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  1. I would be interested to know about any, if anyone knows anything like tai chi that is non-martial ? I suppose salsa is, but it doesn't have that slow awareness practice within it. Yoga (asana) / ballet seem quite physically oriented, outwards. There are three Christian origin traditions I am aware of, Eurythmy, Pan-eurythmy, Gurdjieff movements. Any others that are developed ? Any from the Orient ?
  2. Yes the more spiritual (Real/conscious) you are you will energetically affect people around you positively. Not only that but you yourself will not have wasted your life. You will also begin to understand what life is about and what is "wrong", through your own investigations and new self-knowledge. Soon you should understand that it is quite hard, and you will concentrate on making progress which takes time, and your ideas of helping the world will become more realistic, seeing how much effort is required to sort yourself out. If nobody on this planet "makes it" then you can say that the entire planet and everyone on it has failed, so if you make it you make it all worthwhile, the countless billions of lives that have been attempted here will become worthwhile if you personally cross the line. What else is there to do anyway? More experience will tell you a lot, it's easy to discuss the mountain whilst you are sitting in the pub without having set foot on it, but such discussions are not informed. So be inspired by the wonderful teachers that mankind has had and begin the climb.
  3. Cutting parts of your body off is not changing genders. And putting your genitals into other beings creatures and places neither is that sexual. "Stereotypes" are not a bad thing as long as they map closely to reality which they used to do. But during the decline of a culture everything becomes destroyed. Following old and traditional ideas and established patterns, you will not go far wrong. I feel sorry for young people, because although I was similarly abused with stupid new ideas when young, it was still somewhat sane. Today .... I could never imagine such degeneracy. For human monkeys, it is when life becomes too "easy" that everything goes wrong. Like it or not a good life is a hard life because it saves you from your perennial stupidity ignorance laziness and self-aggrandisement. The wise seek out a hard life to prevent them living as a fool.
  4. Does anyone have any information on this posture, where and how and for what it is used and it's function
  5. Accepting futile situations?

    There is Joy in the beginningThere is Joy in the journeyThere is Joy in the goal !!!-- Oh Yeah -- No greater joy then hard work !
  6. Accepting futile situations?

    Well, what would you like to do instead ? Save the world ?! Every day is another picnic with a mix of ingredients; one imperfect moment after another, but smile and be the sunshine, then do your wonderful best and sing the whole way through ! Useless, worthless meaningless ? Just smile to your colleagues, make them coffee and let them know that we are one together, one great family, one great journey. We help each other with our ventures projects and journeys. Sometimes we help others sometimes others help us. There is joy in the beginning, there is joy in the journey, there is joy in the goal. Every job is worth doing well ! Be grateful for work, even if it is digging a trench only to fill it back up. What joy !!! It's so great to be alive, to breathe ... give me that shovel, I'm Up !!! And there is a time to buy the boss a Caramel Machiatto tell him a few jokes to cheer him and mention that twice as much could be done if xyz. And if not join a new venture with new people and a new horizon stretching out joyously to receive the sweat of your brow, and say goodbye with great love for all that has been achieved, in a world where the 5 elements turn endlessly, the fields ploughed under and under, and under again ... yet there is a harvest. In our hearts.
  7. How to become less blind

    If you wish to see invisible creatures then you as blind as they are.
  8. Free at end (from China zoo)

    Fantastic. Scientists kill the turtle trying to "help". Just like when they tried to "help" with genetically modified crops and nuclear bombs, and yes of course, they are going to KILL cancer to help us. Thanks "scientists".
  9. Sequential Iterations of Universe as Consciousness

    It is only humans (on this planet) that search frantically. What is wrong with them ? Several things : 1. They avoid pain, and in so doing parts of their identity-consciousness becomes fragmented off, so that as they age they become smaller inside, with many lost parts this leads to : 2. Fragmentation : instead of a person being 1 person, they have many sub-selves inside, this is due to 1. and also due to 3. In the end a person is quite mad and lives in a fictitious paper thin sense of themselves unnable to constructively deal with life. 3. Distraction education : instead of thinking being thinking, children are taught incorrectly by adults who mix in Hollywood emotions into it which damages the thinking. Then when people wish to use the bathroom, educators mix in punishment and discipline into it, which damages the physical part of us. Then when people have feelings, educators explain it away with technical ideas about hormones and whatnot. The result of this is that all the natural functions are interwired and messed up. Thinking becomes trained to be mixed with feelings, feeling with the physical body, the physical body with thinking. When you have sex, you probably are joined in bed by your parents, Jack Sparrow, Beyonce's ass, and David Attenborough. Sex is no longer just sex, these associations are wired into your experience. The result is insanity. Hence it is said by Buddha that enlightenment is when seeing is just seeing, hearing is just hearing, and thinking is just thinking. Jesus says he who has ears to hear, and eyes to see. And that they know not the day nor the hour. Humans are monkey-plus and with a low level consciousness they are quite vulnerable to distortions, especially if every other adult monkey+ is so gleefully ramming in shit into your head from a young age. Progress !!! Then they talk of progress, right after discussing overpopulation, nuclear waste, soil erosion, and the illuminati. Then it's the time to talk about love love love compassion and world peace and a bit more love, "isn't George Clooney nice? I've got his new book, and do you know about his wife, well .... " What a place !!! I wish you good luck, you're gonna need it. Oh yeah this thread was about the growth of intelligence in the universe. Well when you are insane, there are priorities that come before such lofty subjects.

    1. How is it possible for a soul to forget itself ? And what would be the point of remembering if you can forget ? 2. If everything is "just energy" why are you concerned to speak ? 3. For what reason is the idea of service of any importance ? 4. How can you "forgive everyone" and rid yourself of addictions ? You can of course pretend that you do, but that is not the same thing as actually doing it.
  11. Movement Arts That Are Non-Martial

    It often seems to me that keeping one's head down is a good option. However what a human soul could do at its maximum extent as a part of the objective reality, is barely known, such light has rarely reached down through the layers into this strange realm.
  12. Movement Arts That Are Non-Martial

    Yes, it's on a "need-to-know" basis one could say. Similarly my understanding is that the part of human beings that is most conscious is the part relating to hunting, which has a more sophisticated sens of itself and flexbility (free will) .... and that spirituality re-directs this part towards the objective reality. Humans and other creatures are dreaming even when walking, it would seem.
  13. Movement Arts That Are Non-Martial

    Kinhin is bringing the meditative state into the moving life. I often practice it in the cafe whilst reading a book, I will pause after each paragraph, and ensure I am abiding correctly in the Pure Consciousness, normally by deeper self-remeberance absorption or embodiment. And then read the next paragraph. Likewise I often do that when I am cycling as you have that tunnel of movement and you can rest backwards into the one who watched through you. Until it is permanent. Few movement practices seem to develop something really tangible that is of the beyond, for instance working with qi. And few have the kind of need to be developed deeply, when fighting there is great urgency to get better, and so these arts are quite deep and wonderful to practice. @VajraFist mentions Swimming Dragon Taiyi which I was very keen on some years back however I had the feeling that nobody teaching understands the energetic purpose of the arts. Hans Menck in the video above, I emailed him at the time but he seemed not to know. Others have said that it opens the extra-ordinary meridiens. The root teacher Yu Anren seemed very vague. There is one Chinese lady in Vancouver who does a beautiful version, and the following teacher Lu Jian is the only person I have ever seen who seems to understand the inner energies which I presume he has reverse engineered based on knowledge of other forms: Five Rhythms I used to do a lot but I remain unconvinced of those who try to turn it into a path. Biodanza is better imo, for human development.
  14. Unknown Zhan Zhuang / Yiquan / Standing Posture

    Real spiritual teachers who teach a direct and honestly presented path have few students, that's my experience. Human beings are a complete madhouse frankly. I have done things to myself people would not believe, but hey I just walked down the street and my very conventional neighbours were cleaning up after the Brighton Marathon with a dustpan and broom, and I helped them out for ten minutes. So ? They would think I am completely insane if they saw my programme this morning !!! And how many tears come out of my eyes. Ha ha ha What a crazy life.
  15. Unknown Zhan Zhuang / Yiquan / Standing Posture

    Well ... maybe I don't disagree with you !!! But, in terms of priorities becoming awakened in some fashion is the priority, by any means necessary, and in terms of this very much imperfect and slightly carnival world ... if you can do that with a happy face and yes have sex with people who dig what you are doing and be friendly to money-energy, well it's not bad. I personally appreciate and trust a serious rigorous tradition and have cultivated myself in that way, but on the weekend I do eat a lot of "chocolate cake" and I am certain it informs my practice in a good way. I do remember that scene in "good the bad and the ugly" when the ugly one meets his long-lost brother who became a priest and the priest gets all self righteous ... and then the ugly one says, well who had to deal with real life and look after the family and so on ... it's easy to escape into the mountains so you can "pray to god" or whatever. "My way was harder" !!! There are many energies and ways, that all need to be respected and followed on their own terms.
  16. Unknown Zhan Zhuang / Yiquan / Standing Posture

    All the criticisms of MW may be true. But something else that is true is that he is an awakened being and has a very advanced knowledge of the internal structure of the soul, and that he is happy, and has happened to cultivate himself whilst being joyful at the same time. I believe he was at university in California in the 60s, so he has that feeling about him. Of him you can say .... "he made it". ( But that doesn't mean he doesn't over-tense his shoulders or that he can touch his toes, or that he hasn't got personal flaws. ) The reason I say all this is because for instance in his Blissful Breathing Qigong (QE3), which is supposedly a minor part of his structure, I happened to notice that one of the movements not only awakens and embodies chakras in the forehead, but then surrenders them vertically downwards to the dantien, and also integrates the horizontally with consciousness at the back of the head. Wow. I only know of one other person on the planet who even knows such things are possible, let alone someone who turned the entire practice into a supposedly simply qigong movement. MW himself probably doesn't even realise that is what is happening, because he knows through his movement, and he knows a lot. Somehow the mixture of being in China a lot, being a journalist, and being a hippie, has worked out for him. Funny thing is I hate people who smile a lot so I don't do much of his work at the moment, but the most important thing right now I do comes from him.
  17. It is not a lack of humility but a lack integrity. It means that there is a part of you that is grounded in something real, but the rest of you is still swayed by the crowd. The answer is to continue to deepen your own reality, growing it piece by piece until it overtops the part of you that is in the crowd. It is very good to make company of people who are likewise Real, aka individualistic. Pour them into your ears and soon you will know what to do. Walden ? Diogenese of Sinope ? Well there are many even today. Many blue collar people take the approach that their life is theirs, they work with their arms and spirit for money for themselves. Who has time for the crowd of noise. Why don't other people have the same beliefs? Because their ideas are just a means of socialising, and mean nothing. Leave them, and without judgement.