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  1. How are you?

    Well. try being aware of your body. or your limbs. if you do not feel well in your body. try to heal it somehow. Or concentrate part of your body that is ok... Or concentrate on tan tien and put your hands on it. (Collect energy) or be aware of body posture. Try to avoid triggers that makes you lose your body.. look for things that make your feel stronger. See if any of these work. Get improving your situation.
  2. Suicide?

    It could be because of weak communities as well... People are not supporting each other emotionally or otherwise. Communities are not working well enough to support its members. (I mean families..) -alienation in modern society.
  3. Suicide?

    I have some thoughts about this. what suicide can be... - quick way when big suffering is expected... one of my father friend ended his life.. He was a plastic surgeon , he was successful He had good cars.. women... he had holiday in Alaska. Suddenly, he was diagnosed with fatal illness. I think sudden change was so big, he could not bear it.. and he wanted to avoid suffering -another friend of my father... he had a painful illness I think - another case. he had sinus infection for a long time.. he could not heal...he had high position in a ministry.. He could not bear after a while... and.... -so basically, trying to get out of hopeless situation, trying to avoid further suffering. reaching mental limits of fighting..for life. -running low on energy. -not finding solution for life problems - one sided personality development... when you set a goal very high. (maximalism). and you do not allow failure as an option. - falling in position in life.. and fall is too big. -becoming your own you want to overcome something too hard.. without sense of proportion. -balancing problem -executing an internal self destruct programs because you thought that is what one of your relatives wanted when you were little.. and you listened to them... executing like a robot deep unconscious program. almost like hypnotic command. -being overwhelmed by life.. not resting enough.. not recuperating -not being able to accept what you are or not being to able to face what your are. -self punishment ideas for remedy: - love if you can receive -energy -being able to connect people that can give energy -finding a person who is willing to give you a lot of energy - listening to yourself, supporting yourself instead of trying to overcome yourself."I kill myself" you can hear this sometimes one somebody has made big mistake and angry with himself. -
  4. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    If one has one Chi kung before... then I guess the time can be shorter because many blockage may be solved by now.
  5. Greetings from Goa)

    Zdavtvujte ludyi
  6. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    I think everyone can use Jeff for one thing, stress testing yourself. If you have strong and healthy constitution. then Jeff cannot have a bad effect on you. If you are in too bad state... facing that can be very difficult. That means your previous practices have not fortified you enough to withstand Jeff energy. That may be an interesting thing in itself in a way showing you where you stand, If you had too high opinion of your current system or yourself that can be certainly a shock inself which maybe should be avoided. Who can tell that in advance? Chicken and egg problem. 1.So it can be seen as Jeff's fault not being careful or sensitive enough 2. It can be seen , your current system is not strong enough to defend you!! Do more of your current system.. or find better system that can defend you better.
  7. Dealing with some sort of awakening of the subconscious?

    Others suggest concentrating on tan tien as a solution. For me, placing my heads on tan tien.. makes the process stronger. I noticed I can collect energy that way which strengthens my mind.
  8. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    it is off topic... but why did he read your mind? What is the purpose of that class and reading?
  9. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    By the way, trying concentrating on your tan tien while putting your hand there.. it may help.
  10. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    no hate. What is XYP?
  11. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    Thanks, I understand your view point.
  12. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    and civilisation.
  13. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    life is driven by curiosity, hopes and goals.
  14. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    all life is like that . ALL life.
  15. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    infected parasites? How do you know? What kind of parasites? Why? if he is playing with linga sharira? What do you do instead?