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  1. How to connect

    we can all laugh and fight here for forever. and write meaningless messages overthrowing this forum. worst of all is that people here are trying to show how smart they are and how much they know. and the more you write, the more you know, but it’s not.
  2. How to connect

    @MegaMind Do you know what interests me most? why are you wasting time answering all this nonsense in the forum, but don’t take the time to discuss some issues with me in detail. What is your real goal? Do you want to understand mopai technology or just feel your self that you are close enough to the technology without confidence about what that is? Seriously I know a lot about it, I want to find a people who interested in.
  3. How to connect

    Hi, @MegaMind I already sended for you a few emails, did you receive my letters?
  4. .

    @thelerner How can you see the science of it if nobody knows anything? the real mo pai school keep silence and doesn"t go for research. Western company and others cannot show something to scientists because they just cannot do what john chang does. and also i remind that human studies are prohibited.what you want to explore, no one will approve.
  5. .

    By the way maybe somebody knows, there is some conclusion written by Gregory V. Simpson about his meeting with John? It’s a question for all.
  6. .

    @Goku76 this is Kostas Dervenis.
  7. .

    what do you think?
  8. Breathing into LDT properly using reverse breathing

    I’m alone thinking that this is BS? Or maybe I don’t know something?)
  9. Breathing into LDT properly using reverse breathing

    what? @Spotless explain to us what do you mean by “subtle bodies” and “auras”
  10. .

    Okey, if you don’t understand you can get: -heart failure -neurodegenerative diseases -Alzheimer's disease -Parkinson's disease metabolic disorders -depletion - in rare cases, cancer
  11. .

    I have actually stored those Images in some remote place Anyway this is all there is to western mopai @Goku76 MM's little cult was very mad when these leaked out in public, as nothing makes them unique any longer Edited 29 minutes ago by GSmaster it becomes too hot here... Just for your information and I think it is very crucial to say now about real warnings - this practice may work but even if you do it like you think it was right it still can be cause of sickness. You just even don’t understand what you are doing here with your body... you can get so massive damage of your self that you cannot come back to normal state ever. This is a REAL warning. You either understand what you are doing or not doing it at all!
  12. Mo Pai - want to find a person, you can help if you know.

    normal people communicate if they have common interests and this is normal. This is a good reason.
  13. Breathing into LDT properly using reverse breathing

    @MegaMind coffee is very good by the way in what you are practicing
  14. Mo Pai - want to find a person, you can help if you know.

    @GSmaster I'm interested in talking specifically with him. and if you can give me his contact it would be great.
  15. Hi everyone. if you maybe know any information about who is it, write me please. always want to find people connected with this theme. thanks.