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  1. Just gonna respond to this for now... It's called Apathy. I need to clarify myself about this as you have me wrong. But I just don't want to do it right now.
  2. silent thunder: Thank you for sharing that information on the levitating stone. Nungali: There is a lot here to respond to... For now I am just going to retract any criticisms and judgments I have made towards you. It seems as if I am wrong. I guess I tend towards more magical thinking because my life has been anything but magical. Gurus, masters and teachers might point out that life itself is magical, the human body, the other lifeforms with which we share this planet, the planet and the universe itself. But, for me, that isn't really magic. For me perhaps magic is something more,, which, if I could ever find it and learn how to use it, would make my life less mundane. In other words, sure I could drive a car or ride in an airplane. But I would much rather levitate, fly or transport myself instantly wherever I wish to go. Not sure where this desire comes from but it is deep in me. So I guess that is why I look at these mysteries things when I come across them with wide eyes and some strange thing like hope because maybe, just maybe, life is more than this. More than this giant ball of crap in and on which I have been forced to live. Yet the gurus, masters and teachers would tell me that I have to see this as more than enough. Easy for them to say! I am unhappy with my life. In fact, I will go so far as to publicly say that I do not have a life I want to live. I am discontent with things as they are, I feel unfulfilled. I know these things will have to be addressed, and I don't care to address them. Have nothing that makes me want to care to. So I guess that's why I have been the way I am. But I guess it's stupid to have such hope for magic, for something more, because even if it did exist, it is unlikely I would ever find it, much less learn how to use it. I think I feel sorta like that character in the animated series Dragon Price. Feeling that magic is what he is supposed to do, but being born human, without it, without whatever is needed inside to perform it. As for the book I mentioned, it is, "Unveiled Mysteries" by Godfre Ray King: https://www.amazon.com/Unveiled-Mysteries-Saint-Germain-Vol/dp/1878891006/ It is about a being named Lord St Germain who refers to himself an Ascended Master, passing on information and showing things from times past to, I presume, the author. I will have to quote the bit I mean later, but I have just read a part where they are in south america, and the man has been shown the ancient civilizations that lived there. He was sort of brought into the past. I later watched this bit about them taking LIDAR over south america: Correlating what I had read in this book, which was published nearly 100 years before! This still excites me, to actually be able to verify something said in a channeled text like this. I don't think I really needed the proof, but it's nice to have some evidence that what I am reading about, such fantastical and (dare I say) magical things, may actually be true! But is't not really magic at all, just ancient technologies, ancient knowledge, we do not yet have. Still that doesn't make it any less amazing and important to me! OK, I am done for now. I need to go through all these things and read over everything some more.
  3. I did cycle away as planned, and was gone for a few weeks. I made it to Parkdale, WA., then realized I was done. Or at least that is what I tell myself. Maybe I did just give up. But I remember a sort of feeling that I had done whatever it was I had set out to do, although I do not know specifically what that was. So I haven't made it to California - yet. You have posted a reasonable counter-theory to what I have proposed and I will accept it for now. The simplest solution is sometimes the best. But I feel that you are resistant to all outside-physical phenomena or solutions. That is the sense I get - how you come across to me. In essence if you can't see, taste, hear, touch, smell or measure it in some way it doesn't exist for you. I can't recall much from our earlier conversations of your particular mindset. So if I have this wrong I apologize. It is just what I feel or sense coming from you. You may be correct that I have to be more grounded - get my hands dirty and collect research instead of pursuing wild theories. But you are forgetting something I think... Hundreds of years ago, when a man decided he wanted to get a good look at the stars and the moon, and he could create a device that would allow him to do so, I am sure many of his peers responded to his aspirations the same way you have responded to me. Yet Galileo went on to make a telescope. Nikola Tesla thought of wireless energy, Edison thought of the light bulb. Somewhere along the line someone thought they could create a craft that would take men into space. Imagine how this idea came across to people in Victorian times when Jules Verne wrote From The Earth To The Moon! All wild theories and fantastical ideas are the forerunners of new discoveries. All the science I presume you adhere too has been developed on this sort of foundation. Men looking beyond what is known, what is perceivable using the five senses, and bringing back from the ether an idea that, later, concreteized into reality. Your five sense only know and understand a fraction of the world around you, and even of that fraction you know only a tiny little bit. If you have never lived in the Amazon you have no experience of all the things there, and the same if you have never lived in the Arctic. All the things you know, that you are certain about, that you have experience with, that, in your mind are proven facts, are still subjective to your experience. Someone else with the same material may see the same things completely differently. I am sure you know all of this already Nungali. So do yourself, me and the rest of us a favor and don't laugh when someone says that sound could create a portal to another world, or be used to make a physical object lighter and more malleable. You have no way of knowing that you are 100% correct. You have no way of knowing the technologies and methods that ancient civilizations used hundreds, thousands or ten thousand years ago. In fact, unless you are an archaeologist, you only know what you know 2nd or 3rd hand at best. Until you are running around the Amazon, digging up ancient civilizations, you are simply believing the facts as relayed to you. You have no knowing based on experience. I would never claim that something is not possible - something maybe you see as a weakness. But maybe it is a strength. Maybe, just maybe, proclaiming something is not possible without any personal knowledge based on experience backing it up, is extremely shortsighted, and not very in tune with the scientific method of not dismissing any possibility until it has been well and thoroughly tested. And I have proof, in the form of a channeled text over 100 years old, that there things from ancient times which have been hidden from us, because we are not ready for them. Buy a copy of Unveiled Mysteries and read it. Then do some looking around YouTube for what they have only recently discovered using LIDAR. The author of this book is talking about things we knew nothing about back then, which have recently proven to be true. Oh and the people who went off into the jungle at the turn of the 1900s, some of them never to return, were laughed at too when they proclaimed they were looking for ancient civilizations, when all that was known at the time was that primitive tribes lived there. Yet now we know they were right. Maybe my mind is too open, and maybe yours is too closed. I think we could both benefit from changing our minds. And if I have you completely wrong I apologize. Trying not to assume anything, just expressing my feelings and thoughts. I mean no offense. I know I am criticizing here and I am sorry. Trying to practice being non-critical and non-judgmental of others and myself. I am still learning. I have a lot of work to do. P.S. As I shut down my computer I thought about what I had read in, "Autobiography of a Yogi." I am sure you are familiar with this text. How do you explain that account of that master who bi-located - was both at the temple and meeting the man coming to visit. This is something I assume not thought to be possible in science, and it would seem impossible to any skeptic. How do you handle an account like this? P.P.S. I called it a crane, but yes, it is a tripod. Also no, those blocks are not light at all. The tripod couldn't have moved them, but I'll accept that maybe he used it to pivot and stand the blocks using the technique you mentioned, or something similar. However, it still doesn't explain how he loaded up his truck when he moved the blocks to a new location, nor how he moved them from wherever he quarried them. P.P.P.S. You have inspired me to create a new saying! Thank you! | | | \/ \/ \/
  4. Ahh Nungali! I miss the bitter taste of your acerbic wit... I was just thinking about you a month or so ago. Glad to see you still here, still active! The crane you see there is too weak to support the physical weight and mass of the stones. Also you need to watch something from YouTube that, loosely, ties in with this (at 7:48): The original video is here: Now this last video even pushes my credulity I admit. It's from a very strange YouTube channel and I am still investigating. But the principle is solid enough. All physical mass on earth, when you get down to a microscopic level, is space and vibration (we have talked about this before.) Everything operates at a certain frequency or vibration. If this is changed, you are no longer constrained by the constraints of the physical world, as you are no longer operating on that frequency. Is it too great a stretch of the scientific mind to say that all physical matter is really just light, operating at a lower frequency or vibration? P.S. One last thing... How do you think the Egyptians moved this, from their quarry location, to where they erected it, and how do you think they erected it? https://www.ancient-egypt-online.com/obelisks.html Same problem here: https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/stonehenge/
  5. This would definitely be another possibility to consider, that of finding whatever the opposite of gravity is, harnessing and using that. I have thought about that subject a lot myself. Odd that a man (me) with limited scientific understanding would find things like antigtavity so fascinating, to the point that one of my dreams is to have a workshop where I could build an antigravity car. I have no idea where this comes from, and I am afraid that the call to this will remain unanswered. In any case, yes, if you could find a way to reverse the pull of gravity on an object you could move it. However that still leaves the mystery of how the Tiwanaku stones, and the rounded holes in some of the pyramid stones, and possibly whatever hole existed in the Coral Castle gate stone, were made. Thinking about this some more I thought of density of matter. You could have a granite cube, a wood cube of the same size, a plastic cube the same size, and a foam cube the same size. Obviously the foam will be the lightest and easiest to cut. If a process was used that raised the frequency/vibration of an object, perhaps it was raised to something more like plastic, wood or modeling clay, lighter and easier to cut? It would be nice to know what books exactly E.L. was reading.
  6. Here is a link to the website for the Coral Castle: https://coralcastle.com/ There is also a video on Amazon Prime about this. Also this will be of interest: https://www.google.com/search?q=Tiwanaku&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi6z9TJw5HhAhUV854KHb6MA4MQ_AUIDigB&biw=1242&bih=568&dpr=1.1 Finally I submit for study the fact that they have found rounded roles in some of the Egyptian ruins, presumably for door hinges. These were made in a time when there were only bronze tools, which is unable to work this particular stone. Before we begin, a quote from Ramtha, The White Book, "Now all matter is surrounded by light. Your scientists are beginning to suspect - and they are correct in their suspicion - that if you take light and lower or slow its vibratory frequency, it becomes gross matter. And where did that light come from? Thought, God. Whenever you contemplate thought and emotionally embrace it, the thought expands into the vibratory frequency of light. If you slow the movement of the particles of light and condense it, you create electrum, an electromagnetic field that has positive and negative poles, which you call electricity. If you slow and condense the thought still further, beyond the electromagnetic field, the electrum coagulates into gross matter. Gross matter then coagulates into the molecular and cellular structures called form. And the form is held together by the thought that the soul envisioned as an ideal of creation. All things are created by taking that which has no speed - thought - and expanding it into that which does - light - and then slowing the light down until you create this and that and all that is around you." Now I had watched this bit on the Coral Castle, and the other part about the round holes and Tiwanaku I found out about on various shows my dad and I have watched. The way Tiwanaku, the Coral Castle and even Stone Henge have been created is, quite simply, beyond the technological abilities of man at that time, as far as we know. Reading this today, I thought about the Coral Castle, and I think I know the way it was done! According to the video, the man worked on this at night. He lived alone, worked on it alone, and did not have any cranes or equipment sufficient to construct this. But as I recall, the neighbors mentioned hearing a buzzing or humming sound. I think the man somehow, through a means he either did not share for unknown reasons, or which has been suppressed by the government, found a way to raise the frequency/vibration of these stones, making them lighter and more malleable. He then used a light weight crane to precisely move each stone into place. He then lowered the frequency/vibration of each stone to its normal state. The raising and lowering of the vibration/frequency would be heard as a buzzing or humming noise. It would also explain some of the equipment they found in his workshop. Tiwanaku and even some parts of the Egyptian pyramids were made in the same way. The ability to do this was lost or suppressed some time ago, so I have no idea how the man who built the Coral Castle found it. I would love to see his library, should it remain untouched, because maybe there are books in there similar to Ramtha's White Book that teach similar things. I also have no idea why the man worked only at night and did not share his methods with anyone. It also seems as if he did not write any kind of journal or notes about the construction process. If he had, then the information is now gone, meaning the government has taken it and is suppressing it, the same as they did with Nikola Tesla's work. The ability to take a physical object, and lower or raise its vibratory frequency/rate opens up a lot of possibilities for us. You could walk through solid matter, or make solid matter permeable. You could travel faster than the speed of light, because you are no longer limited to the lower frequency/vibration of physical matter. The implications are astounding and numerous. I create this post both as a record, a way of preserving this idea should it prove to have any validity, and as a sort of community project. If enough of us figure this out and share it, if there is any government suppression, this will put an end to that. But also I am not a scientist. I have no training in that area. I am also not very familiar with the metaphysical. So I would like those who know about this in either area to come in and contribute. I would like us to figure this out together. We have the evidence of something outside what is commonly known in metaphysical and scientific arenas happening. We have texts claiming to come from entities in times past essentially saying the same thing to us. Over and over the same message comes up. I have a book from the early 1900s called Unveiled Mysteries, where an entity identifying themselves as an Ascended Master is showing a man, the author, things that show some very advanced technology in humanity's past that remains hidden and forgotten. It mentions, over 100 years before LIDAR had gone over the jungle, a vast civilization that existed in South America which we didn't even know about! So many explorers went out at the turn of the century to find advanced civilizations, and were ridiculed because all that seemed to be there were primitive tribes. But recently LIDAR technology has proved then right, and I have a book that mentions these civilizations, over a hundred years before anyone knew about it! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=LIDAR+ruins+south+america So lets take this information, suspend our disbelief now, and try to prove its validity beyond any shadow of a doubt. Lets see if we can figure out how to lower or raise the vibration/frequency of an object. Lets test this out and share whatever it is we discover. And lets make darn sure not to let the government suppress it. P.S. If anyone lives near the Coral Castle in Florida, do you think you could get a tour of the man's home and workshop? Try your very best, and take pictures, sneakily if needed, of any books you see? If we can figure out what the man was reading when he built this, we will have a clue as to how to solve this mystery and learn this secret, by getting and reading the same books.
  7. I don't know who I am

    Well... That cleared that right up! I needed to smile, so thank you all for your replies. But I am still troubled by this. Maybe it's a belief thing I adopted from parents/society/religion but I really feel that at 43 orbits around the sun I should know who I am. I don't want to be the person in the room nobody notices anymore, and I don't want to continue living the life I am currently experiencing.
  8. DreamBliss VS Belief

    I know it may be against forum rules, resurrecting a thread from the dead like this, but I had a thought today about beliefs, about what they are, and this seemed the best place to share it. It comes in the form of a question... "Is a belief just something you say is true which you have not yet experienced?" This requires a bit of thinking... Nobody believes in gravity. We all experience gravity, so we know it is real. A lot of children in America believe in Santa Clause. Yet if any of them actually saw a man in a red suit manifest before their Christmas tree and draw presents from a magic bag, those children would no longer say they believe in Santa Claus. For them it has become a fact, because they have experienced the reality of Santa Claus personally. So many Christians say they believe in God, yet few of them have ever actually had any experience of God. If they ever do, they likey would no longer say they believed in God, because, again, it has become true for them. Your thoughts?
  9. I don't know who I am

    So I am reading the book, "Seven Steps To Inner Power" by Tae Yun Kim. On page 31, the beginning of Chapter 2, the author says, "Who am I? If I asked you to answer that question right now, what would you say?" So, gamely, I asked myself this question, and the answer I immediately received was, " I don't know." Of course I could give the "correct" answer - I am a physical manifestation of source energy, and perhaps this is what we all truly are in our base essence. But who am I as an individual manifestation of source consciousness? Who is this person in a male body identified with, labeled with and known by a name? The author goes on to say that our answer to the question who am I will be reflected in the lives we live. I can not see the correlation here very clearly, but I suspect I am living a life that is out picturing itself as a the life of a nobody. What I mean by that is I go through life virtually unnoticed by others. I could stand in a room with a group of you Dao Bum members and it is likely that many if not all of you wouldn't even know I was there! So my answer to this question troubles me, and I am not sure what to do about it. Any suggestions? P.S. I am like the character Therese in this scene:
  10. I was teaching myself the basics of Go and I thought... Maybe some folk here get together and play online? If so, any room for a very beginner level player?
  11. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Currently: The Book of Knowing and Worth by Paul Selig Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff Anatomy of Loneliness by Teal Swan Unfu*K Yourself by Gary John Bishop Miracles Now by Gabrielle Berstein The Art of Communicating by Tich Nhat Hanh Seven Steps To Inner Power by Tae Yun Kim Bringing Your Shadow Out of The Dark by Robert Augustus Masters In The Beginning - The Opening in the Game of Go by Ishigure (does anyone in these forums play Go online?) Been reading a lot of channeled texts, including the Ascended Masters texts by Godfre. I am finding them to be transformatiive, and I have discovered that they collaborate with things we are only coming to learn now. For example, in Unveiled Mysteries, a great civilization in the jungle is mentioned, and only recently, using LIDAR technology, have we found the remains of a HUGE, ancient city, long forgotten and buried by time. These books were originally written between 1900-1930, a time when almost everyone believed that the races in the jungle were merely primitive and that no technologically advanced society ever existed there. This has now been disproved, and, from what I have read in this book, there are more exciting discoveries to come!
  12. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    I have no idea why I am so attached to Valentine's Day. Maybe it hearkens back to when I was in grade school, and getting Valentine's Day cards from the girls (I had 3 girlfriends back then between the 2nd and 3rd grades.) So maybe I just miss the card? Or maybe the card is a symbol that someone actually cares about me, a legitimate, tangible, piece of evidence that I actually do matter? Or maybe I am a hopeless romantic with no romance in his life and that's the whole problem?
  13. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    Yes Fa Xin, I will be your Valentine! ... and if you are a dude, well, I will just consider that yet another life lesson.
  14. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    Ah yes! The patriarchal system established by religion... My response to this? Give me FREE LOVE BABY!!!
  15. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    Old enough to know better, young enough not to care Apparently, we are all physical manifestations of Source Energy, and Source Energy, AKA God/Buddha/Allah et all is love. So ultimately we are all individual physical manifestations of love. That said, when you squeeze a lemon, most of the time you will get lemon juice. The question is: when you "squeeze" a person, what exactly comes out? Ideally it would be love, but if that person has no love inside, meaning no love for themselves and as a result no love for others, no love will come out. So you have to love yourself somehow, then you will have love to give others. Which logically would mean that to love is the most important thing. Whereas to be loved is, ultimately, irrelevant, as we could be the best version of ourselves possible and people could still hate us, or worse, not care we exist. We can't control the feelings and responses of others, and how someone feels about us is not our concern. If we wait for others to love us, then we are going to be criticizing and judging them, and these things are not indicative of love. We have to somehow love ourselves first, entirely, without any holding back or reservations. Then we somehow have to learn to love others the same way. What they feel about is is irrelevant to our practice of being love to them. We love them independent of their feelings for us. But I think I am speaking of ideals here. The goal to work towards, not the actual state most of us live in, including myself. And I am certainly not feeling very loving toward myself. I think what is coming out of me as I am being squeezed is closer to lemon juice - the sour juices of loneliness, pain, resentment and self-hatred.