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Found 25 results

  1. Was just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction so that I can understand the nature of this forum & navigate it effectively.
  2. Hello!

    Hi, I am interested in learning more about Daoism and look forward to reading and learning what I can from this forum!
  3. newcomer

    Hi All, my first post as newcomer, just to say hello. I'v been interested in Taoism for about 20 years and have practiced and taught meditation for many years also. Nice to be here!
  4. For about a year I've been putting together a personal translation of DDJ, while using that text and various translations of Zhuangzi to inform a practice that has borne results I'll be processing and consolidating for a long time. My sketches and notes, while not intended as any sort of instruction, do detail my own experiences, feelings and observations. My practice is mainly built around half hour seated and standing sessions, and I'm still mainly involved in "sinew changing" activies, with swirling and spinning keeping things interesting. If it's welcome, I'd like to put a few of my drawings on here to garner responses to my approach. Thanks, Dan
  5. Newcomer

    Hi. My name is P. Since very young age i was interested in energy that flows trought us and can be used internaly and externaly. After almost 7 years i am comming back to the topic again becouse i'm allways pulled towards it. I am almost 30. I hope i will be able to find posts about nei gong the internal practice wchich will guide me to reach my goals. Thanks everyone for the future support.
  6. Hello all!

    Hello all! It's really nice to find this forum. I'm not sure, is this the right place to post the introduction? I hope so! Happy to be corrected if needed My name is Lisa, I'm usually a New Yorker, sometimes in Israel, now living in Istanbul... living out these strange pandemic times. And I came to this forum because I'm looking to connect to old qi gong practices. I'm recovering from Corona and so I'm rather weak, but I miss some of these gentle practices. I practiced for a few years at the Chu Tai Chi center in NY, the morning Eternal Spring classes and some individual Tai Chi and Nei Kung classes. And, I used to be in acupuncture school in NY (now on hold) so took many qi gong classes there. I guess my main home practices these days are meditation (from a lot of Vipassana courses and other teachers) and hoping to go back to yoga when I am stronger. My main hope for this forum is to get a few pointers or hints to jog my memory about the Eternal Spring Chi Kung forms. If anyone here is familiar with them, I'd so love to connect with you and be reminded!! Best wishes to all. I feel this is a big transformation time in all of our journeys. Hope we pass it with warmth and kindness. L
  7. Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, An ex-boyfriend of mine introduced me to daoism. I am interested in daoism for the health benefits and self-improvement. If anyone can help me get started and give me some pointers that would be excellent! Thank you for your time! c: Best, teasippa
  8. Hello

    Greetings to whomever this may concern, my name is Hunter, and I am new to this forum. Not too long ago, I found Daoism through the likes of George Thompson and Alan Watts. While participating in this forum, I hope to make like-minded friends and to learn more about Daoism and how to implement it in my daily life. I will turn twenty in little over a month and I would like to begin my journey of a thousand steps with the aid of like-minded people. Thank you and I hope that I find you to be doing well...
  9. Hello there

    Hi there, I have just joined, glad to be here! My main interests at the moment are taijiquan, neigong and a bit of qigong and meditation. Currently I train in Huang Xing Xian style Yang taiji, and previously in Ma Yueh Liang lineage Wu style.
  10. Welcome me

    Hi guys just wanted to be reviewed and saw by a mod and start some pouring some knowledge cheers!
  11. Hello

    Hello everyone, nice to be here.
  12. Hello

    Hi. Thanks for welcoming me to your forum. I've been looking for more people to talk with about the topics that interest you for a long time. I have a lot of experience, and some skill and knowledge in many of the topic areas you discuss here, including meditation, qi gong, tai ji, alchemy, buddhism and philosophy in general. At the moment I am especially interested in alchemy. I have been "turning around the light" in meditation and daily activity, mainly for the last six weeks (if you don't count my years of qi gong practice :-)) and it has affected me profoundly and well, and I seem to be having some experiences I am tempted to interpret as getting very close to awareness of reality. I let go of most thoughts and feelings automatically, without effort now, and I can let go of the effort to let go too, with some effort, lol. I and I reach a place of great stillness and openness for some time, although I still struggle with the distraction of my posture. And I do not feel confident that I am not-doing it correctly, in terms of adopting the state of mind that will lead to restoration. Having a thoughtless mind is one thing. But there are many different ways to be thoughtless. I have read Liu I-ming and other masters carefully and I believe I understand most of the subtle errors they describe, but I am also becoming confused by too many ideas in my head from ancient Taoist texts! But anyway, my point is . . . I would really like to discuss this with any others who understand the things I am talking about. :-) love, me
  13. Hello everyone

    Hi, I am new here. I read 'dao de ching', 'zhuangzi' and 'The secret of the golden flower'. I am practicing kuji in mudras and breathing meditation for almost a week. I hope I can learn more from everyone here. Please take care of me.
  14. Newbie

    Hello all, I'm new here I'm interested in taoist phyloshophy, martial arts also qi gong looking forward to know you ę„Ÿę©šŸ™‡
  15. Hi

    Hey there, my name is Roshawn, I'm 23 years old. I stumbled upon this forum while doing some research into Taoist Qigong, specifically Mantak Chia's teachings. I've been experimenting with his stuff for almost a year now. I first came across him from his interview on London Real. I found his stuff interesting, i'm more of a scientist/research type (I actually study the brain and AI/ML research), so I figured I'd test what he was teaching to see if it was legit myself. Based off of just a few months of experimenting with some of his teachings on Taoist sexual qigong, I felt some pretty incredible things. And this pretty much concluded for me the realization and acceptance of the fact that there is not only something to this. But that there's likely so much that western science has barely even touched on, and that eastern practices have already explored. I have so many questions, and I feel when the time comes I'll eventually train directly under a master like Mr. Chia. I'm still experimenting, and based off of what I've experienced so far, there's a whole host of questions I have that I would very much like guidance on.
  16. Hello I am a new :)

    Hi all I am very happy to be here but I am full of questions and doubts. I was hoping someone can help me on this journey. 1) Where should I start? 2) How do I cultivate Jing, chi and shen? 3) Do I have to be celibate? 4) If I am sexually active, can I still conserve my Jing? How? 5) Where do I find a Master to learn from? Does it has to be in person or can it be online? 6) I live in New Zealand, anyone here as well? As you can see I am very lost, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  17. New to the community

    Hello everyone, Glad to join the forum! I've been practicing Taoist exercises and learning the philosophy for about a year and a half. I've learned a lot and made some mistakes along the way. So far I've kept my practice private, but recently I decided it's time to change this and reach out to the community. I have a few questions about The Dao Bums: What's a good way to get introduced to the forum? Is there a list of rules that I can read? (the ones I found tell me I don't have permission to access them). What is a good way to share the details of my Taoist journey so far? If I have specific questions (say about Kan Li meditation, or about the spiritual interactions of the organs) how should I go about asking them? Is there a place where people keep regular journals of their spiritual journey? It would be great to read about other people's on-going experience and post about my own. Thanks! asbc
  18. Hello!

    Hello everybody, Wonderful to meet all of you. I've been a seeker of enlightenment for years now. I look forward to learning from all of you and having great discussions.
  19. Hello!

    Hello all, I'm new here. I find it interesting how I discovered this community. I found a link to this forum on a website about MMO's, but I get a strong sense that's not what I'm here for. I've been looking for some spiritual peers who I can share my experiences with and who I can learn from. I live in a very secular world where I struggle to share my spituality with those around me. Finding this forum was a stroke of synchronicity that I am very grateful for. Recently, my kundalinis have taken off and I believe She has guided me here (I literally have no one in my life I can share this breakthrough with). About a month ago, I have been taken by the archetype of the Phoenix, the cycle of death and rebirth being a constant theme in my life. I've survived multiple suicide attempts in addition to several accounts of running away to a new city to become a "new" person (it took me until this current rebirth to realize the "run away" method doesn't work). I could fill a closet with the ego outfits I've created, and I'm finally getting rid of them. In the past 3 months, I've shed most of my addictions, I've quit drinking and drugs. I deleted my porn collection and stopped hooking up. I've also quit playing all video games and made a dent in my binge eating (this is the one I am currently shedding). Most importantly, I ended a rather abusive relationship and for the first time in my life, I am truly alone (I know many find alone to be negative, but I couldn't be happier. It has given me the space to discover myself). Each day I celebrate victory after victory in my war against addiction and the ego that fueled them. My spirit lifts me like the fiery wings of the Phoenix, rising me higher and higher. I am constantly seeing myself grow and evolve, and I beam with pride at each turn. And when I feel myself slip into old habits, I don't punish myself like I used to. I recognize my shortcomings as a chance to learn and refocus. I am truly blessed for all the spiritual guidance I've received and hope I can share as much with you as I plan on learning from you.
  20. Hello

    Hello, my name is Leah and I am a Qigong and Nei gong instructor from the Shaolin Kung Fu and Mei Hua Qigong Lineage. Greetings! You have a very informative and well rounded forum here and I am just getting acquainted with the process. Thank you.
  21. I Am Me

    Hello everyone, my name is Andrew and I've only recently found The Way. I feel like I've always followed it without knowing growing up which is probably why I couldn't find a name for it. "The name that can be named, is not the universal name." I'm hoping to learn more about Taoism and everything that goes with it to help deepen myself as a human being so if anyone wants to talk I'm more than open for it. Hopefully you'll accept me for who I am, because it's all I can be
  22. Hello All :)

    Hi All, I've read another user's (Dawg) experience of enlightenment and had a question about a similar experience i've had with the cheering on of spiritual entities when trying to astral project. I think I need to ask it in another forum though. Lyle
  23. Looking for Fruitful Discussion!

    Hello everyone! I have been studying Tai Ji for over 12 years. Started at a San Diego, CA school, Jing Institute, learning Yang 24. I progressed through all compulsory forms (Yang 40, Sun 73, Wu 54, Chen 56, Competition Forms, Chen Sword, Broadsword, Staff, and that weird Kung Fu/Tai Ji Fan), won a few local tournaments. Had to move to Los Angeles for college where I practiced Karate, JJJ, Systema, Wing Chun and Bujinkan (Ninjutsu style). I never missed a week of Tai Ji practice since I started. Tai Ji is my rock. My central philosophies regarding existence, martial arts, self defense, health and leading a good life really took hold thanks to ideas and concepts I learned through Tai Ji which were derived from Taoism and Buddhism. I have been hunting for fruitful discussion conceptual discussion and have had little luck. I never aim to offend, but I am not afraid to voice my opinion. My ideal to only speak truth from my perspective and I am happy to hear other points of view. My words are just words and I would never force anyone to take my position. So please know that I do my best to begin a conversation from a place of agreement and attempt to find the point at which I and another disagree before providing evidence for my position. No need to defend a position if we both agree, right? Thank you for maintaining this forum and let us understand each other so we can grow together! -Tie Xiong Ji
  24. Hi

    Hi community, Im a practitioner of standing meditation, I like to wonder about the potential of the Human organism and how it can be useful to the universe. see you in the Forum
  25. Junior Tao Hello

    Hello, My name is Adam. I am new to forums and decided to start here. Some info on myself. I am 22 years old, I was born in Los Angeles and currently a student with my eyes to the sky. Literature I am reading are "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" and "The Tao of Love, Sex and Longevity" My interests are Sexual Fitness and Mastery, Semen Retention/Transmutation, My Harem, and the Significance of the Woman I appreciate the help on my journey to become a superior Man.