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  1. Non- binary ?

    Try this:
  2. Continuation

    I don't think it's meant to be elitist, but honest (even if a bit protectionist) acknowledgement of what's available to them and the reason they still find it to be of value - even if it isn't the entirety of the system. To me it seems a habitual type response (and one certain practitioners are satisfied with) to habitual type negation (which certain non-practioners of this system are satisfied with). It seems an aspect of the merry go round we ride in this forum regarding this topic, and painting idealism (either Eastern or Western) into the picture is an attempt to understand the queasiness some experience as we keep spinning in circles - even if it may just keep the ride a spinnin'...
  3. Continuation

    Was looking through the thread in an attempt to better understand the who's, how's, and why's of the presented eastern/western dichotomy, and became curious about the shared goals mentioned in this post. Would you be willing to share a bit of what these goals are?
  4. Continuation

    To be fair, I believe he only points this out to the same extent the Eastern/Western Mo Pai argument is set forth against his practice by others. And he did repeatedly say there is no Eastern/Western Mo Pai - only Mo Pai, while others set forth the differentiation...
  5. Continuation

    Perhaps they would like some small modicum of respect before they're willing to "set their pearls before swine" - instead of what they likely perceive as their pearls being trampled in the mud? He's willing to talk - where he senses some openness.. and to me, this says something. And before anyone gets grumpy about the swine comment, it's just a figure of speech which simply and easily conveys the general idea.
  6. Continuation

    This isn't plausible (for a number of reasons) imo.
  7. Continuation

    Presently, I'm thinking it's burning anyway, and if we create a big enough conflagration perhaps some of the karmic seeds would burn off - clearing the way for a new dynamic to unfold..
  8. Continuation

    Somehow I don't think this is how "they" view the dynamic.. and I'm wondering what it would take for the dynamic to shift for all involved.
  9. Continuation

    I have seen these two here. This one I have not seen, although I believe you. What are your thoughts on the dynamic here, and how and why it plays out?
  10. Continuation

    Would this be in keeping with the pillar of egalitarianism of this site (as it seems a certain education and understanding is required to fit with your ideal)? Curiosity, not churlishness, as I've often been curious (and oddly cautious) about the egalitarian policy... Shared for reference:
  11. Continuation

    As a mildly humorous aside, as a relocated Wisconsonite living in the Charleston South Carolina area, I made the mistake of wishing people fitting the description you made above a Happy Halloween. A kindly gentlemen pulled me aside and suggested I probably didn't want to repeat what I'd just said, but it was to late, and word of my celebration of "Satan's Holiday" spread quickly... Has someone from your group actually openly talked about their life and practice here? I don't recall seeing it. Edit to add: I started looking through old mo pai threads. This was the first I found/read through; it seems respectful and informative, although well before my arrival here. I'm presently wondering what changed? When did the change occur, and why?
  12. Continuation

    Ah, then @Zork did have your number regarding what he referred to as recruitment.. Apologies for my misunderstanding, and thinking the like minded individuals you referred to were those you felt your system needed defense from. Edit to add, with your most recent post I've realized this is convoluted beyond what I enjoy looking into and unraveling. Best wishes to you on your path.
  13. The opposite of Taoism is Fascism

    Love this bit.. thanks @Encephalon.
  14. The opposite of Taoism is Fascism

    Oops.. here, enjoy some kitties..
  15. Continuation

    This seems likely to create a "hall of mirrors" effect where people who have nothing at all to say about your system are seen as "like minded individuals" for sharing their thoughts on whatever unrelated subject, and those who are keeping an eye out create a self fulfilling prophecy by interjecting where they feel a system not being attacked must be defended. Messy stuff imo.