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  1. FYI random reader... In the explanatory notes of this 1906 publication , thine translators themselves !! disavow that this stuff was actually being claimed to be the writings of Lao , but rather some other person wrote it, and attributed the opinions to Him, and the translators were perfectly content to lead to the conclusion that there is some reason to think Li Erh - or Lao had these sentiments. Which isn't saying that they are invalid sentiments , but one should not be surprised if they have no semblance to that which is espoused in the Laozi whatsoever.
  2. Grafting is a generic simple process , but you need to get it right , I did google and saw this ... The sex of a tree is determined by the type of flowers it bears, but gender is not always clear cut with a persimmon tree (Diospyros kaki). A persimmon tree may be male, female, both or change its sex from one year to the next year. Although many seedless varieties of persimmons are self-fruitful and don't need a tree of the opposite sex for pollination, other persimmons need a tree of the opposite gender for pollination. Professional persimmon farmers use a ratio of eight female trees for every male tree. Persimmons are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 10. 1 Look at 1-year-old growth on the persimmon tree in March, and find its inconspicuous flowers. 2 Find groups of three flowers together to identify male blossoms, which have a pink tinge. A persimmon tree with a large percentage of male flowers is male. 3 Identify female flowers as those that grow alone and have an off-white or cream color. A majority of these kinds of flowers on the tree mean the tree is female. 4 Spot rare, perfect flowers on the persimmon tree by finding flowers that each has a large ovary at its base and more than eight stamen in the flower's center. Perfect flowers blend aspects of male and female flowers. These types of flowers can occur on either male or female trees. 5 Repeat identifying the tree's sex the following year to learn whether or not the tree changes the sex of flowers it bears. Sponsored Links It would be interesting to know, if , when a graft is on a tree, if the gender of the flowers will just be the same as the tree overall , whatever it produces that year .. dunno .. but I would presume that , since trees without an obvious pollinator can produce fruit , that the loss of flowers could be for another reason. Or if its something about growing conditions TEP < calcium, PH and so forth ) which shifts the gender of the flowers , like with alligators and avg incubation temperature. Or maybe you could spray the tree with horticultural hormones , to make it fruit. Any way , cultivar seems to be important to know. A hard assed persimmon grower would probably say ...Tear it out and plant a new tree?
  3. Very beautifully illustrated , I looked to see if I could download Ziporyn but didn't see anything in that form , I may order something though, now , since I really like the writing you just presented.
  4. But that's exactly what I want you to do , Put stuff in that isn't expressly there! Its called ' filling in the blanks'. Its seems with the constantly fluctuating use of names , that these might not be Confucius and Chuang, or they could be. I'm in the camp that thinks those two had significant opinion differences ,,, like you said ,, on whether the non- instinctual nature of man was the aspect which made man civilizable or if it was the reverse case being true , that mans basic nature was the wellspring of what could be seen as ciivilized. But I don't want to get stuck on petty nuance deciding if the characters are opposed ,or what personages they represent. ( though I think 'Jerk' is exactly ! his personal opinion of Conf. ) Anyway , one of the redirects here posted aimed me at a guy who seemed to think that the whole thing was written to suggest that humans weren't like animals , I assume , because we are learners more than instinct followers., to which I would reply , Who cares? Whats the importance of that ? This is what you would want to pass on to posterity? I don't mind when people disagree with me , it does however bug me, when studiers get so wrapped up in intellectual minutia , they neglect to ever come to an encompassing vision of the overall message ... which brings me back to the start ,, filling in the blanks is whats important. ( the empty spot in the wheel or bowl or building is the useful part , in there is potential , the rest are spokes) If I tell stories that have a moral associated with it, the idea is that youre supposed to glean from your own experience so that you can relate to it . If I want you to get an intellectual factoid that you dont need to relate to , Ill just say it. These authors take a circuitous route which circumscribes the essence of something , they want and expect you to fill in the blank. They describe the outside of the camel , and the reader is supposed to understand that its a camel. They don't just Say ,It's a camel. I held him up for ridicule, and he glared back in stony silence ....... so you know as reader that I have some kind of negative issue with him and he resents me, you understand the intensity and the emotions but maybe not the reasons , which I could supply but this point is made.
  5. His knowledge was trustworthy, his integrity very true, but he never entered nonhumanity." So how can we distinguish whether this means he knew how to manipulate , but didnt become a manipulative jerk, Or if despite knowing what he was doing , it didnt help him personally either because he was acting intentionally?
  6. How do you see this as contrasting the behaviors of the two?
  7. Spirit like, here, is to play ones role , to be what one is, without being ,, diverted. He could manipulate the people with intentional niceness , but he was manipulating rather than being genuine. Acting with intent , rather than have the effect simply be side effect of his spiritual 'advancement'. While the dude could throw himself into a trance smoothly, and effectively act like a horse, , he wasn't actually a horse , and so again , this is not actually being true to ones own nature. This relates to the animals ironically agreeing in that they disagree, since each has its own instinct which is to preserve itself and perpetuate if possible. Creatures being without knowledge of this type are therefore , yes , entirely genuine , as are spirits. "I ams what I ams , and thats all I am." Popeye the Sailor man
  8. That which all animals agree upon is as follows , loosely speaking,, Look out for number one relative morality thou shalt not do that which is self destructive To thine own self be true, is the point of this excerpt
  9. On April 15th Apech said Creepy as hell .... This is gonna be great ! I can easily dig up anything anyone ever said ! Actually its been pretty interesting to see the posts in that abbreviated format, it gives a sense of the kind of response which typifies the individual , their personality , for instance , I didnt know silent thunder was an actor , nor did I notice his essential 'romantic' flair till now.
  10. what magic choices selected that option ?, I could use that tactic.
  11. Birth , death, taxes and suffering
  12. Yep looks good , excellent , thanks.
  13. It just gives a number of anonymous thanks , I would like to know if the person I am speaking with ( a human with a name) , saw the post, so I am not in limbo , whether they have seen the post or not. I don't care how many people like or don't like a post.
  14. Are 'they' going to present any kind of list of format options , such as seeing who thanked, for changes , or is there no modifications possible from here on?
  15. Which in this case may be a lot of un-learning.