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  1. As long as we're piling on... You're idea of what is natural isn't necessarily natural. You want to 'green' the planet? How about staying out of the way and just letting the planet do what it's gonna do which may or may not include 'greening'. Sans human interference, it will rewild itself. JMO.
  2. Thanks tm Yes, what you described as rewilder is how it is. It would be impossible for most to do this, and it took a lifetime for me to get to this, but like Laozi - I climbed onto the blue ox and rode through the western gate.
  3. Wow. Just realized I bombarded ya with all my Like clicks. Sorry Fascinating thread! Thanks to everyone for your words; I learned much...and have too many things to say so I'll limit it to 3. It'll take a while to get the image of the red white and blue strap-on outta my head ; I attribute the success of the nordic systems directly to their Viking ancestry - specifically clan loyalty and support; and lastly - I am a rewilder, though I didn't know there was a word for it, and not just in theory. Where I now dwell it's still possible to live in this manner. That's all. Thanks again for sharing!
  4. Sigh... no reply or clicks on my looney-tune post?? Youz got no sense of humor, I tell ya. Understandable, though. Strange waters, these.
  5. Of course! Is there anywhere Dao is not? Ohhh I don't underestimate that at all, lol. You might have missed the middle three hundred plus pages in the Trump thread where the non-leftists were totally thumped on... motivating the right to rise up, etc. I just watched the natural swing back & forth, kinda boring after a while, same shit over and over, both sides. IMO, if you want less punching, you'll need to ban ALL political debate - or, plan on babysitting 24/7... and it's unreasonable, again imo, to expect Mods to control it for you. Been there done that. I don't have a dog in this hunt. What bows my neck is a lack of integrity - from any source. You want more weirdness? Keep singular control over your site and follow your own nature. It doesn't get more interesting than that.
  6. When I first found this site 11 years ago, the spirit and the energy, especially with the Tao Bums title, conveyed that Dao was everywhere - not just in the perfect or the pleasant or the polite or the politicly correct. Yes, more often than not, it was a disrespectful rowdy and sometimes ugly place. But isn't Dao in all of that also? TDB is 180 from what it began as. I think if you want to change the name of this site it would be fine and perhaps more reflective of what it is now, or what you wish it to become.
  7. Yeah, Laozi always had a nice way with words.
  8. Knowing when to stop is like the river coming home to the sea.
  9. 1. You people are making a great case for an AI sheriff - the suggestion was serious. 2. I was the best Mod you ever had. I also was doing it with head injuries, so what does that tell ya. 3. There was something else I was going to say but I don't recall it now. Oh yeah. Stay mindful of what you wish for. You know the rest.
  10. Good luck with that line.
  11. Maybe this would be an opportunity to test an AI system. All Bums would be straw dogs; the only biases in moderating would come from it's own bullshit meter.
  12. @sean Thank you very much for changing the front door greeting; much better. And I'll loan you my pearls if you ever need something to clutch. We good?
  13. Spot on, Spotless. Sincerely, me. Another of advanced age who was actually there.