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  1. simplify

  2. taoist tv channel

    2019 edition of taoist tv five elements bonus mountain video
  3. simplify

  4. What is spirituality

    expressing the ineffable sans lyrics everyone has to experience for themselves you can try to put into words chunkity chunk clunkity clunk
  5. What are you listening to?

    the dance moves ain't bad either after 20 million views i reckon they've made it
  6. Red

    please send me a case of that Red Wine you're describing here
  7. colds and flu season

    i never get flu shots make ya sum elderberry wine or dragon's blood wine and enjoy the Holiday Season & skip the flu and cold season
  8. Red

    blood and all the amazing things that blood accomplishes and
  9. The Advantage of Evil

    that is the philosophical question isn't it? philosophy is about preparing to die. in the meanwhile we live and learn. my Taoist experiences opened my mind to the energetics beyond blood and bone. for anything to be higher Spiritual it must translate into the physical realm too. connections transcend the physical and mental states to the Spiritual.
  10. The Advantage of Evil

    @rideforever i do like your use of "bad faith" it is a term i became fond of reading some of the existentialists particularly sartre. rousseau's bad faith is a horse of another color. although both versions can easily be traced to montaigne. jrr tolkein's The Hobbit & LOTR agree with rousseau's concept good and bad faith. I have touched upon the theme in my anarchy threads, I still have not made the public leap that society/civilization acts in "bad faith" which would be essentially "evil" even if the evidence does suggest just that. apolgies to @Lost in Translation for my abstraction. however, it is my nature to do so.
  11. The Advantage of Evil

    imo there are always truths behind the myriad myths i may delve deeper to consider why the Hindu, Nordic/Finnish, and Native North America appear to diverge from the others.
  12. The Advantage of Evil

    perhaps the worthy adversaries good and evil are myths? the two concepts are woven into the tapestry of imagination that date back to Ancient times. does one hold an advantage over the other, interesting question. Egyptian good god Osiris and his evil brother Set play a drama of betrayal, death, & resurrection. Babylonian Ishtar dispenses good and evil. The hero king Gilgamesh that she loves rejects her while he portrays the human state of helplessness. Persian duality has the god of Light ashura mazda (zoom zoom) and his evil brother angra mainyu. Hebrew/Christain/Islam have a good god and devil duality. Armenian demonic and beneficial spirits converted to christianity. Greek well, zeus had his rivals. Nordic/Finnish has a Trickster who acts and prevails without conscience while the devils hiisi and louhi fight and lose to the heroes. Slavic duality of good and evil also has that dracula dude. Siberian devils erlik, schulman, and satan are always trying to destroy humans. not sure if that is good or evil, hm oh well Hindu always confuses me lol Buddhist has an evil one that tempts Buddha, yes? Chinese has duality expressed as yin yang not as good and evil Japanese i think has light and chaos Native North American also has a trickster who knows neither good nor evil Aztec/Mayan/Inca the conflict is between life and death Voodoo does have two prominent cults one is demonic and the other beneficial
  13. What is spirituality

    dear manitou, I am delighted that you watched, enjoyed, found value and wonder with the video/song.
  14. The Stars Will Come To An End

    Relax, I share good news! Stars are being born all the time. There is even a movie A Star is Born. I havnt watched the movie, but, I read some books, rags, and mags about it. I do practice forgiveness myself, sometimes, In that I forgive others, have pity, empathy, whatever. Whether anyone else forgives me, if I ask for that or not is beyond my control. Way beyond. So, I don't dwell on that much. Heartbreaking endings, that is Hollywood stuff. Greek tragedy stuff. Even Aristotle could follow that. Everytime a great poet or artist passes another Star is added to a constellation somewhere. I find peace in that. For now, brave Helios shares warmth. Take comfort in that. No worries. It is easy to overthink stuff sometimes, I think that overthinking is a trap and leads to torment. Stay on the Sunny side.
  15. Nietzsche Quotes

    So Nietzsche famously said that order rises from chaos or sth like that. And he wasn't the first to suggest that order rises from chaos, but apparently he subscribed to that idea. Ya know, chaos rises out of order as well, it's coming. ok, back to Camus "In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm." We gonna need to Camus up for what's coming. Good luck to all bums who find within them something stronger, something better,,,,,