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  1. Hello everyone

    Thank you for welcoming me. I will read and of course follow the rules. Yes I think that's true, children often show you "how far" you are. Even if they are big and 18 years old ... So I do my very best... Best wishes and have a great weekend
  2. Hello everyone

    Hello all, first of all, I want to say sorry for my rather bad english. I am good in reading and understanding but not so good in writing and talking. That being said, I want to send a hello to all of you. I've read here for more than a year without writing. That's why I want to say thank you for the wonderful threads and informations inside. I am 51, practicing dao yin exercises, some standing and tai chi, every day for 17 years but only one and a half hours the day. Nothing professional but it increased my health and well being a lot after practicing many years before heavy weightlifting, Judo and a bit of kickboxing. Still practicing two times the week a bit of strength training, but only slow push ups, slow pull ups, squats with low weight and some very slow kettle bell exercises for keeping my shape. Perhaps it slows down a bit of my internal progress, but that's ok for me. The most emphasis I have is to feel good with/in my body and mind. And that's the case for 100 percent. I don't clame to go through the whole jing chi shen dao process at the moment. Life as some other things for me at the moment like my son etc. Perhaps in a few years my. Practice will go deeper but at the moment it is fine like it is. Best wishes