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  1. Is the earth hollow?

    Nungali... First click where you want to start typing, then move your pointer to the space below. It doesn't have to be exactly one line. Just as far below the area where you are typing as you can drag it quickly. Right now I have the cursor right at the bottom of the textbox. I don't have to keep moving it as I type. That would be cumbersome and compel me to gnaw on my laptop screen. I just got into the habit of moving the pointer and clicking if I want to edit something or work somewhere else, then I move it down again and start typing. It should type where you clicked, where the flashing cursor is, so the location of the pointer does not matter. Everyone Else... Well I already created a bit of a stink, raising your ire, with my statement that the earth is hollow and slightly flattened at the poles. I will now add something else that many of you will not like or agree with... Gravity does not exist. I may explain myself later, after the inevitable tidal wave of responses.
  2. Is the earth hollow?

    I have gotten into the habit of continually moving the mouse pointer below where I type. That way, if it jumps, it doesn't mess up what I was typing. I think it is a problem unique to laptops with a central touchpad. If you are using a mouse there may be a way to disable it. Still waiting for your answer Starjumper...
  3. Is the earth hollow?

    From this thread and the things I said I learned I could not trust myself. What was that old quote... "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt." — ABRAHAM LINCOLN
  4. Is the earth hollow?

    Wait a sec here... Am I the "stupid fundamentalist" or the "idiot" here? If I am in the fundamentalist group, how exactly? If I am in the idiot group, again how exactly? Please clarify. Thank you.
  5. Is the earth hollow?

    I will come in briefly to say that, as I recall, a user on YouTube found something on Google Earth, then came back later to see that what he had found had been removed. He could see where they had blurred over the area. In order to get real, unaltered satellite images of our earth, we would have to get together, start a billion dollar Kickstarter campaign, and essentially build our own satellite, then launch it illegally. Or build it and launch it somewhere that had no laws against it. Then we could see things as they really are, without any interference. Any thoughts on the old satellite images of the arctic hole? https://archive.org/details/HollowEath Withdrawing again.
  6. Is the earth hollow?

    Thank you, everyone, for your posts Nungali & rideforever You have made a few excellent points concerning me and what I have said, thank you. I screwed up. I am withdrawing from this thread and will try to stay in a reader-only position from now on.
  7. A Question About Sugar...

    Thank you, everyone, for your replies. I am limited, monetarily, in what I can eat, and that will likely soon get even worse. I was hoping that if I found some sort of fiber thing - like maybe a powder I could add to water - it would help my body to assimilate the sugar from what I eat slower. The same way that the sugar in a fruit is digested more slowly because of the fiber in it - at least according to that video. But it seems as if refined sugar can't process with fiber or something? I am trying to get things that have no sugar added, and when I want some sweetness, use a little stevia powder. But it looks like I should just try, somehow, to wean myself away from the need for all sweets. I'm just not sure I can do that. I was hoping just getting rid of the sugary drinks would be enough.
  8. A Question About Sugar...

    So I just watched this on Amazon Prime (free there for now): https://youtu.be/1HI_woehm0Q Essentially what this video says is that the sugar in our foods is at the heart of the obesity epidemic. There is a LOT more than that, but that is the gist. 4 grams of sugar is 1 teaspoon. The World Health Organization has these recommendations: https://www.who.int/nutrition/publications/guidelines/sugars_intake/en/ I am not sure if this is the altered version (at the demand of the US government and the food/drink industry.) What I recall is the daily recommended dose is no more than 12 grams, I think. I am willing to test this. Before I tried being a vegetarian, during and after I have drank a LOT of pop. Going vegetarian is supposed to make you loose weight. I lost very little. Since pop is one of the biggest sources of sugar in my diet, followed by deserts, eliminating it for a period of 1 month to start, going to perhaps 3 months, should have some interesting results. So I am intending that, as of June 10th, I am not drinking any more sweetened beverages. This includes pop, Vitamin water, tea, Odwalla, fruit juices, etc. Only things that are unsweetened, having no added sugar, will be drunk. For the record other sources of high concentrations of sugar are ketchup (Haines natural ketchup has 1 teaspoon or 4 grams of sugar PER TABLESPOON) and peanut butter (sugar is used as a filler.) Question for those of you here more food conscious than myself... According to this video, we can eat fruits and the natural sugar in the fruit burns slower (doesn't go directly to our liver) because of its fiber. So if I were to add some unsweetened, vegetarian fiber to my diet for each meal, would that offset any sugar I intake? I may have more to say on this later.
  9. Is the earth hollow?

    Hey Nungali I appreciate the heads up, and I would say that I suspect what you would say. I am not psychic - yet. So there is no way of absolutely knowing. Listen that reply was tame compared to what I was going to post. Compared to what I actually sent to joeblast via PM then deleted. I am not sure bigotry is the right word here. If you read through the thread, what I first posted, how joeblast responded, hopefully you'll see that what I am angry is not so much his opposing viewpoint, but more his, I guess, shutting down, of this Hollow earth idea. Not sure how to put this... I am intolerant of anyone blindingly following something that they have read or which they were taught, without ever questioning it, AND THEN, forcing these things down my throat, or anyone else's. That is what I mean by regurgitating. They are FED this stuff, and then they BARF IT UP all over everyone else. I am also intolerant of sheep-like, herd-like behavior in humans. I am dumbfounded how cops can be given an order, and they will go and follow it to the letter, even if it means killing innocent civilians. Soldiers are even worse, but this kind of behavior is literally drilled into them. I look back at how all these German soldiers never got together, asked themselves if they really wanted to follow Hitler, and then pulled off some sort of military coup. Shut the guy down before he opened the first concentration camp. I mean there were more German soldiers than Hitler and his closest followers. But instead they let one, presumably insane individual, control them. When I read the things someone like joeblast says, I honestly see no difference between him or a cop or a soldier blindly following orders. I see it as brainless, stupid, unintelligent behavior unworthy of a species that considers itself to the be the most intelligent on the planet. It really bugs me and I am not sure why it bugs me so much. I guess you could say joeblast really got under my skin with what he said and how he said it. Does that clear anything up or create even a little understanding? I hope so. I don't think I ever want to be someone who is intolerant of opposing viewpoints. In fact I think I would like to be someone who embraces them. But the Hollow Earth idea IS THE OPPOSING VIEWPOINT. There is no need for the currently accepted scientific model to ever make an appearance here, except maybe by comparison. We don't need to be reminded of something we probably all learned in grade school, and which is the model that THEY, whoever THEY are, want us to subscribe to. The whole problem is that we just accept this model as reality, but all we have is what THEY have told us. Few if any of us have ever experienced anything we have been taught directly, for ourselves, and then drawn our own conclusions. Am I making this clear enough? I hope so. I struggled with this... Because I take things I have read from books and barf that up on others too. But the intention - the spirit is different. I am not trying to enforce some currently accepted model. I am usually proposing some alternate model - some other viewpoint or way of looking at something. I don't think I intend to force people believe anything I propose. But I do want to force them to think for themselves, to question and to wonder. But I can't force anyone to do anything. The best I can do is propose something else, barfing up something I have read or studied or whatever. Make the space for anyone who chooses for some other viewpoint. Lead the horse to water, as it were, but leave the horse to decide if it will drink or not. Also I have to be loving. If I get angry, if I resist, if I strike out - well that will only drive folk away. That will only give power to whatever it is I am resisting. At least that is what I currently believe. So force and resistance are not the answer. But at the same time when someone comes in and shuts me down like joeblast did, I want to go to war. I want to find the guy, toss him a sword, and start fighting until one of us is dead. Yeah I got this weird bloodlust/violence streak, even though I have never been in a fight and don't really want to hurt anyone. So that is the place I was at when I posted what I did, and like I said, it was FAR, far less friendly before.
  10. Is the earth hollow?

    joeblast, please do not post in this thread again - you are not welcome here. The purpose of this thread is to encourage conjecture, not dispel it. And apparently you have forgotten that wild conjecture, the "what if" question, is at the root of all your most valuable scientific achievements. This is not the place for close-minded people who can not think for themselves, who refuse to question the things they are taught, and who continue to state the things they have read in books as scientific fact without any personal or direct experience. It is not your place to preach what you consider to be reality at us. It is not your place to save us from our wild notions. It is not your place to ground us. You continue to unquestioningly regurgitate the same things you have been taught since you were a child. You are fanatical about what you consider to be the facts and the truth. If Narnia were real, and a portal opened up, I would run through it, and enjoy my adventures on the other side. You would either never see the portal, or find yourself unable to enter it, or huddle on the ground moaning after I disappeared. I am disappointed in you, and I feel sorry for you. I am not buying what you are selling. I absolutely refuse to subscribe to science's current definition of reality, which as I have pointed out to you has been proven wrong time and time again, and will be proven wrong more times to come. I embrace the wonder of an infinite Universe, and a reality I can define in any way I desire. As for everyone else... A big THANK YOU to those of you who have posted in the intended spirit of this thread.
  11. Is the earth hollow?

    So, from what I have read so far, there are a few models of the Hollow Earth. There is the Hollow Earth model where everything is inverted - space existing in the middle an the land on the inverse side of a sphere. Apparently there was a friendly cult in Florida that believed this, whose leader did measurements. There is also the model of multiple interior shells, with a hole going down through each. I think this model also has some sort of sun in the middle - an interior sun if you will. I think the model Ramtha is referring to, the one that makes the most sense to me, is the one where the crust is some certain thickness, and below that everything is empty, at least to the core or cores. I guess the folks living in there, if they do not have some interior sun, must have some other form of light or maybe a brighter than normal bioluminence? In the Myst series written by Rand and Robyn Miller, the D'ni lived by a vast lake that had creatures in it which lit up the lake and so provided the day/night cycles. If the earth is hollow and folks are living down there, they would be living on the inverted walls of a sphere. I wonder if it seems any different to them than to us living on the outside of the sphere? Or does the human eye/mind somehow translate things differently if you lived in a (concave? convex?) environment? Or maybe it is so large it appears similar to what we have on the other side? When I think of this I envision an interior ocean, a large ball of water. I can actually see it in my mind's eye. This would provide light somehow, and atmosphere. If the earth is oblate, meaning squished at the poles, that makes more of a horizon effect with this interior water and the clouds coming off it. They would likely experience something like weather, including rain and times when there were little to no clouds. But would there be any wind? This is what I postulate.
  12. Is the earth hollow?

    I appreciate your openness to this given proof, but you have no proof of any other form of the interior of the earth either. The rest is more regurgitation... Have you ever looked at more than a picture of an atom? Yes, like everyone else. You never got to look down the barrel of whatever microscope they used to make this claim. So you have no more real idea of what an atom looks like than you do the center of the earth. Also when was the last time you sat back and watched a planet, much less the earth, forming from an accretion disk around the sun? How old are you anyway? No, you have never seen this. You were taught it at school, it is in your textbook. Why do you assume that the things in your textbook are scientific fact? What makes you so confident in the veracity things you were shown at school, the things you later read in textbooks and studied? As far as the rest of your post... I have no idea how anyone could live in the center of the earth, or how it could even be hollow. I have yet to read anyone postulating how this could work. I am still waiting.
  13. Is the earth hollow?

    Another regurgitation, but credits for the video. What I want to address is this phrase, "Nature abhors a vacuum." Really? How do you know this? Have you seen the actual proof of this yourself? Run the tests, done measurements? Aristotle (who said this by the way) lived a very, very long time ago. As brilliant as the man was, his understanding was limited to what was known and understood at the time. Also this is a POSTULATION of his, meaning it is an unproven theory. Finally even if nature did abhor a vacuum, that doesn't mean vacuums could not exist.
  14. Is the earth hollow?

    Yes, the earth's core being as scientist's currently describe is a guess, because they have never seen it. They have never been there. They have no idea what it is, and their evidence is based on instruments designed to prove their hypothesis. There is zero evidence either way, whether the earth is hollow or solid or liquid or whatever. And all we have that there is any "evidence" for this area is what other's tell us, instruments and measurements they tell us about. None of us have actually ever seen these instruments or done any of these measurements with them. In other words, all you have is hearsay about the earth's core, hence all theories are equally valid. Also why are you posting when all you can do is argue and contribute nothing to open-minded discussion? You are simply regurgitating out the same crap that you have been fed all your life. When will you stop doing that and begin to question things, begin to think for yourself?
  15. Are you a Shaman

    I consider myself and identify as a, currently non-practicing, Shaman.I feel that this (path? form of service?) was given to me or I was directed to it. But I am currently doing little with it at the moment. I have also learned and come to accept that I am a little intuitive and sensitive. I am VASTLY interested in what are commonly referred to as the Astral Planes and the Akashic records, as well as the process of Lucid Dreaming. Someday in this lifetime I wish to visit and thoroughly explore each of these.