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  1. How Not To Be Negative

    Hello Everything. some very interesting and important ideas there and you talk very well about many things. One of things that I notice about your writing is that you don't seem to embody your identity clearly. If you meditate with traditional techniques on certain regions of the body, then you awaken a strong and embodied (owned) identity. Personally I try to bring about your kind of vision for existing, but then also do focused identity-recognition-embodiment meditation in a traditional style. Which brings into life things not otherwise seen. I have learnt during the course of my life to do everything because it is only then that you can know the value of different approaches and take everything that is available.
  2. How Not To Be Negative

    Really struggling with this today, do not want to generate any karma at all .... but finding it hard. For instance going for a Shiatsu session on Thursday and I know the guy is going to give me the whole bloody "tell me your history" crap form which will take half and hour and mean not a hell of a lot. Why doesn't he just email me the goddam thing. They all do this. I think it's more about the pretence of creating "trust" and repeat customers. In other words they are using my money in order to help themselves. F**** And I don't want to be negative, but you know many of the things in this world are completely negative .... the whole world is a lie, and people lie, their whole lives are a fearful lie ... and somewhere they know it. Okay, breathe. Om mane padme hum ... Om mane padme hum ... I would just like to apologise if this posting has caused anyone any discomfort, and will try to heal my wounds and unhappy actions that caused it. May you be well. Okay, I am thinking that people on this planet are simply not in very good shape, and if you judge them or fault find with them and what they say they are doing and so on ... it's going to be very negative. Better to think in TTC terms of natural force .... like the wind and rain and earth and the flow of things ... see people as in the river flowing ... and when they speak and so on it's confusing ... so sort of disregard it, without blame.
  3. Sitting meditation not comfortable

    Being uncomfortable is not only bad for the body but shows you have completely the wrong attitude. You can't settle into the truth of what you are whilst at the same time forcing yourself to sit painfully !!!
  4. How Not To Be Negative

    It is not the same, observer might have space form the judgement of the world but it does not necessarily feel its own being nor does it abide in itself. So although it is better than being lost in the world, it is not really at peace nor know itself at rest. In emptiness one does not have to observe anything to be full whole and peace.
  5. Taoist meditation

    What I mean is that you seem therefore to have a real presence (part of Real Self) that is outside of the subconscious habitual thinking in the head. For many people all they have is the subconscious habitual thinking in the head, nothing else. This is the "mind". But other people use the word mind to mean other things, like entire inner experience of oneself, or of "consciousness". What is conscious or subconscious thinking ? Sometimes you actively think, you feel yourself to be active and choosing what you think .... for instance taking care with tax return. But other times there is endless talking in head, then you catch yourself and tell yourself to shut up ... this is subconscious. And grey areas between Subconsious thinking is habitually programmed with negativity of society. But also is negative in itself because one should not let one's faculties function without being present. The thinking that happens is actually also a bridge between conscious and subconscious parts inside. subconscious is old animal part, very habitual, ancient and reliable. Conscious part is new, ungrounded but is the future. Anyway, one way to make this work nicely is you listen out for negative thinking, then you stand up inside the mind consciously and you gently and kindly correct the negative vision, think carefully about the situation and tell the truth. So if you are moaning or complaining, you stand inside the mind (meaning you become active) and correct negative view and tell the honest truth with compassion. This way you use conscious mind to correct subconscious habitual negativity, and form strong bond between subconscious animal and higher mind. This is essential what is done in such practices like "The Work" of Byron Katie - don't really like her but just to explain. Slowly over time all becomes harmonized clear and true in head, so no bad behaviour, just clarity and truth and depth like a clear lake reflecting the moon n a clearing in the deep forest under the stars. .
  6. Taoist meditation

    Then you must already have some presence developed in forehead beyond the mind.
  7. A New Image of Human Life

    Recently I have been contesting every single piece of negativity that arises in my mind. Judgements, cynicism, many things, many types of negativity. And I will not let it stand, I stand up in my mind and I say :"no it's not like that, we can walk in the shoes of that person, and we can understand and we can understand and we can have compassion". And actually consciously challenge this negativity in the head. And it changes everything inside you, all that negativity is a constant poison, a constant lack of trust. Partly due to some illnesses and partly due to a feeling of surrender have I felt it necessary to try and do this. And it works, and it is right. I believe now that the idea that having negativity in your head is normal ... is incorrect. It is a wrong idea. And in society, with so many people being negative all the time, we might expect that that is ... the way to be. But perhaps it is not the way to be at all, and we can be quite different and fairly easily as long as we get rid of that picture. We are given a picture of life that is perhaps quite miserable and fearful, and full of wrong ideas and wrong habits ... that others are doing. And then we do them. Actually not because we have to but because we choose to do them to ourselves. We choose to allow negativity to roll on in the head. It is a choice based on expecting everyone to have that and do nothing. It's quite strange, as if society has forgotten that it can be pleasant .... it has forgotten to remember. Strange thing. Human society right now has got this idea to maintain negativity inside its head as normal, and this is a terrifying trap, trapping the entire species in a low frequency of consciousness where there is always much running around but never escape. This image must be burnt down and the image of the Real Man, something more regal, take its place, so that we once again can remember. Humans follow these images, many lives are wasted. Fill your eyes with images of the Real Man, and correct all negativity the moment it arises with the calm and sane voice of the conscious being.
  8. Taoist meditation

    This is actually true in a sense. Thinking is primary it is the primary recognition and intelligence of the entire being and has priority over everything, without thinking then nothing else can be recognized, no dantien or heart can exist without thinking. So all true. But ... with further development thinking can be found to originate in the forehead area which can be developed, then the same power of recognition and intelligence there can function but without words in head, it has reached a higher state with no words needed. Same power same centre, but higher functioning of it. This can be achieved. In order to do so, though must take an intermediary step to work on other centres in body which can give space and balance, like tripod, and perspective, before revisiting forehead area for final work there. All in all a long journey, thousands of hours careful work, interesting if you have time, otherwise another time. Just my opinion.
  9. Taoist meditation

    Different awareness practices. Very good one is samatha at nostrils, keep close contact with bare breath at nostril rings, over time gets more and more subtle until feel very subtle vital force like silk. At same time integrates fragmented mind, and creates stable space beyond mind, and trains mind also. Then have solid base in strong mind power from which to do deeper work. Like Goenka (can find 10 day 1 hour discourses on youtube) or in I.M.C tradition (Burmeses style). Letting go practice is good start but after all we want to go somewhere, letting go not same thing, imo.
  10. Hey there

    What you say is true, most if not all are repeating the past one more generation, and hierarchies tend to attract political type of people rather than highest seeker in group. Here is some higher truth : God did not put us in human form by mistake, or so we can disappear up backside talking about being nothing or being God. In Christianity it says once you know the Father then you know the Son. What this means is that when you realise the Source-God then you realise what you are, you are the Son, meaning you become the Divine Human. That is the entire purpose. Divine Human is part of the source that is individuated. Ego self is embyronic material formation that may or may not be interested to take spiritual journey and transform. Many humans however in one lifetime are content to just reach Source-God, which can be extremely difficult. Afterwards tired, and sit quietly until death. But real truth is return down the mountain and become what was originally planned, i.e. Divine Human. Divine Human is like leaf on tree, it can feel itself as leaf also as branch also as roots also as Earth. It feels the entire chain of its creation, as it continues realisation. The brings the true power of the source through the tree and branch and becomes very bright leaf full of light, and is in very good state. Well done. God-source is not like background with few beings here and there .... the beings and the source need each other, they are a pair that is evolving together. And now music:
  11. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 16

    I notice on your avatar you have a picture of a head. The meditation practice seems to be an awareness practice, also done in the head. So it seems most of your focus right now is on head/ awareness type practices. Other practices open the heart in some traditions, then you would feel the world from the head and heart simultaneously and equally, a big change. And Taoist practices open up the belly similarly.
  12. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 16

    What kind of meditation do you do ?
  13. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 16

    Yes the verse discusses observing the 10,000 things and becoming natural and constant and then regal. So the discussion that was had was how to be in the state where one can feel this .... and that it is quite different to intellectual understanding. So how to do what the verse says ? How can I be the constant at the centre, how can I see the 10,000 rise and fall ? Well the Taoist arts teach you to feel the forces, for instance through empty-full movements in tai chi, or the 5 Animal Frolics teaching you the cycle of 5 elemental forces, and as you practice you start to feel these things .... in and outside of practice. When you are cooking you start to feel how your food is changing state, and that the food in the pan, each type of food is a different element. You start to feel the wind, sun and rain as elements ... because your dantien's intelligence is awoken, you now have a 2nd brain down in the belly that feels these energetic currents. Continuing in this way you become more and more sensitive to it, you live with this intelligence as well, and then you become like Verse 16 says. You feel the movement of the universe, but you are the natural in the centre.
  14. Hey there

    I've practiced the first part of the HT path with Michael Winn up to and including fusion and some alchemy. It's a path that comes with problems, one problem is that Chia over the years has filled the books with huge numbers of additional material making it confusing also his English not so much. There is a Fusion CD you can get from a Boston HT club which includes the older Fusion practices and they are far simpler. So that's one thing to watch for. Another is that the system tries to describe the inner energies too much and you lose the flavour of the beauty of qigong, because it's too much engineering. Also the physical movements somehow are too much like surgery rather than movements that have meaning. That all being said, it is a system that encourage comprehension of what is happening inside, other systems people don't know and don't care what's going on inside. With the caveat that what chia thinks is going on inside is a little complex. Also the HT teachers though they have powerful energies are to my mind somewhat flying too high, and they don't have the Eastern patriarchy feeling that some tai chi has which can be important. So there's my thoughts. Wuji standing is in my opinion after having experienced daily practice of quite a few systems is the only one you need and the most powerful. Depending on your goals of course, but for energy cultivation / healthy / spirituality it's hard to beat. 2nd most beneficial is spontaneous qigong. Again a difficult one, not difficult lots to remember, but difficult in the awareness inside and sensitivity to wield these practices. Just looked through the index of Eric Judelove's 100 day book. This is my very personal view of things : I don't think sexual kung fu is very good at all, in my experience doing the 5 elements well completely regulated my sexual energy and needs. Anything else is just imagination and entertainment not sure what people want a 10ft boner and Ukrainian supermodels jumping on you ?!!!! And I particularly don't like his set of breathing exercises. These are traditionally done, but in my opinion there is only 1 breath you want to do which is surrender to natural breathing at the belly. Because that is the only one that is natural and ever will be natural and it is in this way that we learn surrender. And surrender is Taoism. So basically just let go and follow the breath. Any other breathing practices damages your natural breathing and that's the last thing you want. I think it's a good idea to chose practices on the basis of which ones look nice and fun to do, or which practitioners you would like to become like. This is better than asking for the ones which give you max power. Anyway it's all my opinion on the matter.
  15. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    An excellent concise book. It has extremely accurate details on how to make Taoist enlightenment, in a multi step Wuji posture. I recognize the details from an enlightened Zen priest I am aware of who amazingly gives very concordant technical details, although both book and priest come from totally different traditions, the practical instructions are virtually identical. 2/3rd of book is Author describing details of hexagrams and their flow and use for materialisation and de-materialisation, and relationship between theory and use of human body. Which is interesting but practice instructions more interesting. Author gives very critical small details also, so has real experience. Very good.
  16. Chen Tai Chi : How To Learn

    Practical Method is expensive, 1600 USD for 1 month. Yiquan looks quite fun but a little unbeautiful. Anyway I am thinking that the best way to win is to connect with life and respect people were they are, to create a harmony between yourself and others. What good is fighting ? Then you look for fights. I like doing Change Quan because it's hard full body direct, and I do, keeps me honest. But I wonder if it would be more spiritual to do more Dayan, I am not sure to what extent you can go deep into Dayan, I have not seen that spiritual dimension so much. As for Chen best bet is to start with one of the short forms and see how it feels. The Tao of Yiquan Jan Diepersloot series looks good.
  17. Chen Tai Chi : How To Learn

    I am very inspired by the performance below (which I believe is the 56 Competition form) and interested to learn Chen TaiChi .... can anyone recommend any DVD series that is solid and includes the kind of basic and intermediary exercises and trainings that are done at the village ? And does anyone know how much it is to get trained in China at the village or elsewhere like on a 3 month retreat. Any info would be good thanks.
  18. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 16

    Have you heard of a wintry person ? Or speaking from the gut ? Or venting our spleen ? Or crazy ivan ? Letting things flow ? All these expressions refer to the underlying energetics of ordinary life. They used to be more common and more detailed than today, for instance a "liverish" person, rarely heard today and people would buy an Almanac with details of the Sun and Moon. So examples are not far away. When practicing 5 elements or tai chi, then you develop more and more sensitivity to these things, you feel the chi of a season, or a day, the nature of it, in Autumn the contracting and clean force; you sense incomplete transitions, are places were something new has to come. You sense when your work project is in its Spring, or its Winter, the phase. When you are ill, you feel which climates are painful and which nourishing, and when you buy clothes which colours you choose and why. You feel the heat and meaning of colour when you see it in the land. And so on. Which of the Taoist arts do you practice ?
  19. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 16

    You question - can you? Yes I can, becoming sensitive is a natural result of practice.
  20. what does the transcendent desire?

    So who cares what interests you. I am interested only in understanding correctly and not being another foolish monkey destroying himself and everything else.
  21. What are you listening to?

    Just can't get enough. I believe that when we listen to music our organs (and consciousness) is being individually stimulated by the different instruments the melodious guitar > the heart, drums > subconscious animal, voice > personality. And we love music according to the music it makes inside us.
  22. what does the transcendent desire?

    When you experience the Source it may as well be the whole world to you as nothing exists outside you, but ... it is not actually the whole world and it is important to understand that you are an individuated being who is forming a communion that is individuated from the whole, it is in fact the "real" person. Unfortunately through being a species quite low on the ladder of consciousness, many awakened people have spread ideas that they are god and they are everything ... or they never existed ... such ideas inevitably degenerate into ...."oh so there is nothing to do then" "nobody to do any meditation". Which then becomes harmful. There is certainly plenty to do and only by doing it will the magic happen.
  23. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 16

    Believing or non-believing is only for people who are very lazy to try, or in love with their minds, or both.
  24. what does the transcendent desire?

    Veiling and unveiling is only something that humans are experiencing because they are at a crossing point between two worlds. Existence lives through its beings. So the better question is what does my transcendent desire, and how can I find my transcendent.
  25. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 16

    Are you surprised ? Did you think all you had to do was understand some concepts in the head ? Everyone who is practicing the Taoist arts is developing these skills.