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  1. I don't know who I am

    Well... That cleared that right up! I needed to smile, so thank you all for your replies. But I am still troubled by this. Maybe it's a belief thing I adopted from parents/society/religion but I really feel that at 43 orbits around the sun I should know who I am. I don't want to be the person in the room nobody notices anymore, and I don't want to continue living the life I am currently experiencing.
  2. DreamBliss VS Belief

    I know it may be against forum rules, resurrecting a thread from the dead like this, but I had a thought today about beliefs, about what they are, and this seemed the best place to share it. It comes in the form of a question... "Is a belief just something you say is true which you have not yet experienced?" This requires a bit of thinking... Nobody believes in gravity. We all experience gravity, so we know it is real. A lot of children in America believe in Santa Clause. Yet if any of them actually saw a man in a red suit manifest before their Christmas tree and draw presents from a magic bag, those children would no longer say they believe in Santa Claus. For them it has become a fact, because they have experienced the reality of Santa Claus personally. So many Christians say they believe in God, yet few of them have ever actually had any experience of God. If they ever do, they likey would no longer say they believed in God, because, again, it has become true for them. Your thoughts?
  3. I don't know who I am

    So I am reading the book, "Seven Steps To Inner Power" by Tae Yun Kim. On page 31, the beginning of Chapter 2, the author says, "Who am I? If I asked you to answer that question right now, what would you say?" So, gamely, I asked myself this question, and the answer I immediately received was, " I don't know." Of course I could give the "correct" answer - I am a physical manifestation of source energy, and perhaps this is what we all truly are in our base essence. But who am I as an individual manifestation of source consciousness? Who is this person in a male body identified with, labeled with and known by a name? The author goes on to say that our answer to the question who am I will be reflected in the lives we live. I can not see the correlation here very clearly, but I suspect I am living a life that is out picturing itself as a the life of a nobody. What I mean by that is I go through life virtually unnoticed by others. I could stand in a room with a group of you Dao Bum members and it is likely that many if not all of you wouldn't even know I was there! So my answer to this question troubles me, and I am not sure what to do about it. Any suggestions? P.S. I am like the character Therese in this scene:
  4. I was teaching myself the basics of Go and I thought... Maybe some folk here get together and play online? If so, any room for a very beginner level player?
  5. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Currently: The Book of Knowing and Worth by Paul Selig Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff Anatomy of Loneliness by Teal Swan Unfu*K Yourself by Gary John Bishop Miracles Now by Gabrielle Berstein The Art of Communicating by Tich Nhat Hanh Seven Steps To Inner Power by Tae Yun Kim Bringing Your Shadow Out of The Dark by Robert Augustus Masters In The Beginning - The Opening in the Game of Go by Ishigure (does anyone in these forums play Go online?) Been reading a lot of channeled texts, including the Ascended Masters texts by Godfre. I am finding them to be transformatiive, and I have discovered that they collaborate with things we are only coming to learn now. For example, in Unveiled Mysteries, a great civilization in the jungle is mentioned, and only recently, using LIDAR technology, have we found the remains of a HUGE, ancient city, long forgotten and buried by time. These books were originally written between 1900-1930, a time when almost everyone believed that the races in the jungle were merely primitive and that no technologically advanced society ever existed there. This has now been disproved, and, from what I have read in this book, there are more exciting discoveries to come!
  6. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    I have no idea why I am so attached to Valentine's Day. Maybe it hearkens back to when I was in grade school, and getting Valentine's Day cards from the girls (I had 3 girlfriends back then between the 2nd and 3rd grades.) So maybe I just miss the card? Or maybe the card is a symbol that someone actually cares about me, a legitimate, tangible, piece of evidence that I actually do matter? Or maybe I am a hopeless romantic with no romance in his life and that's the whole problem?
  7. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    Yes Fa Xin, I will be your Valentine! ... and if you are a dude, well, I will just consider that yet another life lesson.
  8. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    Ah yes! The patriarchal system established by religion... My response to this? Give me FREE LOVE BABY!!!
  9. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    Old enough to know better, young enough not to care Apparently, we are all physical manifestations of Source Energy, and Source Energy, AKA God/Buddha/Allah et all is love. So ultimately we are all individual physical manifestations of love. That said, when you squeeze a lemon, most of the time you will get lemon juice. The question is: when you "squeeze" a person, what exactly comes out? Ideally it would be love, but if that person has no love inside, meaning no love for themselves and as a result no love for others, no love will come out. So you have to love yourself somehow, then you will have love to give others. Which logically would mean that to love is the most important thing. Whereas to be loved is, ultimately, irrelevant, as we could be the best version of ourselves possible and people could still hate us, or worse, not care we exist. We can't control the feelings and responses of others, and how someone feels about us is not our concern. If we wait for others to love us, then we are going to be criticizing and judging them, and these things are not indicative of love. We have to somehow love ourselves first, entirely, without any holding back or reservations. Then we somehow have to learn to love others the same way. What they feel about is is irrelevant to our practice of being love to them. We love them independent of their feelings for us. But I think I am speaking of ideals here. The goal to work towards, not the actual state most of us live in, including myself. And I am certainly not feeling very loving toward myself. I think what is coming out of me as I am being squeezed is closer to lemon juice - the sour juices of loneliness, pain, resentment and self-hatred.
  10. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    I know that Valentine's Day is a holiday likely created by the greeting card companies. I know that the only power this holiday has over me and value it has to me is the power and value I give it. I know that when I am attached to or identified with certain outcomes involving this holiday, it will cause suffering. But still, the last time I got a legitimate Valentine's Day card was in grade school, and that was over 30 years ago! I wish I would have received even one card from someone even mildly interested in me. It would be nice to feel, just once, just for a moment, that I am desirable and that someone is interested in me. But no, I get to continue life as half a person, incomplete, not whole. And I get to have spiritual teachers continually tell me that all I need to be happy is found inside. Can you hold hands with what's inside you? Can you have make love to or have sex with it? Is there any physical or tangible contact at all? No. So I call bullspit on that, at least as far as it pertains to human relationships. Valentine's Day sucks! And I am still rooting for David Boreanaz's character in the movie Valentine...
  11. Do you have a blog or a website?

    My site is here: https://blisswriter.wordpress.com/
  12. greetings 


    I do have an extensive collection on Neville Goddard courses / books / materials.   Books/audio lectures (including rare ones).


    I also have courses /live call recordings from the freeneville.com courses.  Are you familiar with those ones?

    I have invested in those myself. 

    Check out that website. The owner is a big fan of Neville and by studying his materials he came up with new materials based on that to help people understand Neville`s teachings a lot better and easier.


    I also have an extensive collection of William Walker Atkinson materials. Including those that he released/wrote under other pen names.


    If you are interested PM me please.


    Looking forward to hearing from you.




  13. You know, now that I think about it, we have a similar issue in the West right now. We have Christianity, which in its various forms, including Catholicism, have formed and shaped this country and the mindset of its people. But unlike China, we have no opposing religion to Christianity. I think that is a big problem actually. I think we should have had an opposing religion from the start, to stand up for the Native Americans and their beliefs for one thing, and the animals like the buffalo for another. I wonder what kind of effect it would have to start an opposing religion now. I think the damage has already been done, and the best that can be done now in the West is to undo it by going East and getting one's beliefs challenged. Still there is Capitalism, and how that connects to Christianity I'm not sure. But Capitalism certainly needs to be opposed. Except the Capitalists have entire armies, including the police, that are better armed and trained than the average civilian. Same sort of tyranny as went on in China long ago. The few controlling the many. How do you oppose that? Also remembering that resistance to something only makes it stronger, and focus on what is not wanted only perpetuates it. So yeah, that is one doozy of a problem to work out.
  14. I know nothing about any contest, and this post was not posted for any such. But now that I know of one I will certainly look into it. But since I am going to do all the work, I will keep the money for myself What drove me to start this thread was passages such as these, from the chapter, "Very Small Animal" in "The Te of Piglet": "We might point out here that Taoism has always been fond of Very Small Animals. Aside from animals themselves - which Confucianists as mere things to eat, sacrifice or pull plows and wagons - the Very Small Animals of Confucianist-dominated Chinese society were women, children, and the poor. Stepped on by greedy merchants, landholders and government officials, the poor were at the very bottom of the Confusionist social scale. To put it another way, they weren't on it at all. Women, even those of wealthy families - especially those of wealthy families - weren't much better off as the Confucianists practiced arranged marriage, polygamy, foot-binding (foot-breaking, actually) and other customs so repressive to women that no one in today's West could comprehend them.Children didn't have a very jolly time of it, either. To the staunch Confucianist, children existed to carry on the family line, unquestionably obey their parents in every matter, and take care of them in their old age - not to have ideas, ideals and interests of their own. Under Confucianism. a father could justifiably kill a son who disobeyed or disgraced him, as such behavior was considered criminal. In contrast, Taoism held that respect was something one earned, and that if Big Daddy misbehaved, his family had the right to rebel. That applied to the emperor and his "family" - his subjects - as well: If the emperor was a tyrant, the people had the right to take him off the throne. High Confusionist officials lived in constant fear of Taoist- and Buddhist-influence secret societies that were ever-ready to defend the stepped-on and attempt to topple the Dragon Throne if conditions became intolerable, which they often did. Taoist sympathies were always with the the Underdog - the outcasts and unfortunates of Chinese society, including those financially ruined by the tricks of corrupt merchants and officials and forced to become "Brothers of the Green Woods" (outlaws) and "Guests of the Rivers and Lakes" (vagabonds). The Chinese martial arts were developed primarily by Taoists and Buddhist monks, in order to defend the defenseless and enable them to defend themselves. They might better be termed the anti-martial arts, as they were employed not only against armed bandits, but also against the soldiers of warlords and governing bodies, whenever they turned their swords against the weak. While Buddhist martial arts tended to concentrate on the "hard" forms of defense (from which evolved the forceful and direct Karate and Tae Kwon Do), Taoists tended to concentrate on the "soft" forms, such as the fluid and indirect T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Pa Kua Chang (similar to, but more sophisticated than, Judo and Aikido)." It goes on to talk about how the Taoists wrote stories that the Confucianists tried to repress. Later it says, "...the Taoist view was historically more or less the opposite of the Confucianist." What do you folks think? Is this accurate?
  15. How Are Having and Giving the Same Thing?

    Here's a quote from, "Emmanuel's Book" by Pat Rodegast that I think provides another perspective on this: "The way to transform violence back into the beautiful Light force that it truly is is the exquisite task of seeing violence not as it presents itself, but as the force that it will ultimately become. There is a key here for all of you: see even in the most despicable the Divine quality that has become distorted. What would violence be in its Divine state before it has been twisted into vicious aggression? It is the power to stand and to speak and to witness to a deep faith in the Light. Violence is a form of witnessing to, but it is witnessing to distortion rather than to truth. There is courage in violence. Don't forget that for one moment. It is stepping out, going beyond the 'shoulds' and 'shouldn'ts.' It is saying, 'I exist and I must be seen." Hear that in the context of spiritual teaching and you will find the means by which violence can be transformed within yourself and therefore within the world. Murder, violence, cruelty, visciosness, wickedness - yes this all exists just as kindergarten exists before first grade. Violence is painful for you who look from a level beyond (not better than but certainly wiser that), and see with the anguish the anguish that creates the anguish. Do not be afraid of terror. Do not react violently to violence. Do not feel pain abut pain. By doing so, you perpetuate what you are seeking to avoid. When you pass judgement on such things you are limiting God's reality to your human understanding. From where you sit, there is right and wrong and from where I sit, there is truth. Many in your human world might relish what punishment may come to the murderer as he enters into another life to atone for his violence. Yet you cannot judge that. You can only bless and pray and open and trust." I take away two things from this. Having and Giving are the same energy, but with different focuses. I am still wrapping my head around that. The other thing that I have been saying for some time now is that resistance to something only makes it stronger. Focus on what is not wanted only perpetuates whatever what is not wanted. I have picked this up through a variety of books and teachings, including LoA, and my own contemplation. It is interesting to see it verified here, in a book written so long ago that I am not sure many are aware of. It is a wonderful, loving text and I highly recommend it. What are your thoughts on this?