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  1. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    You gave exceptional evidence to your claim here when you waited for the individual you had a beef with to experience an ongoing natural disaster, post about said disaster only to be frustrated when a focus was placed on colonialism, and further post he is taking a much needed hiatus from the forum to focus on himself and what he can do to assist with the suffering all around him to start your own kicking. Good show mate. Now if only you could recognize this complaint of yours is exactly the projection the guys are ribbing you about.. Thus writes the coward who only piped up when his chosen target was not even present.
  2. And if we're talking who is getting some loving, then ask the right questions.
  3. There were a variety of ages - most of which easily fit your suggested parameters. Hold on a moment, and carefully consider something please. As I understood it, the stats provided referred primarily to the data available from hook up sites and were then extrapolated as a metric for the population at large. What percentage of people frequently finding sexual partners on hook up sites do you believe are in committed relationships (have a girlfriend or wife)? Are we talking how many have engaged in sexual relations with a partner say within the last year, or how many are currently in committed relationships? And do you see the difference?
  4. Here's the problem, I don't care what he says. I'm sharing words with you, and either what he shares is something you are able to express for yourself, or I'm not interested. I actually upped the ante on your wager yesterday, and engaged a number of coworkers in conversation on this topic - the most generous felt the numbers were clearly off. Others flat out said they didn't make sense. Now given that everyone I spoke to was gainfully employed this may not take into account the boys playing video games in mom's basement while whining about not having a girlfriend, but even if I were to take them into account it certainly wouldn't amount to 80% of men living lonely lives without any female loving.
  5. Lust - and what to do about it

    I'd also be curious about her diet, and if it's possible she's experiencing vitamin deficiencies which could play a part in the dynamic.
  6. Lust - and what to do about it

    This is kinda where my own thoughts were leading - with one somewhat "major" difference. If she is feeling overwhelmed and frustrated it will be very difficult for her to experience arousal. Without experiencing arousal the vagina will not "tent" and it is likely pain will be felt almost immediately upon penetration, just as described. The fear something went wrong during the c-section may only be adding to the anxiety, and perpetuating the situation. Or it may be a convenient way to keep things "nice" without addressing the issues.. I don't know the people involved, or the situation well enough to say for sure whether either of these are possible or probable. @EFS White Have you gently and openly said something like, "I sense you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. What can I do to help?" And have you two set aside some time for momma to relax, and get in touch with herself, along with time to relax together? From what I understand it can be as simple as doing the dishes, or putting up the laundry while she feeds the baby.. I'd also suggest non-penetrative sexual relations when she is relaxed, open, and responsive. Ease into it like teenagers learning and tentatively exploring.. Focus on wooing and courting your wife..
  7. I can play the quote game too. Here's a favorite: People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true, or because they are afraid it might be true. People's heads are full of knowledge, facts, and beliefs, and most of it is false, yet they think it all true. People are stupid; they can only rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool. Terry Goodkind in Wizard's First Rule When you wanna actually converse let me know, until then - see ya.
  8. Wait.. what??? Hypergamy correlated with this "80/20 rule" as evidenced and highlighted by hookup sites??? What am I missing here?
  9. Why do you believe it's the sexual behavior of women causing inceldom? And why do you believe you are able to paint the sexual behavior of women (in a general sense, instead of an individual one) in the first place?
  10. Went looking into this Jordan Peterson and the claim he is a "serious academic," and found the following article which, towards the end, highlights the issues with this view.
  11. The above "responses" should be taken as, "thanks @Toni for answering my question, and thanks @SirPalomides for your clarity.
  12. You'll have to forgive me for not watching the video; the "why a sexually liberated society is not good for all men" is telling enough for me. May I ask if the metric you offered refers to statistics gleaned from "hookup sites"? (referring to the 85/15 bit here)
  13. Lust - and what to do about it

    This helps to clarify the present situation immensely. Some more questions if you don't mind: Is your wife following a similar path, and does she understand you still wish intimacy? What efforts have you made to help enable her to reach the place within to express and experience this intimacy with you? Are there still the tender touches, smiles, and moments of simple connection between you two throughout the day?
  14. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    I don't disagree with this. Although I don't see how any person here is (or was) in any position to gain favor through sycophantic behavior.
  15. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Trump will someday be gone, and Stosh is a friend - even during disagreement. The site owner also said no more conspiracy theories, but...