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  2. Sexuality in prehistoric art

    Man Friday understood that "the way is the goal."
  3. Sexuality in prehistoric art

    Thank you, that's so interesting! Definitely not a good place for going on a vacation to. Yes, I was particularly impressed by that part of the article. Passionate love replacing hostility. That's amazing! I just wish that in our so-called civilized world, the women (wives and girlfriends) would keep their men from getting themselves killed in useless battles in the same way... Were all Gnostics thinking this way? Yes, it certainly goes both ways.
  4. Sexuality in prehistoric art

    That sounds interesting. How would you define cultural anthropology? Yes, I meant to say that the separation is a more recent thing. It has probably got to do with the influence of organised religion. But before you accept something as possible, you usually won't see it even if it's in front of your eyes.
  5. Sexuality in prehistoric art

    I have heard of the Oxus civilisation before, but I didn't know all the details of its discovery. Thank you for that fascinating article, Nungali. It looks like you like archaeology too. I think that these topics were just not separated from each other at that time. And most of them wouldn't believe in extra-terrestrians anyway. That looks like they were really having fun.
  6. Sexuality in prehistoric art

    I don't know, but it raises the question whether porn addiction was already a problem in prehistoric times.
  7. Sexuality in prehistoric art

    I really like surfing in the internet for hours and reading about all different kinds of topics. Just recently, I this fascinating piece of information caught my interest. I wish to share with the fine people here. This is about the earliest examples of figurative art that were found by the archeologists, and guess what, many of them are sexual symbols. From the article I linked on the bottom, I will post a few pictures and quotes to comment on. About this figurine: Isn't that marvelous? Now the archeologists find one of the oldest art objects - and it's "pornography"! I have heard that Pleiadian extra-terrestrians influenced human genetics right around that time. But I guess those art historians wouldn't consider such ideas. More in general: These objects are all awesome . A is a Paleolithic "Venus" figurine, B shows female vulvar symbols carved on a limestone block, and C represents a phallus, carved from the horn core of a bison (shhh... I wonder if this could have been some happy woman's toy ). I wonder, what may those shamanistic rituals have been like? Curious me... Original article:
  8. simplify

  9. What does it mean to "Be True To Yourself"

    To be true to yourself, you first have to know yourself.
  10. Love builds happy homes...Lust destroys them

    It seems like sexuality, greed, and malice are all the same to you. Love is wonderful, but there is nothing wrong with lust either. Ideally, they go hand in hand. It is usually only the suppression of sexual desires that leads to "sexual issues". Daoism (in my understanding) teaches us to accept our nature,
  11. simplify

  12. What happened to the Matriarchal Cultures

    Dear Taomeow I have no interest in playing games with you. I was simply sharing my observations and views. If you think that my perception of you was wrong, okay, let's say it was wrong. Best wishes Anastasia
  13. What happened to the Matriarchal Cultures

    Hello Taomeow There is truth to be found in your words. But I also sense a loft of anger from you. Anger that you project on a somewhat abstract masculine, which is you believe to be responsible for all evil in the world. You are a feminist in the sense that you elevate the feminine over the masculine. And your acceptance or rejection of others (males and females) seems to depend on the degree to which they embody the masculine principle that you reject. What is happening is that you are confronting your shadow self (C.G. Jung), which in this case is the masculine part of your personality. This part should be allowed and gradually integrated, as we should akways seek the balance of yin and yang. Interestingly, the rejected part of self or "shadow self" is usually expressed plain for others to see, such as in your "diatribe". Many of the imbalances that you see in the world around you are the result of imbalances in the individuals which compose it. No political changes will make things better as long as people don't choose to create peace and harmony in themselves. I grew up under a Communist regime too. And I would say, the worlds you and I live in today are not so bad, after all. Though that depends on what you make them to be for yourself (on a personal level). Nature is demonstrating principles of holarchy, not matriarchy. Principles that we can indeed learn from nature and apply in our human way. That's why Daoism uses so many metaphors taken from nature. Best wishes Anastasia
  14. Drawn to the Occult

    Hi dawn90 Good to hear that you are on the upward curve. Please remember that plenty of sleep, healthy nutrition, and healthy habits in general can go a long way restoring your vitality.
  15. simplify

    Sweet corn