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  1. Personality Traits.

    There is no point engaging with an idiot, if you do they win. There is no need to empathise with idiocy, but you can empathise with the soul of a person ; but then again who cares, your job is you. Too much empathy is not really natural. Just do your job, be you.
  2. Did The Sun Come Up ?

    Did the Sun come up this morning, or is the world in my head. I never leave my head. I apparently walk around this planet, but actually although I see things "out there", my consciousness and perception always is occurring within my head. So did the Sun actually come up this morning, or is it a shared dream running in my head. Is sunlight, light, daytime .... does that exist, or is it something we have chosen to share in our collected dream ? And why did we choose day and night, in this dream ? Does it represent something fundamental, so that when you dream you would naturally dream such a dream ? If the world is inside my head, then where am I actually ? Do I have a body or is that another dream ? Is the body and world a dream sent to me to develop me ? If I co-create it, is it more like I create 1% the 99% is provided for me ? And the goal of this whole scheme is ... what ? So that I develop myself and do not need a dream anymore ? So that I can live in the bare reality unsupported ? So that I can live in the invisible reality ?
  3. Absorbing Energy from Trees

    "The Way of Energy" by Lam Kam Chuen has a section on it.
  4. Who is Loneman Pai?

    No matter some of the good things he might say and do, in my opinion it is unwise to take as a teacher a man who wears an orange mask. It would be a strange and in-human thing to do and represents the strange things that happen in a decaying civilization. However exciting it might seem, I would avoid it. The longer you sit in front of a talking orange mask with teeth, it starts to damage your view of your own humanity and the sense of your real self; that's my opinion. Best you take as your teacher a human being, like the many saints and sages that have existed and still do exist in parts.
  5. Humans Without Souls

    There are many distractions, and if you fall for them you create a life and personality for yourself that is wholly alien to your natural being, and then you suffer. Suffering beings can also encourage others to follow so they start destroying others. Parasitic people who live by stealing energy from others, allow other parasites through, just like in the natural world. They have worked out how to trick a soul to for instance live in fear, which weakens them and then they are parasited. One typical way is to convince someone that they would be "really great" and "advanced" and "really smart" to do xyz, where xyz is completely opposite to your natural being .... the soul then falls for this deception and will never arrive at becoming xyz because it is not his natural self .... so he will be running around in circles desperately trying to be someone that he is not ... and he will suffer and become weak because of it and will be parasited by those who gave him that false vision of what he is. He was turned against himself. A soul is like a True energy source, and half-beings and false-beings will try to live off that energy. Why is there darkness ? Why half-beings false-beings demonic-beings ? Simply because life is real, and risk is real. That is required if you wish the end product to be a True Being that is part of the Source. If we were fully protected then there would be no point. Becoming a True Being that may exist as himself for billions of years as part of the bliss of the Source, its a very high goal, and for such titanic graduates, the end-term exams are going to have to be very tough. It may be that some humans bury their souls and walk around repeating the TV simply because they recognize the dangers of this world and wish not to risk damaging their souls during this life. So they instinctively hide their souls and become just like everyone else. Some wisdom in that. Such people are just ordinary and live without feeling their souls. Other humans are actively being damaged parasited mislead and so on, and according to legend your soul can be so badly damaged that you are not able to fix it. You have so betrayed your true self that you create a false structure which cannot be undone, then you live forever in a state of self-betrayal and suffering. Although this is rare as so many being will try to help you. If you compare the ordinary view of the world with the spiritual then there is pain; but there is no need to do that. You can live wholly in a yogic view of the world, or a taoistic, stoic, a course in miracles, law of attraction, or whatever other principle ... and this is probably a good way to live. You can only ever become who you are, and you can unfold that one further.
  6. Internal Family System

    The prices are a bit different, I was misinformed by a friend who is participating this year. I won't be participating as I am not looking for a "special trick".
  7. Internal Family System

    I have seen that although IFS has some "good ideas" in it, those ideas are not actually new and it's become a jazzed up thing in order to charge £500/.day for "training" seminars which is extremely expensive, and probably because of the high cost the students don't have enough money to get any real therapy on themselves. It also appears to me that some, not all, but some IFS therapist use the "very clever" ideas in IFS to avoid themselves in a new and clever way that is very pleasing to the ego-false-self that adores being in his mind with "very clever" ideas. Unfortunately we live on in a society of low consciousness and corruption. In this environment you are -if you want my advice- much better off going the long way round doing simple things like crying, being sincere and truthful about your pain, sitting in front of a large mirror, grieving and doing things like that ... which are difficult to get wrong, and yes they hurt, but the truth hurts. Trying to be "really clever" and associating yourself with "very clever" therapies is not an appropriate response to this corrupt world. Better to be simple grounded and "old fashioned".
  8. Leading Qi to the teeth

    Seems to be helping, for this problem and also in general as I have a bad history of fillings, although apparently my teeth are "very good" according to my dentist today. My protocol is 30mins : 5 mins Outer Dissolving on the related tooth, plus the main points around the mount including the stomach channel, filtrum under the nose, corners of the mouth 5 mins Bone Marrow breathing, resting in a peaceful field full of sunlight, fingers up the arms to the throat then emphasising bright energy smile and jaws then up over the face down the back spine legs out the feet Repeat all x 3 (reverse the direction of Bone Marrow breathing second time round) Plus lots of ZZ which vastly increases the efficacy of Outer Dissolving.
  9. The Doomsday Scenario

  10. How to sever a soul tie/energetic link with someone

    What do you get out of being connected to this person ? It's not really about them, it is about you and your needs. For instance if you wish to please people, perhaps because you have a habit of doing this because of a fear of aloneness, or because you do not have the skill of loving yourself, or due to pain that is waiting to be resolved, then you will be maintaining this connection. Try the cord cutting ceremony, if it doesn't work then something deeper is there.
  11. The Doomsday Scenario

    I don't feel it's my business to save the world or really worry about it, anymore; used to.