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  1. Dao Bums Trolls akin to a Virus

  2. Skeleton Meditations

    Oh come on, don't be such a sourpuss. The Tao Bums is a perfect place to Signal your Virtue. Look you can even change your avat... .... oh you have. So you're all set.
  3. Skeleton Meditations

    Let's not ! zzzzzzz
  4. Skeleton Meditations

    It's complicated ! But I am not courting these things so much these days, I am more interested in Silence. Why ?
  5. Skeleton Meditations

    I don't, don't worry
  6. Skeleton Meditations

    How is it going taking lessons on being a woman from the beta males here ? How deeply can sell your own soul ?
  7. Skeleton Meditations

    The problem with you is that you think virtue signalling is ... the same thing as virtue.
  8. qi accumulation VS qi flowing ?

    Another question is about qi accumulation vs being immortal. Many athletes have high qi in their bodies and perish.
  9. Skeleton Meditations

    No need, he's there already and will be for another term.
  10. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    No, at the end of the interview he makes his conclusions which are that the CV business is a hysteria not borne out by the numbers or risks, and that will damage the health and economy of Germany for no reason.
  11. Skeleton Meditations

    Yes ... you have to consider animals. If you watch squirrels in the garden, see how mindful they are, their heads constantly moving mindful of this mindful of that ... they have 100% mindfulness of the external world ... But this is not a practice that leads to self-realisation, squirrels are not self realised. Self-realisation is when the subject develops a new relationship with the subject ... it enters itself and a new form of intelligence is born, an intelligence that knows itself. The subject has to BE inside the subject. Not look at it but Be in it, and certainly not look at any objects. The bones are interesting because they are external subjectivity, they have an organic subjective ... it is quite an easy practice and accessible, it's a very good bridge. It also has very strong energetic and health benefits, and esoteric powers are associated with the bones, all round an interesting practice. But self-realisation and the true subject of course comes from the centres of consciousness, of the heart and of the dantien etc.., which are the true internal of the soul.
  12. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Did you watch the end ?
  13. Skeleton Meditations

    It's very simple, so I will explain it for you. Mindfulness is when you connect to objects, for instance in the list of White Skeleton "Meditation" skin hair nails etc... This is a practice using where your attention rests on objects. This is not meditation. Meditation is when the subject (you) rests inside the subject. If you embody your bones, for instance the bones of the tips of your toes of fingers, you will find that it is possible to be inside the bones as they are part of your external subjective structure. The subject rests inside the subject. This is a significant practice. Resting your attention on any object be it those listed in the WSM or on a lamp post is not a significant practice. Birds for instance spend their entire day being mindful of many things, and it's not a spiritual practice. Now Virtue, you can kiss the ass of as many authorities as you wish to, kneel down ... but that is different to knowing anything. You should wake to the fact that the a spiritual seeker can not cling to the apron of some authority and hope they will do it for you. Similarly other of your friends talk endlessly about lineages and mattress FaJin. You guys need to wake up, that is not cultivation ... that is asking somebody to do your work for you. You are lucky that I trip up your small mindedness, nobody else will bother with you. About Bodri, I never heard of him ... but what he has said in that book, and this practice is not good ... perhaps he has other things, perhaps not. It seems to be inspired by a misunderstanding of the yogic tradition of watching bodies burn on a pyre. But that is not mindfulness. If you go to a pyre and rest your attention on different objects, like the Ganga, or the wood, or the flames, or the skirt of the girl over there ... you are doing exactly the wrong thing. To see death is supposed to wake you the fuck up. It's not a time to avoid what's going on. If you want to do an actual meditation on the skeleton, then it has to be subjective and involve ... the skeleton ... meaning the bones ! These are available and are very good.
  14. Skeleton Meditations

    Bodri ... seems like another modern charlatan, in the synopsis of his book on Amazon he says : "There are many possible different final objectives for spiritual practitioners" This is not correct, there is only one path of development for a human soul. Seems that he does a White Skeleton Meditation ... which is a strange label for it ... because it is not meditation and it is not about the skeleton, he has some mindfulness of different body parts in the instructions : pus, faeces, hair, nails etc... This is not meditation. True meditation on the bones ... not the skeleton ... is to embody the bones, which means you feels them as your self. Therefore it is subjective "I am inside". Rather than mindfulness ... "I notice that object". Mindfulness as it has degenerated of late is not meditation as it is objective (of objects) ... it is about noticing things, rather than being inside the bones. Being inside the bones is a very good practice.
  15. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    German clinician thinks CV19 is only hysteria.