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  1. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen. Goethe
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it. Faulkner
  3. From receiving fajin to giving fajin

    will light some incense and send positive healing energies your way injuries happen along the way seemingly sometimes at the most inopportune moment imo it’s just another form of test the journey along the path isn’t easy; just worthwhile
  4. From receiving fajin to giving fajin

    with energetics, a main harm risk is backlash, whichever training one undertook. Thank you for acknowledging your teacher & lineage. congratulations on your future endeavors of continuing that line. ouch! damn, you've had a run of health misfortunes that you've shared with us. I pray you find relief from your pain and limitations. I will echo your plug for the AG site. There will always be critics and arm chair critics, juvenile remarks etc those I would ignore, the ignorant or the haters will always be there. I wouldn't let it deter what I was trying to convey. I hear ya. There was a new bum on here recently complained about the price of lessons from a teacher that he wanted the material from. I was thinking really?? WTF, you want the knowledge and path to skill from a particular master but don't wanna pay the master's price, which BTW is worth every penny. Priceless actually. But I digress. Teaching is also useful to increase one's own skill level. It is worthwhile on so many levels. Years ago, I used to teach. Traveling to different parts of the country, mostly, in the south, little seminars and such. Fun times. My areas of focus went purely to the energetics. So, while teaching martial arts and/or for basic health benefits is worthwhile and useful; I decided to step away from that to play with the energetics full time. fa jin fa qi fa shen especially the latter, and fa qi is always fun, became my DOPE and never ending means to enjoyment. It never gets old. Some never do. I would be remiss not to mention to those who are looking for the freebies, yeah the freeloader bums, stubborn lot of them actually,,, if only to test drive to see if there is anything to it, they may like to check out this crazy dude who dishes out alot of bona fide energetics ways and means with reputable lineage for FREE He gets his fair share and then some of ignoble boors making uniformed comments too, anyone will putting themselves in that position as you well know by now. But, undeterred and not letting that distract him, he continues without much complaint.
  5. From receiving fajin to giving fajin

    Hmm, I am interested in your progress as well as the progress of all bums. I think respectwise, giving some by mentioning your teacher would’ve been appropriate. but that’s just me. really I bumped the thread to give you opportunity to do that or post a video, something along those lines. I am certainly not looking for conflict. it isn’t my forum btw, I’m one of the custodians. but every post I make shouldn’t be viewed as coming from a “mod” can’t I enjoy regular posting as any bum? It’s your opportunity, however you choose to go with it; follow up on the fajin topic or bicker
  6. Love, Loving-Kindness, Bonds, Attachment

    What is more powerful than Love? I didn’t say it to be saying a saying.
  7. Love, Loving-Kindness, Bonds, Attachment

    I would stay focused on the Love. Trust Love.
  8. From receiving fajin to giving fajin

    Really? I thought I’d give this thread a bump because, obviously, it wasn’t going anywhere, instead of just letting it die on the vine, I thought, water it.
  9. From receiving fajin to giving fajin

    Those are marvelous accolades ! (self bestowed one’s too often are)
  10. Books you might consider The Root of Chinese Qigong by Yang Jwing Ming & Qigong Empowerment by Shou Yu Liang or you could take the advice of online folks on forums you know nothing about, or take advice from fifty cent hustlers, lots of possibilities, really i would ask Lomax
  11. simplify

  12. any arm chair modding is sanctionable. Let the mods handle it, or else this could escalate to a few suspensions.
  13. the key word on this site under my watch is always respect/respectful. And it is pretty much as simple as that. no report had been sent to the mods. If mod action is sought please file a report.
  14. The Daoist group I belong to existed way before the 12th century. Our view is Following Dao erases the sharpness of all creatures, adjusts their light so all can live in this world peacefully. This way the eyes are not blinded and living in the world is easy. Of course all types of sorcery exist under different names.
  15. Voices from 'Murica

    uh uh uh those rides though believe that well, he fell off the mountain he tried to climb, literally keep on keepin' on ya'll bums