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  3. Volcanoooooo

    I don't see how I trivialized anything. Majestic sublime awesome doesn't ring of trivial. While your looking in the dictionary; words that associate with awesome: overwhelmed, frightening, terrifying, formidable, awful. I said it's gonna take time to deal with it and wished you the best. In return for acknowledging your extreme situation and plight, you insult me basically calling me a foolish asshiole. That's fine, whatever makes you feel a little better about yourself, at whatever cost, in this case putting someone else down, if it makes you feel to hurl insults at someone commenting in that overwhelming situation, you are free to continue that line. If you want to get mad at me over a major natural disaster, go ahead. I never said those clouds of ash were pretty. You drew alot out out of the little I said. However off base your interpretation was~~~~ Obviously, you're hurting. It's gonna take time to heal. Excuse me for believing you can. /\ /\
  4. Volcanoooooo

    ive been through several, it is naturally a part of life. ive been through civil wars as well. well, and of course a lot of other stuff. you are in the "in shock" phase. it may take a couple or three years for you to get through the shock phase, the next few months will be trying, to say the least. I wish you the best. ^^ the smoke from austrailia's fires will circle our planet a few times. anyone who pays attention, even in times where technology didn't transmit these events instantly, would notice what had happened. I woke from my sleep, here in Kentucky, the instant that volcano spoke in its majestic sublime awesome voice. its due to the fact that ive learned to listen. learned to listen without criticism.
  5. Volcanoooooo

    exactly, I see that the majestic sublime awesomeness of nature captured your attention.
  6. Volcanoooooo

    the majestic sublime awesomeness of nature gets our attention sometimes
  7. WW3 2020?

    I agree WW3 began awhile back, I had some thread down here covering it. It was promptly ridiculed. The thread was ridiculed not the war mongering, which I found, well,,, Right wing~~left wing~~~all a bunch of wing nuts. It's a fact, but I can say, ok, iMO Opinion, fact, whichever, the war never ends. Ah some schmuck politician, choose whatever flavor is in favor, and that bozo might say, elect me, I will end this war! Ok, It happens like that sometimes and then you know what happens next? A new war gets started. Every fucking time. The wars never end, I try and choose which ones I participate in. I don't need politicians telling me which ones to fight. Since the thought police is on patrol here~~check this out; I am issuing a blanket insult out directed towards all politicians who do not oppose the war. I'm not referring to the latest installment issue. But to the war. I just insulted basically every politician, save a rare few, you've ever heard of. I know I feel insulted by them. I do with hold insults directed towards fellow bums, the bums who support these bozo politicians, surely, I can express disappointment, no? I love y'all bums, but that's another thing entirely. Isn't it strange, maybe it's just me, probably is, I ain't in lock step with the mainstream, I know a few others of ya ain't either, I salute those bums. So yeah, two things seem on opposite ends of the spectrum, love and war, and we've all heard in those two theatres, ain't no rules. ALL Is FAIR... Time for me to go back out on patrol. I'm sensing darkness. Catch ya later thought police.
  8. WW3 2020?

    i'm thinking those umbrella holders have quite a bit of faith. ah the code duello; wah wah wah,,, the formal gentlemanly civilized way to snuff out your rival. black tie. some legislature had the audacity to outright ban formal duels in Kentucky--say what?! I must defend my honor! besides, i'm a bit of a red neck,,,, well, the de-facto duel became all the fashion. her name was magill, she called herself jil, but everyone knew her as Nancy. while the Danish national symphony amplifies dramatic expression we kept playing my old Kentucky home and results were mixed between heroic tragedy and outright farce. I used to scoff, attempting to put some sense of humor, some chance at de-escalation of dissuasion and say shit like that's bold talk for a one eyed fat man or you're gonna look awfully silly with that knife sticking up your ass, you learn some folks don't have much of a sense of humor,, then a one eyed half tailed cat adjusted my view of things, so the element of tension remains, the Danish national symphony doubles down on the morricone and you must realize that gallantry is at once both,; courteous attention and respect given to women by men and daring action on teh field of battle dauntless and plucky, game and gritty. in a formal duel much of all that is left out and maybe you stand there unflinching adhering to the rules of engagement, your gentlemanly honor remains intact, so intact that preserving honor trumps falling in mortal competition,,,and I get that to an extant yet-- yet, some have a fighting spirit and don't want to stand a motionless target,. face to face point blank shot---the hell with that, personally, I usually prefer to use barely perceptible movements that most usually has the other guy leisurely presenting his back to me,,, and other ghostly skills. sometimes, in a playful mood and/or feeling the need to be challenged; ya know to wind in some odd way against all odds for experience sake. either way this is what expressionism means to me. strum and drang style. not to become some dark legend, rather to shine some light on the darkness that we all encounter. unless you're a sissy or something. I guess duels are ok if it results in avoiding crossroads killing and that level of madness. a improvisational spirit combined with a high fighting spirit with some barely perceptible effective moves, yeah. the origins of tragedy and ritual in the western tradition led to the emergence of the greek play. theatre. war is the oldest ritual. I cant explain why that is. just know that it is. on Thursday, 0820 hours my local time, our effortlessly annoying cat gave a measured perspective, the effortlessly annoying cat also included mention that these dramatic actions can lead to chaotic results. dialogue existed prior to plato and plato holds the light to shine on dialogue and it's still an element of drama. a much needed element. nowadays seems we get lots of diverting banter.. banter all ya want, war is hell. I don't mind, (in fact I like) a good street fight. some de-facto form of duel, and it can lead to chaos too on a smaller scale. never know when on the larger scale due to these dramatic actions we end up with some frightening form of chaos beyond our imagination.
  9. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    the consummate erudite that hearkened the ushering in of the renaissance, Rabelais, that good doctor told us then that laughter is the best medicine. he also cleverly and covertly in the marrow--repeated the inscription of the Seven Sages who gathered at Delphi, thus laying the foundation for western civilization, and culture, and they inscribed Know Thyself on the forecourt of temple of appollo that one must pass under before entering the sacred to meet with the oracle. this world has a way of stressing us out from time to time, no? lately laughter has been hard to come by my way. however, finding this thread still active these years later makes me smile. thank you good bums for sharing the good medicine! I will scroll up and take the prescription. I raise my wine glass (red solo cup)and toast to twenty twenty, may we all laugh a little healthier this year,,,
  10. mystical poetry thread

    quite a bit of mary oliver in my life today
  11. Money

    I have a teacher who explained that time, energy, money were equal interchangeable trading pieces. I don't go along with that either. Of the three pieces-- I would sacrifice money before time or energy. I highly respect my teacher and his teachings. There are points of departure away from the conventional along my unique path. Money is a convenient convenience. However, to posit that because someone has more money than me (rest assured all of you do) that they somehow have power over me, that isn't the reality at all. Convince me otherwise by demonstrating money's power over me. Hold dig foran kurvin
  12. Money

    money is not a necessity, a powerful illusion exists that it is. peer through the illusion, and see the free I didn't answer your specific question, it is beyond my paygrade to give a qualified answer to that. I did want to comment on your opening line.