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  1. twenty twenty vision

    it would help that too I reckon if you were needing help, I was referring about immune system boost, better hydration, lots of things, probably all connected.
  2. twenty twenty vision

    If we thought covid-19 dominated the first half of the year with its 20,000 new cases a day in the US, Consider that the second half of the year is starting off approaching 50,000 new cases a day. I went out and got me a good supply of vitamin d from Helios, And I'm noticing good effects from my steady consumption of aloe vera juice. I woke up this morning feeling like a new man.
  3. twenty twenty vision

    My guess on the square cloud here is that it was sent to provide a steady drizzle for 3 days to keep the dust knocked down. As we reach the half way mark of 2020, Dont look now but G4 EA H1N1
  4. Has Anyone Heard Of Mak Jo Si

    Paintball markers, he's very knowledgeable
  5. Yubu to Bugang

    Today, friend reminded me of Wudang White Horse. In case anyone overlooked the post and link provided by @Satyalok Check out the link. Or go to You will find the 2020 schedule, Scroll down to Dragon Heart Ba Gua Read the couple of paragraphs, then you will come to the end where it says To read more about Ba Gua from the Five Immortals Temple Click here. Click that and journey on, step by step! I wish I could join satyalok in Ukiah. I'm trying to find a way to join in online. It's been a few years since I've talked to Bing, I had posted a couple of his older videos on my Taoist TV thread, Talented individual that generously shares.
  6. simplify

  7. Dancing

    " to the universe belongs the dancer. He who does not dance does not know what happens." " we come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust. The stars made a circle and in the center we dance. "
  8. WAR

    All the preparations of all the major military powers combined isn't doing much in the way of defense against the real global threat going on currently. Covid~19 appears to be winning its war as it spreads willy nilly throughout the world. It should not have been a surprise attack. Yet, it was. While defense remains scattered, even scatterbrained, the offensive continues on. "Thus the good fighter is able to secure himself against defeat, but cannot make certain of defeating the enemy." --Sun Tzu
  9. twenty twenty vision

    Hmm, the clouds look different this evening as it approaches dusky dark. The darkness of the clouds had an unusual tint to them. I was thinking maybe these are the first arrivals of Saharan dust clouds. Then I noticed something a little more different about one. Sometimes clouds hide behind or above other clouds. I've gazed at many over my lifetime. One this evening had a boxed shape one hovering above it. If this is due to wind, moisture, pressure patterns why is only one like this? I couldn't help but notice micro particulates falling from the clouds. Perhaps in the box Angel's are playing their harp, idk. Stranger still, I'm thinking of going down the hill tomorrow and putting in an application to work. I think I need to accelerate my stocking of certain items, supplies, We are approaching the beginning of the second half of twenty twenty. The vibe is hard to articulate.
  10. WAR

    Trickster Crow, in the new snow. You caw, caw like crazy. Laugh. Because you know I'm a fool, too, like you skimming over the thin ice to the war going on all over the world. Joy Harjo I would recommend reading Will & Ariel Durant's Pulitzer prize winning The Lessons of History It finishes in about 100 pages. It explains much.
  11. twenty twenty vision

    Yes, wiley XL-1. With a seal around the frame that keeps small particles from getting into my eyes. Could be useful if the Saharan dust cloud passes through. And it compliments my shemagh. Someone yesterday asked me where the Sahara dust cloud comes from. When I answered Grant's tomb I could tell my arrow missed the mark. This is a year of great change. With that comes great opportunities if anyone would like to take advantage of those. Just use a little twenty twenty vision.
  12. twenty twenty vision

    Lima, feel free to provide rhetorical answers to balance your questions I had a new pair of sunglasses delivered I wanted to try on and test the difference of vision while I think of manitou's quantum mechanic response.
  13. twenty twenty vision

    That would be some off the charts paradigm shift that would return everything to zero. Kinda like the big contraction compared to the big bang. I'm not saying either big bang or big contraction is real or not, Just using it as a conceptual example. I dont see that happening in 2020 despite this being a strange year.
  14. You didnt just overturn your previous argument, did you ? One of our more famous members always reserved his right to change his mind. It signifies growth sometimes.