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  1. Hello

    Incidentally, how are you finding Auckland during lockdown? Working from home ATM?
  2. Hello

    Perhaps start a thread of your own devoted to that topic (instead of riding this particular hobbyhorse incessantly on every newbie thread that mentions the term MoPai)?
  3. Hello

    Thanks ralis! I'm now going to report you for spamming, as well.
  4. Hello

    The use of the term "MoPai freaks" appears to be a personal insult - reported. Just put ralis on ignore @chino, you'll find that function in your control panel settings.
  5. Hello

    Welcome! Enjoy your sojourn here. May it be both Happy and Peaceful!
  6. Hello

    Is there something either in the rules or in the Founding Principles that places a moratorium upon MoPai discussion?
  7. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    You're welcome. :-)
  8. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    You seem to have misunderstood my response - entirely...
  9. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    On the other hand, maybe he looks like this IRL: and you don't realise it..? :-)
  10. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    I've no idea why they get "overload" but, as I inferred, TM isn't a "legitimate" practice. However, I'm not going to hammer this issue further than that with you, especially as there's now lot's of info. out there that's easily accessible for anyone to do their due diligence about both AYP and TM. Furthermore, if you "got results" that worked for you, W(ho)TF am I (or anyone else) to nay-say your "results". :-)
  11. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    This could be a very interesting discussion (and a very useful discussion) because this issue comes up time after time and it will certainly help me to clarify my position on the matter (even it's of no usewhatsover to any others :-)). I'll ponder upon it and return with my thoughts in a couple of days by starting a separate thread.
  12. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    AYP is based on Transcendental "Mediation", a technique that is both nonsensical and potentially extremely harmful, as evidenced by what they call "overload". Couple TM with unbalanced pranayama like AYP's so-called "Spinal Breathing Pranayama" and its a recipe for potential disaster. In contrast with TM and AYP, genuine meditation can be practiced for a dozen or more hours continuously for days or even weeks with extremely beneficial effects. To learn such practices you'll probably need to find an expert in them (and no genuine expert in such practices will charge anyone a cent for passing-on such techniques). For the classical historic example, the Buddha didn't hawk Liberation in the marketplace like some tawdry merchant.
  13. Only Comfortable With Paid Lessons

    Without knowing the specifics, it's impossible to answer the question in detail. Generally, many people purloin open secrets and then set up their stalls, attempting to market tawdry trinkets and baubles cobbled together from such open secrets as though they have exclusive access to the Truth. You'll sometimes even see hawkers of techniques based upon purloined open secrets screaming about infringements of what they may even believe are their copyrights. The Truth is eternal, open and both literally and metaphorically priceless. It is neither some whore nor some gigolo to be bought or sold.
  14. Sorry for being AWOL lately ...

    By "we" I mean to signify all human beings. :-)