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    As I've already said, Tibetan "Buddhism" is a toxic mixture of black magic and mysticism (as is evidenced, in part, by this course), so its good that you cannot play with this aspect of it yourself. Phurbas are nasty implements, used to "nail" Gaia, and they should be ritually cleansed (if anyone's foolish enough to acquire one). Hardly surprising that this cult's rule of The Plateau ended in 1959 and that you'll find very few lay Tibetans attending the ejected Lamas' Western sanghas, as they generally revile their previous feudal overlords.
  2. No. The Judging Panel has decided that it will not give detailed reasons for the Awesome MemberTM Award presentation, as it considers that the FAQs and the link to the winning post (or posts) provide sufficient information. You are mistaken and, incidentally, the panel does not conduct IQ tests, as that function is not within the remit of the Rules.
  3. C T appears to be a carbon-based lifeform, which is unable to locate the Ignore function. Incidentally, are you trying to pass the Turing Test by keeping C T on tilt?
  4. Thanks for the update! As a result, the Judging Panel has now taken the precaution of appointing a Fire Safety Consultant and it will also consider the somewhat vexed question of whether elementals are eligible for the TaoBums Awesome MemberTM Awards, especially as you have received several nominations this week, including 2 from the general public. The Judging Panel are also reconsidering the possibility of opening the Award to silicon-based lifeforms, as some are insistent that if a bot were able to pass the Turing Test, it would obviously be eligible the prestigious accolade of a TBAMTM Award, especially if it can not only break the forum rules (which is the easy part) but also - by so doing - put a carbon-based member on tilt (which is the difficult part - because all carbon-based lifeforms have access to the Ignore function).
  5. We have people with siddhis in Cyrillic computer programming, Engineering and Biological Science sitting on the Judging Panel. To them, it seemed obvious but they are open to the possibility that their siddhis may have malfunctioned during their initial assessment and they're willing to give you a second (albeit final) chance. Good Luck with your mission should you choose to accept it and please do not self-destruct again in the proximity of any carbon (or even silicon) based lifeforms. Thank you in anticipation.
  6. Incidentally, in answer to your question, you cannot nominate yourself for the TaoBums Awesome MemberTM Awards and, furthermore, the Judging Panel would need some evidence that you're a carbon-based lifeform, as bots are ineligible.
  7. The situation for Western MoPai is indeed dire when a malfunctioning Russian bot is actually giving them sensible advice...
  9. What is Taoism

    You don't need to practice Hatha Yoga in order to practice Hindu meditation successfully. And Hatha Yoga may well be a modern invention: Some blurb about this book, which I've cut and pasted: However, events moved on a bit since this book was published and I've started a Hatha Yoga thread in the Hindu section, so that this post acts as a split instead of as a derailif anyone wants to discuss it.
  10. What is Taoism

    I'm wondering if you consider that's behaviour specific to these "environmental factors" (e.g. TV, mobiles, advertising/consumerism, careerism, etc.) or if generally, that's the default state of human nature? If undistracted, would people generally behave well?
  11. What is Taoism

    Are you a legalist? If not, what's your view?
  12. What is Taoism

    Interesting! Do you consider that humanity is incapable of self-governance? To put it a different way - do you consider that people are fundamentally incapable of decent behaviour unless they're hierarchically regulated.
  13. No thanks. As I've said previously (on one or two occasions), you can keep them: for yourselves...
  14. In short, they (the Western MoPai Cult) apparently wish to purchase this forum in order to censor debate about their practice. The corroboration can be found in MegaMind's original thread, to which this similarly hidden (but fortuitously archived) thread refers.