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  1. @Apech Thanks for the videos -- I haven't watched yet but will make time. And if it's about a society that's known no civilization nor was epigenetically modified by coming into contact with civilization, then I agree in advance, it has nothing to do with coronavirus. But everything civilization has everything to do with coronavirus. My position has been consistent for years. Epidemics, pandemics -- these are a regular, predictable, and inevitable built-in feature of civilization. They begin with civilization and in all likelihood end civilizations. If not this one, then the next, or the one after. Bats have been eaten by humans for thousands of years (much more elsewhere than in China though -- e.g. South Pacific Islanders have always been fond of the bat soup), so bats inhabiting this or that biohazardous lab would never guess that they are something novel. Yet they are. Incessant novelty (which we taoists call "restless/confused/entangled qi," the outcome of harmony-destroying pathological processes, whether in the body or in society) is also a built-in feature of civilization. And now back to our regular broadcast.
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Things joined by profit, when pressed by misfortune and danger, will cast each other aside; but things brought together by Heaven, when pressed by misfortune and danger, will cling to one another.-Zhuangzi
  3. The Live Conversation thread

    I'll take stock market advice from nearly anyone -- can barter for advice on nearly anything else.
  4. The Live Conversation thread

    Well, was about to step away from my computer when I saw this. Good idea though, thanks. So, once I do step away (very hard these days, has been since January), I'm going to finish making dinner. (It's 6 pm here). My teff dough has risen so I'll put the loaf in the oven. The liver for the liver pate has been cooked and now I need to finish working on it, recreating the time-honored family recipe. Then I'll also grate and prepare a humongous horseradish root which I've been meaning to utilize for the longest time -- it will make enough antiviral, delicious, and seriously dangerous prepared horseradish to last me till the end of a lockdown of any length -- well, any realistic length. Then I will watch the next episode of Season 3 of Babylon Berlin. Then I will give my son a prophylactic fire cupping treatment and check the computer again. And if I don't get pulled into this or that rabbit hole, meditate for half an hour and go to bed.
  5. The Ass Game

    Some music and colors for you The Dark Side of the Ass Deep Purple in Ass The White Ass A Whiter Shade of Ass The Black Ass Another Green Ass Good-Bye Yellow Brick Ass
  6. @Earl Grey Thank you, darling. I think I'm done with general areas in general unless either the sentiment dissipates or someone/something miraculously keeps the Troll-in-Chief & Co. off my back. They can have it all to themselves now. I've very difficult papers to read and understand (not just difficult for an autodidact who's only invested several hundred hours into studying this, but also for specialists, judging by what I hear from my virologist, microbiologist, epidemiologist and MD comrades-in-brainstorms). It would be counterproductive to spend any time I dedicate to taking a breather in between to, of all things, this. We're under shelter-in-place order since Thursday and I'm busy keeping things sane. Which probably means sayonara except for my PPD where you and everyone are more than welcome to hang out and participate.
  7. @Nungali LOL, you are way off. Did you get it from the mainstream media what a wumao is? That would explain why in your rendition Person 1 calls a wumao someone who goes against the mainstream narrative. Nothing is farther from the truth. It's Person 1 who is a wumao. A wumao's function is to promote the mainstream narrative and thought-police any and all statements that deviate from it. And if you try to debunk this narrative with facts, a wumao will immediately dispense the label pre-printed for such occasions: "conspiracy theorist!!!" He won't call Person 2 a wumao (which is his own function) unless he is particularly devious... gosh, who has ever heard of a devious wumao?..
  8. Too late. Stop. Ralis, seriously. Just stop.
  9. You are, you are his little pathetic wannabe brother dreaming your totalitarian control dreams. And who gave you the authority to "state the dangers of these drugs" -- or the mind-boggling IDIOCY of 2 grams being lethal -- are YOU a DOCTOR??? Who gave YOU the right and the authority to spread disinformation??? Get lost, VECTOR.