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  1. greetings 


    I do have an extensive collection on Neville Goddard courses / books / materials.   Books/audio lectures (including rare ones).


    I also have courses /live call recordings from the freeneville.com courses.  Are you familiar with those ones?

    I have invested in those myself. 

    Check out that website. The owner is a big fan of Neville and by studying his materials he came up with new materials based on that to help people understand Neville`s teachings a lot better and easier.


    I also have an extensive collection of William Walker Atkinson materials. Including those that he released/wrote under other pen names.


    If you are interested PM me please.


    Looking forward to hearing from you.




  2. You know, now that I think about it, we have a similar issue in the West right now. We have Christianity, which in its various forms, including Catholicism, have formed and shaped this country and the mindset of its people. But unlike China, we have no opposing religion to Christianity. I think that is a big problem actually. I think we should have had an opposing religion from the start, to stand up for the Native Americans and their beliefs for one thing, and the animals like the buffalo for another. I wonder what kind of effect it would have to start an opposing religion now. I think the damage has already been done, and the best that can be done now in the West is to undo it by going East and getting one's beliefs challenged. Still there is Capitalism, and how that connects to Christianity I'm not sure. But Capitalism certainly needs to be opposed. Except the Capitalists have entire armies, including the police, that are better armed and trained than the average civilian. Same sort of tyranny as went on in China long ago. The few controlling the many. How do you oppose that? Also remembering that resistance to something only makes it stronger, and focus on what is not wanted only perpetuates it. So yeah, that is one doozy of a problem to work out.
  3. I know nothing about any contest, and this post was not posted for any such. But now that I know of one I will certainly look into it. But since I am going to do all the work, I will keep the money for myself What drove me to start this thread was passages such as these, from the chapter, "Very Small Animal" in "The Te of Piglet": "We might point out here that Taoism has always been fond of Very Small Animals. Aside from animals themselves - which Confucianists as mere things to eat, sacrifice or pull plows and wagons - the Very Small Animals of Confucianist-dominated Chinese society were women, children, and the poor. Stepped on by greedy merchants, landholders and government officials, the poor were at the very bottom of the Confusionist social scale. To put it another way, they weren't on it at all. Women, even those of wealthy families - especially those of wealthy families - weren't much better off as the Confucianists practiced arranged marriage, polygamy, foot-binding (foot-breaking, actually) and other customs so repressive to women that no one in today's West could comprehend them.Children didn't have a very jolly time of it, either. To the staunch Confucianist, children existed to carry on the family line, unquestionably obey their parents in every matter, and take care of them in their old age - not to have ideas, ideals and interests of their own. Under Confucianism. a father could justifiably kill a son who disobeyed or disgraced him, as such behavior was considered criminal. In contrast, Taoism held that respect was something one earned, and that if Big Daddy misbehaved, his family had the right to rebel. That applied to the emperor and his "family" - his subjects - as well: If the emperor was a tyrant, the people had the right to take him off the throne. High Confusionist officials lived in constant fear of Taoist- and Buddhist-influence secret societies that were ever-ready to defend the stepped-on and attempt to topple the Dragon Throne if conditions became intolerable, which they often did. Taoist sympathies were always with the the Underdog - the outcasts and unfortunates of Chinese society, including those financially ruined by the tricks of corrupt merchants and officials and forced to become "Brothers of the Green Woods" (outlaws) and "Guests of the Rivers and Lakes" (vagabonds). The Chinese martial arts were developed primarily by Taoists and Buddhist monks, in order to defend the defenseless and enable them to defend themselves. They might better be termed the anti-martial arts, as they were employed not only against armed bandits, but also against the soldiers of warlords and governing bodies, whenever they turned their swords against the weak. While Buddhist martial arts tended to concentrate on the "hard" forms of defense (from which evolved the forceful and direct Karate and Tae Kwon Do), Taoists tended to concentrate on the "soft" forms, such as the fluid and indirect T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Pa Kua Chang (similar to, but more sophisticated than, Judo and Aikido)." It goes on to talk about how the Taoists wrote stories that the Confucianists tried to repress. Later it says, "...the Taoist view was historically more or less the opposite of the Confucianist." What do you folks think? Is this accurate?
  4. How Are Having and Giving the Same Thing?

    Here's a quote from, "Emmanuel's Book" by Pat Rodegast that I think provides another perspective on this: "The way to transform violence back into the beautiful Light force that it truly is is the exquisite task of seeing violence not as it presents itself, but as the force that it will ultimately become. There is a key here for all of you: see even in the most despicable the Divine quality that has become distorted. What would violence be in its Divine state before it has been twisted into vicious aggression? It is the power to stand and to speak and to witness to a deep faith in the Light. Violence is a form of witnessing to, but it is witnessing to distortion rather than to truth. There is courage in violence. Don't forget that for one moment. It is stepping out, going beyond the 'shoulds' and 'shouldn'ts.' It is saying, 'I exist and I must be seen." Hear that in the context of spiritual teaching and you will find the means by which violence can be transformed within yourself and therefore within the world. Murder, violence, cruelty, visciosness, wickedness - yes this all exists just as kindergarten exists before first grade. Violence is painful for you who look from a level beyond (not better than but certainly wiser that), and see with the anguish the anguish that creates the anguish. Do not be afraid of terror. Do not react violently to violence. Do not feel pain abut pain. By doing so, you perpetuate what you are seeking to avoid. When you pass judgement on such things you are limiting God's reality to your human understanding. From where you sit, there is right and wrong and from where I sit, there is truth. Many in your human world might relish what punishment may come to the murderer as he enters into another life to atone for his violence. Yet you cannot judge that. You can only bless and pray and open and trust." I take away two things from this. Having and Giving are the same energy, but with different focuses. I am still wrapping my head around that. The other thing that I have been saying for some time now is that resistance to something only makes it stronger. Focus on what is not wanted only perpetuates whatever what is not wanted. I have picked this up through a variety of books and teachings, including LoA, and my own contemplation. It is interesting to see it verified here, in a book written so long ago that I am not sure many are aware of. It is a wonderful, loving text and I highly recommend it. What are your thoughts on this?
  5. So I went into my local library and saw the Te of Poo by Benjamin Hoff in some children's books that were for sale. Paid $1.00 for it. I have started reading it, and am enjoying it immensely. But I am curious to know if Mr. Hoff is providing accurate, truthful information regarding the Tao. I thought, "Hey, I remember a place where a bunch of people hang out that would know about this!" Yeah I know, I'm on-again, off-again. If this forum was my girlfriend she would probably be loosing patience with me What? You don't call or write for months at a time! What kind of relationship do you think this is??? ...and yes, for those of you who remember me I am still studying the teachings of LoA, which I know you are happy to hear! OK, back to topic... Mr. Hoff essentially says that Taoism is the opposite of Confucianism. I won't go into all the details here, this post is more for those who know these books, and who know Confucianism and Taoism, and know whether or not the books are recording things accurately. This is really for my own curiously. What the author says makes sense, but I like second and third opinions. OK I am off to bed. It may be 100 degrees or so here in a few hours so I want to get as much rest as I can.
  6. How Are Having and Giving the Same Thing?

    I could make a lot of spaghetti with 10,000 tomatoes...
  7. How Are Having and Giving the Same Thing?

    There is no universe. It is all an illusion. There is is-ness, that which is, call it what you will. There is how we paint on top of that with our beliefs and thoughts - our perceptions. Most of us do not interact with things as they are. You pick up a rock and what you are holding is a collections of beliefs and thoughts about rocks. We have had this discussion before somewhere... Very few, if any of us, approach something like a rock without any preconceptions, seeing it as it really is. The same is true of the entire universe. The illusion is separation, me being separate from the tomato once I give it to you. Someone already alluded to this in this thread. I think perhaps the answer is that without ego, giving and receiving are the same thing.
  8. How Are Having and Giving the Same Thing?

    I think I am gaining some understanding here... The tomato's only value is what I have assigned to it. The tomato is a symbol. In my perception it is a physical object. In reality it is a manifestation of energy that has taken a particular form I label tomato, and associate with other labels such as vegetable (or fruit or whatever humans categorize it as) and spaghetti sauce. Of course I am a symbol and the person I think of as having given the tomato to is a symbol. In reality that person and myself are one, not separate. It is because I see that person as separate and not me that I feel loss if I give them something, or they take it from me. We are not separate from the tomato either, and really the tomato is not separate from its vine, although it appears to be. All ideas, all symbols, all manifested energy. From this viewpoint then, it does not matter if they get the tomato from me, or I keep it, or it stays on the vine. As we are all one it is all the same. Their "having" or "possessing" it is the same as me "having" or "possessing" it, and the same as it remaining on the vine. Whatever or whoever "has" it is the same as me "having" it. Now from a strictly physical viewpoint it does not feel or seem the same. If they eat the tomato I will not feel full. There is a belief, mindset and perception system in place here that says, essentially, that I have to eat the tomato to experience fullness from it. But if the mind can not discern between a real or imagined experience, theoretically, I should be able to imagine eating a tomato and experience the real physical effects of fullness. At this point in my spiritual development however, I will not test this theory, or I will starve to death. Maybe an enlightened being has this ability? As far as what can or can not be mentally grasped... In mu opinion I can figure out anything. I can intellectually find my way around or through any subject. Or at least most any subject. But I will never really KNOW it until I have EXPERIENCED it. I have talked about this before, what I learned at that Vipassana retreat. I can not find the words now. I just remember that the goal is to directly experience a teaching. It is not enough to read a book, which gives you the experience of others. That will allow you to understand it at an intellectual level. But to know it for yourself you have to experience it for yourself. In this case I have to experience the truth of giving and having being the same thing. I think the first step is understanding it intellectually, wrapping one's head around it so-to-speak. That will go to work on deeply ingrained and adopted ways of thinking that can not see these things as the same. The next step is to somehow, in some way, experience this. I have no idea how that will happen or even if it can. But I will practice openness and receptivity to this lesson. As far as the validity of ACIM... I honestly don't care. I appreciate Osho, and he was also controversial. I appreciate Abraham, and there are some around here that disagree with these teachings. What maters to me is what is having a positive affect on my life? What is transforming my life, helping me challenge beliefs, habits, mindsets and ways of thinking? What is it that is eroding these adopted and deeply ingrained blocks to that which is Truth that I have acquired from my family, religion and society? The answer, at this moment, is ACIM. It is helping me to see the world differently, It is challenging and transforming me. I believe and think that its influence is beneficial and positive, so I will continue to study it. But that may not be the path for others. I will listen to my guts, my instincts, that still, small voice inside that Christians call the Holy Spirit. I will pay attention to my feelings. I will place my awareness on what I feel as I read. It is by these thing that I will come to my own decision about the validity of any work. I believe and think we have to be careful about or beliefs, feelings and thoughts about channeled material. As if it is somehow lacking or less valid than "normal" writing. All writing is channeled. I am a writer and I know that. These words are not my own. They come to me from somewhere, some Source, travel through me and come out colored my my me-ness, whatever that is. Your words will come out unlike mine, even if they are the same. If I recall correctly one of the teachings of ACIM is, "Where there is fear there is not love." I may have the Source wrong here, could have gotten that from Tolle. This is what I would advise you watch for and become aware of in your life. Is fear at the root of what you are believing, feeling, saying or thinking about something? Do I have to tell you how horrible a master fear is? Do I have to point to the past and show you what humans, rules by fear, have done? You do not understand a "channeled" text. Humans fear that which they do not understand. It is a knee-jerk default reaction. If you are being aware, in the present moment, you can catch it. If you can become aware of it you can change it. Free yourself from fear. I will close with one of my all-time favorite quotes (those who know me saw this coming:)
  9. In ACIM (A Course of Miracles), which I am currently studying, I am told that ultimately, having and giving are exactly the same thing, and furthermore, that having rests on giving. So I try to understand this intellectually at first... I have a tomato. I give you the tomato that, until then, I considered myself to have had. Now I have no tomato. How is having no tomato the same as giving that tomato to you? I know that part of the conflict in this comes because as long as I have not moved beyond or past ego, my mind is inherently conflicted. Ego sees these two states as opposite. But the Holy Spirit, as it is called in ACIM, sees them as the same because God sees them as the same, and whoever I am beyond or outside of the ego sees them as the same. It is only in an egoic state they appear opposite. I also know that this ties in with a couple other concepts, that I am one with everything, and can never really loose anything because I am one with all. Also that there is a mindset of lack or something missing here, coming from the ego and how it sees the world. If I give you the tomato, the implication in my mind is that, as I said, now I have no tomato. I am lacking the tomato. So help me understand this as much as possible with my conflicted mind. Having and giving are the same thing, but how? Thanks! P.S. Off subject, but in case anyone wants more details about my journey, which I have still not really completed anywhere, you can get an overview here: https://blisswriter.wordpress.com/2016/08/10/8-10-2016-so-i-completed-the-30-day-writing-challenge/ Just put that there as I am coming back here after a long absence and there are bound to be those curious. P.P.S. I am learning the piano! If you have any books or dvds you want to get rid of, or which you would recommend, on this subject, please let me know!
  10. OK, thank you for all the advice. Looking up Byron Katie. How does one do a ritual cord cutting? So it really is OK for me to just wrap up my stuff and abandon them? Taking just enough to live comfortably. Not just leaving with the clothes on my back. As far as my possessions, I have moved a number of times. I just throw away or give away things of no value. I might have more than I need. but I want to keep what I have. It gives me a reason to come back someday, pick everything up, and take it to my new home. It is the motivation that keeps the dream alive, finding a place of my own, coming back, getting my stuff, moving away, only this time I have a place to move to. A place of my own. Without that anchor the dream may just die, and me along with it. Probably doesn't make a lot of sense, but there it is. For example, some of the books I have and am keeping are things I wish to pass on to my children. If I throw those things out, it's, to me, like giving up on having children of my own. Throwing out all my stuff is equivalent to giving up on establishing my own home, my own place in the world. Maybe it makes more sense now? Because I am bicycling and have small-medium sized panniers as well as a weight limit, I am already down to the bare minimum. Just a few clothes, a hiking stove and cook set, my hammock, rainfly and mosquito neck, straps, rope, a few books, my nook HD, some wirebound notebooks, personal care items, bedding and a few other things. Will be paring down as I pack. I think I will get started tonight maybe. I think it will help to have the bike packed up, ready to go in a moment's notice.
  11. OK, I know some of you don't agree with the whole frequency and vibration thing. Can we set that aside for a bit? Also get away from the esoteric stuff and work at the level of the most apparent and strongest illusion. I don't know if I am allowed to do this, but I am sure a certain someone here will let me know if I am breaking any rules and I will edit this post accordingly. I have started a GoFundMe campaign, Pedaling to Passion. Trying to raise funds for when I leave here. If you are interested in donating or sharing the campaign, here's a link: https://www.gofundme.com/pedalingtopassion So I am struggling with two things here... I can't seem to raise my frequency or vibration. I see this as a problem, because I can not draw higher frequency/vibration things to me if I am not tuned in to that particular channel. That includes meeting my goal for my campaign, not having my stuff stolen by someone and finding couches to crash on as I work my way through Portland. I feel bad, down and depressed, even angry at times. I am in a funk again, and I can't afford to be. Somehow I have to get out of this. I don't want to end up sick or injured because some subconscious or unconscious part of me can't get with the program and let shit go. I have to pack things up for storage, pack things up for my bike, and be ready to go. But it is like swimming in molasses right now. I don't know what to do. Other than maybe find a crap load of shrooms and be permanently high until I leave. The other thing is that, from my perspective, my parents aren't trying hard enough. I need them to find a place so I can help them move in and be done with them. I have given them close to half of my life. How much more must I give? I am 40 years old. I am well overdue to get out on my own and figure shit out for myself. But I don't feel I can just bike off and leave everything in their lap. I have spent hours searching for things for them, printing out material to read, giving the best advice I have. It doesn't seem like they are using any of it, and it's like getting teeth pulled to get them to get off their asses and call people. Plus they are making this harder than I believe it has to be. Mom owns half a house in Longview, dad has been paying my brother's rent for at least 8 years, he has been employed at the church and school for almost as long, he has references he can use and connections in the church. But he and mom seem to be doing little with any of this. The one time they did anything is when they found a crappy single-wide trailer in Battleground, but of course I had to help them with all the paperwork. I know they can do better if they just try. But my mom is sick, doing little around the house other than the dishes, and dad thinks his work is the most important goddamn thing in the world. I wish I could get my hands on my grandpa and beat the shit out of the bastard! Raising my dad to believe that his job, that hard work at it, to the exclusion of all else, is somehow not only important but also valuable. Complete and utter bullshit! Family comes first, then your fucking job, then your fucking religion! I have tentatively decided to give them until Friday to show some sort of improvement. But I feel I am done helping them. I think I will focus on packing everything I want in storage up, getting that put away, then pack up my bike and just leave. Why should I feel guilty? Is my brother here helping? Are my parents bringing in friends? Other family members? No. And I told them I wanted movers to help this time. Of course they ignored me, and now I am in physical pain, so much so I needed to spend $60.00 at a massage therapist's, which I couldn't really afford. But I couldn't hardly use my right arm and my shoulders and neck were sore stiff. I am so glad I found that therapist though. She really did some amazing work and I think also addressed some of the energetic causes of my physical symptoms. So should I just turn my back on my parents and leave them to their own self-designed hell? Can I find a way to do that and not feel guilty about it? I have cleaned out the upstairs and some of the downstairs all by myself. I have helped move my own stuff, which I boxed up myself, into storage. I have gone above and beyond all reasonable call of duty, haven't I? Can I give myself permission to just give up on them? Maybe they need to live on the side of the road or in their car for a while until they finally wake the fuck up. Maybe staying here is delaying what they need. Maybe in this case the baby needs to leave the nest so the parents can learn how to fly on their own again. If you were in my physical shoes in this situation, looking at June 1st, 2016 as the day you have to leave home and live on the road, what what you do? Sorry about all the swear words. I really needed to vent. I needed to get this off my chest. My only support group, my only tribe, my only real friends, are here at this forum. I don't have anyone else to talk to about any of this. I hope you understand. Feel free to move this thread if needed.
  12. Can qi be felt by anyone?

    I didn't read this thread and just scanned the first post. I think trying too hard to do anything pushes it away. I struggle to astral project, probably because I have tried too hard to do it. It could have something to do with what is called talent or skill. I think of it as some folks catch on to things quicker than others. When I started following Matthew Cohen's excellent Qi Gong Fire and Water I could feel my chi. For me it is a warmth in the hands, a sort of pulsing that gets stronger as the hands are brought closer together. Try some different exercises/teachers, maybe that Fire and Water DVD. Release, let go, and loose yourself in the movements. Don't try to feel anything, don't expect to feel anything. Just be open and receptive. Release attachment to feeling or not feeling. Focus on your breathing, put all your attention on your movements. I think you will feel chi in time. Treat all martial arts, including yoga, as a sort of moving meditation. Put your awareness on your body and its movements. Be fully present with that.
  13. I am not so sure about the "all powerful group" theory and its variations. The government keeping secrets is one thing. But some group operating for hundreds or thousands of years? Humans forget their innate perfection not long after birth. There is no way any group of humans not remembering their innate perfection could create some group operating perfectly for vast stretches of time keeping secrets. The Vatican storing ancient books in its vaults, sure. But some group actively repressing certain knowledge, and having done so since recorded history? Unlikely. My guess is that there are "bleed throughs" all the time and people just don't talk about it. Watched an episode of My Haunted House last night, some guy working at a morgue with little sleep started a relationship with a woman, was physically with her, for a week or so, not sure of the exact amount of time. Then she just disappeared. He was having horrible nightmares of the dead bodies from the morgue. He apparently had one of her, lying in bed with him, crying, and when he turned her over, the whole left side of her face was all messed up. Anyway he comes into work one night to find a new body, and you can guess whose body it was. Hers. Only she had been dead for weeks, long before he met her and was with her. My guess is his lack of sleep made the definition of reality he believed in more flexible, and that allowed him to physically be with someone who was no longer physical. I think the truth lays outside of our definitions of reality. My guess is that of someone has traveled somewhere and returned, it is more likely he or she will remain silent. If they say anything it would be in story, as I said earlier. If they remain silent it is out of their own fear of how others will perceive them more than some group controlling or manipulating them from the shadows. Thank you for your posts so far. Was hoping for more, but will appreciate what I have,
  14. I have an interest in this specific subject, that of using portals, traveling inter or multi dimensionally, and doing so with the physical body. In other words, I am not talking about astral projection, obe and lucid dreaming. I am not talking about any sort of awareness or mental projection. To make this 100% clear, I am talking about any books where someone found a portal, walked through it to another place, either on this world, another world, or another dimension, returned and wrote a book detailing the place they did this and the processes, if any, they used. I am not talking about someone going into a trance with shamanic drumming and journeying somewhere, or laying back and leaving their physical body, or placing their awareness in some other place or time, or having a lucid dream. There are only two books that touch on this subject, both by Meg Blackburn Losey. One is, "Pyramids of Light", which I own, and the other is, "Touching The Light", where she relates a story about how some people went through some portal near an ancient city and never returned, but could be heard in that area. What we are talking about here is that tiny bit of fact in all fiction, from accounts of traveling into fairy lands to Scotty beaming the crew of the Starship Enterprise up in Star Trek. I suspect that few people, if any, have done this in the history of humanity. Probably most accounts of any travel to another place are lucid dreams, obes or visions. But it seems illogical to me that nobody, in all of humanity, has traveled from this world to some other one and returned. As you can imagine, trying to figure out how to find a book on this subject is next to impossible. Either I end up with some theoretical works in quantum mechanics, or it's about some form of projecting one's awareness. My guess if there was a book on this subject it would either be A. Written as a fictional account even though it really happened. Like if CS Lewis really did travel to another place, and then wrote his Narnia series. Or B. It is published as nonfiction, and the author is considered to be or suspected of lying, so the book has a low rating, is little heard of, and is probably out of print. If you know of any books, A, B or any other type, that you feel are talking about actually physical travel into other realities, please post its title, and any supporting information. If you don't know of anything, but hear of something, please post whatever information on it you can here. Please try to avoid esoteric and mostly impractical stuff like the work of Carlos Casteneda. I mean his books are fascinating, and well worth studying. But very hard to read and understand, much less apply. About all I was able to learn from Art of Dreaming is how to look at my hands and become lucid! So if its about rituals, spells, special plants or is written in such a way that it can not be easily followed, I would still like to know about it, but I would like you to preface the title of the work or works as esoteric. I will add them to the bottom of my list. What I am ultimately looking for, for example, is Fodors Guide to Portals, detailing every portal in the world, how to use it, where it goes and what is found there. I will probably investigate YouTube later. But for now I wanted to see if any of the well-read folks around here knew of something. Appreciate the help!