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  1. TDB as an organism

    You're the only people I know who are into this stuff. You're a bit odd, but I like you.
  2. Vegan or vegetarian in Daoism

    The Daoists I've come across haven't been vegetarian and haven't talked much about compassion either.
  3. Elixirs

    I was having a bit of a reorganise the other day and found an unopened jar of garlic cloves fermenting in honey (raw - I used to keep bees). They've been sitting in there since 2016 - I'm actually a bit scared to open it.
  4. A message to the moderators

    Can anyone join this argument ? Yes? Excellent. I'd just like to point out that, as a low-contributing freeloading lurker, I find the board now, under the tender care of the current Mod Team, to be a much nicer, more interesting, and infinitely more auspicious place to hang out than it has been for many years. Thank you all. May your orbits be ever clear and your chakras fruitfully aligned. Have a great weekend. Out. Edit: stupid punctuation.
  5. What do you see? (This is a test)

    View over a lake (no, I dont know why either, that was just my fisrt response...)
  6. Another Forum like this

    Thanks for the recommendation. Just popped over to Dharmawheel for a quick look. Holy Moley Buddhism is complicated!
  7. Lovecraft Country

    So, Cthulhu is the Dao? Excellent!
  8. Curious person has some questions

    Fixed that for you
  9. Too Much Information

    We dont get told very much. Just get given exercises and told to go practice. I think it's to minimise potential for projection or unhelpful 'seeking'. There are things we're supposed to come across or discover for ourselves in our own way. The (very mundane) experiences I have had of physical connection or mental stillness etc have not necessarily been what I was expecting from that particular exercise or at that time but they all fit into the same general direction of development. Edit: Probably better to say that, as a beginner, I haven't been told very much. Maybe everyone else is being told everything and I'm just on the stupid track! There is a lot on the structure of the training and the qualities that we are seeking. But there is very little of: If you do A, you will feel B and this is because of C. Experiences can be fitted into the framework retrospectively but you're supposed to go out there and get those experiences first.
  10. Is life long celibacy even possible ???

    Celibacy to supernatural skills in ten posts. Classic Daobums.
  11. Ah Ha! That's what you *want* us to think! :-) I sort of agree, in that I wouldn't dismiss something just because others described it as a conspiracy theory. Your list of military and corporate misadventures evidences that. However, when I use the term 'conspiracy theory' it tends to be aimed more towards those positions that start from a pre-supposed conspiracy and work downwards, fitting in evidence to suit as they go. Looking at evidence and building a pattern from that - that's just working things out.
  12. My teacher has said that one of the first goals/achievements in Daoist practice is to be able to flow with the changes of the world- which I think chimes with much of what you say above.
  13. Mosquitoes, ants?

    Interesting - where are those from? I'll freely admit I know next to nothing about these things but they look more Confucian than Daoist to me. No 10 look more like a Bodhisattva-vow arrangement but then I dont know anything about Buddhism either :-)