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  1. old farmer's advice

    more of the swivel search lights on commanding hilltops and countless drones than the choppers here to think about. fortunately no one has had to be airlifted medical reason out of here. in the hills, a chopper may have a distinct advantage and sometimes at a severe disadvantage, depending on some variables.
  2. simplify

  3. simplify

  4. herbz

    yesterday, I spent some time with my cuz mary. she had surgery on Friday, still a little sore, moving slow, I went out and watered her flowers for her. we walked about a third of the way down her driveway as she is trying to build her strength back. her driveway winds up about half a mile. her place sitting up above the branch is idyllic and perfect for quiet recovery time. she showed me her pear trees and said the peaches were all gone. on the walk down the driveway and back up she said her mom called these purple flowers 'farewell summer'. later, my aunt showed up and asked me if I knew what these purple flowers were called. I said, yes, they're ironweed. my aunt looked at me and said, 'I always called them farewell summer." yes, I said, they bloom late summer. my dad had told me they are a sign of good soil. Cherokee used them medicinally. I refreshed her pit's water bowl and was rewarded with a friendly lick. I put some bird seed out and moved the bird bath closer to the bird seed. when I first showed up she shared what little herb she had. ive cut way back on my consumption of and have been experiencing unpropitious results thereof. I commented on a hummingbird that was resting on a twig, I asked her if she had ever tried Charlie's (a former neighbor who moved out to new mexico--not to be confused with Charlie, her house dog, 18 years old, found the secret fountain of youth apparently, playfully teased me with it's pink monkey squeaky toy) floral water, she hadnt and if had some floral wire could make a swing for the hummingbird. I looked up brian doyle's essay on hummingbirds for mary to read. if you havnt read it, here is your chance.
  5. old farmer's advice

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  7. No more right-wing bullshit.

    This is the first ive looked at this thread, and ive only looked at the most recent posts. From those, i see that The Dao Bums is alive, well, and kickin'! Of the few posts i just read. From liminal luke, ilumairen, sean, walker, nungali, manitou, ct, steve---the authors of those posts would make up a super mod dream team. Like walker reminded us of Word is bond. It certainly is. And World is Bond. That's my take and i know I'm not alone in thinking this world is for bonding. Forging unbreakable bonds that endure all this world can throw at ya. This type of bond looks out for each other, this way there are no weak links. These types of bonds shine eternal. For some of the best bonds found anywhere--we're in the right place. Right here on The Dao Bums.
  8. simplify

    Moving day
  9. Scott Meredith

    Maybe check Meredith out on FB and start a dialigue with him if you want
  10. Paintings with a Wow Factor

  11. mystical poetry thread

    AMONG THE EYES The blind guides have come for us We summoned them thinking to save ourselves These are the terms Nothing is forgiven nothing is remembered And order they tell us was never ours ---WS Merwin Merwin closes with RAINLIGHT maybe check it out if you feel so inclined
  12. The Cool Picture Thread

  13. The Cool Picture Thread

  14. The Cool Picture Thread

    @Pavel Karavaev this is in montana