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  1. Bums I am missing

    @natural @Encephalon i know you have a lot to share; my guess is your time available / lack of, for this place, factors. @joeblast i miss this bum’s unique practices, working with hexagrams, is an example. Definitely had/has energetics. There are several other bums that rarely venture back around here, some not even posting when they do pass through. These bum’s definitely add, well, have added to discussions on the way. I won’t list then; and I have open lines to some of, but certainly not all of them. I hope that @Earl Grey is doing well and I look forward to his posts upon his return.
  2. simplify

  3. Martial Arts

    The Classics
  4. Martial Arts

    A fun post the legend is morphing into myth yet the reality stands the test of time
  5. Martial Arts

    @Zorro Dantes thanks for sharing that awesome post! I have subscribed to that YT channel. That demo cleanly slicing through the coconut convinced me.
  6. Muddying Man Festival

    In tough times or Calamity a separation becomes apparent; there are those who choose to fend for themselves only themselves, and there are those who become helpful to the ones who need a bit of help. And those who 90% of the time that offer helping hands have times, when they are in need of help themselves. Like I said, twenty twenty would reveal everyone’s true colors. And the same is true at Black Rock City today. Every community or group has to find a way to deal with the shit if they are to become an ongoing thing. This is as basic as it gets. Ive never been to BM, it’s pretty much above my pay grade; in the past I have frequented the Family of Living Light when they set up camp near my neck of the woods, so it is similar. However, on a much smaller scale. It’s easier I think to set up properly for a couple hundred rather than70,000. Yet, the small gatherings have fewer folks to do what’s required than the larger group has to maintain kitchens, have first aid station, clean water, and clean up. My imagination of BM conjures up vibrant energy creative folks bent on having a good time/experience. And of course Black Rock City isn’t offline without signal. A fly over to drop supplies, I’m sure has been or is being arranged. Medical airlift if needed,, etc should have been planned for, prior, in fact, in case of unexpected whatever. One shouldn’t feel some stigma as being a prepped survivor before venturing to one’s adventure; a little common sense goes a long ways If I was just one percent tech-y I would post the meme of the Beastie Boys are releasing a five part anthology,,, Being a little prepared for the unexpected keeps glamping glamping rather than devolving into base tribal, survival of the strong nightmares. Life is short, they say, some fire balling preacher yesterday pulled out a timer to demonstrate that mine just as everyone else clock is ticking away , well kinda, I thought, none of us, way rare few know the appointed moment when expiration occurs. in the meanwhile, have enjoyable experiences not bad ones. Make good memories not bad ones. we are all condemned to do our time. Do good time not bad time. So, my imagination has that towering wooden effigy presiding over the camp, his court. That Burning Man watches, judges, those in attendance; how they deal with this up till the moment he flames out
  7. Muddying Man Festival

    @Taomeow Thanks for sharing that. It made me chuckle, how I’ve also tried to interpret past messages from Dear Ol’ I Ching, to discovering, the message it gave was Literally Literal. I heard or read, idk, that “escape” from BM is literally a six mile hike, and I saw a few saying they couldn’t believe someone actually walked that far, albeit, in the mud,,,and the heat,, maybe in some allegory, escaping the escape festival, is challenging. a six mile hike, ok, in the mud and the heat, still, I’m thinking, What the heck, if I were there, I’d stick it out, stuck in the mud and have the best time I could, doing whatever it was, I went there to do anyways, I sure wouldn’t feel stuck, though, six miles? Cmon folks, put one foot in front of the other, you ain’t stuck. Maybe, I heard it wrong, and it’s actually sixty miles, then I’d understand, it’s somewhat a sticky situation, to leave if I felt the need to, but a snack or two and a canteen of water,,,,,and a good stretch for sure, maybe if lucky, some interesting mirage to see,,, why leave though, went there for the experience, so experience it, Was it the Beatles who classically asked, Why Don’t We Do It In The Mud?! possibly, a loose paraphrase on my part? also, I know in the past @thelerner spoke BM, I think he’s been to the event, are you there now, @thelerner ?? please update curious bums about your experience, if you are there or even if your not, I know, that You are a bum who finds themselves at interesting places at particular times, be it hurricane or BM, or?? dang it, I could be there, right now, showing off my mud stepping skill, hearing the whispers, “but why in circles, only circles” missed opportunity for a unique experience,,,, oh, what might’ve occurred
  8. When Yin style opened up to the public with an immense amount of knowledge; deep, detailed, delightful. That was a marvelous stroke of great fortune Generously given to the world. If you seek Baguazhang; here it is; cascading down from Dong Haichuan, who brought the Art down from the mountain, taught Yin Fu, who himself was a renowned Shaolin practitioner, Yin Fu passed the torch to Men Baozhen, who wrote the book Orthodox Bagua. Dr. Xie Peiqi grew up next door to Men Baozhen and Mr. Men took a liking to his young neighbor and Dr. Xie Peiqi inherited the complete system which is mind boggling, considering that a single one of the eight animals is a complete deep Art/system standing alone. To have all eight? Plus, the health and energetics/ power aspects. Has to rank among the all time achievements of humanity…The fascinating history can be read on the Dr. Xie Peiqi decided to make Yin Style public and his successor, He Jinbao carries on that vision. Offering more Bagua than anyone could absorb. Unless you are the Chosen One. And just like Gerard says, gonna take tremendous commitment and work. But look at what is within your reach!! A little Bagua goes a long ways. Gerard posted a link to Ma Gui Baguazhang, which does trace its roots to Yin Style. The Ma Gui branch is rarer and less availability. however, enough is available to keep you busy this lifetime. Walking the circle, Bear style, Ma Gui, correctly, alone, achieves All of Daoist transforming alchemy. Once a certain amount of work is done; Qi itself becomes your guide. So does Shen too, become a guide. I still like to hear or read some feedback from others relating to their experiences. Now, nearly nine years after Gerard’s post; I am all ears and eyes on what comments Gerard would like to add.
  9. I don’t consider refraining from personal insults as censorship. Express whatever ideas you like, short of insults. And, I asked if you’d edit, I didn’t take it upon myself to hide your post.
  10. Moderator notice. I ask that you edit or hide this post. This forum has a strict no insult policy. I understand that you brushed off Shadow_self’s first couple of volleys. In the future, I advise, to use the report option here rather than return an insult for an insult.
  11. Anyone here practise Chinese classical martial-arts?

    To answer the OP; yes, I play with Chinese Classical Martial Arts. My experience is that I owe my good health to these classics. Baguazhang remade me from an old guy gasping for his last struggling breath to now, fourteen years later, and if we count age by how many solar years or Moon cycles, at my place of employment, which has had as many as 400 employees, me being second oldest, yet fastest on my feet, with my hands, and my mind, and express the most endurance.This isn’t even debatable. at first my goal was better health, and I’ve received more than I ever expected. Then, energetics became what I’ve enjoyed playing with. Subtle although Deep. I was tested all year in 2019, at age 60 by an entire town. They failed to subdue me, even after every dirty trick they tried. Other Chinese Arts have benefited me as well. I’ve experienced things beyond my imagination. I rarely speak about any of it. I didn’t enter these arts with the intentions of being some brawler, or tough guy, and I am certainly not those. I don’t spar. I look very average. Although, 99% guess my age at least twenty years less than I am. Ive read several threads on this forum about various martial arts, hard, soft, etc imo there are countless variables involved as to why or why not they are useful, beneficial, harmful, what have ya. my experiences with these arts are that they not only sustain me, they carry me to new thresholds and gates. I am extremely grateful what they’ve provided for me.
  12. Enlightened movies

    I went to the cinema to watch this one. It has a very different vibe about it. The felt tension was thick enough to cut with a knife, sword, battle axe, and beyond. I watched it alone. The previous time I went to the cinema was for the 30th anniversary of Labyrinth. I went with a handful of college kids for that one. And a coed was asked if she had dressed fine like she did for me (lol) of course not, she fixed herself up for the Goblin King. Shows how rarely I venture into a cinema.
  13. What are you listening to? maybe the king ain’t all bad