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  1. Forgiveness and Condemnation

    We are very concerned with other people. We want to be like by them, we are offended by them, judge them, we want to save them, or forgive them. Really what the hell for, what is all this ? What a total waste of time. I can't imagine how much of life is flushed into the toilet on such stupidity. What the hell for ? Boredom ? Is it simply boredom ? Have we nothing else to do ? Do we live and do nothing because we are bums ? Waiting for death with a little entertainment ? Who really cares about "other people". Who knows who they are, what they do, why they do. I have no idea who they are. Is it all totally stupid and destructive - sure it is. Sure, it's a disaster. Now the inner work is ever ready and ever ripe - we gonna do it or not ?
  2. Forgiveness and Condemnation

    Why bother. Watching people hurt each other whilst sitting on a bench mulling over how self-righteous you will be today and forgive them from your seat ? Is it of value ? Maybe not. Better than printing tickets with a score from 0 to 10, and giving them to people you meet and to yourself ... why not just surrender to God quietly ?
  3. What are you listening to?

    White people ... what ever happened to them ?
  4. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    You said many things, but I don't know why as you don't have any contact with Julius Caesar.
  5. Qigong or taichi?

    For it to develop health then you would have to do it regularly, and so you should find something you would actually do and would like to do. And there are many things called qigong or taichi out there. Some just lead to health, others leads to the Tao/spirituality.
  6. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    Really, then where are they ? Where is Julius Caesar ? Seen him around ? No. Think about this; at night when you sleep, somebody else in Japan wakes up and starts the day. Is it you ? No, it isn't.
  7. Becoming aware of subtle energies, etheric, and astral.

    Well in the absence of anybody else's comments, I would just say that there are many things that people are doing, and you can read on the forum or investigate on youtube and so on, with regards to subtle energies qigong and magnetism and so on ... and perhaps you can look around and think about what you would like to try and narrow it down a bit, and then perhaps some members here might have some experience in that area.
  8. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    On the basis of what ? Many things die around you ... they seem to simply die finally don't they ? Better to check first thoroughly who you are and so on.
  9. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    We are not free to leave, we are free to die. To leave some magic must happen. A large part of that happens in our understanding. We are born into slavery, but perhaps our belief in that slavery is the real slavery. I do not know our true situation or possibilities. As with all such grand concepts, only thorough experiential investigation will provide a satisfactory answer. Few ever try. Only the unknown is safe.
  10. Surf's Up !

    It is as easy as watching television, another great hobby of human beings. You are given a body arms and legs and the ability to think. But you have convinced yourself you do not exist ... this is arrogance, lack of responsibility, and not being thankful for your gifts. The truth is, the world is difficult and telling yourself you don't exist is a wonderful escape. And it is an escape that is very much valued by the fools running the planet who love it when you decide that you too will destroy all the gifts given to you, and sit like a melon. That makes the other people very happy when you do that. But, having said that, given the fact that the other monkeys here will literally nail you to a piece of wood until you bleed to death ... if you dare be different to them ... Then it might be a very good idea to adopt the type of spirituality you speak of. On this planet, such arithmetic might make sense. That is why in China it is said, "conceal your strength".
  11. Surf's Up !

    Everything, I truly do hope after you numerous extremely long posts about flowing and freeing and being ... that it doesn't add up to following some hackneyed old repressed commandments and becoming a nun; and using society's judgements of what is wrong and right and trying to jump up to follow them. That would be ridiculous. You can't "truly be what you are" ... if you are following the images given to you by the fools destroying the planet. If you wish to trust, you must trust. Not trust so it fits the agenda and images given to you. Mankind has turned itself into such a fraud, that suggesting that when it rains, it simply rains ... has become alien to people. ( Accepting of course all the caveats and levels of understanding, previously discussed. )
  12. Surf's Up !

    And there's more ! In order to teach people with little self knowledge about wisdom, such examples are used ... anger is wrong, pacifism is right. These contrasts between what is good and what is bad. It is a coarse way of teaching, but it is okay for beginners, but eventually you should migrate to more intelligent approaches to life. However it can become a "dead form", where only the coarse ideas remain and the path does not remain. The coarse polarities of good and bad, of self-repression, are an attempt to isolate an understanding, or to restrict your energies, in such a way that you can awaken. But after awakening, meaning embodying your emotions and identity, then you can finally release all your temporary scaffoldings, your spiritual judgements, and then allow it all just to be as it is. Life flows but you are awake. Nevertheless on this planet any approach that works is acceptable even self-torture, but it is far from a natural understanding of things. That story about Buddha laughing ... in fact he "smiled". The story is : Mahādhana. The son of the Treasurer of Benares. His parents possessed eighty crores, and, for all education, he learnt music and singing. He married the daughter of an equally rich family and of similar education. After the death of their parents, they were very rich. One night, as the husband was on his way from the palace, some knaves tempted him to drink. He soon fell a victim to the habit and all his wealth was squandered. Then he spent his wife's money, and finally sold all his belongings, and used to go about begging, a potsherd in his hand. One day the Buddha, seeing him waiting outside the refectory for leavings of food, smiled. In answer to Ananda, who asked him the reason for his smile, the Buddha said that there was a man who had had the power of becoming chief Treasurer or attaining arahantship, if he did but use his opportunities, but he was now reduced to beggary, like a heron in a dried up pond. DhA.iii.129ff.
  13. Surf's Up !

    Exactly which means when being angry, let anger be. Don't interfere.
  14. Surf's Up !

    Well I think it's important to consider the details, a simpleminded view of it would just lead to foolishness, as I described earlier. But of course the end result is that you become yourself, and stop pretending to be other than what you are. Humans don't just suffer from problems, but from continuously the same problems for their whole lives - this has to stop. The self-aversion must end. Meaning you consciously embody all the energies of your being. Hence embrace the earth and heaven will follow, It may be true that torturing yourself can lead to awakening, but it often doesn't, though if it works for you, so be it. With all paths a careful examination of the details and pitfalls and intentions is required as well as practical experience. Probably we need the contrast of opposites for our intelligence to grow, some self-torture, and some self-acceptance. In fact the last moment of Buddha's path was him touching the earth, because he questioned whether he was worthy to become himself.
  15. Surf's Up !

    I think it's a good plan, practical. But it's still rather small. In the end truth is simply truth, and you cannot be other than what you are. The activation energy of anger ... how long will you not allow it ? Or judge it ? Same for all the other parts of your energy system ? You see at some point, you resistance has to end, because there is no other way. Perhaps it will be alright. - but you are right probably some people will think ... okay then and punch someone in the face ... which is not actually accepting your energy but unconscious acting-out. So ... there is quite a lot of work to do before you could understand these ideas properly.