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  1. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 9

    Here's another example, Argument, is often aimed at a person's goal that one persons current idea will prevail.( Their own) If that happens ,accord will be reached, ( So the goal of argument could be said to be accord, if things get that far along). The person who gains the 'win', ends up with the original conclusions they had.( no real gain) And the who was rectified, gains a better perspective. ,,....... So the teachings are not other-worldly, they are not magic, They are a clarification of wise perspective,,it is only confusing looking, to one holding bungled ideas. ..... Contending, 'by not contending' ,,, can be digging ones heels in, holding ones tongue... So as to not risk altering their views,nor be subject to attack. Or ,it can be actively chatting without trying to find ones current opinions correct. Keeping ego out of it, you make your points, you make friends, you pass time pleasantly , and you're open to advantageous adaptation. This is the 'contending ,without contention'. You let go of the desire to prevail, and open yourself to improvement. In the next argument you will be offering more. ,.. Apparently that's not fun though.
  2. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 9

    Yeah, there's ego, ( in terms of the existence of a self). I misspoke of ego in the conventional sense. (Which is akin to bolstering a false high perception of ones self.) Conceptually, I'm saying that avoidance of certain actions, can be done, with the rationale, that the actions run counter to ones goals. ( The actions are considered extreme, only in being ones which are polemically characterised as such) For example, -being so frugal that one does not spend the money they have,,,and so they have nothing of material 'value'. Conversely, one can be broke, because they spent every cent partying already. At either ' extreme' ,one might be said to be impoverished. In the ideal, one has money for needs looking ahead, but has attended to the present by spending appropriately. Is that Not the way to happy finances?
  3. sean gone?

  4. How many people died worldwide , because they didn't get chloroquine?
  5. And there we have the rationale why I don't wish to share that far.
  6. I don't want to share that.
  7. Ah, now we're getting somewhere...umm where did I say you were black?
  8. I didn't describe you as any of that, you have no idea what I gleaned.
  9. The picture looks angry. The next thing I expect is that you're calling me names for my own benefit. 😂
  10. You're angry, I can sense that. But that's your own anger eating you up from the inside.
  11. He listed what he feels gov responsibilities are, Phone food GPS roads medicine internet and electricity , Funny , I have to pay for all that.
  12. The gov owes you a phone?
  13. I could sue you for multiple things, but they would have to be proven, and you would rightfully feel entitled to a defense. Known to millions, one is potentially targeted by many. Again , this is off point material. Please understand if I just leave the next accusations unaddressed.
  14. I'm aware of that, and I am at high risk, and I have pretty much been there.
  15. She would know , and If she felt anything of the type went on, she could say so.