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  1. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    And necessary for the Red Woman/ Lord of Light arc to fit..
  2. Oops, it's been a minute

    GSmaster.. I'm sorry, but you've got one of the biggest egos here - in which case your actions are quite full.
  3. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    The author's writing style. He isn't plotted out, but 'following' the characters where their choices and inclinations lead. "Writing by the seat of his pants." He was along for the ride as much as his readers were, imo.
  4. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    House Stark, which throughout much of the series appeared inches from complete and utter annihilation, now holds the crown of both the North and the Six Kingdoms. "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die."
  5. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    This sentiment is shared by my two most vocal (regarding the series) co-workers. The show writers are "plotters", and crafted the arcs to lead to their already formulated ending, while we started the series with the foundation laid by the author, a "pantser". It was more "happily ever after" than I would have anticipated from the outset.
  6. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    He went north, where winter was receding, and could not return to Winterfell without destabilizing Sansa's rule. And do remember, deserters of the Night's Watch must be executed according to law and tradition. You were correct imo.
  7. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    I really want to know where Drogon went... Jon could not have been chosen. He needed to be 'punished' for 'the good of the realm ' - which he would no longer have been able to unify after that particular act that led to his incarceration. (We do have a "here be spoilers" warning for those who haven't finished the series yet, don't we?) It seems to still be more oligarchy than democracy, as it is the lords and ladies who will determine which among them rule.
  8. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    I would suggest three.. gut, heart, and the good old noodle. Each seems to have it's own wisdom - within a unification.. Anyway, interesting discussion and observations.
  9. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    :taking a deep breath before starting the last episode and breathing it out reallllly slowly in preparation:
  10. Who is Loneman Pai?

    From what little I've garnered, he isn't much interested in changing anyone's mind. He found what works for him, and is willing to share it - at which point he gets to set the terms. BTW The one mask is a Venom one - not demonic, but symbiotic, and I found it somehow appropriate.. either his system is a good and natural fit for someone, or it won't work. (Look up Venom if you don't understand.)
  11. Astral Projection (don't shoot)

    Blah blah blah... Yes, you are very well read and incredibly clever. I bow to your wit and wisdom and hereby excuse my self from the puffalump contest. See you guys around.
  12. Shambhala

    Calling @Nungali The boys are requesting your unravelling skills, and somehow forgot to attribute or tag you. Late night postings sometimes cause that.
  13. Astral Projection (don't shoot)

    Have you read this (the book, not the thread I started on it)? Inference seems to be based on intellect, and it isn't what I am referring to with intuition - or "heart knowing" (which shouldn't be confused with heart wanting btw). For me learned "niceness" had gotten in the way... it's a subtle layer that can often be inferred (brought to intellectual awareness) by finding myself making excuses for the actions and behaviours of others.
  14. Astral Projection (don't shoot)

    Only we aren't talking facts and data here. We aren't talking medical science or societal roles. We are talking spirit journeys and soul type healing.. There was only one member here who inadvertently drew an astral map that I could follow without effort, and he no longer posts here. Which is neither here nor there I suppose, but there is much talking and conjecture, and very few who could actually guide if they so chose. No, you're just telling someone not to trust their intuition in matters of their own spirituality - which I will most likely always argue against. Whenever I let intellect override instinct it played out in the rather understated interesting kind of way.
  15. Astral Projection (don't shoot)

    Sorry Nungali.. without being able to trust ones own intuition how would one determine who to trust for help, assistance, guidance, what not?