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  1. Hey -

    You said I was a cancer. No reason to stay after that. Or return, for that matter. Peace out.
  2. Hey -

    Back during the great purge, it was posted by the owner that those of a certain inclination were not welcome here, and to GTFO. His house, his rules. Sometimes I like to pop in & say hi, maybe just to break them.
  3. Hey -

    Has to - being the operative concept. I'm an outlaw, here - so my howdys need to be brief. They'll dwindle over time - such is the way of Tao. (-: Cheers!
  4. Hey -

    You're here, too ?!?!? Well. This just keeps getting better.
  5. What controls the Chi

    Why would not the potential of De arise with De, the possibility of Zi Ran arise with Zi Ran and the way of WuWei arise with WuWei? All simultaneously manifesting unboundaried from the same source...
  6. Hey -

    Wow! They still let you play in here?!? Good on 'em! Grand to see you, ancient friend.
  7. What controls the Chi

    It might be that nothingness does not possess potential or possibilities; they arise unboundaried with becoming. To me, De is the efficacy when Zi Ran aligns (without intent) with Wu Wei... And your thread is tied in a circle of Dao. (-: Perpetual IMO applied.
  8. Translators of the TTC

    Unrelated to your post, but your last line brought back a very nice old memory...of in the Tea House with me, Marblehead (then JimBob) and others helping Derek Lin write his chapters. Thanks for that. Nice to see you again, friend.
  9. Hey -

    Hey hi Time for my annual drop in; nice to see the site going strong! Sorry to hear about Cheya - that was a nice write up for such a gentle spirit. Gonna peek around some to see if anything has changed, or if anyone has changed their minds about anything... Guessing not; after being in the same spot for 10+ years - why would anyone change now? LOL I'm not one to talk, though. Still Viking, still anarchist, still raisin a bit of hell. Wishing the best for everybody - Warm* greetings! Rene *Actually, hot & humid greetings; still in Texas.
  10. Creating a World from Scratch

    <Tossing you a copy of the TTC> Here's your template. Have fun! (-:
  11. simplify

  12. Hey -

    @Nungali Yeah - I didn't know there were this many trees in Texas till I got down here! Plus. we're a half day's drive to the Gulf...which is also verrrry nice And cheers to you sir, re your young friend. Your being there helped her, I'm certain.
  13. Hey -

    Ah..right! Over in OriginalDao. I recall now telling about it, and that I was going offline for a while. I was surprised to find OD gone when I came back on recently - so decided to check in here. Texas is fun, and the warmer winter was nice. I sold the mountain and who knows where life will take me next... but I'm in no hurry to leave. Hope all is well with you!
  14. Hey -

    @Shadow_self Aw.. it's okay! But I guess that was kind of a thread stopper. Tom was killed by a swarm of yellow-jackets. He'd bent over behind our cabin to lift something off the ground; they'd had a nest under it and all swarmed out and stung him on top of his head. He wasn't allergic - the coroner said it was the quantity of stings. Death sucks for sure, but this was a good one because 1) he died at home, in my arms, on our mountain, 2) death came fast - in less than 2 minutes. I had him cremated and his ashes are spread up on top of our mountain. He'd have wanted that. How I ended up in Texas is a whole 'nother story.
  15. Hey -

    No more dorky husband. He got killed up on the mountain late June '21. But I am shackin up (for now) with a crazy cowboy in the deep woods of East Texas.