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  1. Two poles of equal strength, but opposite in sign, indeed beget the manifestation of action between them, once they are sufficiently separate from each other. I agree that zero is a kind of infinity (the infinitely small). Original 'null state' tends to split up into a positive and a negative part of equal size. From the connection of the two, a third is born. So teaches the DDJ, and Hermetism as well. Many examples of this principle can be found.
  2. simplify

    Action is faster than retaliaction.
  3. simplify

  4. simplify

  5. speed of light foray

    Even light has a mass and kind of belongs to the physical realm, as do space and time. Pure consciousness, however, belongs to the dimensions of subtle energies and is therefore not subject to the restrictions imposed according to SRT, which only apply to material things.
  6. And since the essence of Being is to be grasped in the Here and Now, becoming an Immortal would be of no consequence according to the understanding of Zen.
  7. Zen meditation indeed involves the correct posture to activate all dantians, and some say it leads to a naturally occurring MCO. Even though emphasis remains on the LDT, in practice.
  8. While its practitioners do seek a state of transcendence, Zen is quite different from some other schools whose aim seems to be deliverance from the world of phenomena. More along the lines of William Blake:
  9. Well, to some degree, the meaning of the term in India seems to be coloured the specific school we are looking at. Quoting the Wikipedia article on Śūnyatā: Enlightenment via the LDT is most definitely central to Zen Buddhism, at any rate. However, Zen/Chan was influenced by Daoism some time after its foundation in the Shaolin temple by Bodhidharma, and it could be debated if aforementioned emphasis was already part of its original Indian form Dhyana. Although Daisetz Suzuki certainly brought forth some arguments in support of an essentially unbroken tradition.
  10. I would call the former explicit emptiness, the latter implicit emptiness.
  11. speed of light foray

    According to quantum mechanics, particles do those things naturally. And I imagine those sages do them the same way - on the macroscopic level!
  12. speed of light foray

    Space itself expanding faster than the speed of light (and carrying along whatever is in it) is not a violation of SRT, as the latter only applies to objects moving in space. Here, however, we are dealing with the same kind of phenomenon that makes a so-called warp drive possible (in principle, anyway). This is rather Scotty's area of expertise than Major Cartwright's, though...
  13. simplify

  14. God as Self, Atman

    Well, since (as far as I know) you don't believe in the existence of a non-physical self or soul, wouldn't it be more appropriate for you to say, she is a sexy body?
  15. Infinity, One and infinite infinities

    There are indeed different levels of infinity. https://www.businessinsider.com/the-different-sizes-of-infinity-2013-11