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  1. Hi. I trust that you are giving a very well studied description of the practices you have learnt, and they may have tremendous merit. However they do not seem to be linked the GF, as the author himself says in the text (see above) there is no need for any other technique. In fact his whole message is that he has found the gold and that you can get to heaven in 100 days with it. He goes to quite some lengths to say have the eyelids just a little open, aim from the nose, and let the light trickle in and concentrate there. So I am not sure who Mr Wang is but .... I would try the GF method on its own, if you like it. I think if all the BS was not included in these texts there would be less confusion.
  2. The Light of Heaven cannot be seen. It is contained in the two eyes. The work on the circulation of the Light depends entirely on the backward-flowing movement, so that the thoughts are gathered together (the place of Heavenly Consciousness, the Heavenly Heart). The Heavenly Heart lies between sun and moon (i.e. the two eyes). The Book of the Yellow Castle says : In the field of the square inch of the house of the square foot, life can be regulated. The house of the square foot is the face. The field of the square inch in the face: what could that be other than the Heavenly Heart ? Therefore you only have to make the Light circulate : that is the deepest and most wonderful secret. If it is allowed to go long enough in a circle, then it crystallizes itself: that is the natural spirit-body. In carrying out this fundamental truth you need to seek for no other methods, After a man has the one tone of individuation (9) behind him, he will be bom outward according to the circumstances, and not until he is old will he turn a single time to the backward-flowing way, vThe force of the Light exhausts itself and trickles away. In the book of the Secret Correspondences (11), it is said : Release is in the eye. In the Simple Questions of the Yellow Ruler (12) it is said: The seed-blossom of the human body must be concentrated upward in the empty space. To concentrate the seed- flower of the human body above in the eyes, that is the great key of the human body. What is really meant by this? The expression , " end of the nose, " is very cleverly chosen. The nose must serve the eyes as a guiding line. If one is not guided by the nose, either one opens wide the eyes and looks into the distance, so that the nose is not seen, or the lids shut too much, so that the eyes close, and again the nose is not seen. But when the eyes are opened too wide, one makes the mistake of directing them out- ward, whereby one is easily distracted. If they are closed too much, then one makes the mistake of letting them turn inward, whereby one easily sinks into a dreamy reverie. Only when the eyelids are sunk properly half- way, is the end of the nose seen in just the right way. Therefore it is taken as a guiding line. The main thing is to lower the eye-lids in the right way, and then to allow the Light to stream in of itself, without trying to force the Light to stream in by a concentrated effort. Looking at the nose serves only as the beginning of the inner concentration, so that the eyes are brought into the right direction for looking, and then are held to the guiding line : after that, one can let it be. That is the way a mason hangs up a plumb-line. As soon as he has hung it up, he guides his work by it without continually bothering himself to look at the plumb-line. qed
  3. Master Wang's teaching contradicts what is in Chapter 1 of the book. So you choose. For me, I read the GF and I do what it says, and I am not particularly interested in the priests who arrive later and have a better version. As the author of the GF says, it's easy and it's right, it's what you want. The practice depends only on the turning of the light around at the eyes (not the pineal gland) but at the front of the head, and if you do it for 100 days you go to heaven.
  4. I am by the way not western. I am also quite bored by all the total bullshit in these kind of texts and you can take the Lotus Sutra as well which is 99% BS. Don't these guys ever shut the f up and get down to it. Oh the heavenly dragon golden thread million billion eon - shut up. The Heart in the goddam Golden Flower is between the eyes he says that in Chapter 1, along with the fact that this method is all you need, that Heaven that we are all trying to get to is in The Heart between the eyes, and that the technique requires only the Turning the Light around. Okay, wtf does that mean ... eyes see out don't they, they see the light out there, well what does turning the light around mean then ? Reverse the flow. Easy. What else could it mean ? Making a sandwich ? Walking your lama ? Then there is some stuff about collecting thoughts .... thoughts come from around there don't they in the forehead. Then there are some more pargraphs .... it's the supreme ultimate, really really supreme and I'm not just saying that, if you get this supreme you will feel it is more supreme then Beyonce ass ... goes on like that until the end of the book. Yes - we get the message! Yes it's really good.
  5. Cool, sounds like very interesting practice. I am personally just interested in the GF.
  6. Always there are priests and complicated people who know better. But the author of the Golden Flower makes simple instructions directed to students. The author says it is simple and complete. But ... why would you take something simple when you can be in charge ? The simple truth is that your ideas are completely different from what is in the text.
  7. The Golden Flower includes in it all the source it is using, it mentions those books, so there is no confusion. It also includes quite specific type of instruction thereby reducing confusion again. It is also an instructional text designed to teach students what to do on its own with no need for other heresay. Most of what you say you are doing does not seem to be linked to the text. My interpretation above is extracted directly from the text. Perhaps some other blokes told you to do ... the things you are doing. But if you read the text it is clear that what you are doing is not the same. Perhaps you do not have the time to read the text itself ?
  8. Mair 19:1

    From a certain perspective Tao is the only thing there is, but this statement does not answer our existential questions. Tao is alive, it makes things that are unconscious, and other things that are conscious. Those conscious beings (like humans) are new centres of identity, they have their own autonomy. In fact Tao splits into many authonomous centres of identity. We have to realise Tao (the whole) and also our own Identity, this is called communion - a bridge with 2 ends. Humans suffer greatly and it is for this reason that they declare war on personal self. But if you take a perfect child and fill it with shit, soon it becomes dark and hateful, and hates others. Dos that mean it is not a beautiful child ? No. It just means it is born on a planet with very bad energy. Perhaps you are chosen because you are strong, and existence has a job for you. First we reach back to the Source and feel that, this is the first entry of Conscious light into us. It cleans us, and gives us lifesupport from the womb. Then we reach again into ourselves and feel that. Then our identity is made, it is a bridge. As we live on a horrendous planet, there is maximum urgency.
  9. Mair 19:1

    That is true, but along with "taking a view" (sitting on the ass), one can also try to investigate and participate in the growing knowledge of mankind. Whether something lives or dies after death is one question; whether humans are really alive or just living in a "false self" whilst in the body is another question; whether this "false self" can be transformed into an eternal being that survives death; is a 3rd question.
  10. Mair 19:1

    Hey. Why don't you try the summary guidance I wrote up on the Turning the Light around Thread. I would be interested to hear your results. Let's do stuff.
  11. Mair 19:1

    We ourselves are the means for detection. Scientists make "instruments" because they are unable to grasp that they are the instrument. It is like a child playing with toys of mother father child, to understand himself. Objects : when we see things externally or think, we extend into objects. But who inside us is the subjedt ? The discovery of this is the main purpose of spirituality. The discovery and merger / activation of the subject. Then your identity is in a different "world".
  12. Barefoot bums

    Cheap running shoes are Gul swimming shoes.
  13. You seem to be referring to a different practice. Is any of this stuff in the GF ? Quick fire breathing isn't, is it ? Rotating the eyes, that's not in there either - sounds painful. Have no idea what you are doing when you say yinqi yangqi combine. Pineal gland hmmm sounds new age, In fact the Pineal is in the centre of the brain, and the GF mentions a region between the eyes, and doesn't it mention the eybrow centre ? Anyway doesn't appear to be the Pineal does it. Different loctaon. Maybe you have your own practice and are trying to translate GF into that even if it doesn't fit ????
  14. Maybe some people would like to form an experimental group to try and work out what this golden flower is about. In my opinion, apart from merging with the breath, the technique specifically mentions the eyes and the practice should be something like this : 1) push out with the eye energy into the world (to sort of set you up) ... light flows out 2) tilt head back and reverse-the-flow-of-the light, gently sucking the light in so that it 3) gently direct the light into the area of the mid-eyebrown point and behind, try to fill it up like an internal region of energy that is alive until you have like a "cave" there of energy 4) merge with that region of energy until identity is felt there 5) - merging with the breath has to be co-ordinated with this show before or after or during. This practice corresponds to what is written in Chapter 1 with the following notes; a. the author speculates on the correct location drawing from a previous treatise (Book of the Yellow Castle) .... however I believe the location to be the mid-eyebrow point rather than between the eyes, is better. b. the author also describes collecting thoughts together .... by which I take to mean .... notice that your thoughts arise in your forehead and collect them together at the point - presumably after you turn the light around and pull in the "visual energy" into the area c. the author indicates that this region becomes a new spiritual body / identity, the real heaven, and brings to discipline all the undisciplined parts of you d. I suggest that if you are able to feel the light flow "reversing" and aim it to the eyebrow centre, then after some time you will feel a presence there like a region of energy, then try to merge with it (use a little imagination eh) until you wake up there, it's like your identity open up there, or if you prefer like a new eye opens there, but's it's an awakened identity. - not sure about the breathing business that comes later - author says this practice is sufficient to fix everything, but the breathing - tantien practice relates it to the rest of Taoist practice
  15. The instructions in this book are quite dumb and miserable like most on this planet. Most of the book is just empty words, talking very generally and sort of poetically an mystically about breath heart soul higher soul eyes belly sages mountains. FFS what is wrong with people on this planet. Here is a good instructions : sit down. Then it will not be misunderstood. I can only imagine that if 100 people read this book they will all practice completely differently. What are the ACTUAL instructions ? Unclear instructions come from unclear people. "Lower the eyelids and establish a point of reference" .... means what ? Point of reference on my ass ? Why do I need to lower my eyelids ? "This methods makes use of two lights .... eyes .... ears ... . sun ... moon" ....FFS. "A dung bettle rolls a pill of dung, from which life emerges, by the pure effort of concentration of spirit" .... er .... I thought we were merging with the breath here, or was that the Sun and Moon and what happened to the eyes ? "A hundred and thirty-seven years old!"