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  1. The biggest secret about Advaita Vedanta

    Then there are 3 things, table wood and understanding. The table and wood were there before. The understanding is new. Standing around and discussing why "I am so everything" ... is a bit pathetic. Perhaps you can try to become more new and contribute to either yourself or the world.
  2. @alchemystical As soon as technology helps you with something you become more stupid. Because maintaining your health intelligence body and feelings is not free it requires you to do something. Don't use it and you lose it. Your own mind ... having large amounts of your life to yourself allows you to develop into your own person, your own ideas, feeliings and direction. And that is how humans should live. Who lives in the hive-mind-matrix .... only insects. Insect people with insect minds. According to some mankind has already been falling for a long time and was once much more powerful. According to others mankind rises and falls periodically in a sort of evolutionary hell and should try to escape asap. A.I is just a marketing term like Sooper Computer. It doesn't mean anything else. There are no computers that "think". It is only humans that think. All computers just carry out the instructions of human beings; in fact they don't even do that ... a computer that says the temperature is 17C doesn't know it is 17C, it is just electronics ... only a human can understand things. But having said that because of recent generations of Western children being exploited, they appear to be degenerating to the level of insects and pretty soon they will be building temples to their toasters !!! Recently the degenerate Western economy has started to invent invisible products and sell them on the stock market ... like medical apparatuses that don't work or the hyperloop. A huge PR exercise to generate grass roots support accompanies these not-existing-products ... one day people wake up and realise they lost hundreds of millions of dollars. Of course "money" which used to be real gold and meant something is today plastic. Techno-merging if possible would really involve living in your "mind" for ever. Which would be even more of a hell then living in it for one lifetime. I do not think techno merging would ever be possible because putting a colander on somebody's head and measuring electric impulses from the brain does not allow you to go into that persons experience. The outer world we experience can be jointly experienced... we can watch a sunset together. But the inner world is absolutely private and always will be nobody is every going to be in here with you. Central bankers and billionaires have increasingly sown up the entire world-system into a large human prison-farm. This is to damage the ability of people to realise their own strength and live from their immortal soul. It has become important to teach young children to worship technology so that they will be grateful to the prison wardens and won't realise that their souls are being sucked out through their eyes. Scientific experts are another way you are taught that you are an idiot ... and that you need to be a slave to the market-economy and its opinions, because what you think is worth sh**. Everything is designed to make you feel weak stupid and helpless ... so you will never know that you yourself are the true power of existence because you are a child of god. Great corruption has happened in this world; work hard move quickly and quietly into your soul. These have been my very important thoughts.
  3. Is spiritual qiqong a thing ?

    Hmm ... I would imagine that most of the "powers" that people get are either mirages, glorified visualisations that are shared, or over time various hightened sensitivities happen to people ... for instance they may receive messages or premonitions or this or that. There may also be calling on a demi-god or something to perform some function (find a lost key for instance). That is all quite different from adept useable functions that can be used at will and are real, nor mirages. Or adept energetic transformations so that the energy of the Source can be transformed into a new form in the universe, like fire, or any structure. These kinds of powers would be truly owned. And no they are not spiritual. I am sure you could spend a good deal of time to cultivate such things only to perish because you didn't cross the river. There is also the question of adhering to the flow of the seasons and not trying too hard to preserve this form, let it change as it is needed. And also the question of living outside of a universe, and outside of the need for qi. Very high states.
  4. 4 rules of living

    This is very interesting because it is fake. And much of this world is fake. Why do people do it ? Don't they know the difference, don't they care ? Maya is the answer. This world is so phoney, and the people in it are so ungrounded so false, that the only thing to do is leave. And fast. Here we are so far away from the light, that any small amount of truth that filters down to the dark water at the bottom of the ocean, is very soon consumed. We are too far away from the light to even understand how far away we are. It is a very bad place to be, full of delusions, of dangers that are unseen. If you don't intuit the scale of the problem, you perish. And nobody will notice.
  5. There is an old tradition of painting, perhaps Chinese, I heard once. For the first 10 years you learn how to paint bamboo. 10 years only on bamboo, closeup, at a distance, green, brown, at night in the day. Everything everything. Then for the next 10 years you paint anything except bamboo. After that you can begin painting bamboo. Doing, and then undoing, creates a channel. Like a boring machine it goes down, works, digs, struggles and then finally it reverses and undoes ... and what is left is a channel. As everything is dependent on the Source ... there are no independent existences, but there are channels that are formed. The implication of this is that worldly life is very important because that is the first part, the struggle, which creates. And if you refuse the challenge of worldly life you make a big mistake because someone who does not dig cannot make a channel and so is swept away. It is for this reason Krishna says "Fight !, Don't worry I killed you all already." Without fighting you are dead anyway.Too difficult is it ? Is the mattress not soft enough for your backside's demands ? What is the result of this digging and undigging ... it is the soul. For those who want one. The world is always full of failed people of all sorts at all levels. They sulk and tell everyone that it's not worth it. I suggest you don't listen to them !!! Have some courage, if the sky is darkened by a thousand arrows then you can fight in the shade ! Ha !
  6. The idea that you always were enlightened goes completely against the experience of Advaita masters, for instance Nisargadatta meditated in the evenings 3 or 4 hours every day whilst being closely guided by a teacher. After 2 years or so he arrived. Buddha in the Lotus Sutra defines the skillful means and long diligent practice required. Jesus likewise. Of course when you discover "I" ... it is immediate. But to get it inside the human soul takes time. When you practice you should try to be "I", right now, immediately and fully, and by continuing with this practice for several years the human structure that houses or is the soul will accept the universal into it. If you are enlightened then how could you have fallen out ... it cannot happen so logically the initial notion is incorrect. We are seeds that may .... or may not ... one day reflect the truth. If we fail we are recycled, if we succeed we are enlightened. From the point of the view of the Source ... it is not so important, there are many seeds. But from the point of view of a single acorn it is important, because it is life or death. Some teachers like J.Krishnamurti taught hundreds of thousands of people for many decades only to completely fail. He said you are "right now" ... and nobody really got it. He kept telling them you don't need any path. Eventually after so many decades of failure, he announced that nobody understood him. This is really stupid. If you continue to fail at least try something different don't be so attached to your ideologies that you refuse to stop falling in the same ditch. Another thing, this teacher indicates the location of the Advaitic consciousness at 0:48 he says this background awareness. Because it is at the back of the head. Mooji also does exactly the same thing. Because there is a like a region or chakra there which is where the witnessing and oneness consciousness is experienced. They never point to their balls as the location, because the location is not down between the legs. This is very useful information. However due to total lack of interest in being intelligent and instead relying on mantras like "nonduality is the nonduality of nonduality" ... the Advaita groups seem to be in the dark even when at 0:48 they point with their hands at the location. Of course if there is a location that would mean that you are not the all knowing whatnot Brahman, you are just a monkey merged with Brahman ... I suppose that should be good enough. In terms of practice you can rest into the "screen" at the back of the head -witnessing consciousness- but then you have to "let go" so that you become the screen or the region of consciousness there are the back. Letting go whilst remaining fully clear and present. Full commitment. Later after a few years you can do some work with the 3rd eye area which eventually brings the consciousness to include the human functions and human mind. Many people do not the 3rd eye work and so the mind disturbs them for the rest of their lives ... this work should be gradually attempted only after a few years of work on advaitic consciousness and merging with the source.
  7. On The Pitch

    I heard something inspirational from Mikel Arteta the new Arsenal manager, he said that the work they had done in training actually appeared on the pitch. And this is how all the spiritual work must be, it's not just talk. It's not just talk and talk and talk and talk. Whatever you do has to become integrated into your being, so that it is on the pitch, in every day of your life because it is part of you. That kind of work is the only work that counts.
  8. Letting go of attatchments

    An attachment is when part of your energy is engaged in something of a low nature, like the arm of an octopus wrapped around an anchor. You can pull the anchor away ... but what will the energy do then ? What will the arm do ? It will end up grabbing something else, that is the problem. It can have some benefit to doing it anyway, but it does get boring. In India many sages were half savage unintelligent people who did no yoga practices at all, but with the aid of a teacher they were able to connect to the light, and the light itself filled them and cleaned the house. They did not do incremental purification work. This is important because there are a lot of spiritual people who for decades are purifying and purifying and purifying, and they don't understand the principles above. Some of Buddha's students were enlightened in a few days, although they had some preparation.
  9. Letting go of attatchments

    It's not possible to let go of any attachments. But you can replace them with light, with the higher truth. If you empty a box of dirt, it can be useful, but in this world it will be full of dirt again very soon. Only if you have put gold in the box will the box remain clean. In practice emptying of darkness and filling of light go together. From the beginning you have to have contact with the real light otherwise nothing will work ... so that may be an answer to your question ... from the beginning you have to feel the light and this normally happens through transmission. One reason people like to talk about attachments is that then they talk about something they know. They know all their attachments and so it is easy. But awakening is not about something you know, but about something you can know, something new.
  10. combating addiction to porn

    Best bet is to have sex in a relationship. What are the barriers to doing that ? Work on that, then plug it in. Porn is not sexuality, it is an abuse of the sexual function ... it's fine occasionally but if this how you use your sexual function it isn't. Sugar is not food, it is an abuse of your ... metabolism, it's fine occasionally but if this is how you use your digestion it isn't. This society has "sugar" thoughts rather than real intelligence, "sugar" feelings rather than something real ... and so on. Cheap exciting but ultimately degenerative. The idea that porn is sin ... the good part of it is that you wish to use your functions to their full potential ... the bad part is lots of negative feelings that aren't helping.
  11. inquiring again

    Great idea. Another idea is the scream thread where you can discharge any pent up stuff with no consequence, like a heat sink. You could even have one for each side of the aisle.
  12. The difference between Chi Kung and Nei Kung

    ChiKung NeiKung imo The centres like the LDT have a function in the human world, and also they can be illuminated. The LDT's function in this world is the circulation of energy into the organism, breathing into us the vital force from the Schwartz Source. The heart centre is similar it has a function in the human world, our feelings ... and it can also be illuminated. Each centre is like that, having a function in this world and also the possibility of illumination. Different traditions are working on different centres. The centre of Consciousness is developed in India. In China they are working on the LDT ... which reflects a different culture, more grounded more belly orientated. (of course there is some cross over) ChiKung is cultivating the function of the LDT in this world, cultivating the vital force. NeiKung is working on the spiritualisation of the LDT, on enlightening it which involves discovering your identity in the LDT and merging with the Source. With the heart centre it would be the same, you can work with cultivating your feelings and healing your wounds in the human world ... or you can reach the enlightenment of the heart. At least ... that would make sense to me as a distinction between the two words.
  13. The difference between Chi Kung and Nei Kung

    Hi, thanks for your comments. I was trying the pore breathing technique coming from this tradition and found it quite useful and so became interested in the books, to try other basic techniques - I am not sure how far I would go with the path, but if the techniques are practical then good. Perhaps somebody would know the difference between the books, and could recommend something.
  14. Decay and Reconstruction

    Post-Cooking Cooking does not happen only in the oven. There is firing in the oven, but then another process happens outside. Like with the child, development happens before birth, another development outside. Life is wise enough to use multiple environment to complete its creations. Some development only a few being go through and requires special environments. Day and night are two environments, the alternation of which creates growth. Life to life incarnation to incarnation, in the womb and outside of it. Fusing together, and melting back down, folding and unfolding, scorching and wilting. At the beginning it is an automated process but as the thing-in-itself becomes more alive it pushes with the process, or it pushes against the process, lending its conscious weight to increase the speed of firing.