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  1. Help Needed to Translate Alchemy Book

    Hello "mjjbecker". I would like to ask you for something unrelated. Do you have an email address or can you activate the PM for a while in order to send you my message?
  2. Hou Tian vs Xian Tian & Xiao Yao Pai

    Thank you Desmonddf, for this complete answer.
  3. Hou Tian vs Xian Tian & Xiao Yao Pai

    Desmonddf, which religion practices do you follow?
  4. Wuliupai school

    Hello Al (sorry for the mistake), Thank you for the clarification. I sent you a PM. Sincerely, Demetrios
  5. Wuliupai school

    Hello BR, Can you explain how is it possible for someone to regrow teeth and hair, in general? The basic theory behind it. Is it a result of long term practice, or something that can be achieved within a year? Sincerely, Demetrios
  6. EI

    ------------------------------------ Thank you Daeluin. ------------------------------------ Hello Anoesjka, No i do not refer to Baal. In fact natives of Greece, such as myself call ourselves Ellines and we call Greece, Ellas. I really don't know nor understand why they use the words Greeks and Greece internationally since we clearly state that we are Ellines and our country's name is Ellas, therefore this is the confusion with most outside the country. Yet again, i wasn't referring to EL but to EI as in ei. This was carved into the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. There is some denial though from some academics that instead of EI there was just the letter E (ΕΨΙΛΟΝ or EPSILON), which signifies the number 5 in the ancient greek numerical system (letters where also numbers). In fact there were an additional three phrases beneath EI or E. These phrases were, "ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΕΑΥΤΟΝ" translated as "KNOW THYSELF", "ΜΗΔΕΝ ΑΓΑΝ" translated as "NOTHING IN EXCESS", and "ΕΓΓΥΑ ΠΑΡΑ Δ' ΑΤΗ" translated as "MAKE A PLEDGE AND MISCHIEF IS NIGH". ------------------------------------ Thank you Aetherous, Many of the mysteries are still being performed on a private level, not a public one, mainly through midnight (24:00 PM-05:00 AM) and on specific dates. Although not widely advertised, this does happen on a regular basis by local Masonic lodges who have close ties with the "Central Archaeological Council" and are supplied with executive clearances. If you ask me i am not very fond of this, since most of the members in these high level lodges are not Ellines and they are taking advantage of something it isn't their heritage to begin with. Although this might sound conspiratory, our government is totally controlled by foreign forces that are very anti-hellenistic in nature.
  7. EI

    Hello, I am from Greece and 21 years old. I am here because i am interested to increase my understanding on practical esoteric knowledge. Other than that i don't have any other experience and i am mostly here to observe and learn. Thank you, Demetrios