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  1. Cant sleep, did I fucked up ?

    Walk, do some weights, get out into nature, exercise, fully inhabit your body. Establish the yin to support the yang. The deeper the roots, the bigger the tree can grow.
  2. Hello! Also need advice

    I'm not sure that Venant Wong is doing the same thing as the Doc Morris crew. Wongs website doesn't seem to reference any of the KAP I distantly remember.
  3. Does anyone have a link to Doc Morris's spider stretches? They might be what Toni is looking for.
  4. Paintings you like

    Recently got introduced to the work of John Bauer
  5. Hi @Takingcharge, you could contact Serge Augier. His Stone Warrior training might be appropriate for your situation.
  6. John Chang - Jesus

    Hi Ed, good to see you, man. Hope you're keeping well. I don't know Jesus but, from what I hear, I think he'd be pretty relaxed about all this chatter. Cheers Rob
  7. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    John Blofeld, writing in 1978 'Taoism - the road to immortality'
  8. Training your dragon

    Potentially heretical @Taomeow but I gave up coffee for the 10 weeks as well :-)
  9. Training your dragon

    Benefits: amazing sleep, drop in inflammation (increase in squat depth & 'ease' of body, reduction in psiorisis), even energy & mood, weight loss (15Kg in 10 weeks), deeper stillness in shen gong. Challenges: planning - you need to get your food ready, much harder to just 'pick something up'/'sort something out', first 2-3 weeks had some moods swings, tiredness. Got a bit bored of it by the end.
  10. Training your dragon

    Recently did a 10 week 'daoist diet'. I ended up eating mainly animal protein and non-starchy veg.
  11. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Blimey, this could take a while...
  12. If this activity is new to you then it is likely to be painful! Do you cycle? I cycled for years and didn't feel a thing - even with a hard saddle. Stopped cycling for a while and then, when going back to it, so painful! Cheers Rob
  13. uploads

    Thanks @dawei file size seems to have been the problem, smaller file (600k rather than 2.3M) uploaded fine.
  14. uploads

    I've had a problem today, error -200 with a 2MB file. Anyone else?