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  1. The no-enlightenment thread

    In my thinking, our bodies have the skillsets to heal themselves IF we can keep ourselves out of the way. Second best - if we cant keep our minds from 'interfering' - is believing we are healed or being healed (the longer the queue the more that must mean it works!) This affinity (between our mind and body) only amplifies the efficacy of our naturally inherent healing mechanisms. IMO, of course.
  2. Mating and animals ...

    *********** This thread is temporarily locked for review. It wont take long, your patience is most appreciated! ***********
  3. Gospel of Thomas

    "Those who dream of the banquet, wake to lamentation and sorrow. Those who dream of lamentation and sorrow wake to join the hunt." ChuangTzu
  4. It's a bit borderline... but rhetorical & fits with the thread. Keep, edit or delete as you wish. Most here know, or can figure out quickly, your attacks are all about you - and not them at all. 🦉
  5. Similar to the exchanged greeting of Namaste.
  6. To me, it means something different. I believe that limitless love resides inherently at the core of each of us, as our base foundation and original starting point. Being true to yourself - is letting everything else fall away, and allowing that true nature to arise.
  7. The Bible doesn't talk about God

    Is that anything like the tuna of despair? (sorry, couldn't resist, carry on)
  8. What to do about compassion?

    I had to google who Tim Freke is; seems like an interesting fella! Always nice to learn of others who enjoy this particular piece of candy...mine seems to be of the home-made variety...dunno where Freke got his. I'm always happy to share some...even though it's already in everyone's pocket.
  9. BKF's Old Yang and gods playing in clouds

    @Britneyy Hi, Britneyy, Couple of things we need your help with. First, when making a reply to a post, and quoting a post in your reply, please make sure that your typed words are outside of the quote box, or in some other manner format your typing so there is no mistaking who said what. The second thing is, personal insults are discouraged so saying "You must be real dumb" is not really conducive to whatever it is that you may be attempting to accomplish. I see you've been a member since 2012; glad you are starting to interact again!
  10. What to do about compassion?

    Thanks, Lost! I got so excited when I read his post I forgot to read the rest of the thread after replying, lolol. And yes, said over and over and over again... but it wont be heard by anyone, though, until their ears are ready. Too bad, that. Or not.
  11. What to do about compassion?

    (All formatting emphasis mine) Bravo, Lex! Yes! This is the one of the manifestations of 'Both, same time' - that long time members here have heard me blather about for years, lol. This is how simultaneously standing in two worlds reveals itself. Cheers to Life if that is what 'forced' (LOLOL) you into this blended perspective. Well met! Warm greetings (-: Rene
  12. Standing Rock

    Saw an msm headline earlier said 5,000 gallons. Will try & re-find that. Edit. Found it, my mis-read. It said 5,000 barrels (which is just over 200K gallons) No matter how you count it, sucks.
  13. Our ways are very different, indeed! There is no debt/death judgement as part of my path. This is foreign to me. Perhaps you are scorpion...or perhaps you have stumbled into something so abhorrent to base human nature you've let it consume you. Either way, I wish for you peace on your path; even if your 'peace' is what many would consider turmoil. Take care, peace out. ^^^ that means I'm leaving the thread for now, work to do.
  14. Very true and well said. [Just so you know, we (you and me) might mean different things regarding the word 'suffering'. I don't subscribe to the Buddhist ideas regarding 'suffering', but that is another topic, and I know what you meant in your post.] My perspective holds that every moment, every action and non-action, both creates and destroys, both benefits and harms - at the same time. So... by choosing neither of the two options (to save the scorpion or not)... the outcome from my 'not choosing' might turn out to bring me joy or sorrow, but both joy and sorrow are temporal and temporary. The scorpion would drown; I would go about my day and whatever comes, comes.
  15. Here is a little zen story, as a gift, for allinone: Two monks were washing their bowls in the river when they noticed a scorpion that was drowning. One monk immediately scooped it up and set it upon the bank. In the process he was stung. He went back to washing his bowl and again the scorpion fell in. The monk saved the scorpion and was again stung. The other monk asked him, "Friend, why do you continue to save the scorpion when you know it's nature is to sting?" "Because," the monk replied, "to save it is my nature." Now...unlike the second monk, my nature is not to 'save' others, scorpion or not lol, but rather to let people be who they are without needing to change them. My being a Mod is a practice in balance for sometimes it seems I'm forced to enforce rules that appear to push folks in a direction away from their nature. I can do that, though, because I truly believe that everyone has love at the center of their true nature...and sometimes they just stray away from that. On the other hand, if someone's true nature actually is scorpion-like, I hope that second monk is around for them, cause I'll just watch it drown. Who am I to know what outcome is best for the scorpion? I barely know what outcomes would be best for me, lol Or so it seems from here.