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  1. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    Do you know who the artist is @silent thunder ?
  2. Anybody ever start a group before?

    To be honest, as soon as I saw the stupid picture I lost all interest.
  3. Humans Without Souls

    Back in the seventies I was present at a seance. At one time the 'communication' was with a young woman who had died about ten years before. I cannot recall what the question was but a part of her answer was that not all people have souls. I have not since come across this concept, until this post.
  4. Paintings with a Wow Factor

  5. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    I don't know what this is, only that it is from Cornwall. I found it on Facebook.
  6. Living Hobbit Wild

    I think the eco village idea was just right. I don't know about "no electricity" maybe just start off gently. The Findhorn Foundation in Scotland may well be a great place to start. Tons of info on the web if you are not familiar with it. I have spent quite a bit of time there so feel free to ask questions.
  7. Rebirth????

    Hi @lino thanks for your reply. It however raises lots more questions. Please elaborate. "The skandhas are not what you think." Well I never said what I think they are, but I would like to know your interpretation. Secondly we have the "something" which is injected. Again some info would be great. Third we have the "person" who becomes a "baby". Very interesting. I suspect that this refers to a spiritual state perhaps? Please write more Lino.
  8. Hi Noone, I did not know this. Buber was a fascinating man. Thanks for posting.
  9. Soul

    This is certainly a factor in some of the material that I have read. Thanks for the info about forms, This is a new one for me but a very interesting point of view.
  10. Soul

    I have found this subject very challenging. By chance today I came across Analayo's book 'Rebirth in Early Buddhism'. I will read this and hopefully have a greater perspective. It has some good reviews. Has anybody else read this book?
  11. Mystical Christian Thread

    Jesus said, "Many are standing at the door, but it is the solitary who will enter the bridal chamber." Gospel of Thomas
  12. Soul

    I frequently read that Buddhism does not accept the idea of a soul. Usually this is explained as an unchanging soul or unchanging eternal essence. The emphasis seems to be on 'unchanging'. Does this mean that a changing essence might be more acceptable.