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  1. old farmer's advice

  2. simplify

  3. No more right-wing bullshit.

    This is the first ive looked at this thread, and ive only looked at the most recent posts. From those, i see that The Dao Bums is alive, well, and kickin'! Of the few posts i just read. From liminal luke, ilumairen, sean, walker, nungali, manitou, ct, steve---the authors of those posts would make up a super mod dream team. Like walker reminded us of Word is bond. It certainly is. And World is Bond. That's my take and i know I'm not alone in thinking this world is for bonding. Forging unbreakable bonds that endure all this world can throw at ya. This type of bond looks out for each other, this way there are no weak links. These types of bonds shine eternal. For some of the best bonds found anywhere--we're in the right place. Right here on The Dao Bums.
  4. simplify

    Moving day
  5. Scott Meredith

    Maybe check Meredith out on FB and start a dialigue with him if you want
  6. Paintings with a Wow Factor

  7. mystical poetry thread

    AMONG THE EYES The blind guides have come for us We summoned them thinking to save ourselves These are the terms Nothing is forgiven nothing is remembered And order they tell us was never ours ---WS Merwin Merwin closes with RAINLIGHT maybe check it out if you feel so inclined
  8. The Cool Picture Thread

  9. The Cool Picture Thread

  10. The Cool Picture Thread

    @Pavel Karavaev this is in montana
  11. Scott Meredith

    Scott Meredith is removing some of his books from print/sale. no longer available is Raidical Xingyi Energetics, next one on chopping block is Xing Yi Quan. As this year progresses more of these books will become unavailable.
  12. The Advantage of Evil

    Robert heinlein and thelerner like it too!
  13. The Advantage of Evil

    Yes, mae west refused to accept the boundaries that were in place. So, in a way she was a rebel with a good cause; greater personal freedom. That struggle continues for many. That ol evil weed would put a permanent black mark on a person for life until very recently. Now, that it is looked at under a different light, countless benefits have beem identified. A truly evil person imo is one that unneccesarily hurts others. Often those can be found in the upper tiers of authority. Soeaking only for myself, i find value on doing the edgework. It isnt easy or for the feint of heart. It is at the edges of boundaries where new benefits or fteedoms are usually found. In dealing with the self or with this thing called civilization, science/tech frontiers etc the only way to expand is to test the limits of the boundaries. In that context, rebels are the trailblazers of the frontiers. Often it seems it takes a mae west to test the evil so the mainstream will later benefit. You are right, there is a lot of trial and error, mistakes, regrets--and also great discoveries and joys. Every candle lit casts a shadow. Every shadow exists bc there is light somewhere.
  14. The Advantage of Evil

    a few thoughts on the subject by some of the most notable minds I like mae west's the best "given the choice between 2 evils, I choose the one I never tried before"(( perhaps loosely paraphrased who are you then? I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good. to light a candle is to cast a shadow.....
  15. robert peng yi jin jing