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  1. Voices from 'Murica

    Texas related San Antonio Stroll San Antonio Stroll, take two Earlier on the thread the Stones sang Bob Wills IS Still the King of Texas. nothing quiet like an armed band and is that Ted Cruz strumming the guitar? strange....and I digress,, armed band of Texans. Willie Nelson for President The Mandrell sisters, saw them twice,, also from Texas. one of my alternative universe ideas, has in the Bicentennial year, 1976, jimmy carter being elected as Vice President instead of president. Carter was on the ticket with Willie Nelson and America and the World became very different places than what we’re experiencing now.
  2. Voices from 'Murica

    1964, a common theme, the movement & arrangement of the two videos are strikingly similar. Voices from ‘Murica, a traditional hillbilly song from the heart of Appalachia, that being eastern Kentucky, Luke the drifter, Just Waiting 1951 I like Dusty’s version equally well. This version, my, what a voice. Queen of Soul
  3. Voices from 'Murica

    It is what it is. And, it is what it isn’t. may sound like a bourbon commercial, yet, referring to the future effective gun control in Tennessee choose wisely edit to add; irony always finds a way. there is never irony without iron
  4. Voices from 'Murica

    I agree o3b, Born to be Wild is a kind of outlaw song, although it really just is expressing the joy of the open road with a little freedom. Funny that is thought of as outlaw by so many. to my jersey, New York and philly friends.
  5. Voices from 'Murica

    Murica has Always welcomed outsiders & outlaws, that’s always a given. all Art connects anyways, like we all connected, energies, spirits, and winds. drops of rain, sunshine and cloudy. remember the We All Country selection previously posted? the first number from Linda is a connection, written by the Stones and performed by a Murican. so for example a collaboration between Eric burden and Motown artists reflects the spirit of what this thread is all about. sharing music, art, life’s lessons—-just some basic cooperation through thick and thin, good times or bad, sticking together like it’s done in Murica.
  6. An opinion or observation of madness

    I’m glad you said “so called “base” ive been waiting to address this false notion that Trump has minions of rabid fascist followers. IF Trump had half the so called cult like base MSM alleged, then Trump would have likely won the Twenty Twenty election. Of course there is some Madness that can be directly attributed to Trump. I’ve never suggested otherwise. And there is also Madness that can be directly attributed to some of those who oppose Trump. Trump has no opportunity to throw any of the VAST majority of gop politicians under a bus and has NO possibility of throwing conservative voters under any bus; regardless of if they support Trump policies or not. It was never about Trump. I said that in 2016 and I say it now. If Trump winds up under a bus, that will be because of his own doings. And the vast Vast members of gop and/or conservatives won’t care. All of that will sort itself out, let the chips fall where they may. I will confidently predict that even if Trump avoids unfavorable court rulings before 2024, and regardless of anything else that will unfold, Trump will NOT be the Gop nominee in 2024. If you wish to continue your narrative that all things evil, demonic, or even cult like political behavior is the sole domain of Trump, you are free to do so. I don’t see other bums joining that chorus. Frankly, that chorus narrative is every bit as damaging to the welfare of the American people as Trump could possibly be, even if all the accusations MSM claims are true.
  7. Voices from 'Murica

    After a brief pause, and it must be brief, yet, a moment of reflection is required, going forward,,, Reflections may lead to melancholy and now is not the time for that. movement is necessary— Hey You !! Move! Move with a sense of urgency. word. what’s the word? whether reVeille or Rouse or Who’s truth? Between Memorial Day and D Day, his sword is terrible and swift and is recounted through the watch fires of a hundred circling camps.
  8. An opinion or observation of madness

    Stating the obvious would be more like; the whirlpool has become more rapid, the flame more eager and devouring, the observer is buried under a flood of impressions, disinformations, those that would snuff out the light appear in all sorts of manifestation,, Creeping ever closer, to the door named Madness. Through that door the observer descends into depths unfathomed. beyond the point of no return. There is no magic glass case labeled “in case of emergency” you cannot break what is already broken. the depths of descent grow darker, more deceptive. Lurking danger has encircled the delicate flickering of a single tea lite candle. echoing are the faint remnants of smug proud shouts of parrots who thought themselves clever and even correct, until toucans and buzzards parsed them out on the buffet bar, so methodically, meticulously, divided evenly, some sort of hypocrisy feast. Lunchtime rates from eleven til three.
  9. Voices from 'Murica

    O3b, you continue to add some of my all time favorites. here is another one, the song and the video are a trip. The above is a mere seven years after the next selection; showing how quickly things can change in Murica
  10. An opinion or observation of madness

    DRILL BABY DRILL !!! Biden throws support behind ConocoPhillips Lease to drill Alaska’s North Slope at the rate of 100,000 barrels a day for the next thirty years. the Alaska wildlife refuge or the National wilderness preserve just became the national petroleum reserve. Except it isn’t going to be held in reserve. we can scroll backwards on this thread and find that bums labeled Trump’s support for drilling this area made him the most diabolical insidious environmental criminal in the history of the world. So, what does that make Biden? or am I just making another false equivalence? or, does yet another campaign promise broken, and not broken by gop opposition, but rather by democrat presidential choice, constitute Madness
  11. Voices from 'Murica

    Today I’ve been flying a kite, perfect conditions. Memorial day weekend coming up, ya’ll stay safe, enjoy and celebrate responsibly. here, the bittersweetness has never been thicker. Meanwhile, in a Kentucky hotel lobby
  12. Voices from 'Murica

    Well, o3b, Bobby McGee’s song setting begins in the Kentucky coal mines, bonds run deep there. greater great potatoes,
  13. Voices from 'Murica

    I liked the Janis song you removed as well.. Mid eighties, where does time go? Well, actually, of course time doesn’t go anywhere, that’s a subject for another day. Yeah, back then it was We Are The World, ya know. Brothers and Sisters looked out for one another, young, old, it was all the same, We were One. idk how things are some places in our Great America the Beautiful,,,I don’t believe the false narratives sound blasted at us constantly, I can tell you how it is in Murica, that sense of Oneness remains. Murica stands together Undivided. after a long Saturday Nightshift I will be looking forward to