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  1. Hello

    Hello Joop444, welcome to the bums.
  2. Haiku Chain

    who will water them with the lamenting tears of one who thinks they steer
  3. Haiku Chain

    missing a jukebox but here I can still dance to the joy of madness
  4. Haiku Chain

    if [it is] prison outside then I’ll stay gladly within my bright gilded cage
  5. Hello everyone

    Welcome to the bums, Vandheer.
  6. Starting to practice flying phoenix qigong

    Hi Karlos, welcome.
  7. Mountain Hermit Reaching Out

    Welcome Lost in the Woods.
  8. Hello from Taiji/Qigong Practicionerh

    Hi Daoway, welcome to the bums.
  9. Proposed movement of threads

    It’s still in Forum and Tech Support.
  10. Welcome

    Hello, and welcome A Mortal One.
  11. Hello, from Los Angeles

    Hi anonprodigy, welcome.
  12. Proposed movement of threads

    Hello @Shadow_self, We are currently looking at relevant threads, and considering which course of action to follow. Thank you for your suggestion.
  13. Hello

    Hello SummerBreeze, welcome.
  14. Monkey forms

    Welcome to the bums, EightRivers.
  15. Hello From Asia

    Welcome to the bums, FreeToChose.