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  1. Canna Bums

    Herbs can be good for your health. Consider that at age 91; Willie is out on tour. I've made a few trips to the local dispensery mostly to get some fruits: lemon, orange, apple, grape, and jack herer, whatever type of fruit that is. Going to the dispensery is cool and part of living where I am now, I can experience the joys of gardening once again, legally even.
  2. Wabi-sabi

  3. fairly safe for awhile?

    Doesn't Tina's song's words still ring true? BMW? baby mama's wheels?! Naw I can't use those. I do have a poor man's BMW, a Jetta, also F150, both useful, what I need here though, Atv 4 wheeler and a dual sport bike. Not wanting to accumulate more physical possessions, however, while I'm here ( new location, out of Kentucky( a safety factor was pondered over concerning the move(( was safe in kentucky and safe here as well)) good to have options on how to get around. Also trains here, so that's something kentucky didn't offer too much of,,,, A few bikes in the video. I like the Cafe racer. The US has simmered down from a few years back perception of boiling over, calm waters all around.
  4. Bums I am missing

  5. fairly safe for awhile?

  6. simplify

  7. a country boy can't survive, unless...

    guess i'll just have to suffice with my coal fired brick outdoor pizza oven//// no internet required,,, it doesnt take up much space, so, i'd imagine that they would be useful in cities as well. so yeah, most common country folk can suffice appreciate ya'll's concern for us, and likewise, we country folk wonder in concern how ya'll city folk gonna be able to survive; likely, this is just a perspective thing. (during normal times, whatever those are) regardless, surviving is one thing, surthriving is another thing,,, there are several levels of survival, further comment on this later in the post. at the freelance artists studio; my job title is party manager, the party must go on, in fact, the party does go on sort of self perpetuates, perpetrates, careful with that word trickery, Eugene. (it is not only crimes that can be perpetrated, although, they also can be) I will share a couple of country songs for illustrative usefulness the second country song is for @Nungali BONUS TRACK!!! becoz i always go the extra miles for ya'll bums. (going the extra miles is useful for many things, surviving included) One lesson I've learned this life; a hard lesson fr, and like a fool that i am, i still try to do the impossible sometimes, too often/ yet, when it comes to life, life choices, surviving, and there are widespread opinions concerning this, IT IS HARD< SOME SAY IT CAN"T BE DONE< DON'T EVEN TRY---TO SAVE SOMEONE ELSE (from themselves)from this world YOU CAN ONLY LOVE THEM oh yeah the bonus track! the thread is about survival, there are times when surviving becomes more challenging. often, it is your state of mind that will determine your outcome. Stay focused. Stay calm. All Ya'll in the cities, know that your country cousins, wish only the best outcomes for ya'll. Whatever arrives to threaten us, our best defense is to stick together. this last song comes from the Heart
  8. simplify

  9. I want to become powerful

    Liking how the thread winds along to something useful, TDB style no doubt, where true power is bestowed from, once they notice the next batter up, power seeker, joining the hordes that preceded (common generics)(boring) seeking power, most possible power in fastest possible time, least amount of effort type of characters, these characters instantly (unceremoniously) land on the disqualified list. scrap pile. however, they also land on a list of prospects for the worst cheap type of 'power' --- some achieving results. it gets messy.
  10. -

    Let your inner smile shine through. Grin early and often.
  11. I want to become powerful

    it is attributed to Solomon, by many. Whoever, The Teacher was/is, they handed us one deep reflective essay. perhaps, my favorite. one of, on a short list. how'd I'd time travel back 3000 years or so, out of upmost curiosity,,, just like now, just like then, there is nothing new under the sun. All you power seekers do understand, that despite how much power you have, you will remain just as vulnerable as you are now. right? It's utterly meaningless. it is tempting to go back to walk among the ancients, yet, this is the appointed time, now. Walking presently is still magical. Must watch for power seekers.
  12. I want to become powerful

    if you're still around? I see it as arriving without my will; beyond my imagination, manifesting in a way that is far superior to anything I could've concocted on my own. I didn't have to command anything; use my volition, or try to do anything. It is always delicious, right on time, magnificent, symbolic, allegorical, authentic, true, and very much welcome.
  13. simplify

  14. The Cool Picture Thread

  15. simplify

    Silent Lucidity