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  1. The Complete System

    Beautiful rendition .
  2. The Complete System

    Ok, but I don't think I need to post a link to my choice since every adult in the English speaking world knows of this great work which drew crowds in the Big Town for many years.
  3. The Complete System

    like quality ?
  4. The Complete System

    Best song.. should have understandable lyrics.
  5. The Complete System

    What can I say? I'm more of a romantic ,, besides ,, WHats a Gadda da vida anyway?
  6. The Complete System

    Sorry, best song goes to .... Don't cry for me Argentina ,(as done by Madonna)
  7. The Complete System

    For those of us who look at Daoism from a philosophical view , that is the whole point of it all, just as you said. Others do look on it -..otherwise though, as you already know.
  8. The Complete System

    Airy-Fairy? No. You must think that someone else is to be your judge , pat you on the back , endorse the label of graduation, give you a piece of paper. Maybe you get a hat or a badge ? That the decider guy , has to be someone else. OR, that -that is the way it is in the "real world". But I don't doubt that there are posers , who , have a piece of paper , or credit themselves too much without it and so... can agree thus far.
  9. The Complete System

    There is only so much to learn from the examples of others , what is written in the classics , or even from a living teacher. Right? So , at some point , when one feels that they have the basic plan under their belt , they then need to apply it in the complex real-time world. One can try to master the entire world , to know the perfect response for every situation , and so forth... (but because none of us see the future completely and in detail ,, the right thing to do is often a thing we must guess at). That's why Tao is called or described as an ally , its not the be-all end all answer to- Life , the Universe and everything. It doesn't make one infallible or perfect - but the understanding of it should enlighten one to the fact that there is no perfection other than to say things are already what they are and are not deficient or imperfect, since that is a subjective judgement ( that implies expectations of what, rightfully, things should be ,,and are not) . So there is no 'whole system' which includes all the applications , but there IS a 'whole system' in that all the hints given ,can add up , to all the hints garnered. IMO
  10. The Advantage of Evil

    I dont know why I am higher than a starfish... but I know it when I see it
  11. Old lady / new member introducing herself

    Dark and unethical.. you should be a writer
  12. Neidan ( all experiences and opinions wanted)

    The human body only has programming to cover 70-115 yrs.
  13. Neidan ( all experiences and opinions wanted)

    Fair enough. I think, that when does not consider a scenario to be a real thing, and they watch it from a standpoint of suspended disbelief, they still tend to ascribe no expectation that it abide by real pysical or consequential laws. Its an incomplete suspension. Which is why I put it that way. Personally, I ignore anything which requires me to suspend my expectation that it make sense.