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  1. Tzujan is a good place to land as self-so'ing is the Way.
  2. It might be that Tao is not the Way; but rather that the Way is how Tao manifests.
  3. Thanks for that Apech, lovely read and describes well that which cannot be.
  4. Like all ideas, nouns and verbs are part of the manifest; Tao abides unboundaried with both - providing the eternal that arises naturally within the temporal. Or so it seems to me.
  5. This is the real question, isn't it? Some traditions reinforce "either/or" thinking more than others.
  6. You asked us to look, I looked and told you what I found. Nothing there to be aware of, including awareness.
  7. Taoist lessons from nature

    Wonderful article! Thanks for sharing
  8. What Happened? Nothing!

    yeah....that cognitive dissonance always has been a bugger.. 🌲🦋🌲
  9. A Passing

    Stopped what I was doing, Michael, to watch that. Thank you.
  10. What Happened? Nothing!

    How would it know without phenomena to compare to?
  11. What Happened? Nothing!

    If there were no phenomena for awareness to be aware of - wouldn't awareness be undefined?
  12. A Passing

    Just watched the vid of her singing the national anthem 2005 super bowl. RIP ma'am. You're already missed.
  13. The uncarved block?

    Follow the Tao of Pooh, do you?