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  1. Taoism: What's the goal?

    The 'End goal' is a rewarding life , as one defines it for them-self , where one can realize their own virtue, interact effectively with others , and fit in the natural world. A personal peace or harmony , for the duration, while we live.
  2. Mair 20:3

    Did I gainsay myself ?
  3. Mair 20:3

    Yep, mine are shaped. I spoke for myself. I understand that having ones chain yanked Is potentially very annoying. It is by far the most common response for people to defend the view they have rather than embrace another one. Did you expect to have impact or to learn some important tidbit? As time goes on I suspect those goals wiil prove elusive , and you will have reaped either warm experiences or cool ones... thats it. So one wisely plays with those who play. Imo Like the guy collecting from those wish to contribute, and allowing the others not to.
  4. Mair 20:3

    I consider whatever is said here , to be entertainment mostly, so I don't mind if there is some gamesmanship. I can accept that TTC could have been geared for the intelligentsia , but since those people aren't really qualitatively different from you and I , I don't see it mattering. It also doesn't matter because the TTC is still dealing with Dao - the way of things and the way of things is no 'respecter of men' , the sun does not eternally shine on the wealthy , and the pitfalls of ill considered pursuit ,suck for any or all persons. Millions of Chinese recognize the teachings as applicable to themselves despite mentioning Dukes, Kings ,Scholars ,and Butchers. Are you a butcher by trade? I'm not , do you think the chapters on things with butchers only applies to butchers , not plumbers ? and if it mentions a quail ,frog or turtle , the lesson is intended for quail, frogs and turtles ,respectively,,,, not humans ? Certainly not , right? they are allegorical and it matters not one whit, whether the protagonist is a duke or a hunchbacked horn-dog.
  5. Mair 20:3

    From personal experience we are presented with a relationship we intuitively should get. "like a man crossing a river beginning to thaw' - the man has concern and so either gingerly moves along, or gets the heck off the ice hastily. Either view of it is a valid completion of the relationship- format - allegory.. The subject is regarding caution.
  6. Mair 20:3

    Oooh , ooh , I know that one ! It deals with all the potential issues that fit the paradigm.
  7. Mair 20:3

    1 As You consider it-- How do you think Daoism , if being defined by wu wei , ties in with chapter one TTC , or the Dao itself ? (I don't see how you can tie being an effective ruler , directly speaking,to anything -to do with -the dao. ) 2 Since none of us are actual Kings , and you're considering being a ruler to be essential , to the applicability of the teachings of Daoism , what would all daoism stuff have anything to do with us ... AND OR what would it have to do with Chuang ( often considered to be an anarchist ,, which is anathema to rulership.?)
  8. Mair 20:3

    What ever gave you that impression?
  9. Mair 20:3

    Its an example of a soft sell for charitable contribution. Being taxed is a forced compliance. Its wu wei because the people were fine with the project , liked the community spirit, and he did not instigate hostility or resentment. imo
  10. A Science of Wu Wei?

    (Chuckling) I get it that you regard it that way, but thats only because you have put faith in a bunch of folks who have it all bunged up. The sentiments of Chuang are just those of a man, not a god, not a necromancer of secret esoteric arts. How do I know that? ... well for one thing thats all fanciful yarn spinning, that has happened in all cultures. Recognizing that he has no magic powers, just like we do not , means the man is expressing what he believes makes for a virtuous life. He believed he had found the common thread which was the basis for virtue, either as an individual or as a member of an established tradition. Whatever he discussed , no matter which scale of social interplay or context, the theme is still the same, and whether you call it wu wei or dao or the way of heaven moot. imo.
  11. A Science of Wu Wei?

    On pg 682 Slingerland says he adopts the specific term of wu wei as an umbrella for various expressions of the phenomena. Which means he does not fixedly link the term to all instances of the phenomena , and one cannot count the number of usages to arrive at an assessment of the phenomena's import. ....according to Slingerland himself.
  12. Throwing stick

    Thats only because he appreciates quality programming.
  13. Throwing stick

    I gotta see this, or its like threatening me with a chocolate chip cookie.
  14. Throwing stick

    While they arent really weapons, thrown in ones face , they can poke an eye.. and these sticks are supposed to come back at the thrower. So if they were really all that dangerous , the thrower would be aiming at himself with the deadly weapon. For the thing to be used as it was designed, the warrior has to miss, then stand where he is waiting for his weapon to come back. Meanwhile , his enemy runs over and clobbers him with a properly designed club , which indexes in hand, offers mechanical advantage , or has a real point on it.
  15. Throwing stick

    Yes, you showed us a variety of coat hangers.