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  1. would like to hear opinions of people here about qi accumulation VS qi flowing some question to get talk going : is it about gather as much qi in the body as possible ? is it never about qi accumulation really just about clearing the channel so we have as much qi flowing in us at all times ? the more qi the better ? how much qi flowing in us is too much ? in exercises where you push qi out of body ... do you lose that qi ? if during the day i do a number of "pushing" qi movements slowly with feeling qi in hand - do i lose that chi ? sex ,masturbation effect via the flowing out look ? eating food that is "high in chi" brings more chi into the body ? is that just the view of accumulation and food doesnt matter in the flowing point of view ? does chi from my enviorment enter the body ? than can wind bring a lot of qi into my body which seems like a good thing ? can being in water be a good thing ? maybe actually someone place with huge amounts of chi are in it and you just go there and suck it all up into your body - accumulate it feng shui effect in this two views ? can being in a house with a lot of qi flow be a good thing ? can you make a house with feng shui which has extremely good feng shui which you practice in it for a month and you reach enlightenment ?