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  1. Question about Spiritual Cultivation, Internal Alchemy

    He sounds like someone to keep in mind, but for me right now I'm limited in computer time thanks to my personal situation, temporarily. But I can keep him in mind for the possible future. Is Dzogchen much different from Internal Alchemy in practice? Right now I'm working on Dragon Dao Yin. As well as occasional: Joy practices ("The Book of Joy"), Mindfulness, 6 Yogas of Naropa ("The Bliss of Inner Fire", Highest Yoga Tantra), Jedi Master practices, Utiseta trance ("Neolithic Shamanism") and various other techniques like Sun Meditation.
  2. Question about Spiritual Cultivation, Internal Alchemy

    Theoretically how does one get a personal teacher in Dzogchen meditation without going all the way to Tibet, Nepal or India?
  3. Question about Spiritual Cultivation, Internal Alchemy

    Self-correction: Kosta Danaos now goes by Kostas Dervenis. Pammachon is his Greek martial arts school.
  4. What are you listening to?

    STAR WARS SONG ft Kylo Ren & Rey | Parody | Screen Team
  5. Paintings you like

    Edvard Munch 'The Scream ' Vincent Van Gogh "Starry Night"
  6. Question about Spiritual Cultivation, Internal Alchemy

    Yeah I've seen some videos and it is mentioned as Empty Force in Damo Mitchell's book, "White Moon on the Mountain Peak." Also it has been brought up on topic years ago in Kosta Danaos' (now going by Kostas Dervenis) "Pammachon" Facebook group. What is Cosmic Healing I, may I ask?
  7. Question about Spiritual Cultivation, Internal Alchemy

    I know it as the Empty Force ability.
  8. Sacred Drinks

    What is everyone currently drinking- any sacred or favorite drinks? I've been drinking Yerba Mate (sacred drink of South America) and Green Tea (Asian sacred drink). For a while I was also drinking Strawberry Tea (black tea with dried strawberry powder) before running out of my personal supply. Also drinking water.
  9. Question about Spiritual Cultivation, Internal Alchemy

    Maybe someone has heard of them... Here is a link to the website for the Yellow Bamboo school Yellow Bamboo Written by John Chow What is Yellow Bamboo? Yellow Bamboo is a path of spiritual/self development, healing, health, protection and white magic founded in Singaraja, the northern tip of Bali. It is a spiritual practice control one’s inner energy in order to manifest our spirit’s intention to develop, heal, help others, protection etc. As a spiritual path of white magic leading human beings back to Tuhan (God), Yellow Bamboo relies on moral virtues, concentration/focus, and belief in Tuhan (God). In general, Yellow Bamboo is concerned with acquiring the necessary meditative stability & concentration, focus, internal energy and spiritual power to bring about healing, protection, tranquillity, and whatever positive goal that is desired. It rapidly build health, self confidence, concentration, endurance and well being as well as many other practical benefits. Human beings are very powerful and are limited only by the nature and strength of their beliefs. Yellow Bamboo entrusts the practitioner to the Almighty God who is without limitation. Yellow Bamboo is a path of Tenaga Dalam (Internal Power – Nei Gong). This involves development of internal power via yogic breathing methods (pranayama) and meditative stabilisation to create inner calm, focus and strength of body, mind and spirit. Essentially, Yellow Bamboo combines internal power development with the spiritual force of Balinese mysticism. In contrast to other spiritual paths, Yellow Bamboo produces results quickly. In as little as 2 or 3 days of intensive practice, practitioners can feel the energy as it grows in their bodies. Natural elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Wood, Space) that exist in the world also exist within our human body, and Yellow Bamboo exercises nourish, stimulate, strengthen and increase them. With regular Yellow Bamboo practice, we can channel and control this energy for positive intentional goals. One facet of Yellow Bamboo energy is the very powerful protective aspects which react with full force against anyone who is really intent on harming a protected person or property. Being a spiritual practice of white magic, if someone uses Yellow Bamboo for negative intentions, it will either have no effect, or the energy will boomerang back on the practitioner. The power of Yellow Bamboo also can only be used when it is really needed, and can not be used for frivolous purposes such as tests, contests and challenges. When the practices of physical exercises, meditation and cleansing are carried out diligently the energy will automatically become available when it is required without need to summon it. Yellow Bamboo practitioners must always be willing and ready to help people in suffering, need. or distress. The benefit of Yellow Bamboo is to create the necessary power within you to achieve whatever positive goals you desire. Whether you desire self-realization, personal/professional/business/financial development, strength, confidence, success, greater self-esteem etc, Yellow Bamboo provides practical methods for easily and naturally achieving your outcomes. Regular practice of the physical techniques, cleansing and meditation results in belief in the heart and mind that anything and everything is possible. Once you begin to experience the unlimited force of Yellow Bamboo you can truly accomplish whatever you wish. One of the many benefits of the Yellow Bamboo is the immediate results you obtain actually while you are practicing. The Yellow Bamboo program is a cohesive, step-by-step method of attaining spiritual and personal development. You will achieve more spiritual, personal, business and financial development in one month than in years of yoga and meditation. Yellow Bamboo may have similarities with other spiritual traditions, in particular, Javanese mysticism, Majaphahit mysticism, Hinduism, Tibetan tantrism, Chi Kung (Qi Gong) and healing practices. Through meditation, prayer, visualisation, breath control, physical exercises and ritual, practitioners learn to transcend the mind and body. Yellow Bamboo, although Hindu based due to Balinese culture, is flexible and open, and thus, does not impose any particular religion on its practitioners. There are Muslim, Christian and Buddhist practitioners of Yellow Bamboo Yellow Bamboo has over 30,000 members worldwide. Because it requires a mature mind to practise, students generally must be above 16 years of age. Written by John Chow 17 October 2004 This text is from To visit the Yellow Bamboo website of John Chow go to :
  10. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    I presently have these books on my nightstand, kept on top of my prayer mat: "Become the Force" "The Four Dragons" "White Moon on the Mountain Peak" "The Bliss of Inner Fire" "The Book of Joy" I'm also recently reading or re-reading: "Enter Mo Pai" "Nei Kung: The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages" "The Magus of Java" "Neolithic Shamanism"
  11. Right now I have various practices in my Jedi Praxis, presently beginning Dragon Dao Yin as a stepping stone (foundation) for working up towards spiritual cultivation such as Internal Alchemy. As spiritual cultivation is concerned- for the goal of Immortality (release from transmigration into a Light Body, or obtaining the "Force Ghost" as it is called in the Jedi tradition), which is a better lineage? Just trying to gather some data on the subject, kind of like asking what's your favorite food and why? I have a training manual for Dzogchen ("Heart Drops of Dharmakaya") but I'm more inclined towards Internal Alchemy and have manuals from the Lotus Nei Gong school ("White Moon on the Mountain Peak") and the Mo Pai school ("Enter Mo Pai"). I have time to decide- but would like feedback on your thoughts of these schools and their practice? Also, dare I ask about this Yellow Bamboo school I've seen on the Internet?
  12. Resources: Books, Links, Articles, Movies, etc.

    Midi-Chlorians:Physiology, Physics, and the Force by Chris Knight The boy nodded his understanding. "Can I ask you something?" The Jedi Master nodded. "What are midi-chlorians?" Wind whipped at Qui-Gon's long hair, blowing strands of it across his strong face. "Midi-chlorians are microscopic life-forms that reside within the cells of all living things and communicate with the Force." "They live inside of me?" the boy asked. "In your cells." Qui-Gon paused. "We are symbionts with the midi-chlorians." "Symbi-what?" "Symbionts. Life-forms living together for mutual advantage. Without the midi-chlorians, life could not exist, and we would have no knowledge of the Force. Our midi-chlorians continually speak to us, Annie, telling us the will of the Force." "They do?" Qui-Gon cocked one eyebrow. "When you learn to quiet your mind, you will hear them speaking to you." Anakin thought about it for a moment, then frowned. "I don't understand." Qui-Gon smiled, and his eyes were warm and secretive. "With time and training, Annie, you will." --from "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" novelization by Terry Brooks
  13. Resources: Books, Links, Articles, Movies, etc.

    The Hunt for Midi-Chlorians
  14. Resources: Books, Links, Articles, Movies, etc.

    Midichlorians are real! "...this scientist found a new type of bacteria living inside mitochondria (the cellular energy factories that themselves arose from bacteria)..." "...The new species is called, of course, Midichloria mitochondrii, and Lucas is reportedly very pleased. Should be, since he based midichlorians on mitochondria in the first place..." Star Wars: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Midi-Chlorians
  15. Personal Practice Discussion Thread Request

    I would like my own Personal Practice Journal please. The board said all I had to do is ask... I wish it to be concerning my own personal Jedi practice journal, an eclectic mix of practices including, but not solely- the Daoist Internal Arts; Buddhist meditation, prayer & Mindfulness; Northern Tradition Shamanism, etc. as well as Jedi & Je'daii practices. I am a practicing Jedi Knight, of the Universal Life Church, Mindfulness Practitioner, Advanced Dialectical Behavioral Therapy practitioner, beginning Internal Artist (Dragon Dao Yin & aspiring for Nei Dan: Internal Alchemy), Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Sealand. I have been finding keeping a Journal helps- so why not share that Practice Journal with others? Sincerely, TheGrayJediKnight