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  1. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

    Yes, when I was trading between altcoins and BTC, it really seemed like only the top few coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and maybe Litecoin) were legitimate. Everything else was basically just set up as pump and dump coins, from what I could tell watching their charts day to day. I did hear good things about Cardano, apparently the team working on it has some smart people, but didn't really understand it enough to know whether that's not all just hype as well.
  2. Stopping The Ceremony

    You should probably give a lot more details, telling us the whole story. For instance, why were you a part of this? I think it makes sense that you could avoid it by not going there.
  3. Porn

    No, common usage has no extravagant ideas. In the English language it simply means, "control exerted to do something or restrain impulses" or "the ability to control yourself: strong determination that allows you to do something difficult". This function fatigues if overused.
  4. Porn

    I was referring to willpower in the commonly used sense of the term.
  5. Yi Gong/Kunlun/Spontaneous Qigong Questions

    I think about doing it again from time to time, but chose a different path which doesn't work so well with it. The Kunlun school had (maybe still has?) red phoenix and kunlun method united at the heart of it, to cause the 'gold dragon body' effect...which in my estimation, is kind of like completely dissolving into the source (physically, too) while still being human. Apparently they could take pictures of people experiencing this and it looks like they're disappearing...not sure if those weren't just photoshopped, but I did feel this effect happening a few times. To me it felt like an emptiness or void, similar to who I am, to the feeling of being perfectly eternally at home and normal, descended from the head down through the center of the body and made who I think I am (my body, etc) seem to feel as if it weren't really there. Yigong is what Jenny Lamb was teaching, which apparently was a preparatory physical method for later work that involves more spiritual stuff like manifesting. In all honesty, I think spiritual growth is another matter...growth depends on the type of person you are, more so than a method that causes an effect. Even Max himself told us in a class, you can have a practitioner with the brightest halo as a result of their cultivation methods, but they can actually be evil in their heart...such a practitioner is not spiritually mature. For me, the methods caused some positive as well as negative symptoms in terms of health. It was explained that negative stuff was purification happening, which looking back, may have been the case. Positive stuff was like blood pressure going from prehypertension down to normal. I think it opens up a lot of stuff, so one could say that the qi flowed much better and stronger. Analyzing it, I think the method affects the kidney channel, the qiao mai, ren mai, and chong mai...and through those, has more wide reaching effects. I've always found it super challenging to pin down exactly what it's all's a very mysterious practice. At least in my experience, pretty much anything I say about it later on seems to be inadequate or even wrong. Generally I think no, unless it's just a physical exercise type like the eight brocades. It's hard to say what will cause problems with it...for most people, they don't have the ability to discern for themselves, and can end up causing some damage. I think one could say that it is neidan, and not be entirely wrong. But it might be important to note that it's said to come from the Shangqing/Maoshan school, which to really sum things up badly, was originally more about divination and internal deity meditations, than about internal alchemy.
  6. Porn

    What makes you say you have weak yin? Because of having a little bit extra lust than you want?
  7. That can be a sign of having an unhealthy relationship with anger. Ever see the movie "Anger Management"? In the movie, Adam Sandler isn't doing anything that would seem like an outburst, but people end up taking it that way from him to the point of him needing court mandated therapy, and it turns out that he does have some seething anger beneath the facade of calm and reaosnable. Sometimes really nice people have a very strong anger that no one is really aware of, themselves or others, until it comes out in various ways. I have this Buddhist friend who is the most peaceful person, has the most calm eyes, says the nicest thoughts...but if you cross him, he is unforgiving and can't ever let anything go. These nice people learned at one time, in one way or another, to repress anger completely rather than to just express it and have it be over with. Not that we should act as doormats for other people to smear their crap all over, at all...but I think it's good to consider that what we feel is our responsibility, and isn't really the result of anything anyone else does. "He uncentered me" actually..."I'm uncentered and blaming it on someone else". Part of the spiritual path is dealing with challenges in life, and learning how to stay centered through them. If it weren't for the challenges, our centering wouldn't really be strong. If we can be truly centered despite anything that happens, fully in control of what we have power over, we've attained something special. I'd also like to say: there is room in this world for everybody. They are the spice of life. Without them, what would we have to be dramatic over?
  8. For people in the US, they can visit a Shinto shrine in Washington State:
  9. Porn

    I consider myself in control and masturbation has been used to manage many other potential problems, such as being too horny and choosing to be with the wrong woman. I used to do these things daily, and really had to, but now am able to skip a few days easily (which is a result of probably a decade of figuring out what works for quitting/cutting back). Aside from sometimes experiencing road rage (getting angry at horrible drivers), lust is really my final vice, which I think is a positive thing. I view ultimately quitting porn as a pleasant thought, the kind of thing where I say "I should quit". Seems to me like any time we're saying "should", the desire isn't yet strong enough to bring about effort necessary for the in my worldview, it's better to put the "shoulds" on the backburner, rather than live in a constant guilt trip, and wait for the time when the desire to stop is adequate. My belief is that willpower can only go to so many endeavors at once. Actually, I think it's best if our willpower is focused on ONE thing, so I have to pardon myself in this for the time being due to already having too much on my plate. When we're overstretched in what we're trying to do, then it's easier to fail...and I think it's better to succeed at our attempts rather than to give a partial effort and really just end up cultivating failure. With too many irons in the fire, I think that we can get "decision fatigue" and end up being much less effective at everything we do. Willpower is like a muscle...using it appropriately, like doing 5 reps of an exercise, makes that muscle stronger...but training it to failure, like doing 50 reps of 20 exercises, can cause injury and exhausts it. The minister fire flaring can cause lust. Another way to say it is when the shen/mind is disturbed, lust goes along with it. So it can help to do a legitimate form of meditation, like shamatha, to still the mind. There's also the saying that "when jing is full, there's no sexual desire"...there is some truth to this... Sexual over indulgence pretty much directly weakens the Kidney yin (which includes jing) and yang. With low back pain, feet being cold to the touch...that shows the Kidney yang is deficient. I personally can notice that if I abstain from sexual stuff for 3+ days, the feet tend to warm up again, I tend to feel more vibrant in a subtle way...but if I am sexual for a couple of days in a row, the feet will get cold, minor health things will happen and I'll have less energy. When Kidney yin is deficient, it causes the yang to float upward (due to not being held down by the yin, in a mutual relationship). This yang goes up to the pericardium, and ends up disturbing the mind by having too much fire there (called "minister fire flaring upward"). It's better if the yang (which is fire) can stay down in the region of the water...then things are more balanced. So when you've been sexual, due to the yin and yang being deficient, the mind gets disturbed and we end up feeling more lustful. If we've abstained from any sexual stuff for a while, then the yin and yang are in a good relationship in the Kidney, and our mind isn't disturbed in that way, so our sexual desires are more normal and not excessive...meaning that we'd feel lustful if we were being seduced or something (normal), but we're not thinking about sex every 2 seconds (minister fire flaring). Hope that all makes sense...just my understanding of TCM's take.
  10. Porn

    That sounds great, and it's inspiring to see someone desiring so much to make that change. I haven't quit looking at porn, myself, but I would suggest that if quitting porn is the primary thing (as opposed to trying to be less sexual)...that you allow yourself to be sexual, but not go to the porn. For instance, you start desiring strongly to see porn...allow yourself to masturbate and release that tension, so you get the desire out of your system. You could even allow yourself to imagine sexual things, as long as you stay away from the porn. It's like creating a new outlet for that release, versus the old one that involved the destructive thing. On a spiritual forum, this isn't typical advice (to masturbate or imagine sexual things taking place)...but I think it would help with quitting looking at porn, specifically. Just an of luck in the quest.
  11. Why does one lose their awareness?

    Is it actually a legitimate Buddhist teaching to not lose your awareness? If not, then best to not worry about it, and just practice correctly.
  12. I appreciate the reviews...inspirational, and has me interested in Charles Atlas' work.
  13. Celestial Kryia Yoga?

    I hope to hear more about your experiences. It first struck me as gimmicky, overpriced, and illegitimate...but your initial review makes it sound great.
  14. On my way....with some (flesh !) obstacles ahead

    My suggestions were simply methods for people who are trying to not be lustful (basically, people who are aiming for celibacy on the spiritual path)'s not advice for everyone. Has nothing to do with disdain for nudity, repressed sexuality, shame, etc.
  15. Dang, I was hoping to see it!