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  1. Lineages- old and new

    My comment seems to have created a pretty little cloud. I don't always share a whole lot, and at the same time a sentence can include a whole mountain. Three decades ago I was a teenager whose mother was suicidal and fluctuated (sometimes very rapidly) between loving and violent. One day I got off the bus to walk up the dead end road we lived on. The breeze touched my skin, and the thoughts fell away, the anxiety and fear fell away - everything I was holding fell away as the breeze danced across my skin. Yes, everything shifted at that point. Soo very simple, and soo very plain.. And not anything I'd label enlightenment. Years later I was given The Power of Now as a gift by someone who said they kept hearing my voice as they read the words of another. I thought Tolle used too many words. There has been much unfolding since then, a few pitfalls I managed to stumble into. And some kind souls who offered a hand to guide me out. I've noticed one thing about my personal pitfalls, and that's that they become such due to the thoughts and stories I wrapped them in - even if the stories were pretty. And this is important ..
  2. Lineages- old and new

    Perhaps finding oneself for a brief moment without ego could be a bit like the popularized nightmare of finding oneself naked while surrounded by clothed others? Perhaps some people aren't ready to face the world in all their naked glory?
  3. Lineages- old and new

    And, as far as I've witnessed there is little difference, save in the pretty words used, between mundane ego and spiritual ego.. it's just a prettier looking cloak.
  4. The Evolution of a spiritual douche bag

    Because it can be people acting out what they believe unconditional love should look like, and there can be any number of unhealthy internalized dynamics manifesting. You hit the nail on the head when you used the word 'idea'..
  5. Watching My Thoughts Because of Blue Balls

    I think he's commenting on how society stifles the mind, and teaches people what responses are acceptable and appropriate. And how this creates a certain amount of anxiety.. that is then combatted by pretending their is no mind. Do correct me if I'm wrong @rideforever (and I like the new avatar btw)
  6. Watching My Thoughts Because of Blue Balls

    I'd certainly say so.
  7. Watching My Thoughts Because of Blue Balls

    In this moment I'm feeling grateful for having been born with out.. And wondering if rideforever is going to answer this question.
  8. I'm experientially in agreement with what you've set forth here. The base is clear, and from it arises attributes. When we see these attributes we may mistake them for 'it', and learn behaviors to mimic what we've perceived - missing the source entirely. It reminds me of chapter 18 of the TTC (Feng/English translation) When the great Tao is forgotten, Kindness and morality arise. When wisdom and intelligence are born, The great pretence begins.
  9. Hi rainbowvein, nice to see you. It's been awhile. Regarding the mantra I shared, in the practice it evolves to connecting with and recognizing one's inner essence. Everyone starts where they are, and there is generally a progression..
  10. Meditation sickness and related deviations

    5 to 10 minutes of good meditation would be better than spacing out for 2 hours, wouldn't It?
  11. You have been communicating well in this thread - in what I'm guessing is a second language for you. Just something to consider.
  12. Quitting SSRI's can cause some of the symptoms the OP is experiencing. We don't know what was prescribed, and if he is taking what was prescribed, or if he quit. Or if the medications he's prescribed are to be taken with food. Or what effect taking them while fasting may have..