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  1. Honestly, it's primarily my hope that we all do this much better than we currently are. Might as well leave it at that.
  2. Supremely interested to learn more.
  3. In terms of the type of censorship that I personally find unsettling, the banning of racist or violent speech is definitely not it. (Any time we "censor", it's technically censorship...but I don't call banning racist or violent speech, censorship). I don't think racism or violence should be allowed here...there's no reason for it, it ruins the place, and it could even lead to legal issues, or potentially worse for anyone directly involved. Regarding the line in the sand: I'm used to seeing those on the right being strongly mischaracterized by those on the left. For instance, very often falsely labeled as racist, despite not being so whatsoever. A good example is seeing ralis' post here, where an accusation of racism-etc appeared to come out of nowhere, and seemed to implicate everyone who he disagreed with politically ("there has been enough of such talk here"...sure maybe any time it actually happens is "enough", but the forum really hasn't been some sort of breeding grounds for racists by ANY means, and I'm not sure what rideforever said to elicit that response about racism): So then the banning of actual racism, which was once perfectly clear and acceptable to basically all, can become questionable in its implementation. If the people deciding what happens, owner/admin/mods, believe that those on one side of the political spectrum are all inherently "racist" simply because they have a different perspective of the world (despite not actually doing or saying anything remotely racist), then I think it does quickly shift into actual censorship. But anyway, it's not my place to make judgment calls on things...just responding with my personal view.
  4. That's not something I was aware of, but if that did happen, of course it was racist. I would think saying that word would be ban worthy at this point in our culture. Another thing I wasn't aware of...I thought violent talk (especially about "killing") like that was against the forum rules already and was an automatic ban. It is certainly interesting, for instance how he said the mainstream media isn't leftist. I don't even know what is leftist if that's the case. The issue I take here is the gleefulness when censorship of one side is touted as being correct. What if the opposite happened, and a forum owner came here one day saying that leftist views are all socially toxic rhetoric, that those on the left are racist bigots, and we shouldn't even give those idiots the time of day who think that way (insinuating that they'll soon be gone, and the forum made "better" without them)? I very much believe all of the leftists here wouldn't be breathing so freely if that had happened. They'd probably think fascists had taken over... Regarding calling things toxic, that's fine to do in debate. I only take issue with it being done in the context of the forum owner talking about not having certain opinions (which I interpret to mean literally everyone on the right, judging from how he's worded his posts in this thread). I do think feminism (clearly, not the kind that's for equality, but the second or third wave kinds) is entirely destructive, and is toxic. Also, I'm a bit confused by your post, since I thought we were on good terms and actually friends on this forum. I guess friends sometimes call each other out, but usually it's not quite like this. ... Edited to add: I'm going to try my best to go silent now and stick to spiritual/healing etc topics. Sorry if I mess up and speak again here...I could work on my will power a bit more! I think Sean's made it clear enough how he wants it at the forum, which is fine with me (although a bit of a shock when "the winds of change" bring such sudden implementation). I'm honestly used to being in leftist dominated environments, and can manage just fine (although it certainly doesn't stop me from thinking freely). I just found it a bit strange for people to be relieved at the notion of getting rid of those who think a certain way...especially when it's said in nearly the same breath as this:
  5. It's the polar opposite for me. Steve, you should honestly ask yourself why you'd feel like you can suddenly breathe, when there's essentially talk of banning (or otherwise disallowing) those whose opinions you disagree with, and only allowing those of a certain opinion to express their thoughts. Falsely labeling the other side as "socially toxic", etc...or "racist" as ralis did, without a smidgen of proof of such. These are not things that should cause a person to breathe more easily.
  6. If the forum moves toward stopping those who tend toward the right wing from expressing their views, I'll follow suit and stay silent, since my primary purpose here is spiritual discussion. Obviously, the forum owner can decide anything. It's been nice in the past couple of years (in my perspective) to see that numerous other long term spiritual seekers and practitioners share similar views on the world. In that time, the forum has been a place for expression of diversity of thought, within the bounds of the forum rules. A number of those who sway to the left who are complaining about how it's been in this thread, have been totally free to express their opinions...which makes me think it's been a great place. While there are other spiritual practitioners who tend toward the left, such as Steve for for myself, my current views which are center-right are definitely a result of my particular spiritual development (even if my development is mediocre). Perhaps different spiritual paths cultivate different ways of seeing the world.
  7. Trump talk

    They've been absolutely bonkers for years now.
  8. Center Dantian

    That's vague as well.
  9. When was that ever the purpose of Satan/the Adversary? I can't think of any story in which his motive or purpose is ultimately good, like as described in the bold. It was always to tempt you toward a dark and destructive path.
  10. Forgiveness and Condemnation

    While I think that's true... this is the occult section, and perhaps for some people their punishments go into effect in the objective world, and impact the guilty parties in some way. ...but really, come back upon their own heads. It's good to forgive and be open. But I think, it's also even more important to be honest...KNOW THYSELF. No one is perfect, especially with forgiveness. Feel free to admit it here.
  11. Forgiveness and Condemnation

    That's definitely not of value.
  12. Forgiveness and Condemnation

    Brilliant point. The condemnation we hold does hurt us, whereas the guilty party probably doesn't even notice a thing, and is just on their merry way. I just had a thought... There may be a difference between being appointed as a judge over others (literally a job as a judge...or perhaps spiritually that position exists, as well), versus simply being offended at things. A judge has a duty to make or oversee a decision, and is generally dispassionate and not personally affected. They consider the entire community's wellbeing, while at the same time being fair and not overly punishing a person for disliking who they are or what they did. Whereas being offended at things, it's not really our place to decide whether a person is innocent or guilty and what their punishment should be (that's up to God, or karma, or whatever happens to them). We are passionate and took something personally, and are personally affected in some way, and so unable to see the big picture. We're considering our own standards of conduct, which someone neglected and offended us by, rather than primarily thinking of the wellbeing of others whom we're responsible for. And we often wish the worst on people for the slightest wrongs (such as cutting us off in traffic, stopping suddenly when walking in front of us down a street without being aware of who's behind them, being rude or inconsiderate, etc). While I often consider the state of our world and society, and think of the community, when it comes to people committing be honest I'm often just personally offended, and not in an actual position of being a judge. Not easy is right! LOL. I'm super bad at even attempting to forgive most people I come across, much less everyone. Who can be perfect? "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" - Romans 3:23 "Who is like God?" β€œLet him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” - John 8:7 But I don't think being an imperfect human is a good excuse for not attempting. Perhaps I should try harder, by setting aside time to practice. I really have had great results sometimes with the Tibetan Buddhist teachings of loving-kindness and compassion. It's often just easier to hate and condemn someone for an obvious wrong they did, than it is to practice and improve the situation, and forgive and forget the wrong.
  13. I just liked putting these two verses (in blue) from the New Testament side by side: "If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you withhold forgiveness from any, it is withheld.” - John 20:23 It's interesting to consider that we might have an actual effect on liberating a person, versus charging them with what they've done wrong...perhaps especially if we've reached a certain level of spiritual development, or grace. These days, it seems for me, the number of people doing things which are hard to forgive has increased. Or maybe I just need to practice more loving-kindness and compassion every day. "For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you." - Matthew 7:2 When we charge them with their wrongdoings, with the real effect it has on them receiving punishment from heaven...we are liable to be held to our same standard. No hypocrites!
  14. Qigong or taichi?

    Are you also getting real exercise? If so, then it doesn't really matter because both are usually really similar. If not, then exercise is better.
  15. Trump talk

    Any more info on that?