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  3. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    I share the following without any claims as to the accuracy of any of the information presented. 12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic As always, decide for yourself what you wish to believe. And better choose wisely... After you have looked at ALL available information, not just what the mainstream media and the official 'authorities' tell you.
  4. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    You don't know if this difference is due to their different approaches or other factors, however. Moreover, it remains to be seen how things will develop over an extended period of time.
  5. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    Almost funny... Nobody talks about the war against terror anymore, now the war against the virus is on! And against any bugger who would be careless enough to lend it a hand, it seems. It could be worthwhile to explore how our current bogeyman mirrors our 'shadow' in the Jungian sense. BTW, that's a whole bunch of potential virus carriers gathering in one spot there! Good luck, Nungers!
  6. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    In a previous post, I already presented evidence of Holland now relaxing previously imposed restrictions. However, the one European country currently taking the most liberal stand on this issue is Sweden. https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/03/24/sweden-coronavirus-open-for-business/ The course the Swedish set themselves on remains highly controversial in the population, to be sure. Personally, I am in favour of their official (IMO) level-headed approach. Faith in personal reason and responsibility rather than imposing far-reaching draconian measures based on fear and (unproven) negative expectations - that's a rather sophisticated attitude they are adopting, in my book. Best wishes to them and all of us!
  7. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    I have always been a strong believer in the healing power of humour. In fact, laughing will boost your immune system, as has been demonstrated by serious scientists. So it is important not to let this virus bug bog us down. Along these lines, Master Ken talks about the upside of covid-19 from a matial arts perspective in the following video. Hope you enjoy.
  8. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    I have no further information on this right now. Hoping to get an update sometime.
  9. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    When I shared the following video with a friend living in New Zealand (where lockdown has just been put into effect), she was both surprised and outraged. She called the Dutch government's decision to relax restrictions now stupid and said it would without a doubt lead to "another Italy". While I surely felt sympathetic towards her, I told her that - all things considered - I did not consider the idea stupid. And actually, already on its way to Germany, the virus seems to have lost much of its fatality for some not fully understood reason. Fact is, continuing isolation of potential carriers and receivers of the virus is not only going to have socially and psycologically devastating effects, it will also be simply unsustainable. Far better to allow people to have controlled exposure to SARS-CoV-2, so gradually immunity can be built up on the large scale. Granted, it may not be a perfect solution. But let's face it, the milk has been spilt and there may be no easy way out of this mess. But cooperating with nature's course of action rather than resisting and opposing it - that indeed means choosing the proverbial water course way which the Daoist sages have been recommending since time immemorial. No doubt, it is a bold course of action that the Dutch have opted for. Hopefully other nations will be watching their brave 'experiment' and learn what they can from it. May the Force be with them and with all of us.
  10. Dharma in the time of COVID

    Bloody hell, I am even posting on TDB again!
  11. Dharma in the time of COVID

    This topic reflects a discussion I had with a friend just before. We agreed that this story does have an upside. Stopping countless individuals in their tracks that in 'normal' times were senselessly rushing from one basically meaningless activity to the next. Giving them time to sit down and ponder things, to meditate, to actually talk and listen to those that are around them. Our environment benefits from the enforced break as well. Air quality has significantly increased in many places due to a decrease in traffic and general productivity. Even if this will be only temporary, it looks like we as well as the nature that surrounds us can use that kind of break. In this sense, looking at the current state as a badly needed (self-)correcting measure for a system that has long lost its balance makes alot of sense to me. While I realize that that is not the only possible perspective on the multi-facetted state of affairs, I believe it to be a valid and worthwhile one.
  12. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    Thanks for sharing, C T! While I appreciate your preference for original sources, I believe Burke is to be commended for interpreting these on a daily basis in light of what amounts to a psychological and/or physical crisis for lots of people right now.
  13. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    Focussing on loving kindness (as some like to call it) activates the heart chakra which in turn boosts the immune system via the thymus gland. This video is in line with that and also with Dr. Bach's thoughts I shared above: This guy (Burke) offers daily videos and public meditations to assist people dealing with this issue. https://www.theartofseclusion.com I have only seen this one video from him so far, but a friend of mine is a huge fan. Sharing this as some of you may find it helpful and wish to explore it.
  14. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    It must indeed be comforting to experience such acts of solidarity in the face of an impending crisis. The downside is that they serve to reaffirm the apparent inevitability of the latter. Thus shifting the probabilities in less than favorable ways. Walking the Middle Way can mean treading a thin line at times... Don't forget to stock up on toilet paper! It has already become a rare good in a number of countries for some weird reason. (Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies.) Best wishes to you and your family, old friend!