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  1. New member

    Great to have you. Hope you benefit from being here.
  2. If its a deep practice (with a health focus) that you want and with no ego issues then look into
  3. Rudi's system is a really great option and he is an approachable, knowledgable and stable teacher- difficult to get all three qualities on one teacher. Check out his website here. It's honestly a fantastic route to cultivation.
  4. Hi there!

    Great to meet you, Santiago. Awen
  5. TCM herbs suppliers in EU

    You could try contacting in Ireland- though they tend to offer good quality herbal formulas rather than individual herbs. It'd be a great starting point all the same.
  6. Many thanks for your many efforts Liminal!
  7. Unfortunately the YouTube videos that were posted are no longer available. However they have been transferred to the ATS website where they remain available for purchase at $50 each (the decision was taken sometime back to no longer offer things for free on his website.)
  8. Wonderful interview with Ian Baker

    I like that he is open to so-called heresy (i.e. innovation in practice based on observed truths). Nonetheless, his stated appreciation and great respect for David Verdesi is somewhat concerning.
  9. Taoist Sites, Blogs and Links

    George made a feature length "movie" which is on his channel that is quite enjoyable.
  10. Acupuncture

    Not if someone knows what they are doing. There can be contra-indications for some points, eg Spleen 10 brings on labour in pregnant women- so if you're trying to treat deep, toxic heat in a woman who is (or potentially could be) pregnant, do not go anywhere near SP10. Trained practitioners will know this and therefore it poses no problem.
  11. Sounds like liver invading spleen (though can't say that for certain without running the full diagnostic gamut)- if so, there are herbs and acupuncture points that can help, but not unless you also start tackling the root cause.
  12. Java chikung / tenaga dalam

    Welcome to the forum Sky_junior We do hope that you stick around.
  13. Option 1: This is not a bad suggestion at all. The cheaper version is doing it for free based off his 10 day "Stand Still, Be Fit" video series that can be found on youtube- though there are many nuances that can be missed on the video. Here's day 1- and the other 9 days are on the YouTube channel. Option 2: If you'd like to try Longmen sitting meditation maybe try If you're in university preparing for an illustrious medical career, then a one off payment of $75 shouldn't be a challenge at all. Option 3: Back to freebies Xiang Gong There are a number of warnings with this style-chief amongst them is don't mix practising this style with any other- at all- EVER. However some people have practised it in parallel without facing severe repercussions. Despite this, the advice remains the same- just don't do it. There are some on the board that would also recommend against practising using this video without the instructions the style, as it can be just plain dangerous. There are many, many ways to the top of the mountain, but I am sure if you preserve that you will find yours. Best of luck!
  14. Just a river dolphin in the canals of karma! :)

    Welcome River, If you haven't done so already, make sure to check out Jerry Alan Johnson. Based on your intro you might just find resonance there- but then again you might not. Either way, enjoy the journey! Awen
  15. Quaker Meditation

    Interestingly, there's nothing to convert to or advocate per se- just as there isn't in a group mindfulness session. "A leading" is an irresistible, internal impulse that pulls you to do, say or realise something- the rest of the time you're sitting waiting for it. Friends who see value in the meeting do not convert- they simply become "convinced" of its value and seek to become a member. Some Friends never join and thats just fine too.