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  1. Blood Qigong and External Alchemy

    Thanks. How about External Alchemy using blood ?
  2. What is the significance of Blood in Taoism/ TCM/ Qigong ? Does it contain the soul ... or some essential part of our existence ? I ask in relationship to other traditions views on Blood ... Judaism on the non-consumption of Blood because it contains the soul of the animal. Christianity on the consumption on JC's blood for communion. I have heard that some Qigongs mix Qi and blood, and that that is good. But I don't know the underlying theories.
  3. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Got this audiobook really enjoying it. It's a reprieve from the always-super-happy prozac society. Fully feeling, fully breathing, fully digesting your own experience. The Tao Fully Feeling, Pete Walker. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tao-Fully-Feeling-Harvesting-Forgiveness-ebook/dp/B017I3NRRO
  4. I would be interested to know which country he is in, and which branch of Christianity, and which monastery if that's not revealing too much. Thanks !
  5. Master....what master ?

    Sounds nice, but one can never be sure of anything on this planet. Best is to try everything, masters or non-masters, teaching or being without teaching, the white and the black. Only after trying many things will you know more. And of course there are many charlatans, perhaps there are only charlatans ... but of different grades. When you are truly helped or truly help ... such experiences change your perspective.
  6. Nei Kung is Bullshit

    Yes they seem to be isolated from cross connections on the mother board. Also I have read that on some mother boards there are restrictions on the use of the mic due to DRM concerns. Another amazing thing is that you can connect the speaker to the mic directly with this usb device and record ... with no feeback at all.
  7. Nei Kung is Bullshit

    I have had problems with my microphone & speaker (the ones that come with my laptop) which sound a lot like that !!! Solution was to buy a small usb widget which has addition speaker / mic ports. It's cheap and works. You might have to go into ControlPanel> Sound to set them up correctly although they are usually identified okay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-2-0-To-Mic-Speaker-Audio-5-1-Ch-Channel-3D-Sound-Card-Adapter-Virtual-For-PC/361119815373?epid=562098264&hash=item54146b16cd:g:E4sAAOSwAL9UavH7
  8. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Look I think the most important thing is to consider what I said about the tantien, maybe that means something to you, if not we are just following different things. Anyway you take care.
  9. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Well Walker ... why did you jump on me in the fist place ... that wasn't very honourable. But anyway, as for what you say. You have a lot of academic knowledge stored up in the data banks, but this is inferior to understanding. You talk about "focussing" on the tantien. What does that mean exactly? In instructions I gave, it emphassed being inside the tantien and falling from it. That is the correct way. Like many practitioners of these arts you don't differentiate between focussing on the tantien (resting your awareness onto this area) from shifting to being inside the tantien. And yes if all you are doing is resting awareness on tantien it is a big problem; correct. Such practices do not actually embody the tantien so you don't even begin the taoist path, you don't leave the head. That is the why, that needs to be attached to the academic guidance. And all academic guidance needs to be attached to the why. Not just "don't do it" or "it may be bad" ... but why, specifically. How does it function internally. For sure many schools that you mention do many things, they may call themselves daoist and practice from the head or call themselves zen and practice from the belly. The guidance I gave is the practice to enlighten the belly which is what Daoism points to. Of course not everyone follows the rules, there really doesn't need to be many schools or more than one teacher for the entire tradition ... but mankind likes to make a mess. And others like mess because it becomes a long academic story which they cultivate. But practice is simple if you know what you are doing, and why. Anyway aside from that, let's just say you have a "different approach".
  10. Astrology and astral impermanence

    @Nungali What do you know about these things: Why do planets affect us ? If the are beings with large mass, are they like uncles of the Earth .. and affect us in the same way that our human uncles affect us ? Which indicates that our family tree affects us far more than we think ... for instance the good or bad deeds of our ancestors descend into us ? And why would it matter if Saturn was North or East when I am born ? What difference would that make ? Is it the position of planets in relation to each other (Saturn was close or far from Jupiter and when they are together that means war?) or is it in relation to the axis of the universe which would indicate a secondary relation ... our orientation at birth with the whole universe. Another strange thing is full moon and new moon ... the difference is the amount of sunlight reflected ... but apart from the light the moon is really "just the same" ... why should the amount of sunlight reflected make such a difference ? One answer is that the moon is symbolic and when it is full ... I am not sure how to explain ... but it's symbolic fullness is actual ... in other words the celestial objects are symbolic and actual at the same time. In fact there is no such thing as a symbol because everything is real. Fear is a real material phenomenon, just of a subtle type and people don't sense it well enough to feel it's materiality. Likewise thoughts that we think are a type of matter, but we are not used to feeling their materiality ... we think they are non-material. I propose that everything without exception is material, of many different levels of subtlety, and all matter is alive. Another answer is that the light is not just "light", it is not a dead material phenomenon. Light is alive, it seems to be a particular layer of consciousness, possibly the elementary particle of consciousness; or alternatively the direct emanation of "god". There are a hell of a lot things happening that humans do not think about. Earlier what I was referring to was that atoms and electrons are alive .. at a very low level, they have some "freewill" of extremely low character. But as the build up into molecules, then into organic molecules, cells etc... they have developed over billions of years higher tiers of consciouness until finally you get plants animals people. At certain points you have vast step-changes in level of consciousness. This is what "as above so below means".
  11. Astrology and astral impermanence

    Interesting question. I have no doubt that astrology is functional, but there are other things in life as well ... for instance meditation and will seem to be independent of astrology. There are different channels of existence. Perhaps there is a subconscious level of life which is affected by astrology and genetics which give you a basic self ... then there are higher (beyond this universe) worlds that we can accessed through other practices. It is possible that what the celestial bodies represent to us is symbolic .. our entire environment is symbolic, meaning it is a representation in material objects of aspects within the mind-of-existence. And the lifespan of the celestial bodies represents a very long-term subtle changing in the "mind of existence". The universe slowly metamorphoses over time. And I suppose astrology would also slowly change over time with practitioners changing their teachings accordingly. I have read that in the past astrology and astronomy where one discipline because matter was not thought of as dead .. everything was considered alive and the effects of the celestial bodies like planets were considered to be factual and literal. But somehow mankind has started to consider mater to be a dead thing and no longer feels the effects ... and separated the living qualities of it into "spirituality", which is strange. Mankind searches for a way to be "free" of everything, free of the celestis ... whether being "free" is possible, I don't know.
  12. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Listen mate just copying and pasting definitions from the internet is not having a teacher or any experience. Your whole approach is of an internet amateur. Better to do some practice. The question you need to ask yourself is out of today's 24 hrs, how much did I practice? The guy is looking for Taoist meditation, instructions I have given, they are accurate. Zazen as it is practised in Zen develops awareness/concentration at the front of the head with a small amount of belly work due to its Taoist cross over, however it is not true work on the tantien. In particular Zen does not surrender or flow down. True Taoist meditation is on the belly and the enlightenment so received is of the valley flowing down into darkness, or sung : this is the kind of enlightenment that gives rise to the TTC.
  13. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    I gave accurate practice information rather than stupid opinionating Walker. You talk of "texts" and "vernacular" and definitions of words ... it's obvious you have no idea, - do you actually do any practice ? Have you made any progress ? Or do you spend your time massaging your books and opinions ? I suggest you try to find a teacher and keep your mouth closed until you do.
  14. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Easiest paths might be : 1. surrendering fully to "god" 2. zazen... in order to do this Taoist wise you have to have gentle concentration on the belly and rest down from the belly on the exhalation a little like Zhan Zhuang's concept of sung, but done seated. This is the dark valley flowing down. Buddhists on the other hand do practices in the head. Each of these just needs to be constantly repeated without glamour until you are inseparable from them. Mantras seem unreliable to me, they are too easy and don't really involve you changing yourself - surrender for instance is a big change in your life. I believe the main point of mantras is that they occupy the mind so that you can feel your true nature inside ... but I doubt many people use them that way, they often want the power up from the deity and don't "give anything". Without giving something you can't get much.
  15. From East to West

    There are two poles on the path, awakening and surrendering. Both are required for completion: the first creates something, and that which is created is surrendered to the infinite, this creates a channel and that is our destiny to be a channel. Thelema is geared towards the first, adding the second to that work will be complete. The other people here will be nurtured by your light, your example and your power ... without those things there is not much to offer. A great oak tree must grow for a long time and face many challenges before it offers shelter to so much life.