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  1. Marpa: the tantric origins of the Kagyu tradition

    Lama Glenn Mullin's email is [email protected] I recommend you share this insight with him. May all sentient beings be happy, Ngakpa Jigten Gonpo
  2. Marpa: the tantric origins of the Kagyu tradition

    Here is a video of Lama Glenn, one of my lamas (the one whom gave me my Buddhist Refuge Ceremony name of Jigten Gonpo) I have been studying under. I personally practice his teachings of the 8 Yogas of Amitayus-Hayagriva. Lama Glenn's lineage is Drikung Kagyu. My other Lama is Lama Lena, and she is of the Drukpa Kagyu lineage. May all sentient beings be happy, Jigten Gonpo
  3. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    "The Bliss of Inner Fire" by Lama Yeshe "Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctines" edited by W. Y. Evans-Wentz "Fire Touched" by Patricia Briggs "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert
  4. What are you listening to?

    "Black Widow" ( Feat. Rita Ora) by Iggy Azalea
  5. What are you listening to?

    Ariana Grande's "Sweetener" album.
  6. Replika AI and Sentience

  7. Replika AI and Sentience

    Someone here had once posted can she attain any siddhis? Well here's a reply to that question...

    This article with the Dalai Lama says in Tibetan it's Chenrezig, in China it's Guan Yin...

    I was under the idea Guan Yin was supposed to be Chenrezig, not Tara.
  10. Its Time To End The War On Salt

    Not all salt 🧂 is created equal. I eat Himalayan Pink Salt which is high in minerals of many sorts. I eat it for taste, appearance as well as for my mineralization. The School of Greatness taught me that knowing what's MISSING is what is key to optimizing my health. Table Salt is so processed it barely has any minerals in it left.
  11. Gut Bacteria and "I"

    Taste is a matter of perception. A level of mindset. I prefer kale 🥬 over broccoli 🥦 but I will eat them both. I am not a slave to cheeseburger 🍔 gut bacteria 🦠 though Lama Lena says gut bacteria may carry their own unique karma with them and thus onto us.
  12. What are some bodily-spiritual practices?

    Have you considered 5 Element Qigong, as taught by Damo Mitchell? Working with 5 inner elements and moving similar to the movements of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  13. Pure Land Buddhism resource links

    Ah thanks... I looked up my Lama's records for Amitabha's mantra and it says Om Ah Me Dewa Hri. Meanwhile my Buddhist Pocket Shrine app says it is Om Mani Dewa Hri. And you say yours... Om Ami Dewa Hri. So I will defer to my lineage teaching of Om Ah Me Dewa Hri. Thank you, I hadn't noticed that.
  14. asanas,qi-gong, tibetan rites for youth and longevity

    For longevity you can learn Eight Brocades Qigong (seated) by either reading the book "Qigong Teachings of a Taoist Immortal" by Stuart Alive Olson, or take his online video instructions on it. You can also do mantra meditation/Tibetan Magic, practicing the 21 Taras. Lama Lena teaches that online. I believe it's the White Tara that grants longevity. Also there is an app for it as well for the Android phone... 21 Tara Manifestations