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  1. Zhang Sanfeng 13 forms

    That LHBF Goose video looks very vague to me. Perhaps it's all been lost.
  2. Humans are fragmented. If you fix that fragmentation you don't need spiritual awakening, as you will be whole right here and now. The fragmentation is caused by the interaction between the animal and the human part of us, the subconscious and conscious. The book Inner Bonding by M.Paul teaches you how to fix this. You have to understand that humans are quite deranged so be cautious what information/media you put into you, and also what food. Emotions and the internet become your food, so eat healthy. If you eat too much sugar, you will not be able to taste a healthy carrot salad - you just won't feel it as all you feel is the sugar. It is the same for sugar-emotions of hollywood, and the sugar-thoughts of the internet. Be careful with these things or you won't feel anything any more except sugar. Practices must be physically grounded, people who talk too much just get nowhere, you have to do things with the body or it's all hot air coming out of the mouth. In terms of the awakening of consciousness and so on, it is largely a question of the transmission of the state, as words alone just won't allow you to feel what it means inside you. So ... you must find a teacher who is awakened, and sit next to him and feel the transmission. Most teachers are not awakened or anything, mostly they are complete morons. Others feel blue and purple energies and so on ... avoid them. Look for a solid healthy grounded wise person who has awakened himself and wishes to teach you personally. The book "I Am That" is good, in as much as a book can. It is also good to read about the life journeys and struggles and search of awakened teachers, what they did, where they went, what they tried and so on. If you read the parables, and try to really understand what they mean ... then you can become more intelligent and appreciative of life giving wisdom ... becoming truly intelligent is also important, because without becoming more intelligent how can you understand ? Try the Parable of the Sower. What does it mean for your life ? Good luck.
  3. Yes the more spiritual (Real/conscious) you are you will energetically affect people around you positively. Not only that but you yourself will not have wasted your life. You will also begin to understand what life is about and what is "wrong", through your own investigations and new self-knowledge. Soon you should understand that it is quite hard, and you will concentrate on making progress which takes time, and your ideas of helping the world will become more realistic, seeing how much effort is required to sort yourself out. If nobody on this planet "makes it" then you can say that the entire planet and everyone on it has failed, so if you make it you make it all worthwhile, the countless billions of lives that have been attempted here will become worthwhile if you personally cross the line. What else is there to do anyway? More experience will tell you a lot, it's easy to discuss the mountain whilst you are sitting in the pub without having set foot on it, but such discussions are not informed. So be inspired by the wonderful teachers that mankind has had and begin the climb.
  4. Today's Biggest Threat: the Polarized Mind

  5. Cutting parts of your body off is not changing genders. And putting your genitals into other beings creatures and places neither is that sexual. "Stereotypes" are not a bad thing as long as they map closely to reality which they used to do. But during the decline of a culture everything becomes destroyed. Following old and traditional ideas and established patterns, you will not go far wrong. I feel sorry for young people, because although I was similarly abused with stupid new ideas when young, it was still somewhat sane. Today .... I could never imagine such degeneracy. For human monkeys, it is when life becomes too "easy" that everything goes wrong. Like it or not a good life is a hard life because it saves you from your perennial stupidity ignorance laziness and self-aggrandisement. The wise seek out a hard life to prevent them living as a fool.
  6. Accepting futile situations?

    There is Joy in the beginningThere is Joy in the journeyThere is Joy in the goal !!!-- Oh Yeah -- No greater joy then hard work !
  7. Accepting futile situations?

    Well, what would you like to do instead ? Save the world ?! Every day is another picnic with a mix of ingredients; one imperfect moment after another, but smile and be the sunshine, then do your wonderful best and sing the whole way through ! Useless, worthless meaningless ? Just smile to your colleagues, make them coffee and let them know that we are one together, one great family, one great journey. We help each other with our ventures projects and journeys. Sometimes we help others sometimes others help us. There is joy in the beginning, there is joy in the journey, there is joy in the goal. Every job is worth doing well ! Be grateful for work, even if it is digging a trench only to fill it back up. What joy !!! It's so great to be alive, to breathe ... give me that shovel, I'm Up !!! And there is a time to buy the boss a Caramel Machiatto tell him a few jokes to cheer him and mention that twice as much could be done if xyz. And if not join a new venture with new people and a new horizon stretching out joyously to receive the sweat of your brow, and say goodbye with great love for all that has been achieved, in a world where the 5 elements turn endlessly, the fields ploughed under and under, and under again ... yet there is a harvest. In our hearts.
  8. How to become less blind

    If you wish to see invisible creatures then you as blind as they are.
  9. Free at end (from China zoo)

    Fantastic. Scientists kill the turtle trying to "help". Just like when they tried to "help" with genetically modified crops and nuclear bombs, and yes of course, they are going to KILL cancer to help us. Thanks "scientists".