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  1. very advanced energy practice

    I actually first came across the basic idea in the novel Valley of the Dolls decades ago. It was a simple passage near the very end where the female partner in a romantic relationship realized that her and her partner's breath were completely in sink. It stood out as she was a manipulative drug user who used her nipples as ornamentation beneath see through shirts, and was not a character one expected any spiritual type redemption from. This being said, application is limited.
  2. simplify

  3. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    I think SJ is already living a good life in the mountains.. Congrats on finishing the book and getting it out there @Starjumper
  4. good sleep journal

    Nice. Computer in your room? Is this in reference to keeping a computer in the room you are sleeping in? How much time did you spend on the computer, and what was the lighting like - both room and computer?
  5. Law

    A quick search on the terms qigong law under news turned up this:
  6. good sleep journal

    Yes there is a subforum for daily practice journals. If this is what you were looking for, you can request your own ppd here:
  7. Call to Vikings!

    It's incredibly entertaining.
  8. What is Patriarchy

    Shifting goal post - blah blah blah. I guess it's almost time to make the days tea and popcorn.
  9. What is Patriarchy

    I found this article interesting in regard to what you've expressed here:
  10. What is Patriarchy

    @Aetherous wrote that he didn't know what patriarchy was. And both @dawei and @Lakshmi have expressed confusion regarding the definition. These are all people I hold in some esteem, and, as such, when they express confusion I trust that there is honestly confusion. @rideforever and @Patrick Brown also expressed some confusion, although I lean toward the intent being obfuscation and argumentation more than clarity with these individuals regarding this subject. It seems to me the foundation of understanding this wide and at sometimes very convoluted subject matter would be simple definition. Once a solid foundation is laid, then we can build upon it, and eventually address some of the broader issues.
  11. What is Patriarchy

    You mean like this:
  12. What is Patriarchy

    Tomorrow I'll make us a heaping bowl of popcorn - the right way. On the stove and in the appropriate oil. And we'll see what the day brings.
  13. What is Patriarchy

    Earl Grey it is. :serving a nice steamy cup:
  14. What is Patriarchy

    I'd make you some. What would your preference be?
  15. What is Patriarchy

    So what exactly in your opinion am I dishonest and confused about?