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  1. The Cool Picture Thread

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    Crisis? What crisis?
  4. Watching The Birds

    The Cardinals sound sweet today. When I returned after a three-year absence at the cottage the starlings were here. Last summer I watched as cardinals tried to gain access to the yard. Starlings met them in mid-air collisions around the hedgerow. I have some nice trees and the creek bank, but trees and creeks are not in short supply here. So, I have no idea why my yard is a turf battle. I do not put seed out. No starlings this year so far. Interesting link, I think. Ravens and evolution.
  5. Favorite Daoist Quote

    knowledge and wisdom, two different things IMO) a 'good talker' uses concise language, eloquent is something else-- I do have a weakness for eloquent people- - However, simple and concise is preferred. State your point/case in clear, understandable language. For me, clever is one of those tricky words. I think most use that word as a positive descriptor. I don't. Clever is not wisdom. Clever could be a tactic; a two move cheap shot sort of thing.
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    Billy Beer
  7. Excuses, excuses...

    I think it was Oscar Wilde that said: "I can resist everything except temptation." And I used to be like that, even when I knew beyond all doubt, that I was making a terrible choice. Then one day I resisted temptation and felt empowered. I don't want to get cliche and go Sun Tzu, but conquering oneself is a milestone. Over time with small, infrequent successes I began having more frequent success and with those experiences my confidence built. Do I still strike out sometimes? Yes, I do, but I have a much higher success rate these days. I am no less spontaneous either. I liked your reference to gongfu; I see it that way myself.
  8. Excuses, excuses...

    I look at those unexpected moments when, there she is, temptation herself in her various forms arrives unannounced as golden opportunities. Occasionally, I strike the gold. It is a confidence builder like no other.
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  10. taoist tv channel

    Wudang Five Immortals Temple The last link of the day, here at taoist tv features 8 step pure light wudang/8 step dragon heart/Sword/painting the seven stars
  11. taoist tv channel

    taoist tv channel proudly presents
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    my favorite color