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  1. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    Hi DaoSeeker Self-cultivation in martial arts - the way I understand the term - should lead to you becoming a more balanced and considerate individual overall. Quite the opposite of a loose gun. But maybe you refer to the kind of conditioning that makes you react to a certain stimulus in a particular way. While this is a crucial aspect of functional self-defence training, it can indeed be problematic, not only in regards to knives and other weapons, but even to empty-handed techniques. E.g., it is irresponsible for an instructor to drill a neck break as an automatic reaction to a grab to the wrist. Only under the most dire of circumstances such a technique becomes viable. Some might say, "we only do that kind of thing as a method of practice, we are aware that in real application, this wouldn't be acceptable". The problem with that way of thinking is that, in a self-defence situation, when split seconds count, even experienced martial artists don't necessarily react in the most reasonable manner, but tend to default to what they have trained the most. (Trust me on this, I speak from personal experience.) So also with a knife, you should only train methods that are adequate for the level of threat present in a given scenario. Bearing in mind that there are non-lethal ways to use a knife as well.
  2. As has been said, this is a forum for free discussion. Yes, unfair and uninformed criticism is annoying, but let's bear in mind that the one commiting the act is at the same time exposing themselves. If this happens in a place like this (as opposed to a book, magazine article, regular website), you are free to demonstrate your superior knowledge and/or understanding and to present the (in your opinion, anyway) correct view. People who turn to a forum like this one to learn about a topic in the first place are thus exposed to different views such as would be the case outside the WWW as well. In other words - in one of its functions - TDB serves as a microcosmic arena for the debates that are going on (in some cases, since millenias) between philosophical and spiritual seekers. Fight the good fight! (If you are so inclined.)
  3. Nietzsche Quotes

    It kinda comes with the territory. Although I won't tire of reminding you that I am Swiss German. No offence to my German friends meant, of course.
  4. Rudolf Steiner........Anthroposophy

    Although I have had some minor contact with the Goetheanum on some occasions, my path hasn^t taken me there physically so far. But I am pretty sure that, one day, it will.
  5. I can no longer work on stolen Soviet patents

    Going by that philosophy, the Japanese would need to commit hara-kiri en bloc...
  6. Whatever happened to discussion in Chatroom?

    It happened a number of times that I was notified when somebody said 'hello', but by the time I had picked up my cell-phone and replied, they were gone. Sometimes, much later, I would read a message like, "oh, seems like I should have waited a moment". And BTW, a new chatter I had a couple of fun conversations with eventually asked me if I am a bot. Thinking that he was just being humorous, I jokingly confirmed that. He replied, "goodbye, Mr. Smith", left and wasn't heard of again ever since. Oh boy... Yes, absolutely. As I said, you can even receive notifications when people are posting either in general or in a continuous private chat. The discrepancy in number between all the members who signed up and the ones who are actually chatting strikes me as odd.
  7. Is it fair to say that you operating from two unreconcilable mind sets then?
  8. Nietzsche Quotes

    How about the German original? Actually, that would be my first preference.
  9. Of course not! I am just trying to help you reach a higher level of sophistication.
  10. So you don't try to personally reconcile those divergent views as a Hermetic Buddhist cat?
  11. Isn't it the epitome of Buddhism that there is no absolute sense?
  12. So that kind of info is being stored in more than one place? Or should we consider one of the two teachings wrong?
  13. Assuming just for now that there isn't, would you say that's because Buddhists regard the World Soul as of being of an illusory nature as well?
  14. And the World Soul is where stuff is being stored in the Hermetic view.