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  1. Where does my gas bill comes from then ??? Answer me that !!!
  2. Christian tradition : "Narrow is the gate to life and few find it, wide is the gate to destruction and many find it". Hindu tradition : ... is complex, but Astavakra for instance says that the state sought after is rarely found, J Krishnamurti said that "no-one had understood" Buddhist tradition : In the Lotus Sutra it says that each Arahat or Tathagatta is such only after long and arduous path. Clear the authors of this bullshit from the "Cognitive Institute" have zero interest in such matters. The study is surprised that Tibetan monks were frightened of death. Quoting a monk : How should you feel when your parents die ? The monk was simply human and recognized the reality of mortality and was afraid. It is a good sign it means he is normal and not living through ideologies. This is correct ... they would not be monks if they thought there was no-self. Clearly there is a point and therefore there is someone to get the point. Otherwise just jump off a bridge. No-self simply means that the ordinary human person is empty, but through long spiritual journeying a Real Self will appear. Tibetan monastics refuse to give somebody else their life. Why should they ? Again it is a good sign. Buddha's last contemplation before he reached self-realization was that he understood that by being born he had the right to self-realization. He touched the earth that made him, and accepted self-realization, and entered the state of shining like the Sun.
  3. I like that you want to honour your relationship with your wife and want to be real. As for this state of mind you applied ... well I am not sure what you did, but the fruit of Zen practice takes many years. So you might have tried to coldly stare at things ... but that is not actually Zen practice. There surely must be a way for you both to bring some depths and spiritual light into your lives, if that is what you wish. Surely it would be of great value.
  4. When a human being wakes up in the morning he enters a waking state, like the other animals on this planet. But this is not the state of "Awareness" or the state of "Consciousness" that is spoken of in the Eastern traditions. Is it good to die ? Of course not. Buddha's story is very concise. He encountered death and disease and decay when he left the walls of the palace. He was shocked at the suffering. He had lived in a comfortable dream but now the stark reality shook him. Then he returned and a banquet was in progress; but he was no longer hungry. He felt there was something insincere in banqueting in a world of suffering. And for him, this game was over. He then sought an answer. And he found one. Should you do something ? It's up to you. Who knows who anyone is, or where anyone is, or what anyone should do.
  5. Qigong that reduces anger

    Why do you get angry ? What is the reason ? What is the origin ? What is happening in the situations where you get angry ? What things in the past does it remind you of ? Perhaps you need to answer some questions. These things are not over-reaction in general, but your over-reaction for your reasons. What are those reasons ?
  6. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    Couldn't find the Michael Winn book anymore, the closest seems to be the audio course for Qigong Fundamentals 1 : https://healingtaousa.com/product/chi-kung-fundamentals-1-audio-video/ On the DVD for this (5 animals 6 healing sounds) it is good but the advanced practice is not covered. Many people try to purify their subconscious. And it can be maddeningly difficult and ineffective. Why ? You have to attain a higher awakeness to reprogramme yourself. Second thing is that reprogramming your subconscious is not a good way to avoid life. You have emotions because you are supposed to have emotions. So you have to learn to wield them. Often imo the problem is not the emotion ... it is the fragmentation. In other words you experience emotions as difficult because they are fragmenting you, which is painful. When angry, there are two or twenty two voices inside all wanting something different. And so you cannot respond or wield this power .. of course it's all caught up in stuff from the past. It's a mess. Trauma fragments very deeply. Energy work on the own is limited especially for Westerners who like to have an expressive emotional life. Zhan Zhuang : energy de-frag Inner Bonding : psyche de-frag 5 Animals + 6 Healing Sounds : energy purify, psyche express Each one takes time to learn. Of course people want to do things that don't hurt and don't put you in your pain ... but better to bite the bullet today and save 30 years.
  7. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    Michael Winn's book on the 5 Animals 6 Healing sounds practice is excellent and has detailed descriptions of how to go very deeply into releasing emotions with qigong, including working the 5 elements into deeper layers of the energy body, shaping intention, moving from elemental energy to organ to meridien etc..., and using vibration and vocalisation. Doing these things pushes fresh energy through the meridiens and organs, but also works on the level of the subconscious reality of these functions. The subconscious does not change easily and so if you have old problems it can take time. Are you ready to be sincere honest to face the truth and let go ... can you do qigong and let go, or are you trying to cling on to who you have been ? Also your general level of Consciousness acquired in spiritual practice affects your ability to purify your subconscious. Having said that you can also work directly with the emotions from the psyche. Inner Bonding (Margaret Paul) is very good. Observing emotions is good only in the beginning, and does not allow you to embody them or your human self.
  8. Climate Change

    A Professor ! Well that's different isn't it !!! I believe (not certain) it was in the video attached below, you will have to watch it to find out where it is. If you look at Ahmad's life you will see that he was a defender of Muslim culture in India Pakistan Palestine and elsewhere, someone who would explain away the nasty things about Muslims .. when he was very young his family was pushed out of India first by the British then by the Hindus and settled in the US .. or course later on he comes back to fight back for the Muslims. He was also a man who took up a Sufi-like lifestyle and appearance and read Sufi poetry. All in all he is as partisan and stupid as anyone can be. Not that he is a bad person, just that people are so stupid they are always saying "my people are good, yours are bad". And when someone is down on the floor, be it a football team, a religion, an empire, a business or whatever ... they you see all sorts of creeps coming out of the woodwork to give whoever is on the floor a kick in the back and then run back into their mousehole. That's how people are. Truth be told, people are all the same, dumb and violent.
  9. Qigong that reduces anger

    Practically speaking, you can just do some "get your emotions out" screaming shouting tennis racket smacking the pillows, being assertive ... i.e. express your expression. That's relatively easy. You can also do 6 healing sounds and breath out the "poison" ... takes longer and if you need to learn to express your feelings it doesn't really help. There are actually several layers of emotions when you are angry: (1) Pushing away anger : you have been taught not to be angry so you are actually experiencing a battle to not express anger and trying to "control yourself". (2) Anger itself : this is a sharp defensive energy, when things have gone too far the you attack, to defend. (3) Wound : some pain or wound that hurts that's underneath it. (4) Smooth wood energy ... eventually you need to get to the place of smooth expression of the wood energy which is growing nurturing asserting etc... Getting the tennis racket out and wacking your bed, or putting your "dad" in an empty chair and shouting at him telling him all those things you didn't say ... and then having a breakdown. This is very good very honest and very fast. Try that first. The put the racket away get in the bed and cry your eyes out. It is important not to keep trying to get something from somebody who will not give it to you. You wanted love, you didn't get it. You wanted time, space, support ... you didn't get it. Instead you get push back. Then you get angry. Okay. Maybe these people can't do it. So ... just see that, and let them go, and try to find someone who can give you more what you need.
  10. Qigong that reduces anger

    There are many ways. But the fastest way is to find the person who caused anger in you in the first place, and punch them in the face. Anything else is just beating around the bush. ( or you can speak to them and forgive them, that's also possible, and come face to face with the fact that you can't control what people do, and that relationships are sharing things, even bad things; and behaviour is not guaranteed )
  11. Climate Change

    If Christianity was still the dominant force the loving God with all your might and your neighbour as your self would be dominant. Instead young children are taught that surgically removing their genitals is a fun choice and mental health is degenerating throughout society and pills are the 'answer'. No we live in a fallen world. The dominant current is slavery, consumer slavery so that a few people can become billionaires. For that to happen anything with truth or goodness has to be attacked so that the public are weakened, then they can be exploited in 50 ways. That is why family and identity are systematically corrupted, because it weakens people; then they will not complain at being born into ill health and poverty. People are unhappy and do complain; but those complaints are never pointed to those responsible. Instead they are re-routed into attacking the things that made them strong, or into meaningless internet campaigns. The billionaires are safe, hidden in the background. It's an old and boring story. As for the destruction of primitive traditions peoples and spirituality it is very sad, but at the same time it was just a matter of time, since 15,000 years ago changes have been happening. Those people are not conscious they live in a dreamtime close to animal life. There is power there and you can experience it in shamanism and other traditions but inevitably conscious life and intelligence will grow and then the trouble begins. As for India, during the Mughal Empire the way of dealing with rebellious Indian people was to create a pile of Indian heads that were cut off their necks ... that's how things were during that invasion of India, so let's not think that the Western approach to India was worse ... it was worse only in some ways. I would be more worried about what is happening to India now, money has arrived and this will totally destroy all its spirituality ... (it will retreat to the mountains).
  12. The Way of the Living Ghost

    This publisher has the mark of the beast, avoid if you value not suffering.
  13. Climate Change

    My understanding is that the universe, the ultimate aim of it, is to produce enlightened beings which it is yearning for instinctively ... yearning for self knowledge. Therefore it cannot go back. And a sage is not Brahman, but a new entity that is part individual part Brahman. So it is not the same as going to sleep. It is a microcosm and difficult to make. In fact the universe is hunting instinctively like a tiger hunts instinctively ... it does not know what for, but it seeks itself ... through the individual centres ... which we are ... or which we can become. Light and Vision are very interesting. It is possible that what we call "the mind" is not just any mind. It is a particular intelligence processing that evolved in human to process Vision. And so it is the Mind of Vision. It is the most advanced and most conscious structure in a human being. In spirituality we use its intelligence but point it back inwardly to generate self-knowledge. The State of Consciousness might be directly facilitated by our evolution of Vision ... and the light we see that facilitates awakening. The Light that we see is alive in some way. Before Vision there was no possibility to awaken. Humans do not sense themselves inwardly. They live but do not know why they are like half awake during an operation, part animals but part awake. It's not very good. They are quite unhappy.
  14. Climate Change

    Progress is useless, as every man who arrives here needs to learn how to wield his body emotions and grow. It should be beautiful. What is the benefit of arriving in an overpopulated world where machines do all the work and you watch the internet? This is destructive because it removes possibilities for self-learning and gives you compensations, pills to make you happy. Disaster and pain that is. You mention many universal forces and their processes ... but humans don't simply follow them, we also intervene due to our semi-conscious power of thought. In fact it is (imo) the semi-conscious thought that has obscured our sensitivities about the feelings of life ... and so we are easily lead into an anti-life type of world. We don't feel the harm and unnaturalness of it ... as we are so excited and addicted to this thought. Humans have a lopsided development in their thought ... this is what I have been taught. We have evolved but in a bad way .. one-sidedly and incompletely. This gives rise to our unstable societies. Anyway after all these "big ideas" ...the rich and powerful have organised the taking of too much. But perhaps you are right, perhaps we as a species helplessly respond to celestial forces rising and falling in slavery and suffering with little real control.