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  1. Quantum Intent & Manifestation

    AH!! Now that is a brilliant observation. It's part of the initial process!
  2. Quantum Intent & Manifestation

    From my perspective, intent is the power, of course, but affirming the thought behind the intent is necessary to a degree. visualization can be used, it is just another medium of communicating to the subconscious. All in all, whether you visualize or affirm at this level, intent is a must. Without intent you have nothing. I've seen it work for myself so there's no denying it. Cheers to more knowledge.
  3. Quantum Intent & Manifestation

    I deeply breathe to suspend my mind to the in between state, with my intent to shut off my thinking mind completely and to occupy the quantum level while still maintaining awareness. I still have my own questions though. For me, I'm still trying to figure out if affirming an idea is necessary at this level. I know visualization and emotion isn't necessary, I know it's INTENT that is the real power, but I'm not completely sure if that is complete. Surely you still need to communicate the idea to a degree of affirmation even with Intent Alone. I've experienced things manifesting literally instantly as of recent just using intent, but I also communicated the idea by affirming the idea behind my intent. What do you think? Do you think affirmation isn't needed and my intent alone of what i wanted was enough?
  4. Quantum Intent & Manifestation

    I was confused at first but now I see. The quantum level of the subconscious exist at the deepest level of the subconscious. To reach this state of mind requires much devoted meditation and of course, your intent to occupy that state of mind at all is important.
  5. Quantum Intent & Manifestation

    According to quantum physics our direct observation causes the wave particles to collapse into existence. If everything at the fundamental energetic level exist as a wave and particle of information, then through the power of the unconscious mind and intent, one could then tap into this source energy to take form in whatever way they choose. Because the same source energy that exist in the field is the same source energy that exist in everything that comes out of it, it's the same quantum particle of zero point potential energy the only difference is the information in the field surrounding it. In my theory, on the conscious level what you observe Is what you get, but you can create your own manifestation through intent in the quantum state of mind. No need to visualize or try extra hard to stir up emotion, (visualize can be utilized since observation is the wave particle in action but my point is trying extra hard to form a picture or conjure an emotion is not necessary because it's pure intent and willed concentration that is essential). The idea and the pure intent focused and concentrated intensely makes the energy take form and is sent out into the universe, because the information of the idea of what you desire already exist, you don't have to try to make the information exist, it exist because it is, as all is, but it's your pure flowing intent and level of *fixed concentrated will* that gives the vibration of the energy of that idea enough power to then manifest within the conscious universe. It's your intent and fixed concentrated will that gives it power to manifest in the quantum level of the subconscious. Pure Intent and fixed Concentrated Will at the quantum level of the subconscious is the key to deliberate creation and manifesting.
  6. Chakras & Enlightenment

    Hello daobum geniuses. I have been recently questioning myself about chakras. It is said that, with meditating on the chakras, breath and visualization, that the pathway of the Kundalini is awakened and brings gnosis or enlightenment. I've worked with the chakras, but are they really what they are proclaimed to be? My intuition tells me, that working with the chakras is much like any system of metaphysical energy. They don't actually exist but are mental 4th dimensional structures that allow us to build a consciousness somewhere. Much like a Dantian. You have to actually build it. It's not inherently there. And it takes more than just "opening" chakras to become truly enlightened.... Hmm.... Who knows i guess....
  7. Lust and demons?

    Good luck and pound away. What a word of advice. Lmao. Well thanks. 😂💀
  8. Lust and demons?

    Because I've wanted to know what other practicioners thoughts and experiences were. It's like knowing a certain show appears on a particular TV channel but you ask your friend anyway just for reassurance. Because other like minded insight gives more clarification to things you may have intuitively felt.
  9. Lust and demons?

    Hello daobums. For those of you that are serious practicioners of energetics. We know that gaining Qi and working with Qi opens us up more spiritually. That being said, I'm wondering if the energy of lust, could attract certain demons or spirits that feed off the lust you're having in the form you're projecting? Does the energy of lust in general drain you of sexual energy? Is sexual energy drained only through ejaculation or does just simply having lust drain you energetically? Is there ever an okay way to express lust, like having love and lust come together in a relationship with a friend/partner? So those are my main questiins. Does the energy of having lust drain your vitality even if you don't ejaculate? Does the ENERGY of lust itself drain one? Do you attract demons and spirits that feed off the lust? And what other emotional states should one avoid that spirits could feed off? I would be so grateful for a true answer. Lately ive been feeling like I'm wrong for masturbating and I had to come here and ask. I look in the mirror and just feel ashamed.
  10. DESTINY?

    If you ever studied the secret or bob proctor. Countless success stories. Bob proctor said "anything the mind can conceive it can manifest into reality" and that "the only limits you have are the ones you set up within your own mind" the subconscious God Mind is responsible for everything happening. So if you impressed something there in your subconscious. It can become real. I've done it before. I said I would have a viral video. I repeated it everyday and two years later it happened. But. I do appreciate all the insight. I won't stop until infinite intelligence itself gives me a clear resolved answer.
  11. DESTINY?

    I just wish I knew people that deeply thought about this in the way I did and actually loved discussing it. I'm a heavy thinker and I really dive deep. I feel like I'm left alone cause ppl don't really exercise their thinking as much as I do.
  12. DESTINY?

    No. Don't just leave like that. I wanna have a real discussion about this. In MY opinion, I've always perceived SPIRIT, as the limitless and through OUR MINDS and intent, we give it purpose to form into vibration and being. My whole point is, if Spirit is a limitless reservoir of energy, and we as multi dimensional vessels have access to it. Whose to say THAT WE CANT manifest anything with it. It has no solid form. the force moves in and through US. we give it form!
  13. DESTINY?

    Actually. The subconscious is the God Mind. It's responsible for manifestation. So the reason most ppl don't have what they want is because their third eye is closed and they haven't tapped into the god mind to have direct control over it. You saying that ppl can't have what they want is putting a limit on the universal infinite intelligence we all have access too if we tapped into it. Which is what I disagree with.
  14. DESTINY?

    I've heard people suggest that the subconscious mind is the infinite mind. And if you impress any idea in it long enough, no matter what it is, it will eventually become reality. But I think some ppl may have the wrong idea about it. The subconscious, or Spirit, will lead you to the actions you need to take to make something manifest, it doesn't mean it's just gonna happen. Like if you impress in your subconscious you have supernatural power, ur not just gonna wake up one day flying because you repeatedly programmed your subconscious to do it. you're gonna be lead to the PRACTICAL practices of chi Kung to achieve it. Which may take a decade or two to accomplish, (or more). I think the main problem I had, is alot of new age thought teachers that have made it seem like there's really no work involved. You just meditate, and put it in your subconscious long enough, and boom it happens. And obviously it doesn't work that way.
  15. Anger as Power

    Pretty much. And i would also like your feedback on my post about Destiny and if the law of attraction doesn't always work for some things because those things are not in our Destiny?