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  1. Dealing with some sort of awakening of the subconscious?

    I have experienced this exact was so intense that I actually became delusional, and wound up in a couple psych wards for a few days at a time back in 2011. You seem to be doing a little better in comparison, and asking for help is a good thing. Luckily, I know the way to solve this problem! What really helped me get past this was Dr. Amit Sood's "Attention Interpretation Therapy"...specifically, the attention training aspect of it. I'll explain how to do it in this post, but will give some additional info, too... So...the Buddhists have a practice that's basically the same called shamatha, or calm abiding meditation. They would say to use either a "pure" or "impure" "external support". An external support means something that you pay attention to outside of yourself, like a picture for instance...that's in contrast to paying attention to something inside of yourself. "Pure" means a symbol of enlightenment, such as an image of a bodhisattva, and "impure" means anything else, such as an image of a tree. So for attention training, you'll want to use an "impure external support". You basically just want any object to turn your attention toward. I prefer to just call it the "object of meditation". It sounds less judgmental, and in actuality it works better. As a side note, I think any object that trains the attention is "pure" automatically. What Dr. Sood points out in his books is that it's easy for the mind to get distracted when it's only paying attention to one he recommends to look for "novelty" in the object of meditation. For instance, you can notice one thing that's new which you didn't see in it before. Because that's the case, I liked to use detailed a bush where there are many different leaves blowing in the breeze, or like a single leaf from a tree held up close, or an orange, or a picture of a mountain range with a lot of details you can focus on. So for the meditation, you spend 5-10 minutes gazing gently at the object of meditation, noticing new things about it. The point is not to go crazy trying to find new aspects of it to look at...the point is simply that your attention is being directed toward the object. It's simply training the attention to go where you tell it to. In training the attention, the higher brain centers are activated and as a result the mind basically self heals. Currently, the mind is a little bit fractured in that it's not filtering out useless information, like random people's conversations, or the energies around advertisements or social media. Your mind is queuing into things that it doesn't really need to, and perhaps it will even start doing what mine did, which was attempt to create meaning from the various "synchronicities" (aka, coincidences) that can happen...connecting the dots where there is in fact zero actual connection. When it does that, I call it "magical thinking" and it's something which ends up being diagnosed as "delusion". Besides meditation, a big part of healing the mind is to recognize any delusions and forget about them. Such storylines can keep one wrapped up in an erratic state of being, which prolongs the healing of the mind. Best to have no mind, then the brain has a chance to heal itself...versus the mind being wrapped up in any kind of drama or intense emotional experience. So what we have now: meditate as described above for 5-10 minutes at a time (could be twice a day, could be more...with this type of meditation, it's not bad to do more). Secondly, try to recognize and forget about any delusions. Next, you should take care of your lifestyle... The body and mind have needs in order to self heal. They need to sleep at night, and they need to have nutrition. Sleeping at night should start before midnight, and last for 8 hours. Nutrition should be 3 meals a day, breakfast taking place within the first hour of waking up...and each meal should have protein. Meat is good but not in excess. Skipping meals or having ones without protein is a sure fire way to have the body and mind start malfunctioning. Same with going to bed way past midnight, like let's say at 3 am...if you do that you're going to be lacking in some important foundations of health the following day. For healing the mind, the system needs to be working optimally! There should also be some exercise and the equivalent of 45 minutes to an hour of walking outdoors in a day. Something that is kind of strange which helped me during the roughest time was watching the tv show worked because it was lighthearted and made me laugh sometimes, and it wasn't something that my mind tried to read too much into. I could also use it as a time to pay attention to novelty, basically meditating while just relaxing watching tv. Rest and relaxation are as important, if not more so, than getting adequate movement. So yeah, those are the keys to healing the mind, in order of importance: The right kind of meditation. Dropping delusions and having "no mind". Good sleep. Proper nutrition. Rest and relaxation. Adequate movement. Oh yeah, and a final note about meditation... Focusing is not the goal for training the attention. We don't want to cultivate "hypervigilance". The goal is to release the mind by bringing attention back to the object of meditation. It's not to become more intense in our control, but actually to become more freeflowing in our demeanor...while also having the filter which naturally blocks out information that isn't relevant. The meditation works, and doesn't require anything else other than paying attention to the object of meditation...the results will come naturally and don't require any effort other than in doing that. Best of luck and please report back if the problem resolves.
  2. Golden Dragon Body

    Really appreciate you...that dao wiki is great, never looked at it until now. About yellow dragon versus gold dragon...two different words, huang 黄 vs jin 金. But maybe Max's phrase does refer back to the yellow dragon...I have no clue.
  3. Golden Dragon Body

    What's your source for this? I have no idea about the historical use of the terminology.
  4. I think it's hard to sum up what Kunlun is by only saying "water method", because water can mean so many things, and I think Max only means it in certain ways. One way is that it has a tendency to release the mind, so "water" in that case implies effortlessness...versus fire practices where you try and do and kind of mechanically force things. It could also imply a descent of light from above...versus trying to raise energy upward. It could also be that one feels more magnetic than electric, and that can correspond more to "water" which is magnetic in principle. One example of how I don't think it could best be called "water" is the fact that it warms up your me "water path" seems more cooling. But as I understand, the warming is just clearing in the perhaps it ultimately is cooling to the system after that clears. Anyway, I also heard Max say that kundalini awakens naturally with Kunlun, at a certain point or at certain times a little more. I personally had what I thought were experiences of kundalini prior to starting Kunlun, and I did notice that the same thing occurred sometimes with the practice. But I think the main difference is that Kunlun is a posture which causes an effortless effect, and other methods require efforts and don't cause that kind of mind releasing/effortlessness. You might not want to hear this, but spontaneous qigong is often a cause of qi deviation...just think about it - what is natural about a body that flails around sometimes slightly without your control? Qi is unrefined if it's causing movements to the physical body...why isn't the qi flowing smoothly through the channels? Why is the mind needing to move the body? Can't the mind relax? As such, from what I understood in the Kunlun system, spontaneous movements are a sign of purification and are not to be sought. The practice of the Kunlun method is not spontaneous's a posture that starts an effect (and the effect is not "spontaneous movements"). This is my understanding of Max for individual instruction. It's very important to listen to advice of the teachers whose methods you practice. It's very easy to mess oneself up otherwise. I messed myself practicing this stuff, mixing things and doing them at the wrong time. I actually wound up in the mental ward of a hospital. Don't be like me! So that being said, I wouldn't mix it with anything, at least not on the same day. I personally moved on to a type of fire path, which was more aligned with my individual needs, and rarely ever practice Kunlun now as a result. I do miss the system. If I do them separated by half a day (morning and evening different systems), I can tell that it causes a little bit of a problem, and really do better only practicing one of the systems on a day. Powerful methods produce powerful results, and we want to make those results go in a good direction.
  5. Yep, I think so. The universe is too complex for it to be otherwise.
  6. Another understanding... Wood = ascent Fire = expansion out Metal = descent Water = storage in ...and Earth = stability (this corresponds to the second version of the five elements, with earth in the center)
  7. Seriously Need some Help

    I think it's not beneficial to be so overly sensitive. I would personally recommend just ignoring what effects long hair or short hair has, etc. Focus on more mundane things. Don't have magical thinking, like believing that it's synchronicity how you end up working with other people who have long hair. What if you worked with someone else who had short hair? Would you just ignore that aspect? The supposed synchronicity is just coincidence, and trying to look deeper into it, like you're doing, is degrading the ability of your mind to have critical thought. seem ungrounded. I would recommend that you eat more meat, if you aren't having that much of it already. Try to think rationally about things. Get sleep at normal hours. Sorry if this seems a little offensive...I mean for it to be helpful.
  8. There are five digits on the hand or foot (four fingers and one thumb), there are 5 extremities (two arms, two legs, one head). Just for this reason, we should be interested to hear about a system of measurement and correspondence that deals with the number five. I think in the Western system, quintessence is sometimes considered the fifth it's not always the Western "4". As for relationships between the Western and Eastern...I think air is wood, and quintessence is metal. But no correspondences are absolutely true all of the time...depending on the perspective, correspondences change. In the Chinese five elements, there are two where the five elements are in the generating cycle, with the pentagram of controlling and insulting cycles: The other version is where the earth element is in the center, water is below, wood is left, fire is above, and metal is right. (Just drew it in MS Paint, because I didn't know how to find it on Google image search). So here we can see one that deals with the four seasons: spring is wood, summer is fire, autumn is metal, and winter is water. Earth is the transition times between them. Both models of the Chinese five elements are classically used often. This second one isn't only for the four also describes the flavors of herbs well. Anyway...for metal overcoming wood, the axe chopping wood is just a good example of that being possible. Of course, a person has to make the axe out of metal...but still, it is showing how metal can be harder than wood and break it. I'm sure we could find examples where it doesn't really work...for instance, we could make a wood knife and sharpen it really well, then take an aluminum can, and the wood could probably cut through it. But the point of the five elements isn't to be nitpicky and find areas where it's wrong as a theory. Another thing about the five element interactions...yes, metal controls or overacts on wood, but wood can also insult metal. Any element can interfere with any other one in numerous ways. So the idea of using a wooden knife to cut an aluminum can is still legitimate...that's just wood insulting metal. Those analogies are just one way of thinking about it. There are as many ways as there are different things in the universe, because it's used as a model to try and describe the workings of the universe. Yes, it is sometimes taking a period of time and dividing it up arbitrarily. Why divide up a day into five, or 12, or 360? Is the division meaningful? Anyway, hope this makes things a little more clear.
  9. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    I once saw a recommendation by another Daobum for Hyperbiotics, which is a special type that allows for a timed release, so that more probiotics make it into the gut. I've used them successfully (both the pro-15 and advanced strength with kiwifruit)...sometimes due to stress and poor diet, the bowels will be in really bad shape, but that product gets it back to normal right away. On a side note...I think that the "low fodmap" diet would help someone with gut health, too.
  10. Shuichuan Zi Ran Qigong

    I took a few email correspondence classes. It was interesting and good. Ultimately I realized that my path was to go elsewhere, but nothing bad to say of them.
  11. What do you sleep on?

    A futon that isn't folded it's kind of tilted all the time due to being in the couch position. As a result, it took me a year and a half to not have back pain, but I'm finally at the point where it's pure comfort to sleep on.
  12. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

    So I thought that using a bot to trade altcoins against Bitcoin seemed wasn't. It's called Profit Trailer. It works roughly as advertised at first...week one I made 5%, and things were looking glorious at that pace...but then soon enough it's making trades that go nowhere...trades that sit at -30%, and which cause your funds to be used up so your profits dwindle to 0. I wanted to post about this bot because there are a lot of youtubers out there who aren't as honest about the results with it. It's not a scam, it is actually a bot that works with an exchange, and the only way they're making money off of you is through your purchase of their computer program. The thing with trading BTC against altcoins is...when BTC is going down in value, the altcoins are also going down in value. When BTC is rising in value, the altcoins are losing value against BTC and going down as a result. When the market is basically even, there's not enough volatility to day trade successfully this way, so it will buy at bad positions, and have a hard time selling. There are also times when a coin gets pumped up, and the bot ends up buying high. The main problem is that the bot isn't just follows one buying strategy, so it will make a trade at a time that you might not otherwise choose to do so (if you could look at multiple candlestick time periods simultaneously, for instance, it would help not make the mistakes that the bot does). I chose to sell at a loss of about $100 today, due to the problems inherent in auto trading alts vs BTC. The bot itself cost me roughly $160, on top of that (at the time it was it's worth more, because it's only sold in BTC). Luckily, BTC is going up in value so pretty soon I'll break even...and this was extra money I was playing around with anyway. But yes, I advise people to not use these auto trading bots.
  13. You should lift weights, get a job (preferably a physical outdoors job), and eat whole foods. Also think about if you need help dealing with emotions, and perhaps see a counselor for that. For instance...having a panic attack, then not eating anything for 3 days, is extreme. Feeling really good when talking to the interviewer, and then suddenly falling into a depression and becoming super sensitive, isn't normal...those are too high and too low of extreme emotions. It's not healthy to pin all of your problems on your sexuality. Emotions and negative self-talk play a big role in health. Lack of exercise might also play a role. When you were younger, I suspect that diet played a role (poor diet and lack of outdoor exercise can cause those dark circles under the eyes). Sure, masturbation causes some loss...but it's a challenging thing to quit, and ruminating over how failing to quit is making you worse is going to do more damage than anything, in my opinion. Just try to be relaxed about it and not have that negative self-talk.
  14. Excuses, excuses...

    Aw darn, the Celestial Exam Commission wins again!