defend, nor advance, an opinion. Such a thing that I was very loathe to concede was that in the West , we are not really prepared for the Daoist messages as presented in the text. The division seemed ...poorly grounded , however , I have come to see that it is certainly the tradition , 1) to look very shallowly as the written word , 2 to express doubt right off the bat 3 not to realize that all the participants are affecting all the others responses very inter-connected-ly. I can't really say from personal experience that the Chinese dinner table talk is all that different , but considering that as possible , the trends in our own communication can be understood better. Often people will get frustrated over time , nobody seems to be reading our-their message , though we deem it to be a good valid one. The poster has to bail out for a while , sometimes they do not come back , other times they do. but .. Even more common , new members do not give enough benefit of a doubt , or do not hear what they expect, and bail.
  8. What animal are you?

    Was the idea to relate based on what ones 'dark side' personality was ,, or ,, to visualize themselves as the animals they think they best match ?
  9. The quote box feature is malfunctioning again, - I didn't say that.
  10. So I have to explain to you why -starting out as if you have questions, and launch into instructions- means you are insincere about being a humble newbie? You doubled down with a mix of politeness and hostility 😄 . No it's not based on nothing.. It's right there in the title. The starting question, followed up with the critical assertion. I was just checking whether I was reading that right, whether maybe you were really serious about having questions ,and if you were actually open to self examination. You aren't. So , you just go on. You can have the win , for what it's worth. I actually do not have any answers for you.
  11. Hi I'm a newbie, I've started to get into Taoism only recently, and beside the confusion around lineages, efficient practices, light body, real/fake teachers, etc., something more fundamental isn't quite clear to me: what is the actual goal of cultivation and of Taoism more in general? All this to ask you guys, what is the so called Enlightenment in the Taoist tradition? Well , ya went from humble beginnings, to refuting the response you garnered. Taoism rule 42 says that's bad. What you should have said is , " Hi ,I'm a newbie . What is the actual goal of cultivation and of Taoism more in general?" and then , when you got the answer, you should have found yourself saying , "Thank you , that will be of great help to me." Am I right ? or am I right? Just sayin
  12. The Advantage of Evil

    In Daoism, maintaining is equated with virtue, it is not an assertive form of doing, because it is responding to things being presented. To say the actions are evil to the environment is a second ,imposed idea of virtue again. But to the extent that you could maintain the larger issue , the house or lawn , without disturbing the more remote issue, you would be yet more virtuous. So use a low toxicity paint. Allowing the house or lawn environment, to deteriorate ,reduces property values and vigor of the lawn environment. That is Daoist non-virtuous behavior, which harms all, by neglect. In Daoism the cycles are understood to repeat ,with death being part of the system of rebirth, killing the individual bug is not non-virtuous, unless it's discontinuous of the cycles, eradicating species and genocide, would reflect a serious example of destructive behavior.
  13. The Advantage of Evil

    Example of neutral ? I paint my house in Key West green with white trim. Example of a Problem for everybody ? I don't paint my house or cut my lawn , in your neighborhood.
  14. The Advantage of Evil

    Cooperation, defection and resistance in Nazi Germany Author Listed: Geerling, Wayne Magee, Gary B. Brooks, Robert This article uses the court records of a sample of individuals, aged between 15 and 62, tried for high treason in Nazi Germany to analyze a rare, real-world prisoner's-dilemma-like scenario that resisters faced once taken into custody: keep quiet and protect their collaborators or turn informant in the hope of obtaining leniency? We find that, although self-interest and defection to the authorities was the norm for most, significant rates of cooperation remained. We also find evidence that the size of the stake, age, education, beliefs, affiliations, and sense of community could play roles in facilitating cooperative behavior.