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  1. In the IChing there is a reading that states that if you are unsure whether to emphasise male or female, then emphasise male ... something like it's never a wrong thing to err on the side of more discipline. Patriarchy seems to be the thing that works on this planet, given the recorded history. Meaning that the outward form of society that survives is male, just like the outer meridens are male. Also Adam was made first, and in the same way God is male in relation to our relationship with him, we receive. Make of all that what you will, but it seems there are laws in this universe and if you wish to survive you simply follow them. If the male is visible outside, does that mean women are not valued. Not at all, that is the evil ideas that the newspapers teach today : but then again they only want your money, and the more desperate they make you the more of your money they get - if they ever nourished you you wouldn't come back. On one side my grandparents were married for 60 years, in a traditional way, they stood the test of time and succeeded in their lives.
  2. You mean the young people out on a Friday night saying they want sex ? There was a "movement" last year I think were husbands and wives had sex with each other every night for a whole month, as an experiment. Seemed to work out quite well.
  3. Is there any historical evidence of a society without men ? There should if you are right. Genghis Khan fathered many children but he didn't live in a world without men. It seems men overtake women physically at 14 or 15, at least in soccer, women can have children from 10 ?
  4. I was reading that a few years ago the US womens soccer team (which is well funded) played the 16 year old men counterparts and lost 8-2, which indicates that the best women could be at an equivalent level of the 15 or 14 year old men. The vital force in men has become strongly adapted towards speed and power. So what happened to the vital force in women, where did that go, do they have no power and no way to get what they want ? No, it went into the emotions and psyche, and they use that to get what they want.
  5. DreamBliss VS Belief

    The word is used differently by different people
  6. I don't know who I am

    Perhaps you do know. Don't rush. Do you meditate, do you sit with yourself, do you merge with yourself ? One has to bring oneself out into being, from potential to actual. This is done partly by sitting with oneself; and partly by meeting life's challenges by expressing oneself. So, one lives through the wish to become oneself, and more deliberately and consciously, not just drifting. All the images you had, put them aside. And deal with actuality, what am I like in action ? What do I do, and does it feel authentic ? Notice yourself. With people you might try pushing a little more, but growing has its own pace and season, but it won't happen by resisting it. Wishing to become what one is, rather than an image borrowed from others should make things easier. It is a joy to be what I am. It is good to do more physically, and emotionally, and with people, but deliberately ... set a programme of self exploration for oneself. It is good to be a crocodile; then be a mouse; then be an eagle; then be a donkey. Try, see what happens. Sing loudly in the shower and don't pretend that you don't piss in the shower like everyone else. Another thing is that existence can see you, always and everywhere, every thing you do. So you can speak to existence .... you cannot hide from it.
  7. Ey what is this thing

    If you can get centered in it again, after it is a solid it is good to ground it downwards like the base of a mountain. To do this; on the exhale (normal breathing) rest downwards from the dantien, gently at first, until it sits down. Later you fall through lower, remembering always to not lose the dantien. This practice gives the dantien room and space, otherwise it can be a bit contracted in there.
  8. Sounds like you are remembering your awakening from a previous lifetime, and that was probably an awakening caused by a tradition that uses energy work (like Kundalini yoga or Western Alchemy). Had the same thing myself when Bang .... suddenly massive energy rememberances visions and powers. Was half insane for two weeks, thought I was in real trouble and there were 2 people inside, but it settled down. Much later I understood what happened. Happens a lot, it seems to be how existence pushes you to remember yourself, sometimes forcefully, like running into a way and smacking your 3rd eye on the wall. You instinctively know what to do to work with energy. So that's all fine, congratulations this isn't your first life, you have already survived at least one death. What do do now ? Well ... nothing to do, it's all already inside you and you put it in, so don't worry, just let it unfold and try to become friends with what is inside you. The discomfort is probably the remembrances trying to find a way to emerge into this incarnation, and you seem to be unfolding them naturally, nothing to worry about. It might be nice to light some incense in the evening and sit with the remembrance of your soul and see what unfolds, no hurry just friendly. And if you need to be with a group, then look on Meetup and just go and share your experiences with any kind of friendly group near you, just for company really. You can also research any images you get like the Seed of Life, and perhaps you can be guided to rediscover the tradition you come from or something similar anyway. As for the pain, you didn't describe it exactly. You could try BK Frantzis Outer Dissolving, or you could try speaking to it (visualizing it), or just surrendering very deeply and letting go, letting things happen. The changes in your head and resulting vision are typical, and as energies change in the head it can indeed hurt, but be in trust. Best thing to do is to relax and trust, because it is all in motion now. Maybe print off a large and beautiful Seed of Life picture and stick it on the shrine, wave a dead chicken in the air, and sing Pink Floyd songs backwards hoping on one leg ... just have fun with it, in the end it's only life !!! Don't worry.
  9. Oh and I have to say that over at the Catholic Church people seem really rather normal as they were 30 years ago, with not much by way of change. Married families with their relatives and grandparents fill the pews and aisles, and it's as if the internet was never invented. They know the words, the prayers, the songs, they know when to sit stand kneel. I was quite shocked to find that out, as I stood at the back one Sunday squeezing in between the large group of people standing, with the oldies and the kids running round our legs. They seem to come more from the lower half of society, the Catholics. In the new age, eastern, and Anglican, they are all fancy people with fancy brains, fancy miseries, and fancy brain damage. So maybe all these fractious problems that appear on the internet with so much energy behind them are isolated to a certain group of people who have the misfortune of opening their minds to them. And I don't much care, I know the way.
  10. Seen this one. I think there is a lot of truth in the biological game playing differences between men and women. It's also true that in the Bible many violent events were triggered by women pushing their powerful relatives into it "Bring Me The Head of John The Baptist" ... demanded Salome who danced erotically before Herod Antipas (step-father). And Pilate's wife was responsible for Pilate freeing Jesus, in the initial encounter as she was having bad dreams about him. It' would be interesting to research how many wars were started by women in this way. But in any case there are greater truths, and they take precedence. One is that where Yin and Yang separate, death follows. The second is that men in the West are no longer "Men", and the women do not have anyone to polarize with, because you can't feel like a woman being with a boy. Why do Men not grow up ? It is due to urbanisation / agriculture / technology that has removed all challenges that are required to grow into a real Man, and of course the same goes for Women. Without honing yourself you degenerate into a baby. It's a society of children, living in a cage. Why did humans go this way, society wise ? Why did they not protect these things ? It is because humans are only semi-conscious, and in this half-mad-state they are doomed to repeat the rise and fall of civilizations, each time being fully unable to prevent collapse as they don't really understand the problem. It is savage. And which is why few get out alive. The ones that make it are the ones for whom these things dawn, and they let go of the crumbling dust of this unhappy world, and cling to the Light as if they are not coming back. In the end you are under no laws but God's and if you wish, anything is possible, for you.
  11. On being eclectic

    It's done with software these days, with only a little direction
  12. On being eclectic

    Rotoscoping ! On being Electric.
  13. Fraudulent teacher?

    You need to feel the truth of what you are doing, both for yourself and if you teach. And you have a considerable amount of experience good or bad, to work from.