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  1. Who or what is answering?

    I think yes... because you can create all kind of consciousness based on your roles, age, occupation or religion or whatever. And when you create a subdivision.. and go on.. and it can have its own perspective and experience while another can be inactive at the same time. In higher level state, it can lead to conflicting emotions... Like feeling free and constrained at the same time because these can originate from different selves. You will have a different information in you depending on the activity for various reasons. E.g. when you drive you are more aware of anything related to driving in ideal case... Things get mixed up. That is when things can get complicated. Under certain circumstances, you can communicate with various selves... or just being the current you. It is possible to exist in various mind states. You may have a baby self, young child self, adolescents self... so on each may possess different abilities.... everything you have been... It is possible to switch between state... I think...but I cannot control that I think it may be possible though,
  2. Who or what is answering?

    because of subdivisions. Small consciousness, large consciousness
  3. Relationship advice

    There was no need for games.. The guy was very insecure and emotionally instable... even probably fearful and maybe feeling loser for some reason.... So he did not look reliable, trustworthy partner. probably lacking enough self awareness of his own insecure shadow.. would he have had it, he would not have played it out so foolishly. immature
  4. Looking for tips on reducing pride/ego.

    Be aware pf your limits
  5. Skeleton Meditations

    What about I feel my bones?
  6. Relationship advice

    Yes, not... The other possibility is ...I forgot to mention.. "Oh My god he loves me so much.. He still wants to marry me despite how I treated him"
  7. Relationship advice

    What are these called? Games people play. My friend told me that women like tough games/guys. What some women do... is reject the guy.. to test the guy if he is strong enough to withstand rejection. He did.. So he was accepted.... the alpha male. The guy knew her better, her nature,, that she did herself, her shadow
  8. what can it be used for? This magic...
  9. Secrecy

    For example, if you work for company.. you better hide if you have a illness.. and people do that. I think that is what "privacy" about it.. The laws..... the solution for being judged unfarily... a solution against bias. Even without that... one may be judged for thousand things one would not believe one would be judged for. Well, I can think of good reasons of hiding things.. Let us suppose he was a criminal... but he changed his ways. He believes it..but people have prejudice. There was an episode about this in Babylon V. So he wants to help and he does not want to be judged. I heard former convicts hide things from people, from their family, employers who knows . It is enough if someone steals from you... you may end up judged for it. Or he is smart enough to know you that he would tell you things he would be judged for it unfairly. Or maybe fairly.. there are so many possibilities. Here is another example. You assume people do the right thing. Not necessarily. You assume people interpret what is being told at their face value. You assume people can be trusted. You assume people are perfect. Let us suppose someone escapes from North Korea. You do not tell everybody because it is assumed that you are dead. You do not tell your benefactors.. because they may release these information to others.. and your family can be in dangers.. Those who remained there, So there can be many scenarios... Some will show him in a favourable light, some will not.
  10. Secrecy

    I cannot believe this for several reasons.
  11. How are you?

    Well. try being aware of your body. or your limbs. if you do not feel well in your body. try to heal it somehow. Or concentrate part of your body that is ok... Or concentrate on tan tien and put your hands on it. (Collect energy) or be aware of body posture. Try to avoid triggers that makes you lose your body.. look for things that make your feel stronger. See if any of these work. Get improving your situation.
  12. Suicide?

    It could be because of weak communities as well... People are not supporting each other emotionally or otherwise. Communities are not working well enough to support its members. (I mean families..) -alienation in modern society.
  13. Suicide?

    I have some thoughts about this. what suicide can be... - quick way when big suffering is expected... one of my father friend ended his life.. He was a plastic surgeon , he was successful He had good cars.. women... he had holiday in Alaska. Suddenly, he was diagnosed with fatal illness. I think sudden change was so big, he could not bear it.. and he wanted to avoid suffering -another friend of my father... he had a painful illness I think - another case. he had sinus infection for a long time.. he could not heal...he had high position in a ministry.. He could not bear after a while... and.... -so basically, trying to get out of hopeless situation, trying to avoid further suffering. reaching mental limits of fighting..for life. -running low on energy. -not finding solution for life problems - one sided personality development... when you set a goal very high. (maximalism). and you do not allow failure as an option. - falling in position in life.. and fall is too big. -becoming your own you want to overcome something too hard.. without sense of proportion. -balancing problem -executing an internal self destruct programs because you thought that is what one of your relatives wanted when you were little.. and you listened to them... executing like a robot deep unconscious program. almost like hypnotic command. -being overwhelmed by life.. not resting enough.. not recuperating -not being able to accept what you are or not being to able to face what your are. -self punishment ideas for remedy: - love if you can receive -energy -being able to connect people that can give energy -finding a person who is willing to give you a lot of energy - listening to yourself, supporting yourself instead of trying to overcome yourself."I kill myself" you can hear this sometimes one somebody has made big mistake and angry with himself. -
  14. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    If one has one Chi kung before... then I guess the time can be shorter because many blockage may be solved by now.
  15. Greetings from Goa)

    Zdavtvujte ludyi