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  1. I was surprised to find Aurobindo talking about humans without souls, in the following article. It seems to me that as the number of people increases and the nourishment in society decreases, a great many humans with malformed insides is increasing. https://veilofreality.com/2011/04/18/organic-portals-soulless-humans/
  2. Death of Sogyal Rinpoche

    I am a bit sick of these Tibetan Buddhists and their colourful robes arguments of who is the true lama and multiple BS. Some of the meditation in these traditions is powerful but you need not be part of these groups whatsoever to practice it. You can simply learn and then you practice, just like Buddha did on his own in the park. I particularly dislike all the entwining ideas of power-ups and initiations and dependencies, all that crap that they have used to make a new Vatican, and the unrealistic Bodhisattvas torturing themselves for eternity. And I dislike their endlessly moron-smiling that they do, just like they do on the equally idiotic Alpha Course. Life has created you, and a path for you. Life itself wishes you to reach the peak. It is to Life itself that you should turn. Forget these monkey towers of babel, they all have a bad smell. Forget these crowds.
  3. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    She is a very good teacher and real seeker. Looks like you can still buy her Qigong 1 DVD which has Yigong on it. I can attest to BKF's Dragon & Tiger being extremely good all round, and so is his Heaven & Earth and Cloud Hands. With these techniques which are "basic", if you acquire deep skill in them, although they may appear simple, they do a lot inside you, more than you might think. His standing method called Outer Dissolving is strangely very much a fire method using a lot of attention/concentration energy, compared to someone like Mark Cohen Zhan Zhuang or alternatively Hakuyu's butter meditation which is pure dissolving. Circling Hands is also pretty good from memory, although I prefer Chen Xiaowang's Silk Reeling. I don't know anything about his many longer programmes. He is right that Taoism is about flowing down and dissolving into the darkness of tantien it's enlightenment is based around awakening tantien. Buddhism is about consciousness and awareness (within the head) and very technical using a lot of mind energy to analyse things. So in general the water/fire Taoism/Buddhism definitions are correct, but in every technique there are both yin and yang, and it is possible for practitioners to automatically cross over to include the other at high levels of attainment. Nevertheless the idea of surrender and flowing, letting go, unknotting, undoing, unwinding, into the darkness ... is very a valuable part of practice. He is a sincere and grounded person who has a lot of experience in Eastern countries and went over there when young, he avoids a lot of ungrounded shit. Whether he has the best techniques I cannot say.
  4. Dealing with extreme twists and blockages in channels

    Have you made a decision on what you will do ? I would like to say that the gentle flowing thing is for a reason, which is to avoid the subtle continuance of blockages ... there is a reason for it. Life is yin and yang, of course, but when you are in a fix you have to use the right technique. In order to address this ... I personally do "Gina lim three centres merge", you can look it up on youtube. It was recommended here. It is a standing meditation with toes inwards which triggers the yang channels on the outside of the body. I do this separately from the other qigongs on the blockages. And so have a balance as a whole. Note that with toe in stances, they can be trouble for the knees, so bear in mind to do only short periods maybe maximum 5-10mins for the first 6 weeks. Also the weight of the body fall through into the ground. The knees should not feel the weight, just pass through. Also the lower back "rounded" and very relaxed. Anyway good luck.
  5. Dealing with extreme twists and blockages in channels

    Your attitude must be right; don't try to hammer yourself with tough stuff. You must be soft gentle, whilst firm and correct. You must feel and open, whilst be accurate and having good structure. Do not make things complicated. Do not take long training of complex shit, or enter a multi level multi guru system. Just learn a reliable all over serious qigong, and learn it well and do it long. Just go deeper and more time. That's all Get some personal instruction 3 hours maybe, then you are on your own. 30 mins morning and evening. On the weekend 90minute sessions. Each day more loose more relaxed more warmed up. Shake it out, and warm up your hand fingers wrists and arms that do the qigong. Learn what it means to be soft but principled. Do it long. Can you do 60 minutes but each minute very good, very accurate very principled but with great care and loving. Don't worry about more levels more gurus or more alignment. Just do it long and take care. Go deeper get better. You must choose. For myself BKF Dragon & Tiger (available on DVD $70 or if you have to the online course is a shit load of money). Best get the DVD then 3 hours instruction. Then 6 Healing sounds, very important practice. These are reliable and systemic uncomplicated but powerful. Don't waste any more of your life with bullshit or you will be 60 before you see results. It would seem the Dragon & Tiger DVD has been deleted from view, it was absolutely excellent Now it is $300. Well that's America for you. Many teachers are trying to monetize their teaching, like Flying Phoenix with 7 DVDs. But if one looks carefully one can still find these DVDs from time to time on ebay and elsewhere. Many people cannot learn or work properly from DVDs.
  6. Dealing with extreme twists and blockages in channels

    To things to watch for : (i) that the blockages do not particpate in the qigong (ii) that the force you are using is coming from the blockage's negativity. Try a simple, systemic, reliable healing qigong and just keep doing it be very relaxed and soft.
  7. Dealing with extreme twists and blockages in channels

    Hukuyu Butter Meditation, I recommend this as it is a true dissolving practice https://buddhismnow.com/2015/09/12/zen-sickness-by-zen-master-hakuin/
  8. What We Think We Know

    There are two ways to have Objective knowledge. The first is through three-part-knowledge, meaning you investigate things simultaneously with your feelings, your mind and your body. For instance when a child goes to a farm, touches smells and feels the animals. This is normal knowledge. The second way is through Objective recognition which is available to self-realised beings. Human beings living in such a maelstrom are often not in very good condition neither in the body mind or heart, and they have spent decades being conditioned and pressured forcefully to grow in a certain ways with certain fixed views. It is no longer easy to have three-part-knowledge. The problem then is the same problem as all the sages have faces. Given that I live in a swamp, how can I find my way to truth. One answer is to read carefully what they did in their lives, and then do the same. One strategy is to simply make the best estimate of where truth lies today, and go there and study very intensively. Then after a period consider whether you have made any progress, and if not leave and look for a better place. In this way your knowledge and experience grows and your next decision will be better. Eventually you should find your way to better and better teachers. Many humans imagine that they will find their way to truth by making zero effort and by "thinking", i.e. turning the handle on the bullshit that has clogged up the brain. This will not work. Reading carefully exactly what the sages and saints of this world did, and then using their strategies is a good bet. Teachers like Eckhart Tolle and J Krishnamurti talked of freedom now. It all sounds so easy doesn't it, I don't even have to get out of my underpants. It's all just here like confetti. But once you read their own life stories; both of them started very young, Tolle read a collection of mystic christian poetry whilst at home as a young boy, and made a deal with his father that he didn't have to attend school, then he studied with many spiritual teachers around the world, before being half mad for 3 years and sleeping on park benches in London. J Krishnamurti was picked up off the beach in India and had the worlds greatest experts teach him all that is known about spiritual and esoteric secrets through the very rich Theosophical society who hired every teacher to teach him. They both had very deep and long training with many masters, and faced many personal catastrophes, financial disaster and many other pressures. Yes after that, after deep and long and difficult soul testing journey ... after that it is very easy. So do try to understand what is going on and don't bullshit yourself. Before all that I suppose is sincerity. Every day we have a thousand opportunities to lie, to ourselves and others about small things or big things. Do you dare take another road ? And take it again and again. Even though nobody will know, except you ?
  9. Internal Family System

    Therapy is a business isn't it. Big money. Many people go on therapy courses, training courses to get their certificates. It is a shame that such people don't get the therapy they need, but then ... it all costs money doesn't it. Modern culture is very mind oriented, there are lots of therapies that are about a "faster way" or a "special trick" so that you don't have to do ... all that work that previous people did. You can just, reprogram yourself, in a weekend. Bang, don't have to even feel any suffering. It's all so clever isn't it. And because it's so clever and you don't have to feel your suffering, well ... it's worth paying extra. This is the logic of modern western society. You would do well to try to keep your soul and avoid cheap answers. I see you say that the therapist is not the healer, you are the healer. Ah ... what a wonderful get out clause. You take the money, but .. if it doesn't work, well it's up to them. They are the healer. I'll just put their money in my bank account. There is something very sick about this picture. I can't say IFS is all rubbish, but ... you will have to choose. Perhaps if there wasn't so much insincerity and desperate money making, then something less extreme could be made of it's ideas. What the hell do I know.
  10. How to learn 'sung'?

    Mark Cohen's book has a section on Sung. He begins with the feet and gravitational filaments of qi that descend into the earth, opening that all up and making it equal, and then the whole body being energetically not in opposition to the gravity line. Then he discusses the dantien/mingmen and the particular forms of chi in the body, and finally the embodiment of the tantien's intelligence and its return to the origin ( which means you rest and the drop and then fall downwards - I shall add that from other teaching ); he discusses pre post natal qi and the overflowing of the tantien's energy. That part is similar to an explanation in the book Wuji Qigong and the Art of Immortality which has an excellent imo clear and concise explanation. Sung can mean the opening in relation to the body, but then can also mean full Taoist enlightenment. Zen practitioners who do not necessarily do standing meditation can reach enlightenment of the tantien / sung, without the bodily practices. It is clear to me that one can do bodily art practices without reaching these states of Sung at all, and if you wish to get to get to these big spiritual goals very clear and specific practice is required. It is not energy or alignment that is the cause of attainment in the end but ... spiritual sensitivity, intelligence, and the will and need to get there.
  11. What We Think We Know

    Life has endowed us with many faculties. Thinking, sexuality, physical power, emotions. If you do not grow, and use these and develop yourself to grow, then they will turn bad. This is just laziness and apathy. Afterwards you can debate "what could be wrong" from the sofa.
  12. How to learn 'sung'?

    One common problem is that people use their mind/force/attention too much rather than feeling the flow. Two visualisation or real-isations that you can try is being in a hot springs, warmth and health giving herbs in the water and feeling everything relax and open up. Another is to feel like you are under a warm shower with the water flowing down from the crown point down and down throughout the body. Another is to feel from the tantien downwards, the legs, and into the earth, feel as one flowing down. It is easier to do so with the lower half. Later you can add the central region, and later the head. Damo Mitchell has a book Comprehensive Daoist Neigong,, if you get the Amazon preview and look at pg 133 onwards... it has a few pages of basic alignment info which is very useful. Also very important to warm up thoroughly and if poss do some qigong before so that you feel qigong already, then you can more easily feel it flowing when standing.
  13. No more right-wing bullshit.

    That would be a minor miracle considering the owner is sitting on one side of the scales and hitting it with a pick axe !!!
  14. Mass shootings

    Well MM you can see the graph for yourself above, it comes from the Stanford Geospatial Centre apparently. So, what does it mean ? Who is right ? Who gets to laugh at the other person ? If you really wish to be intelligent you have to assemble all these different statistics and ideas, and assemble a wider understanding of the issue. It's not about winning. Nor is it about laughing. Nor about picking at people or fault finding. It is simply about being honest enough and smart enough to see the different angles and come to an understanding. Often people say things that don't seem right, but on further investigation you can see "where they're coming from".
  15. Mass shootings

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  17. My neighbours are planning a family, and they already have begun planning how hard they will torture themselves at work to get for their kids all the latest plastic toys to waggle in the face of their children saying "ga ga goo goo", with all the relatives standing around gawking and saying "ah that's so nice that's how we raised kids". Where did this sorry scene come from ? Children are not morons, they are not kittens, they are not brain dead. What do they think seeing a group of gawking "adults" waving plastic around in their face, with bright rainbow colours because of course there are no other colours in the world. All these people are doing is trying to recreate TV Adverts for childrens toys. It's so sweet, look at the bright white smiles. No it's not sweet, it's bloody stupid. Treat your kid like a moron and lo a moron they will become. After all isn't that your instruction to them ? And after the parents have tortured themselves to get the Disney World Holiday, and all the mountains of plastic shit nobody needs or wants, and the kids are completely lost in a sea of meaningless advert life .... and everyone is really "happy", whilst also being on Ritalin and getting their procedures done at the hospital, being poor and totally fatigued ... and so on. This is without dignity. Oh yeah, and then these people one day end up running the country.
  18. Scott Meredith

    Why is this happening and what will the future hold ? I have just begun practice of his Xing Yi DVD with 5 methods and 3 animal methods. I was looking at one of his books yesterday the Cosmic Tabby Cat explaining the universe.
  19. Perhaps this channel will be of interest to you, if you don't know of it already.
  20. Website Design

    Hey your comment was funnier before King Jade, why did you change it !!!! Anyway I was going to say something very serious and political ... what was it again ? Oh nevermind.
  21. @neti neti @dwai Hey, does anyone know of a book with collected extracts from Indian sages and saints ? I have been looking for something but couldn't find anything good. Something with some juicy passages from a sprinkling of different teachers, and without interpretation or commentary. ??? Thanks In fact I have a bunch of Advaita texts, they are the onces that Siddhameshwar Maharaj recommended, and have thought of assembling them and selfpublishing but the formatting is quite a lot of work.
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  23. Website Design

    Hmm ... well I would certainly miss your ZZ practice thread I have enjoyed reading it, and often wanted to create general practice ZZ thread for practitioners, I have experienced many new things of late. Recently I was reading something from an old man, a teacher; he said "I am 80 years old and have experienced many disillusionments";
  24. Yes, and there is room in the world for charity and helping others. But Ashtavakra is an advanced text for people who no longer exist on this world.