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  1. Swami Loknath Tirth used to provide Shaktipat by letter around a century ago, Nowadays his lineage still provides distance Shaktipat, but through their website @
  2. Hello Everyone, nice to meet you all!!!

    Jerry is certainly well respected. Welcome by the way!
  3. restore jing with homeopathy

    Hi Heatrate, Welcome to the forum. re: kidney deficiency and jing build up, why don't you research the following: 1) Eddie Chong's DVD Pan Nam's Five Petal Plum QiGong- this is a kidney focused qigong routine that is supposed to work wonders. One Dao Bum says that it was tested as being the most powerful qigong system in existence based on testing with an energetic intuitive that regularly tests qigong forms for him. Note I say "supposed to"- I have not practised it, so can not confirm this. 2) Cistanche stem is a herb which is supposed to build jing incredibly quick- research it, you may just find its what you need. 3) Look up Sunn Yee Gong on this forum. This is a form/style of qigong taught by Sifu Garry Hearfield. Other forum users back in 2012/2013 related that they had experienced heightened libido from this practice and Sifu Hearfield confirmed that the practice builds up jing- however the website seems to be down and few people appear to have actually stuck with the practice 5 years down the road, so make of that what you will. Food for thought at the very least. Awen
  4. Hello from the north

    Welcome Raindancer, Its wonderful to have you amongst the little community here. I have no doubt you will find this to be an enlightening place where you will naturally and organically discover a community and close circle of like-minded folk in due course. There are few places that I can think of, either in the physical or cyber worlds, that have been as enriching in my life as this forum. You're in for a treat! Awen
  5. Hello from Jade

    Welcome Jade, Im sure you'll find both like minded individuals and what you are looking for on this forum. Its a most enlightening place indeed! Enjoy Awen
  6. Solid Qigong videos/youtubes

    I've heard great things about Xiang Qigong (aka Fragrant Qigong), however I must confess I've not practiced it. The practice is at around 5mins to 28 minutes on the below video.
  7. Sifu Terry, I understand, subscribes to the concept of the unity of religions, so there is certainly no requirement to change one's beliefs in any particular direction. As regards the origin of the forms- if one were not to give credence to the possibility of the existence gods and goddesses, it surely would not have an impact on their conclusions re: the efficacy Flying Phoenix Qigong as a set of health and wellbeing promoting exercises? In this regard the words of Yogi Bhajan come to mind, namely that the lineage of a system/person/institution is less important than its legacy. As a parallel example, not everyone who practices Pangu Shengong is fully convinced of the origin ascribed to that particular system, however they often note very strong health improvements or heightened chi sensitivity, so they accept what they can and continue making real progress in the system.
  8. Digging Deep

    It seems your trip to TDB was a brief one, but I hope not unenjoyable. id be interested to hear whether you have maintained a lurker presence, and whether it has helped you seem out the knowledge that you originally sought after.
  9. Alaskan practitioner.

    Wonderful to see you here, Raven's Fire! I look forward to your input in the forums. Awen
  10. it would need 108 rj45 jacks and then a grand rj45 at either end of the mala. sure- i would buy one for 50c including postage.
  11. UK/European Cultivation Masters

    So in the UK it seems that everyone is confined to London and/or the Greater London Area?
  12. Anyone seen: "Yogis Of Tibet (2002)"

    This is another nice tibetan movie/documentary- though gelugpa
  13. UK/European Cultivation Masters

    Didnt realise he had left for the US- apologies.
  14. UK/European Cultivation Masters

    Throwing the name of Yue Liming out there..... not sure about his qigong, but his Chen style Tai Chi is meant to be fantastic