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    The little sidekick I have been hanging with the past few weeks made creative use of a broomstick when a neighbors pig wandered into the yard waking us when her dogs began barking at the small pig. She grabbed a broomstick and began gently sweeping the grass. She wasn't even close to the pig but the sweeping of the broom was in the direction of the pig. Somehow this broom sweeping sent the pig scurrying back to its home. Three barking dogs and a few bites from them didn't force the pig out of the yard. However, the gentle sweeping of a broom did the charm.
  2. Albert Camus Quotes

    “I shall tell you a great secret, my friend. Do not wait for the last judgment, it takes place every day.” “The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.” “But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.” “Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.” “Thinking of the future, establishing aims for oneself, having preferences—all this presupposes a belief in freedom, even if one occasionally ascertains that one doesn’t feel it.” “In the past, the poverty they shared had a certain sweetness about it. When the end of the day came and they would eat their dinner in silence with the oil lamp between them, there was a secret joy in such simplicity, such retrenchment.”
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    edge work
  6. Enlightened movies

    Alice in Wonderland Thor : Dark World Dr. Strange Nightmare before Christmas Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity War
  7. Storm of a Lifetime.

    Myself and a handful of friends are prepping for a road trip towards Wilmington soon after Florence makes her appearance. Wondering If any other Bums would like meet up and join the effort !?! Our presumed route as of now is Departing Kentucky to Knoxville-Ashville-Columbia-Wilmington My Daoist skills are not on the level to stop or divert the Storm (and I wouldnt interfere anyways) however, my Daoist skills probably are good enough to help in cleanup and sharing caring energies. And will go from there utilizing Wu For now, my thoughts are with the Good People of the soon to be impacted strike zone. This is a unique opportunity--- and I know the Good People down there would travel to help us if we were facing a Catastrophic event.
  8. Into the void..

    Shatter the Void.
  9. simplify

  10. The continual cultivation of Virtue is all you need. Do that and everything else falls into place. The "signs" are a by product of cultivating virtue or channeled and are never achieved by having "powers" as a goal. If one wanted to demonstrate extraordinary abilities they aint never gonna get them. There are a few that might be able to demonstrate extraordinary abilities, however, without cultivating Virtue, those will diminish and vanish. By cultivating Virtue, Spiritual connections are made and this allows a definite qigong foundation. edit> I think I just repeated Luke's opening paragraph. Ah well
  11. In Praise of Virtue

    I am not able to express as eloquently as these many fine selections do. I see virtue as power, or at the least virtue is an expression of power.
  12. Buddha Did Not Know

    I am inclined to agree with this 100% at the same time, and it is only my opinion; sincerity is never denied.
  13. Call to Vikings!

    I have been thinking of an extended stay in Iceland. It is becoming a fashionable destination. The extremeness of Iceland has its appeal. I am in the Bluegrass state where beautiful horses and fast women roam. Wait, did I say that right? hm A sprawling forest extends to other states, very dense in some areas. Hilly and rolling loaded with caves so large they have no idea how large they are. All of these trees, flowers, herbs, weeds, cause some folks some seasonal sinus issues. We got abandoned buildings filled with bourbon barrels too. I live in a small town at the moment, each day 5-6 deer wander into my yard munching on the greenery. Naturally, the only down side is that we had a fair amount of high grade coal and some areas got scars from it.
  14. Call to Vikings!

    It depends. Hopefully the tree is not root bound by the pot. how big a hole did you dig? Is this a maple you could tap?