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  1. In this thread you can share what you currently do for fitness. Not that anyone really cares about others' routines, but this could give an idea of what healthy activities people do here at the forum. ... As for myself, I care about general cardiovascular fitness, basic abilities, and having a halfway decent appearance. I go to the gym every day that I can, so probably 4 days per week on average...if I'm able to every day, I go every day. So here is my basic routine right now, after years of not being so healthy: 10 minutes elliptical (staying above 6 (on Planet Fitness machines, not sure what that means) with the level set at 7, the whole time), 10 minutes bike staying above 90 rpm with the level set at 9, 10 minutes walking at 3 mph and incline at 1, then jogging for 0.3 miles at 6 mph (increasing by 0.1 mile each week or two), and walking again. I get really bored with cardio in the gym so each time I tend to switch the machines like this. I also have calf and shin problems, and need to ramp up my activity super gradually. (Some days I skip the gym and just hike for at least an hour.) Then I'll do assisted pullups. Used to have the strength, and less body weight, to be able to do 10+ unassisted (when in Army basic training)...I'm working back up to that. I tend to put the assisted weights at 110, then do 5 pullups, rest 1 minute, then lower the weights one notch (so it's less assisted), until a bit before the point of failure...for me right now, I tend to do 3-4 sets of gradually decreasing the assisted weights. I think of it like warming up the movement, and then getting to strength building. Then do just one set of 17 fast pushups. I add 1 pushup per week to it, or as able without reaching failure. Used to be able to bust out 35 quick ones. I think training pushups at a fast speed helps with being able to do more of them...when in basic training, I noticed that doing a quick 35 enabled me to score 100% on the fitness test easily (where I had to do something like 60 within 2 minutes). The speed training helps. I still do Army style with perfect form, where the face is looking forward (not at the floor, but at the wall), the whole back is held in a straight line, the chest touches the ground when going down, and the elbows extend fully so that they'd be locked in the up position. After the pushups, I hold the plank position with arms extended for 30 seconds. Then ten 4-count flutterkicks. I used to be able to do 70 4-counts (counting like: 1,2,3,one, 1,2,3,two, 1,2,3,three; then eventually 1,2,3,seventy)...when I could do that, it really helped my running, and also my situps, for the fitness tests. Then 30 lb dumbbells full ROM bicep curls, 5 reps 3 sets. Not for fitness so much, but my triceps tend to be naturally very strong (I think due to being really good at skullcrushers during undergrad), so this balances me out and makes the arms look decent. the past I would do Stronglifts 5x5 routine. It was really good and enjoyable, although my knees can't do it these days.
  2. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Yep, that's how manipulation works...if you didn't feel and react the way you do, for instance compassionately and selflessly (feeling guilty or selfish), then you couldn't be manipulated. I think it's desirable to be natural and good, like you are...but at the same time, cultivating rationality (which you also are, by understanding clearly what's happening), and using both logic and heart to navigate through your path. Not good to be someone's doormat, which is always our choice...but good to take care of others, at the same time. Manipulators, or people who need help, don't make it easy to see the right steps to take...but perhaps if you wonder what the solution to this dilemma is, and continually calm your mind and let go of all thinking, the right path will present itself to your intuition.
  3. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Well, no wonder you feel stuck! To me it seems like you're being manipulated, and a healthier relationship would enable you to establish boundaries (rather than her threatening suicide if you attempt to), such as being able to go wherever you wanted for however long you wanted. You should know that you aren't responsible for appeasing her issues...they are hers.
  4. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    I think online can be fine, so long as the teaching is good. It's not guaranteed that a good spiritual teacher will be in the closest city...we live in a good era, where we can research the best systems worldwide and then choose one.
  5. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Find a spiritual teacher, and try to attain the ultimate.
  6. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Sounds like you just need to figure out who you are, what you like and dislike, what you value in life, what you can never accept, etc. It helps if you don't live your life entirely for appeasing yourself, but look toward making the world a better place...think about others just as much as you think about yourself.
  7. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    You wouldn't be faulted for thinking that "life had turned against you" in those hard times. Anyway, I view the bolded part as simply a matter of semantics. To me, the essential meaning is the same between the two quotes. I don't actually view life as a being that acts upon say "life has screwed with me" is truly just a manner of speaking, and saying that I've been through challenging situations. At least this is my understanding based on where I've been raised and how we use the language.
  8. Tantra...

    I think of it in terms of something I was taught, in an almost tantra context... There is clinging/grasping, and then there is openness. "Pain and misery oriented" reminded me of the clinging/grasping way of being. When we're enjoying things, we're open.
  9. Tantra...

    I think Chogyam Trungpa was considered many to be legitimate and a good source of info, while simultaneously not being good in some other ways. I think this particular quote is legitimate in terms of Tibetan Buddhist theories, but can see how it can be viewed in a satiating base desires context. Sometimes it's not good to "throw the baby out with the bathwater", and people who do bad things can have many good qualities. But also, other times you poison your water when using a dirty cup, and spiritual authority figures must be held to a high standard.
  10. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    I never said that either. To restate what I said in the way that I actually meant it: "Try as hard as you might, but you can't escape challenging situations. They will happen." You misread my post...but looking back at it, I guess that's understandable given the way in which it was written. Perhaps if you reread it again, you can see my actual meaning now.
  11. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    Maybe you should reread my posts with the understanding that we just said the same thing.
  12. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    In a sense it really is true that awakening is harsh, if "awakening" refers to becoming aware of how the world should/could be, versus how it is. I think on the spiritual path we get an intuitive sense of how things should be...we are the progenitors of human evolution, and the better world comes first within us, then later on as there are more of us and our influence has spread, it arrives outside in the real world as well. If we're not careful, it can be very depressing to constantly be let down by the way of the world. Sometimes it's good to take a break from thinking about this stuff, from focusing on other people, and just concentrate on the simple pleasures in life. No use in feeling negative.
  13. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    On second thought, not going to speak my mind.
  14. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    You've got to be the luckiest person alive. Life has definitely screwed with me, big time.