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    Is Everything a real person, or an AI bot?
  2. tried some free online translators

    Into English...Pleco smartphone app with Kroll's Student Dictionary. Wenlin is another good one, it's a desktop app, and isn't as geared toward Classical Chinese as Kroll's dictionary is.
  3. Feet baths

    It might be good to get a warmer blanket for sleeping. I tend to get cold feet, too, but my blanket is just the right temperature so that when sleeping they're warm. I'm not sure how much the salt really has an effect, but theoretically it makes sense due to salty flavor being related to the kidneys. You could think of it like the salt telling the body to have the warmth go to nourish the kidneys.
  4. Feet baths

    Good question...sometimes heat warms up a body part and adds energy to the body, sometimes heat warms up a body part and that causes a loss of the body's own energy. I would say that if you do it and it causes the lower back to become cool, then it's causing a loss of energy...but if you do it and the lower back stays warm, then it's very good. If your feet are naturally cold, it's good to warm them up so that they have better circulation and the channels are functioning better there. The feet tend to correspond to the kidneys.
  5. I'm in that field, too. I don't think that short term "unhealthy" eating is bad. Lots of people eat junk food and don't develop disease. Eating enough to get up to 10% body fat isn't likely to develop these diseases, and there aren't any studies that suggest it would, or that eating junk food short term would. edited to add: the ideas I'm sharing aren't professional medical advice, but should just be taken as the opinions of some stranger on the internet.
  6. For some reason, whey protein builds fat. It really works. You're saying things that you already do, and your results are that you don't gain fat. If you want to gain fat, you have to change what you do. Milk doesn't take any time to cook. I think if you closely follow what I said, you'll get there in no time. But if you refuse to eat the way fat people do, then you won't get there. I normally wouldn't recommend someone do things that increase their bodyfat, but sounds like you could use it. I think it's healthy for a very underweight person to have sugar and eat big meals. It's unhealthy for a fat person.
  7. Oh also, high fructose corn syrup really makes people fat, too. For instance, that's in Coca Cola. It's one of the worst sugars in existence in terms of causing fat to build up.
  8. True, these and protein bars make people fat. I think it's the whey protein that does it, and maybe other types don't have quite the same effect, like hemp protein. (This same advice is bad for people who are already overweight wanting to simultaneously gain muscle and lose fat, because they might gain muscle but they won't be losing any of that fat! They'll be adding some). Drinking milk works. Have a glass with every meal, and sometimes with a snack. For instance here's a slices, cheddar cheese slices, and you could add a glass of chocolate milk. Yum! Your meals should be big. Do you live in the US? If so, this will make sense: when you go out to eat at a typical restaurant, the portion is generally pretty big for most people. Keep all your meals around that size, and finish the whole thing. If you're really wanting to get fat, then know that being stuffed and bloated is how fat people feel after their meals. Have at least breakfast lunch and dinner. Include a snack some time in the day. Have a snack before bed, too. It's not necessary to eat every 2 hours or something, but fat people do tend to have the square three meals and then add snacks sometimes. Meal ideas: burgers, chicken enchiladas, pepperoni pizza, egg salad sandwich, etc. It sounds like you've just been eating fried rice? That's not how bigger people eat. Sounds like cooking has been a pain...well some of these things can be made quickly. You could prepare certain ingredients ahead of time, and then just throw things together and heat it up...for instance with making a burrito. When you make your own food, if you're wanting to get fat, make sure it's turning out to be the same size as at US restaurants...not smaller. Develop a sweet tooth. More sugary foods, and just munching on these things whenever you want. Junk food is what fat people eat. Look at the snacks and candy aisle of the grocery store...find some salty snack, some sweet snack. If you're sitting down later on to watch a movie, have the snack during. I bet if you took all of this advice, and if someone followed you, they would see that you still weren't eating quite enough. You might really have to analyze if you're eating as much as I'm saying here, and not just feel like you might be...I tend to think naturally skinny people really don't eat as much as natural fat people do.'d probably be better for you to build muscle, than to gain fat. Having a tiny bit of fat is good for us, but other than that it's not so healthy. You can look bigger with added muscle. Warning: Once you overeat and get fat, you have set yourself on a life long path of having developed a ruined metabolism. Trust me, I wish my metabolism was super fast...and as we age it only worsens. Who wants to actually be obese? It looks bad, and is bad for us. I would really encourage you to lift weights instead of try to get fat. Look for a strength training program that slowly progresses to heavier and heavier weights...for instance, the book "Starting Strength" is a type of program like that. People who are naturally skinny tend to become very aesthetic looking when they build're lucky!
  9. Why are you searching?

  10. Aren't we opportunists

    Yes definitely working smarter is best...the point is just that "preparation" involves doing work of some sort. Doing what's required and then some. For instance, someone could go out at night, and wait for the opportunity of a woman smiling at him...but if he didn't shower for 3 days, is obese, with holes in his clothing, it's very likely not going to help. He wasn't prepared. Or someone could be looking for ways to make more money, and they see this great opportunity that pays five times as much as what most people make...but if they didn't get the right degree or experience required for that position, they won't be able to seize that opportunity. They also weren't prepared. So we have to "do what it takes"...that's what I mean by working hard. Let's say someone had a minimum wage job. They could spend most of their waking hours working there, and they could be the best employee, working their butt off. But if that job doesn't help them gain experience that would help in applying for other better jobs, and if their employer is dumb and doesn't recognize a good worker, the hard work will go to waste. That's working harder but not we definitely have to be smart.
  11. Qigong practice - feeling nauseous

    You could say that again. Your English is almost incomprehensible, and often doesn't seem to correspond to anything being discussed. I don't say this to be offensive to someone from another culture with English as a second language, and I've seen you say a couple of things that seemed interesting, so I value you as a fellow member of the forum...but yeah, I suspect hardly anyone here can understand what you're saying 99% of the time.
  12. Not the only one... "And Joseph died, being one hundred ten years old; he was embalmed and placed in a coffin in Egypt." - Genesis 50:26 Also, of course the Pharaoh would be.
  13. Gospel of Thomas

    I think it's just because everyone is born with two ears...I don't think there was a difference in terms of the teachings between one ear or two or three. Just the way they said things in those times...or it may even be the translator's wording.
  14. Gospel of Thomas

    Regarding sayings about "ears that hear" etc... (edited this post to switch from NIV to NRSV, which I think is slightly better)
  15. Aren't we opportunists

    I don't know about Daoism, but Seneca said that "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity". So if you want to have good luck and success, you both have to work hard toward goals, but then also seize any opportunities that present themselves. Rinse and repeat. Opportunist has a negative connotation...but recognizing opportunities and taking them is very positive.