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  1. Call to Vikings!

    Thank you, my friends, for everything. (-: Sköl!!
  2. Archery meditation

    I never had one as a kid...but I picked up the affinity a few years ago... It comes in handy, up here (-:
  3. Why would anyone put their penis in a frying pan, non-stick or otherwise? Is this a new make-it-hot internet challenge or something??
  4. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 81

    I appreciate your elaborations. (-: I'm not familiar with the other texts at all, let alone to make any comparisons. I can see, however, where some texts would want to pretty much equate their concept of Heaven with Dao's reinforce their own ideas. My take on "Heaven is not being the same as Dao" is simpler, and incorporates the Christian concept of God/Heaven - which is pretty much representative of the "goodness/positive/light/thrive" half of the whole, and promoting such. Yes? To me, "Dao" is in all things, there is nothing and nowhere that Dao is not; having no preferences, etc... So yes- But, on the other hand, it does not seem apart from Dao either ... that it shares some qualities. You are right, Heaven is not apart from Dao and the (good/positive/light/thrive) qualities it represents are half of the whole - but Heaven is no more the whole any more than an arm is the whole body...or that there is light with no dark. Or so it seems to me.
  5. On Meditation

    Your thoughts here elude me, which is good, because then I'd have to think about it. Leaving the discussion in good humor (Next time I'll think before I jump in. lolol )
  6. On Meditation

    That may be closer to it, yep.
  7. On Meditation

    When I first learned to type..frequent thoughts were: Now where is that 'g', where is that 'u', etc. Now, typing my response to you - my thoughts are..."Ok, how can I explain this clearly..." There is no thought as to where each finger should press. It's the same with flying. I am a pilot. (Private, single-engine, fixed-wing, land, 500+ hrs). The 'mental-echo' you refer in "Oh, There's a cross-wind. Maybe I better correct" was there in the very beginning... but now, as conditions change responses and adaptations become second nature. I understand the posts about hoping your pilot 'thinks'. Me? I'd rather fly with someone that doesn't need to take the time to figure out what to do. But that's just me.
  8. On Meditation

    To me it seems there are 2 levels of 'thought' being discussed: the underlying non-thought type Spotless refers to - and Jeff's different kind of thinking...wherein we think 'about' something. Well, that was clear as mud. Never mind.
  9. On Meditation

    Maybe. Let me think on it. Kidding aside, good post & I agree. Nice to see you, btw.
  10. Aurobindo Anyone?

    you are on a roll this morning, ST.
  11. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 81

    Picture like a number line: empty<-----------------------I------------------------>full The extreme ends of the two positions are: empty: shell existence, mindless 24/7 meditation, fully in Mystery only. Nice work if you can get it. LOL full: complete hedonism etc, fully in Manifest only. Again, nice work if you can sustain it. LOL Either/or mindset straddles the center, alternating between the two positions - like hopping on one foot in the empty - and then on the other foot in the full. As one gets closer and closer to having a blended perspective, i.e. feet hopping closer to the center point between the extremes, the empty does indeed inform the full more often; as you clearly expressed above. But when a tradition puts too much emphasis on one side or the other - by trying to deny or suppress half of the whole, it not only denies what is natural - it prevents an individual from finding their own natural and blended balance. Having one foot in the Manifest and one foot in the Mystery, simultaneously and neither hopping, is what I call Both, same time. Full is always there, enjoying whatever comes (good and bad) - and Empty is always there, unboundaried in full support, to inform, temper, and when needed - mitigate. At least that's how it is for me. Heaven having a preference (not just in FH's post) bugged me too until I learned that in the DDJ "Heaven" is not the same thing as "Dao". Life wants to thrive and grow, yes? 'Heaven' would promote that, so something going against 'Heaven' would not thrive. But that's not the same thing as "going against Dao" which is not possible...and a whole 'nother topic. Glad you did - it's fun to talk about these things! Warmest regards
  12. Call to Vikings!

    Yes you did!! Thanks
  13. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 81

    Wonderful post, Old Friend! May I reply more fully when next on PC? Phone typing sux
  14. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 81

    This reflects an "either/or" mindset. In this case - it's "either" empty, "or" full. Your words shows your preference for the "empty" half of the whole, and that is fine; we each have our own understanding of these things, and you have a lot of company in the Eastern Traditions that emphasize the preference for the empty/yin/negative - over the full/positive/yang <-- which is embraced by Western Traditions (generally speaking) and is also fine. Either/or thinking is difficult to overcome...and people usually land on one or the other - rather than discovering that all things are actually: both, same time. In the DDJ, LiEhr teaches "Both, same time" beginning in Chapter 1. The Feng/English translation says: Ever desireless, one can see the mystery. Ever desiring, one sees the manifestations. To me, this says that we need both for balance; and that both at the same time is the natural way. Most interpretations of Ch1, especially those done with Buddhist/etc slant/bias, translate these lines to means that one should have no desires at all, because that supports their perspective and tradition...and the remainder of those translations follow the same starting point. Your words above reflect this thinking as well; the preference for the empty, which again is fine, but it's still an 'either/or' mindset that seeks a methodology to suppress half of what is natural..rather than integrating both halves of the whole. There are lots of examples in the DDJ about both, same time. As above, so below. Know the white, keep to the black. Sometimes breathing is easy, sometimes breathing is hard. Would you have it any other way? And so on... Other (non-ddj) ideas also reflect the both same time idea: All yang contains yin, all yin contains yang. Every action, and non-action, is one of equal and simultaneous creation and destruction... etc. Both, same time. But people will pick & choose from the DDJ that which supports their particular side of 'either/or'... and have difficulty perceiving that, as individual manifestations, we are both separate and unboundaried-non-separate at the same time. Today, in another thread, you said you are not returning to TDB. As that is the case, I wish you well on your path. Warm greetings. (-: