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  1. Phosphorus in internal alchemy

    I think it was 'phosphenes' not phosphorus
  2. The Chinese Communist Revolution

    I'm interested! I read the original article and wasn't sure whether to be very impressed or very sceptical. Any data points which help clarify WTF is going on are always appreciated.
  3. Thoughts on Energy Arts / B.K. Frantzis

    A while back I spent some time learning some of the EA material. Some Chi Kung, Tai Chi, mainly with Bruce's senior UK student. Not to any great depth but for a few years. I also attended a seminar with Bruce , teaching D&T, in the UK. I enjoyed it and received some benefit from the practice, especially the standing/dissolving. I was encouraged by my teacher to open a local practice group teaching TCC and some CK which I did. All the above is just to note that I have a little experience with the material. I now practice elsewhere. Like anything it's worth looking around at what is available rather than going for the product with the biggest marketing budget. BKFs material and organisation may be perfect for you but there is a lot of good stuff out there these days.
  4. Good question - especially for us oldsters (50 here). You might want to consider kettlebells - lots of martial artists use them to supplement training and stone lock training has been a staple of CMA . You can over-do it though! I spent a couple of years doing loads of kettlebell work and got a lot stronger but also a lot tighter. I've recently committed to a new method of training and have basically been doing 30mins of jibengong every day and nothing else. I'm gaining strength & connection but not losing any flexibility. The tradition also uses kettlebells though and I'm going to a seminar in September to find out more about how this is done. Interestingly, the seminar teacher said that they work with KBs for a short period (a few days) then go back to normal training for the rest of the month. That way there are strength adaptations without any loss of flexibility.
  5. [Edited because I didn't read your original post properly...] For the goals you have set yourself in your original post, ZZ is a good place to start. It's worth asking yourself whether you have a solid sense of what those goals are or what you expect to achieve by attaining them. Lots of people have an idea of what it might be like to 'open the meridians' or 'feel more grounded' but they are just ideas, mental constructions. If this stuff interests you, get into it and do it. Stand, observe, rinse, repeat. In 100 days, review and, if necessary at that point, re-orient.
  6. I don't think you can go far wrong with that book. It is a good choice for someone starting out. The key thing is to get into doing something consistently - every day! Pick one thing and practice it, don't chop and change because 'it's not working' or whatever. I recall reading someone online describe ZZ training as a 'Mad Scientists Lab' which I like but the key thing about a lab is it is for making observations. I would concentrate on observing yourself during ZZ rather than looking for or visualising something specific (structures, flows, processes). Set your base line before you try and change anything. Most of all, enjoy!
  7. How to learn 'sung'?

    Whenever you remember to do so, relax your buttocks and abdominal area.
  8. Serge Augier Online School

    I am currently two months into the online course. I find that it is worthwhile.
  9. Alex is in Cambridge currently. Darren Rose (Serge Augier - Da Xuan Daoism) is in London. Cheers rob
  10. HI, These guys are interesting: I'd also recommend Kit Laughlin's book. Cheers Rob
  11. Why Does Tai Ji Starts with Slow Motion?

    If you can't do it slow - how do you expect to be able to do it fast? Cheers Rob
  12. Ed, Cheer the fuck up mate! You need to get out of London. Are you coming up to Cantabridgium for Alex's one day meditation/neigung thing in March? Cheers Rob
  13. Wuji Style Xingyiquan

    Hi, Ask here: Lots of very knowledgeable Xing Yi guys there. Cheers Rob