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  1. ok thanks!! Ok thanks Burn!! I hope he can teach red phoenix (3 levels) with a reasonable price.... And i hope also my bad english will not be a problem to communicate (you speak very fast for me)
  2. hi everybody Excuse my approximative english. I practice Kunlun level 1 for several months. I wanted to do red phoenix seminar, but pay for RP level 1, 2 and 3 is too expansive for me. I can only assure financially the RP level 1, but then i'm stuck for the rest. So i decided to search if can exist any practice, cheaper, similar of RP 1-2-3, and i found the Kwan Yin Magnetic Qigong. Is there a safe practice if we want to mix it with kunlun level 1 (sang-kung problem or other)? Does KYMQ similar to RP (level 1, 2 and 3) a prespective result? thanks fo your replies PS : did Scotty disappear from this forum, i cannot find his posts?!!
  3. hello everybody!

    lol!! on va s'entendre avec google traduction!! ecrit juste lentement :-)
  4. hello everybody!

    Hi lol!!! Merci à toi Basher, au plaisir de nous lire
  5. hello everybody!

  6. hello everybody!

    hi Idiot_stimpy!!! how are u guy?
  7. hello everybody!

    hello!! Excuse my bad english, i'm french :-) I present myself : kunlun2018, pleased!! I love meditation, all the religion (i'm sufi), music (i'm a dj), ufology and parapsychology, cinema, sport basketball (big up for all the playgrounds players :-) )and athletism, etc... I practice kunlun for several months. But due to injury on my feet, i've let the practice and restart this one recently. I've learned many things about kunlun and other systems in this excellent forum!!! So i decided to sign up. I have many questions about.... TAO BUMS FOR LIFE!!!!!