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  1. Searching for qigong teacher

    It it was recommended by another internal arts teacher.
  2. Searching for qigong teacher

    this is good... if you are looking for free stuff.
  3. Zhan Zhuang and Purple Feet

    So what kind of mistakes can one make doing that?
  4. Searching for qigong teacher

    I think the idea is you do the exercises, get practical experience, then these things are less "theoretical" or you ask Anthony. (such as consolidating Chi). Instead of seeking calmness and mind qualities? I have not tried that approach. So no comment. Wait.. He teaches Zhang Zhuang...several variations. Would you classify those exercises as seeking calmness? I do not know that path. What I know couple of Chi Kung (not talking about flowingzen) leads to calmness for while as a side effect after finishing them. I can say some people like it, some people solve some problems with it.
  5. Searching for qigong teacher

    I bought two courses 101 and 201... I tried the exercises.. many had effects as "advertised". It means I watched his videos and followed them, tried them... I watched his forum, online meetings.. Sometimes I asked questions. Not saying other Chi Kungs bad... just for an average person, for a beginner he can be quite good. - he does not try to appear perfect , he looks more a normal person, he talks like professor, like a person from university.<---- I like this. - He knows Chinese medicine -He knows Chinese -He has many success cases. -He gives you a framework to work with - e.g. there is martial, spiritual and medical Chi Kung... - He has 5 phase routine that can improve application of any Chi Kung.. This is what speeds up the learning curve and healing process in his opinion compared to other Chi Kung. -He is available , he answers fast in the facebook forum and on his platform as well <---- I like this. -If you enroll in one of his course. He gives you access to many Chi Kungs.., I mean his videos.. so you can try them out which works for you If you enroll a course, you can get lifetime access. The price was relatively cheap compared to how many forms he teaches. -He seems to have a lot of experience. -He has monthly online meeting when you can ask questions... or I listen to these old recorded meeting and learn from them. -He teaches to modify the forms so you feel comfortable with the forms.. Do not force forms by rigidly following the form. (feel free to "butcher" the form he says" -He teaches not to force movements within the forms that are not comfortable.. If you do not force, you can still advance. - He advice looked ok to me.. - he recommends 15 minutes quality sessions.. Have better shorter sessions.. rather than forced, boring longer sessions. -He explains broad range of methods. -He wants you to teach a skill...He introduces these categories /skills, not mentioned elsewhere: consolidating the chi, circulating the chi..etc..... He seems to give a general framework that makes the whole Chi Kung world earlier to understand , not just his.<---- I like this. - He teaches you a lot of Chi Kung , then he tells you to use those which are best for you.. He encourage you to use your own senses and intuition to decide what is good for you. He does not want rigid followers.<---- I like this. Not claiming he can be enough for everybody. No Chi Kung has had the same effect on me. So it is worth trying a couple.
  6. Searching for qigong teacher
  7. why TaoBUM?

    TaoKings could be better Or TaoLords. Or TaoPeople TaoLadiesandGentlemen TaoManAndGods. TaoMania
  8. Mantak Chia & Kundalini

    Did you see your own body while floating next to your body?
  9. Anchoring the breath - regarding attention

    Where are Mitchell's videos that about this topic?
  10. 醒睡如一sleeping is the same as awaking

    It does not sound something that anyone wants. It sounds like a bad thing.
  11. Can alchemical path be used for healing from deceases or live longer or getting some paranormal abilities or being more successful in life or getting stronger emotionally or mentally?
  12. If I practiced 3 kinds of Chi Kung for 3 years... Do I have an advantage in learning this alchemical path?
  13. I mean the personality acts clear crystal... radiating the light in a pure way.
  14. A decade later...

    Hi, May I ask why are you called to your spirit guides?