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  1. More than half your body is not human

    What I tought was really crazy is that neuro transmitters like serotonin get made and originate more in the gut made by bacterias so a bigger percentage gets made by bacteria then your own body produces. Them dont have the study links on hand though. i tough that was crazy
  2. Bone broth, ox tail, soups

    yeah, im planning on making it a standard part of my life, to just brew a weeks worth and take a cup on an empty stomach everyday using it medicinally / nutritionally and maybe then sometimes make some extra to make a proper soup or stew for dinner i looked around today, found 3 kilo for 12 euros, around that mark. Delivery cost is twice the price of the bones its grass fed organic packs of bones, tendons and ribs. not sure about necks and feets they didnt mention those i also saw oxtail and tongue although tongue doesnt have bones so probably isnt that much of a soup thing
  3. Bone broth, ox tail, soups

    Whats the full ingredient list? does it have any chemical additives also curious why do you call it a herb? ive been looking At a croq pot to make bone broth in. but havent been able to find a place to get organic bones to draw from. buying all the Biological chicken every Week gets very expensive, how much bone would you say is needed to get the medicinal/nourishing and gut repairing effects of bone broth?
  4. Best herbs for constipation? Currently looking at triphala

    checking thyroid to be sure, but doubt thats an issue, Together with other bloodwork, Just need to be able to stop eating at 11 and sleep well enough to do the bloodwork next morning without eating i most likely have a motility issue but i will improve it regardless water intake could be better. Whats the revommended dosage these days? activity is okish , i go for walks i most likely have a motility issue once a week wont be very helpfull i think, im lookong for a permanent solution i dont think once a week will do much for my bowells also looking at physillium husk powder though the lead found in the one i saw the lab rapport for was pretty high
  5. Hah, yeah it got real bad real quick, thats for sure, It was not fun. Dont let the backstory fool you however, A big part of this ive resolved now. Im just very bad at deciding what to exclude and include i always end up telling every detail of the story. Due to perfectionism. Its an Issue. the thing is I tought i was really dying, my entire body got tight, trouble breathing and my wrist pulse as well as jugular pulse would get fainter and weaker in sync with the rate of getting tighter - so that made it pretty scary. as soon as that got ruled out by the doctor. meaning The pulse is still there if you put the blood pressure band on and wait. Along with some extra checks with my own equipment i was able to start taking back controll. together with the ashwaganda to calm down my body enough. So the worst part is over. BUT i need to uproot it completely, im left with the artifacts of it. if i dont eradicate this pattern completely from my system it will at some point repeat itself or otherwise cause disruption. ive made the ask for a therapist, not because im such a huge fan, but because i could really use a feedback mechanism In this. its basicly has become a form of ocd so theres a protocol for unwiring it. however the waiting lists are useless whitch is why im asking advice Here Im winning, but i need it fully uprooted. -ive seen the doctor as well. what i seem to be running into now, is
  6. Best herbs for constipation? Currently looking at triphala

    getting better, but ive had some energy and fatigue issues skin is dry recently very high, due to panic attacks before that medium because of some life stress now im gradually becoming better constipation wouldnt be due to any recent events however
  7. Good day people, i seem to have done a bit of a number on myself i seem to have developed a pretty serious case of panick attacks in a short amount of time. And would like to ask for input and advice, i need to get passed this. plz note that while this probably reads really dumb and Stupid this has been a serious debilitating issue. For 11 days at this point. The panick started when i started A while back mental processes, and visualisation processes started getting out of hand during a period of extreme mental fog, basicly i was being displaced out of my mind so automated patterns started to run themselves without me interferring or correcting it, And i started to fear that i would accidently intend unhealthy things. This is how it started. >i started to become afraid that i might affect my heart accidently >i became afraid of it >i tought i accidently affected my heart with my thinking >then i became extremely scared of my toughts to avoid doing it again >but the more you fight your toughts the more they fight back to get expressed >eventually i lost and tought it again with more severity and got a more severe responce on my heart i started to freak out in fear because i didnt have controll. I felt all kinds of sensations i couldnt keep track of it all it spiralled out of controll, couldnt breathe, entire body tight, Blurry vision Called an ambulance went to the e.r twice they decided to have me there for the night I had panick attacks through the sleeping pill in a drug spacing haze And then panick attacks in the following days staying up for 17 hours getting woken up in my sleep with panic it had quite a run of constant activating - being retriggering and building - stopping -retriggering etc a perfect way to quickly train up a big web of bad asociations well rehearsed responces, responsiveness It just kept going because it was my own thinking triggering it, it became a self enforcing loop i couldnt escape from. i was afraid that i was gonna accidently stop my heart, i ordered measuring tools whitch helped me objectvely identify big chunk of symptoms as “stress/panic responce” and not real. i found some ashwaganda calm caps that allowed me to get some foodhold back. It diminished the high alert state i couldnt escape from. During that i got to regain some bearings and notice alot of sensations were just useless sensations and reprocess since then the “0 to a 100” severe panic responces ive gotten out. but i havent won yet, its become rather ocd -im still afraid of thinking the wrong things, -theres still a chunk of involuntaryfear responces that re-triggers the whole web, that launch me into it, -im afraid if i might start thinking this to long and start believing it to strong it might actually get dangerous i had some pretty serious fright responces -i have a nervous system issue that creates all kinds of sensations and pressures that makes it harder to think things are ok So on reflecting what im afraid of. -i visualised a cut in my finger and felt pain and lasceration in my finger for an hour or so. This started the becoming afraid of my own thinking. -i seem to now be afraid of even thinking words, like heart. Or heart attack or stop your heart,, -That pressure sensation that sits on my heart erea, but isnt actually my heart. Its most likely nerve and some kind of muscle tissue but it feels inside my chest. And when it moves to my heart erea it scares the shit out of me. So im just trying to confront it, and stay with it, i start feeling sudden pressure in my chest, then the built up involuntary fear responces get triggered. And i get filled with fear. -then im afraid that if i stay with it in that fear not having controll of it believing something might happen, that something might actually happen because of that -i had my heart slow down abrubtly a couple of times only to return back to rhytm, thats what started the beginning of it, together with those strong pressure sensations on that erea I think the slowing down of the heart was most likely just caused by me feeding a fright responce into the system. Rather then then the action that was performed how do i best move forward and rid myself of this completely? thanks for your input!
  8. Best herbs for constipation? Currently looking at triphala

    Id love to, consult with a great tcm doctor, but my experiences have been pretty average im sorry to say. Not the masters of herbs and diagnosis i was hoping for. Real nice people But more a kind of painting with numbers, if this, then this... and results werent very impressive.
  9. Good day people, ive been looking at ways to deal with chronic constipation that ive had for at least 20 years. I go about every 4 days or 5, other periods maybe 3 so, thats really not good. and have been looking at organic triphala supplement. my food intake btw, lots of green veg, brown rice and some meat. the first has ingredients: 500mg: amalaki bibhitaki haritaki 500mg the other one has: amalaki bibhitaki haritaki trivrut makandika indravaruni draksha also 500 mg so my original questiom before i decided to lace this topic with extra questions: are these ingredients i can take lifelong if need be? i bought a triphala supplement from the guys over at pukka, but it had a big dosage of liqorice root in it, whitch as far as i know should not be used for long periods of time, even had a guy die from eating to much. And also lowers testosterone what do you think? toughts? other Advice and recommendations are very welcome as well WHAT IVE BEEN DOING SO FAR: -ive been taking lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach -as well as 200mg magnesium citrate -as well as vitamin c -i eat alot of green veg -eating yoghurt with oatmeal 3 times a day helped some to but i had to stop dairy and oats unfortunately Other things im considering: -Adding in physilium husk to see what it does -maybe drinking chia or flax seeds with water for extra fiber but that wont win me the race. -doing 800 mg of magnesium citrate -ive seen people report this as doing the trick, however im insure what this will do to your copper reserves over time, and your electrolytes. Im kind of new to the nutritional game -im also considering a cleanse but wouldnt know whitch to get stilll looking into it At some point ideally id like to do a juice cleanse or something that allows me to clean my colon n body FRom a life of so so eating, with very poor detoxification. n clean up my biofome -ive also heard of cascara, sagrada, to use -and researching a good probiotic but not sure how safe that is yet. And wether there are risks any and all toughts, recommendations and advice are welcomed! thanks for your time,
  10. Celery Juice

    Trying it!
  11. Hyper mobility syndrome curable?

    from what i gathered from the customer service there needsto be an extra10 minutes added to the 20 minute session that costs 155 making somewhere in the 200 range but i could be wrong. chun yi lin costs 145 however what the website doesnt state is that its for 10 minutes, whereas with the other healers it is for 20minutes whitch previously was30 minutes if im not wrong. ive also seen you state chin yi lin is pretty accesible, “just email customer support amd theyl forward your message well, i tried that and he literally told me “master lin is a very busy man, your best bet is to get on a phone consultation with him (whitch i wasnt allowed untill after i do a 30 minute session with the other healers) otherwise hes to busy” so i wouldnt say hes accesible. i wanted to consult him (paid offcource) about qi deviations and a nervous system issue, so the other healers werent really an option. shame hes so boxed off
  12. multi vitamins

    Most people should take lifelong vita d supplementation. and are chronicly low on vita D its an easy win. the recommended dosages are low to the point of ridiculousness. On just about all the vitamins. a while back they were giving 400 iu to older people not geting out much and withdiminished levels to generate it. Its utterly useless. i was told to take 1000 iu everyday and my levels actually plumeted further on a 1000iu Dayly i now know having spoken to many many people about it that all measured their progress through bloodtest 3000 -5000 iu. Is the minimum For maintenance of d levels. and you may evenbring it up a few points on 5000iu. if you take it consistently everyday for about a year i took Prescribed ampulls of 20.000 every 3 days for a while in agreement with my doctor, to finally get it up a bit
  13. Hyper mobility syndrome curable?

    Hi john, what have your personal experiences been with receiving healing? yeah id really like to consult chun yi and ask him some questions, more people have told me diagnosticly hes very good but the super commercial structure of sfq makes it a pretty hard for me youre first forced to have a full intake and a healing session with one of the other healers costing around 200 $ in total before you get to do any session with chun yi lin. At 150$ per 10min there is offcource the meditation healing option, , however id need the actual conversation so that doesnt work for me. im on pretty low income due to health reasons On a sidenote im, not really a fan of his qigong method with all the visualisation. but am of chun yi himself. Michael lomax is unreachable via his site, im not sure he does sessions Brion beller his senior student i did get responce back from however. He Was very quick in his responding and gives clear information So hes available, thanks for responding -tc
  14. Hyper mobility syndrome curable?

    Hey, Thanks for your responce, yeah i heard you talk about this tightning of the tissues before in later stages of the work. Yeah any qigong work is not on the table, im just inquiring and aquiring info around me for future times and discover whats out there that i dont know about. I tought maybe there were cases where hypermobility itself was the result of some kind of imbalance Yeah the basics are very important, currently working on them.
  15. Good day peeps, i was doubting wether to post this here or in the health section but i tought there might be more readers in general. my hyper mobility https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypermobility_(joints) meaning looseness of joints because of having to unstable/long/ stretchy. Connective tissues, Causing joints to overstretch and subluxate its gotten alot worse the last year Because of a condition required me to fully relax all the time, i also couldnt do any muscle training. i think its put alot of extra strain on just those tissues stretching them further and away from the muscles. Ive started having trouble sleeping on my side because my shoulders sublux n seem to get worse everytime i wake up on my back my legs roll outwards left and right, stretching the hip sockets and my spine vertebraes seem to get loser and the lower curve part is having some issues has there been anything that known thsts been able to reduce this? has qigong been known to reduce this, basicly laxness of the tendons and ligaments? i havent been able to find much on it. Any information would be appreciated thank you for your time, -tc