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  1. Thanks! I'll be sure to pass the message on!
  2. I guess that I think that it's not an either/or situation. Both types of questions (and their answers) are interesting. I was just trying to point out that ultimately, how people act can be seen as some sort of summation or distillation of their multiple, sometimes conflicted, internal processes. I'm sorry to hear that this whole situation has created these difficulties for you, Luke. That's a layer I haven't had to deal with. If anything, it is the opposite around me - everyone I know is broadly aligned that the Covid vaccines are a good thing. There is debate within that space but that is just detail. One of the reasons I like to come here is to be exposed to alternative perspectives to challenge my own and I appreciate your openness on these subjects.
  3. Maybe. Perhaps polarization is in the eye of the beholder ( ho ho! optics humour!). It is interesting because it is asking - what did you actually DO. After all the talking and the thinking and the thinking and the talking, what did you DO. How did the waveform collapse, how did the Yang manifest in the Yin? I'm don't know why the question was asked but it's a fair question.
  4. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    William Blake Vs The World is a great read. The author, John Higgs, has also written books on Leary and the KLF. It has a lot about Blake's personal mythology and the nature and role of the divine imagination. The Moore book only arrived today but is bound to be an adventure!
  5. Vaccinated. Long Covid is not to be fucked with.
  6. In our school , we say that whatever your reason for starting practice, it's generally not a good reason. However, it's what got you practicing so... My teacher has referred to martial arts as the 'Royal road'. It develops and strengthens your physical body (yin) and gives you plenty of opportunities for exchange with others (which helps avoid some of the delusions which might arise from solitary practices). It gives you a chance to directly work with fear and other confronting emotions. It gives you the confidence to occupy your own space and to remain relaxed in complicated situations. It also enables you to crush your enemies, drive them before you and hear the lamentation of their women. 10/10 would recommend.
  7. Circle walking

    I couldn't state definitively that I have experienced anything like that from circle walking specifically. My practice has brought multiple changes but whether that has come from my Shen Gong/Shen Dan sitting practice or other exercises like Bagua is hard to delineate - they all seem to work together on the same qualities. At the moment both my sitting and moving practices seem to be drawing me towards a closer relationship to a central axis. This is not something that I have sought or had laid out for me - it is just something that seems to be happening. Currently, Bagua seems to be enabling greater relaxation in movement which in turn leads to greater awareness in general. This might make it a bit like qigong from your point of view. As I relax, I become increasingly aware of changes of heat, pressure etc in various areas of the body. The more the physical aspects get 'locked in' the further the attention can go inward.
  8. Circle walking

    I've been circle walking for roughly a year, most days, 30 mins per day. As you say, one advantage is you're doing the same thing over and over again and can concentrate on trying to get all of your internals to line up rather than what move comes next. Every step is a golf swing - with all the attendant frustrations! Benefits? You know how it is - I feel better for doing it but not a huge list of things I could put my finger on. It has balanced out some binding in my knees and lower legs - although there is still a long way to go. Better balance. The twisting in my arms has produced some visible development. Overall though I feel that I am working towards a unification of the body. Recently, the upper body seems to have settled into a focussed unit - just today I realised that the two steps are driven by the same inward twist in the legs. Some days it seems I can feel how far my sole is from the ground. I can be completely aware of my hand at the same time as trying to refine the movement of my legs. Every days is different. And the interesting stuff always happens in the last few circles...
  9. Simple life

    This guy seems to have found contentment.
  10. Discussion On Immortals

    Write to your local University? Or even a non-local one - many researchers are OK with unsolicited contact even if they can't always devote a huge amount of time. Really helps if you do your research and find someone who is already working in the same specific area that you are interested in.
  11. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    @daojones - sounds rough. I've had 'no sugar' periods recommended to me but it sounds like your lifestyle already has that covered. Have you had a formal diagnosis? It looks like there are a number of varieties of candida - some fairly drug-resistant.
  12. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    Cut out sugar. Like, properly. Including all of the things that contain sugar or turn directly into sugar i.e. grains, flour, pasta etc. Give it 100 days and see where that gets you. There is a good article (not candida-specific) on the no-sugar process here. Actually the proper 'good' article is linked from that one and you can go direct here.
  13. Can't get you out of my head

    Thanks @Apech, I shall gird my loins!
  14. We don't use visualisation, at least at the beginning (*). Don't worry about your fingers either. People have cultivated in all sorts of situations for a very long time. * - maybe not at all - I'm only at the beginning!