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  1. the tao bums off topic random philosophy thread

    Ok waited long enough, I reckon. I was thinking about how Marcus Aurelius handled the Antoine Plague; he handled it as a true heroic stoic to be sure. There are striking similarities in the Antoine Plague experience and our current covid~19. The heroic stoic spoke to the people,; maintain a calm mind, after all this thing has happened before and will happen again.' Except the heroic stoic spoke in Latin and/or Greek. Amor fati& momento mori I like stoics, no surprise there is there? They big on Nature like I am. There is an article out 2019, by Man, Andrei-Tudor, The Role of Divination in the Stoic System. Well it s natural being part of nature. Looking forward to reading the article.
  2. Albert Camus Quotes

    I may read Camus' The Plague this week. I have a paperback copy. Not too long a read judging a book by its cover. May yield useful I sights. What the heck
  3. simplify

  4. simplify

  5. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    This is one of those threads where fabulous members here can be overlooked. There is something good could be said about 99+% of this communities members. The remainder could be Zen masters or something. I will start with @Earl Grey the originator of this thread. Which is a good reason in itself. Not that long ago, he was thinking of taking a break from this forum. I salute him for sticking around. @steve time and space do not allow large enough parameters to mention, the why. @Taomeow same time space thing applies with her too. @Apech I lost count years ago how many times he's caused me to laugh. And he shares unique perspectives on important topics not so mainstream. @Nungali keeps the down under vibe going here. I know others do too. But nungali always shows up. @mYTHmAKER who found a way to continue to make his remarkability available to me. @rainbowvein goodnessisity @manitou looks deeper, fearless in what she shares here. @seanmany reasons are obvious. @Mak_Tin_Sishared expert advice on paintball markers on his you tube channel. I will be getting the marker he recommends. I will add more in a timely fashion. If I haven't mentioned you yet,, I likely will.
  6. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Either way, it's good advice and hilarious. Laughter continues to be strong medicine!
  7. My bad, old news, whew, I guess
  8. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    When the green woods laugh with the voice of joy, and the dimpling stream runs laughing by, when the air does laugh with our merry wit, and the green hill laughs with the noise of it. When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it. But for the sake of defending those that do ~~blake
  9. What are you listening to?

    alright, you asked for it. advisory notice--I trust you have done your due diligenc3e, done your homework, made sure your heart is pure before entering. tis not a trifling matter. be aware the tides of march,, no fear. much sincerity, open mind look each one in the eyes how did that go? sticking with the Shawnee--who, if they could muster a hundred warriors, would send tremblings throughout Cherokee nation and their thousand warriors, not only, but all of the southeast. respect my Shawnee/Delaware protector, Gerald Thomas, these types of bonds never question, never fail. when your out there under the stars dancing barefoot with patti smith, enjoy yourself. one day you will realize each circle dancing step paints, paints with power tremblings felt throughout the entire southeast when100 Shawnee warriors gathered. in some Daoist folklore tales, there is some unnamed hermit, forest dweller, mountain sage, type who's very presence, even if hidden in the background, even highly skilled in hiding their power; some power although cannot be seen where its coming from, is undeniably felt, felt by all who have working senses. Tecumseh had a brother, rare few knew his name or looked him in the eyes.. predicted the 1812 new madrid earthquake 2 months prior. before that century ended, up near Čhaŋkpé Ópi Wakpála,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the ground painted white with fallen snow. Sacred ground the power released from that fateful morning felt, transcended to the southern continent. impacting. undeniable. comparable in felt force to the event 11 years prior between Java and Sumatra. volcanoes send shockwaves through the physical worlds. up on the plains, gathered were the chosen who saw visions clearly. saw the Real plain as day. that event sent shockwaves through spirit worlds. edit>> forgot to post the first selection!! second edit> I should add these, sometimes life makes other plans and who knows when may post again, so previous comment about unnamed actors applies. the title Oldest Native American Drumming Video Ever and the dancers names are provided and the drummers remain un-named. you cant sell the Sacred. you can try and that would be a terrible misfortune befalling catastrophe on one's self. how do you think it ends? return
  10. What are you listening to?

    Robbie Robertson's The Sound Is Fading using archived vocals of Leah Hicks. Manning. I have to take a moment to pause here; these dang spring allergies causing my eyes to water. Streaming down. Leah Hicks Manning is John Trudel's mother n law. Leah, her, well, do a little research on her to include her final day in Nevada. Nevada, where Wovoka first openly shared the Magic. I shared my experience with Trudel, his response, these dang allergies. Signs of purification process really. Also, anything Joy Harjo. Yes she IS currently Poetress Supreme, acknowledged officially as such Poet Laurette . She IS also Supreme Story teller of Sacred tales. And she uses a saxophone, so to qualify as songs on your playlist Trunk. Take a moment to think how thoughtful Harjo is with her for Vision to help you in your project.. There is nothing they've overlooked, taken tender care concerning each and every detail. Dag gone trunk, you must be someone special Edit, misspelled Trudel, I didn't but tech, spell checker try and keep something's covered up. trudel spoke in great length concerning this very thing.
  11. What are you listening to?

    Those are excellent choices silent thunder provided. I could've and will notify responses to all of them today I only clicked on Nakai: I feel special resonance with all of Nakai's energy. Trunk, your selection of Robertson's Ghost Dance a must have, as are other versions titled Ghost Dance even by non native Americans, Patti Smith Ghost Dance. There is connection or else she would not have made it. Ain't no commercial enterprises with the Sacred. That Easter night 2013, the first time I heard her expression of Ghost Dance, it was a key piece to the mystery for me. Moments later Short Bull and Kicking Bear revealed to me, it was them that accompanied their family carrying that little spruce tree that dark night around this time of the year, 2009. Tomorrow I will add a few selections I've used, some will have more of a martial feel to them. They name of the album Patti Smith's Ghost Dance plays on titled. Easter. How amazing is that? I think it's a blessing to be slow like I am, everything there,right there, in front of you/me/ all if us. Just read between the lines, my slowness, those Divine Beings realize, this zeristao ain't gonna get it unless we beat him all about with it until all doubt has been removed.
  12. taoist tv channel

    ok been over a year, but I was over run by devils taoist tv proudly presents to the music "A Ballad to Chaung Tzu" Daniel Mitel TSOTH filming Wudang Master Zhang 5 elements coming up next on Taoist tv the 8 trigrams series
  13. Bums I am missing

    ah, that isn't/wasn't true. welcome back btw, always appreciated hearing your perspective and experience. looking forward to hearing what has changed or is new, with you i miss the voices of some bums (although their presence may be continued to be sensed here) who've apparently taken a vow of silence. i respect the spiritual tradition of this practice. yet,,,,i do miss their voices expressed in typed form on this forum. it seems a noble practice yielding desirable results. including, perhaps, power silence is a type of wisdom. silence of one's own accord seems a deep profound study silenced by others on the other hand, aint cool at all a couple of bums i continue to miss; kate, cat i missed sean while he was away-- some bums that no longer post here, i hear their voices elsewhere, im sure this forum misses them though the forms of silence vary on one hand, it is a form of wisdom and power on the other hand, silence like a cancer grows does lao Tzu comment on silence?
  14. cherokee immortals Cherokee Nation first tribe in U.S. to send heirloom seeds to global seed vault in Norway