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  1. Good point but I would consider the possibility that such matters require energy. If so, mass appearances may be out of the question.
  2. When I was a small child I had a serious post surgery infection. My family were told that all they could do was pray. My hospital bed was next to a window on the 4th floor. I remember vividly the sunlight growing incredibly bright and I could see the outline of a woman in a long dress, outside the window. She waved to me and I waved back. About ten years later I went to my cousins place where a visitor was arranging a séance. I was told of a spirit named Mary. She wanted me to know that she was always with me. I asked if she was a guardian angel, the reply was no, but will help with illness. A final comment from her was "you have seen me before". A few years after this, I went with a friend to a spiritualist group. Upon my arrival an old lady called over to the medium and said "can you see her" to which he answered no. She told me that there was the spirit of a young woman with long black hair standing next to me. I returned some weeks later and found that the group had a visitor, a medium from the U.S. As soon as I entered the room she pointed and said "hey that guy, he has a girl with him, can anybody else see her", and then she mentioned long black hair.
  3. I am sure I am not the only one here to use this time of isolation for reading? I have just finished Samuel Becket's 'Endgame. Currently reading J.G. Ballard's "Drowned World". My regular in take of history is from Christopher Hill's "God's Englishman", a biography of Oliver Cromwell.
  4. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    Summer Afternoon in Normandy by Louis Aston Knight
  5. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    Lamia by J.W. Waterhouse
  6. Paintings with a Wow Factor

    It is an engraving not a painting, but it is great art - Albrecht Durer
  7. Tantric Buddhism and Archetypes

    Thanks for the tip Jeff. I have been reading this for a few days now. It is really first class.
  8. The Hidden Life of Trees

    What a beautiful and inspiring story. Thank you for posting this.
  9. Seems Ironic

    @joeblast I had never heard of Marvin Heermeyer before your post. Obviously I am not privy to all the details and opposing opinions but I really feel for him and am truly sorry that he took his own life. I strongly suspect that the run up to this affair could have been better handled by the city authorities.
  10. Who are your favorite Comedians of all times?

    Does anybody remember wonderful Marty Feldman