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  1. Building the lower dantien

    As I learned, there are different things to do for developing the Dan Tien. A light awareness on the lower abdomen area is one thing. To feel into this area during standing and moving exercises. Next thing is letting the breath sink into this area. (Even we know that breath is only going into the lungs, it feels like breath is sinking into the lower abdomen) And the third thing are exercises where we move the hands for building the shape of the dantien in the correct way. I didn't know for many years that I had to do it that way. But since I do it, there seems to build something inside. But I am not a professional for that kind of stuff. I am only practicing two hours the day a mix of dao yin exercises, taichi form and standing in different postures and an exercise very simular to that shown in the video. I dont know if that exercises stabilize the emotions in a special way and I am in the lucky position, that my emotions are in general rather stable since I am 19 or 20...now I am in my fiftties an I feel still very happy and stable inside most of the time. Yes, Taiji and Qigong is great for my body and my spirit...but I am not sure if it stabilizes emotions...perhaps the oposite could be the case, if someone with unstable emotions begins with the art (talking in general not talking about you or another person), perhaps it could increase some negativ emotions because of the releasing effect of the exercises. So sorry, I think there are many people here in the bums with more and better knowledge about that. And again sorry for my rather bad Englisch. Hope you understand what I wrote.
  2. Building the lower dantien

    Sorry, haven't seen the video series about the MCO. I have seen many other clibs from him and during the last weeks read his book "a comprehensive guide..." and I also read his first book about neigong. In my opinion he writes good stuff even sometimes there are some differences between the old and the new book and some videos. But perhaps it has to do with his own experience, changing over the years.
  3. Building the lower dantien

    Yes I see it like you. As I said, I've learned a quite similar exercise to build the container and as I can say, it works. For a free video rather good in my opinion. Yes, there are more exercises and more complicated stuff for dantien work, but if one does for example eight brocades or something like that but has not learned how to build the sphere and is therefore not able to store the qi built from the Qigong , the exercise from the video could be a good one to begin with. Only my opinion. Best wishes Feng69
  4. I saw a video on the tube about building the dantien and I think it's quite good. I learned a very similar exercise but had to pay for it some years ago...what do you think about the exercise, shown in the video? It's important to watch till to the end, because there comes the most important hands movement. https://youtu.be/M_9f4XJBuX8 Best wishes Feng69
  5. Sorry, sometimes I'm to stupid for the technical things
  6. Well...sice that was, I've become stronger, but I'm "waiting" for the next layer when it begins to float again Could be that therefore I have to practice more, but with an 8 to 5 Job, a son and a partnership with a woman, there are only 2 hours the day for practicing... But I changed some weeks ago a bit of my practice... Doing now less form and daoyin exercises but longer standing in wuji and also san ti shi...and it seems to work. Sometimes the system needs a new input. Best wishes Feng69
  7. That seems to be the same I had few years ago when practicing the taiji form I've learned. I also felt like getting big arms, legs, and torso from the inside out. And in the arms and legs it felt like a huge load of warm water which was pumped through the arms and legs...a few weeks later, that all stopped...and than in the following weeks, it happened something very interesting ...after standing in wuji posture for preparing the taiji form, "it" made the taiji form with me. Without doing anything "I" did the complete form. the form simply happened without any muscular effort. I only had the small intent to practice the form. That's all. Can't describe it in a better way. My teacher said it is a good process because now the chi would lead my body doing the form... But also this phenomenon stopped... It seems to be an endless process of developing... Best wishes Feng69
  8. 8 Brocades

    In my opinion the main aspect is to bring the body in a good shape. Not the outer muscles but the connective tissues and the sinews etc. And that could be a good precondition for cultivation. But I think there are better exercises for opening the doors within the body and connecting the different tissues. Exercises with much slower movement than the brocades. Best wishes Feng69
  9. Ah OK, thank you for mentioning that. My statement was nothing against Mr Mitchell. Sorry if it seemed like that. Only wanted to say that this free course is the step after building the dantien. I like the videos of Damo Mitchell. Best wishes
  10. On the one hand it's generously to offer a free mco course...on the other hand it's useless until one has not built the dantien in the right way. And these exercises are not included in the course and I don't know any person who will give these exercises for free. So, first step is building the dantien with the proper tools and 2. step is the mco...as I am informed. Best wishes
  11. Hello Shanmugam very interesting what you write in your posts. I don't know your (spiritual etc) background (perhaps there is more on your YouTube channel but I haven't watched it yet) but what would be interesting for me is: Was it only a shift in consciousness or has your body also shifted in a way? Did you only practice "techniques" that changed your mind or did you at the same time also practice "techniques" which changed the body over the years. A change from closeness to openness, from tightness to release from hard muscles to soft tissue etc? In my opinion, as I learned, it's best to do both...mind changing and body changing methods. Because if we only practice one of these parts, something will be missing on the personal path, as I see it. Best wishes Feng69
  12. Hello all (and sorry for my bad english) As I know there are different steps of that what is often called enlightement (from some daoist point of view) First "you" have to awaken, to realize what "you" really are. Not only for a short time but for constant time. And therefore it needs also work with your body, not only mental work. After that there comes the step of stepping out of the wheel of incarnation... After that it comes immortality... That's what me was told. But I'm far far away from own experience. I only have sometimes a glimpse of the first step, the awakening...I've got a long road to go, with many further incarnations... :-) Best wishes Feng69
  13. 8 Brocades

    Hello dmattwads, I practiced them for some years, and sometimes I still do them. When practicing, beside the correct movement combined with the breathing, in my opinion, it's very important to practice them with the feeling that the muscles hang off the bones because then the muscles and the connective tissue have a nice "hanging" stretch throughout the whole exercise. That's where the internal aspect rises, in my opinion. Best wishes