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  1. I have heard that if people have sex with each other they get connected on a spiritual level (astral tube concept?). I don't know about this but i wanted to ask you if is this the case with porn ? If we put out focus on a video of a woman living 1000 miles away from us and masturbate to it, Can we get connected to her spiritually?
  2. ejaculation depletes me
  3. prostate feel congested after non ejaculatory sex. what can i do?
  4. Hhhghhhhh jjfghb jgc
  5. Like paranormal experiences, feeling someone is around constantly. How i can avoid these side effects please advice. i want to meditate because i want to get rid of an addiction. I am not doing any kind of spiritual practice besides some simple yoga postures. please advice a safe practice which a beginner like me can do ! Thanks.
  6. go to rishikesh / himalayas and meet a spiritual guru. he may help you to balance your energies. at the same time don't publicly demonstrate your supernatural powers because it's going to disturb harmony in society,
  7. can i do alternate nostril breathing without practicing asana? people say purify your body first by doing asana and then move to the next level which is pranayam. i was wondering if i can just practice alternate nostril breathing alone as one of the purifying practice along with asanas(postures)?
  8. old chi what should a guy who knows nothing about chinese practices do to sublimate sexual energy. meditate on mco or use cool draw method. i couldnt do cool draw (may be because i masturbated 4 times that day ). where should i start......
  9. i cant do cool draw / testicular breathing. it just seems impossible for me. can i meditate on macro cosmic orbit to maintain celibacy?
  10. I'm 20 years old healthy male. Everything was going fine with my life until hormones started taking their role. Unfortunately the only way i found to release these urges were masturbation. So yes I'm a kissless virgin. I can't live my life normally now because a lot of masturbation has ruined my energy levels and i find it difficult to focus on the other parts of my life. From some places i heard i can lower down the urges by sublimating my sexual energy. From the help of internet i started doing some basic breathing exercises like pranayam. It helped me to some extent only. Later on from this forum i got to learn about mantak chia and his teachings. So i read his book in which he wrote about big draw and testicular breathing. I wanted to do these practices but someone warned that these practices can screw up my body so i didn't do it. Again a good fella named effilang wrote here about macrocosmic orbits. Again i thought i can practice celibacy by meditating on MCO. But i was always in doubt. Now i am here thinking that if i learn qigong/internal alchemy from the basic i can learn to meditate on lower dantien. The only sole purpose of this whole thing is to calm my sexual energy so that i can live peacefully. I don't expect any miracles/ superpowers in return . please just calm my inside. That's my story.
  11. That's true. But i wanna stay single. That's why I'm looking up here and there someways to manage my sexual urges. Masturbation leaves me drained. That's why i wanna learn qigong, to calm my inside. I wanna stay all time calm and happy fro. Inside.
  12. Is liberation possible with qigong practice. I don't wanna study Buddhism. According to me celibacy is very selfless act because you deny to the sensual pleasure. Instead of loosing energy in ejaculation we use that energy to help others. So celibacy is not selfish, this is how i see it. You can also refer any dvd lessons available on internet.
  13. In your tradition celibacy for lifetime seemed to be a possible thing. That's how i got interested.
  14. In your tradition celibacy for lifetime seemed to be a possible thing. That's how i got interested.