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  1. Still here?

    2015?....Ok thanks...appreciate it.
  2. Still here?

    Hey guys sorry if this posted in wrong area.....I haven't been that active here so I apologize....but wandering is a member called "balance" and "mgd" still active in here,maybe changed their name,or left all together?Thanks appreciate it
  3. Kunlun Book

    Hi guys pretty new to TB forum.Been interested in Kunlun for some time now.Just managed to get a copy of the past edition(gift).I tried the Kunlun level 1 posture a while back and got some sensations and "bouncing" back then.But the past few days i tried again no bouncing aithough i do feel the subtle energy and see intense white light with eyes closed(being seeing this light for a whie now,before)I have read somewhere that the vibration and bouncing only happens at the beginning when the energy channels are starting to open up.This version of the book has Kunlun lvl 1-3,but i have read that in the latest version of the new book level 2 and 3 is not nececary as level 1 is more than enough.Is this correct?Also been trying The Secret of the Golden Flower of Maoshan practice as it is described in the book.Anyone else practicing this,and if so gotten any results and briefly describe them if possible.Also tried Maoshan Traveling Hands while seated cross legged,and almost acheived astral projection i believe at one time,as i was getting vibrations and went from awake-sleep state,but as i was about to go to one state to the other i sort of woke up,fearful of letting go i believe,as i have had an astrall projection before but when i became consciouss of it i woke up.This is a quote from someone else here "Gold flower will accomplish red phoenix. When you practice these things, you're giving yourself transmission".Is this true as i am really interested in Red Phoenix practice. BTW sorry if i post this in the wrong area.
  4. Hello

    Ok i got it
  5. Hello

    Hi all,i have been meditating for a few years now.Although i have tried out many paths,as well as different methods,i feel very connected to taoist inner alchemy.I have had many experiences along my path.My goal is to acheive self realisation and if i am able in this lifetime,enlightenment.I plan to help as many as i can along this journey.I had heard about Kunlun before but now that i heard the new book is out i have gotten pretty excited and am thinking of buying it.I wanted to ask, why am i not able to view personal practice discussion.Thank you.