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  1. Kaivalya Upanishad

    A better translation is benevolent indifference.
  2. Discovering Happiness - 10 Keys

    10 Keys: Giving Relating Exercising Awareness Trying out Direction Resilience Emotions Acceptance Meaning
  4. The same ad infinitum. Nothing to see here.
  5. Nice haiku!
  6. It wasnt a command ralis. It was a sggestion. The solution is to ignore it. Don't feed your trolls (unless you want to keep them as pets).
  7. Just let go of it ralis.
  8. Happily, memory served me well:
  9. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Nice meme! Spot on! Glad to see the back of that lot together with their facilitator. They were even more insidious & invidious than the fascists. Hoping this forum recovers. If so, the rule of thumb is that it will take six months to two years. Incidentally, glad to see that you've now raised the Mopai game here to one that respects fully the founding principles of this forum. Hoping your interlocutors will now begin to follow your example.
  10. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    So Karen was lying here:
  11. simplify