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  1. Several questions about practicing taoism

    When you say both, I assume you mean the breathing-dantien practice and the GF-mid-eyebrow practice ? Well you should have a primary practice for your meditation, make that your priority and try to go deeper into it every day for the full 100 days. Then near the end for 10 mins you can add in a gentle exploration of the GF-mid-eyebrow practice, in a gentle way, whilst maintaining the primary practice, gentle adding it to your primary practice. And continue like that for the 100 days. Afterwards you can decide yourself what is best. The breathing-dantien practice, you should BE down there. Meaning identity is down in the belly, surrendering merging with the primal void below, gently settling down and down. Letting go of yourself. As this part of you becomes natural and permanent, then when you work with the eyebrow centre it will be much easier as you are very grounded and as the eyebrow centre opens it will be steady and it can naturally settle down as well. As the eyebrow centre opens you will eventually be seated in the middle of conscious intelligence you will take your seat there and thoughts will happen with you and not doing their own thing. But this is a large change, and it is good to have a lot of ground down in the belly. Prioritise the ground which is its own journey. It is good to have a let it flow-non doing-freewheeling period interspersed with the guiding periods. 5 mins on, 5 mins off. And of course you are to become awake, sensing existence and not be too technical.
  2. Most Powerful Blockage Clearance Technique ?

    Blockages are not really blockages, they are active right now. I have been noticing that often in daily life I slightly crunch up the right side of my body, often when I am indulging in slightly emotionally charged subjects or activities. And so how can I clear them, when I am re-creating them, consciously or subconsciously. They really just are part of my personality. So ... dissolving is only ever going to be a small solution. Only awakening to the real self and choosing to sit in that real self is going to work, because only that one is clean. Everything else is circulating stress and tension.
  3. Buddha Did Not Know

    In fact I was awakened in a minor way in previous incarnations - I know this circumstantially because of what I came in with. I don't "remember" anything of past lives, but I can see that when I was born it was already there. But after years of struggling and searching, I have now been with a teacher for about 7 years and he both transmitted consciousness to me in a face to face, and then gave me highly accurate technical guidance on what to do, as well as incredible inspiration, as well as orientation in this world - what it means and what to do, as well as great insight into existing spiritual traditions. As for the Satipathana Sutra, all I can say is that inside I intuitively understand what I need and what I am looking for, no matter which tradition I am in. For instance when I was practicing vipassana years back I had several large awakenings. How ? Firstly I worked hard listened carefully and tried very hard and long hours. Secondly I knew that being a robot was not what it was about, it was about feeling being learning life light truth reality lightning, and so my inner feeling was not robotic at all. It was inspired desperate religious patient and many things. In other words I just really needed it really wanted it and did everything I could in every way to make the best of the retreats I was on. It was very difficult sometimes, but there is nothing else to do anyway, soon we'll all be very quiet and under the ground. Why not try and do the absolute best that you can. Why not ? Soon we will be relieved from duty anyhow.
  4. Santi for the lungs : but other organs ?

    I was going to say ... don't all the methods arise from the Santi stance ? But then I saw this image : I don't really know what this image is of, perhaps it is 5 basic standing postures, I am not sure. Not really looking to learn XingYi though. Perhaps someone can help ? Are there 5 basic Xing Yi standing postures ? And where I can I find documentation on them, I am not sure this picture is going to be enough to practice from. Also Still not sure I can use this postures without guidance, I have guidance only for Santi. In this video a man is doing Xing Yi Zhuang Gong, perhaps it indicates that Xing Yi people do not do standing in 5 postures because they are moving postures and standing in them is meaningless (and that I should look more into Yiquan) : This is good includes some postures from LamKamChuen, the Archer and Massaging the Tiger :
  5. I saw that some DVDs are available called Gifts of the Tao. Are you able to describe what kind of things are on there ? Are they movements that lead to spontaneous vibration and discharge and freeforming ?
  6. Okay but if the goal is to have the natural flow, then why the need for instructions and specific energies ? They might good for cleaning out certain channels that you choose, or activating certain energy patterns that you wish for. It might be good short term and to get started, but long-term aren't we trying to be natural ?
  7. Some videos/ DVDs that seem to be from the lineage holder : http://store.qigongamerica.com/
  8. If it is spontaneous qigong, why the long instructions ? Surely the instructions get in the way. Other teachers just sort of start you off and you let the energy fly, this happens in many Osho meditations, bioenergetics, ecstatic shaking and so on. Is there a difference, ultimately ? Once you are free and the energy is flowing through you .... is there a difference between these techniques For instance if someone is doing ecstatic shaking or ecstatic free dancing, isn't that spontaneous ? I notice that the instructions start with a meditation to concentrate the mind (forehead) and ground (bellybutton) which is good, but other than that I don't see the point.
  9. Well the answer is that you can't clean yourself with dirty water. Therefore you should prioritise the awakening of that inside you which is clean, your real self or real consciousness. And that normally occurs with transmission and the embodying of that transmission. Working with the lower self is practical for many reasons and so should be done as well. However the one thing that has to be placed firmly in your intelligence is that you cannot clean yourself with dirty water, and that awakening is not a step by step process. Because the light is always light, there are no shades in it. The lower self can be sorted out so that it is reasonably harmonious. But then again as few people are able to gauge how clean or dirty a person is then this kind of approach is a bit silly. If you can't judge how clean you are what is the point of cleaning ? Well there is a point, it is common sense and responsible. In my opinion in every case I have seen awakening was a result of transmission landing on fertile ground. And for many seekers once they arrived, they threw away all their books and theories and often regarded them as wasted time. And then there is the question of how you prepare yourself as fertile ground ? Often those stuck in books are intellectualising the path in combination with hiding and physically abusing themselves, coupled with the delusion that having multiple energetic mink-coats is going to help them. But then again there are those who are sincere and have good hearts and do the practical lower self work quite nicely. Oh yes, lest I forget. The ego-self can in no way understand self-realisation as ego-self is just a completely shattered corrupted mess with no practical connection to the light. So one thing the ego-self does is try to create step-by-step paths up the mountain but they lead nowhere. You see this everywhere, with the reading of books Christianity, or the numbers game in Buddhism, or the X number of limbs of yoga, or the many deity levels of tantra and so on. Here are some important questions : > How can I prepare myself as fertile ground for self-realisation ? > Where can I get transmission from ? > Is my energy work coming from the soul, or just a souped up false-self ? > If I die tomorrow in a car accident, will I realise that I have wasted my life as I take my last breath ?
  10. I really like his guts to get into the texts and make his own sense of them, not fear them or think they are distant wisdom that cannot be understood. I like that. But ... the question is where do these instructions get you. Anywhere ? For instance in interviews he talks of having a healthy lifestyle. Does that mean he personally still feels bound to the body ?
  11. When it says it goes into unparalleled detail does that mean he is enlightened and beyond suffering and death ? If not how can you know it's detail means anything ? And if the old man is not beyond death, why follow him, as his fate will become your fate ?
  12. Spiritual value Bagua.vs Tajiquan?

    And spirituality is making sure it is "with us".
  13. wei wu wei

    All it means is that you are acting from your soul rather than from the ego. And so you can have a sense of non-doership. Of course the ego is very noisy and coarse so when you are beneath the ego it sounds silent. But ... this is another illusion. Your soul isn't silent. The soul is the part of the great self that is growing inside this form. The ego in order to feel alive has to keep moving, doing, thinking. Just like a shark has to keep swimming in order to breathe because of the design of it's body. So the ego is always rushing around. When the soul is discovered within then you can rest. For many people in history, they get such a relief from this that they imagine many things. Some imagine they don't exist. Others that they are God. Others that nothing is happening. Others that they are not-human. Others that they are superman. Others that they don't need sex anymore. They have finally reached peace and often don't use their intelligence any more. They are neither God nor nothing. They are simply their soul, which is normal. Doing still occurs but in a different way. Intelligence and creativity and exploration still occurs, but from a place of wholeness.
  14. 400 Words on the Gold Elixir

    Do you read the guidance ? Perhaps you are too busy wrapping yourself in silk robes and pretending to be a dragon. Nobody cares if you die like that btw. You have to care.
  15. 400 Words on the Gold Elixir