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  1. Going into other peoples bodies, and feeling them

    this was definatly very usefull because im one 1000 percent a why guy, needing to know why im doing it i was already on the fence wether i needed to jump out completely tenporarily because my brain was being pulled towards trance like states because of the electricity n it became one big hole n everything tought related would redirect me to that same space i was having alot focussing outwards and definatly staying outwards focussed after the acupuncture n the heavy symptoms diminished being in a new enviroment and around people Helped the most and being out in the sun
  2. Going into other peoples bodies, and feeling them

    this was definatly very usefull because im one 1000 percent a why guy, needing to know why im doing it i was already on the fence wether i needed to jump out completely tenporarily because my brain was being pulled towards trance like states because of the electricity n it became one big hole n everything tought related would redirect me to that same space i was having alot focussing outwards and definatly staying outwards focussed after the acupuncture n the heavy symptoms diminished being in a new enviroment and around people Helped the most and being out in the sun
  3. Going into other peoples bodies, and feeling them

    Thanks for asking, i went to acupuncture. it helped calm it down - it didnt really change the pattern but it calmed it down my eyes stopped rolling back. My forehead space and eyes stopped feeling like it was gripped by electricity and i just had subtle pictures i saw with my eyes closed instead of hallucimations i lost myself in completely. so thats very good! i went to stay with somebody being by myself wasnt a good idea. I was scared and completely absorbed in my thinking i needed to be out of my house. I couldnt sleep there anymore in a new enviroment and with somebody around me it helped me get distraction and just turn my attention outwards as much as possible i cant stay here forever, ibeen here for 1 and a half week now probably can stay here for another one and a half week. so im thankfull for that im worried about my nervous system itself - i fear acupunture isnt gonna be able to permanently correct it i seem to have “permantly reprogrammed it - not just changed the flow. If i flex any muscles at the base of my skull , or frown in a way that the muscles in my forehead it restarts and retriggers the pattern. It seems to just oroginate from my forehead space inside my neck now flowing down Its still bothering me n it flares up but ive been turning ny attebtion outwarss ive been taking a huge time out from thinking about it. And just try to have trust that things are getting better. and just been focussing outwards as much as i can and keeping busy. Spending time with the people here going for walks to its been good living with people i worry about when i go back home though and are by myself again so yeah im definatly alot better then before! at some point im gonna have to start looking for a solution again i havent been doing to much with the intent thing to much as soon as i do that i trigger all the other trance n thinking stuff better to just properly create distance from it all together and get a strong extended reference in being outside my head as much as possible having positive experiences i just try to keep hold of the positive feelings n have a sense of trust - then just hit the shower n feel like im renewing myself so yeah thats what ive been up to basicly
  4. Going into other peoples bodies, and feeling them

    Would you say its a good idea to engage with the imagery? to ask what it wants why its here or tell it to leave? or say try as much as you csn to stay out if it? And ignore it if you can
  5. Going into other peoples bodies, and feeling them

    Are there any specific Acupuncture points i should menTion? im gonna reach out to random practitioners now See what they can do theb
  6. Going into other peoples bodies, and feeling them

    theres 3 things going on, 1.)-im worried about my health, the Fact that i have my eyes rolling inwards n hallucinating, Thats just a redflag no matter how you put it That i may be convulsing or turn into psychosis 2.)-then i have the added fear the hallucinations might be spirits, n i keep thinking these things like inviting them in etc Whitch just happens n then i see things happening as a resukt of having said thst i have no way to protect myself 3.)the hallucination state feels simmilar to the state i normally woukd do self hypnosis in like a powerfull deep trance state before i lose controll of it i keep saying unwanted bad selg suggestions n proclomations what if that all goes in, that its an unprotected state n im causing damage 4.) then theres the whole swedenborg thing nungali was telling me aboutt whst if im creating these unhealthy parts through @freeform il try the things you suggested . ive emailed every single xian tian colleger they asked damo as well as their own network they couldnt hekp amd apologised. and im gonna find a mantra to repeat as im entering the visualisations maybe itl help me at least feel a sense of Ive built up some fear to the visualisations thinkinh they may be spirits or what nungali told me about maybe i can use a mantra to at least feel a sense of certainty - inst of fear thanks for your suggestions im actuslly completely clear headed only when i lie down n my innerworld turns to live.. it gets... ok thanks
  7. Going into other peoples bodies, and feeling them

    I think im in trouble. This is not a welll edited post i keep hallucinating when it is time to sleep when i close my eyes to varying degrees. it starts as pictures but then i lose myself in it. So its either a hallucination. Or a semi dream while not being fully asleep ive been waking up talking to people the last 2 days the electricity behind my eyes got bad and my eyes roll slightly to the side and i kept waking up and think im slightly convulsing as well as was fullblown hallucinating with my eyes closed 1day ago i called The doctor to say i may be having psychosis red flags.. all they done is referr me to a psychiatrist weeks from now Then today i called that i dont think its psychosis but that My eyes are rollling to the side, thst i feel electricity in my head n that im having some kind of convulsions in my sleep thst wake me up still shaking. And that i had full blown hallucinations the doctor called with the crisis team, and the neurologist. And the neurologist decided this wasnt anything acute and that i have an appointment in 2 weeks i havent slept alll night i went to the emergency room whike i waited because i was afraid to fall asleep what do i do with this?????? They refuse to look at me. And i dont know where to find an acupuncturist either beyond that the hallucinations have been scary seeing alot of scary faces n things even when its just pictures and i accidently tell them things because i cant controll my toughts things like i invite you in. And then i see disturbing things im completely sound of mind when im awake, Now im scared for my health n the fact that im saying all these kind of things to demonic looking creatures. what if they really are spirits? N not hallucinations i dont know what to do what do you do in a situation like this????
  8. Going into other peoples bodies, and feeling them

    quick followup question, ive send out all the emails to the people in the register. Ive been trying to look foor classic acupuncture in my country on google, however they seem to use it interchangibly then ive found some people who speak of a differences between classic acupuncture en tcm, they mainly seem to speak off using less needles with classic acupuncture. but how can i measure the knowledge or skill of these people, maybe i should make a new topic about this. i have no idea how to know if they know what they are doing.. what do you recommoned i do in this? @freeform and others. the academys the person trained with also trains in zhineng qigong.. i lack the knowledge to assess their expertise, wether its authentic acupuncture or just a name. but its seems pretty studio''ish'' judging from the bio stories. but then thats just my hunch, should i just email everybody i can find and explain my situation? im considering doing it because who knows, never know what comes out of it the issue im facing however is, judging from the previous acupunturists ive been to - nobody tends to say hmmm... i may not know what to do with this. they all just highly confidently tell you things, that may or may not turn out to not work. just like the person who told me that sucking in universal energy through my crown would solve my nervous system issue and believed it. the last acupuncturist whos a great person, but he basicly just pricks according to the balancing method of dr tan and some other things. took me a while to figure out that he really doesnt know what to do. but he speaks ultra confident and knowledgable. what are my options here?
  9. Going into other peoples bodies, and feeling them

    yeah thats a good plan Ive been trying to find a way to track it in a consise clear organised way thats easy to refer back to and have a bigpicture view - but i dont know how i get overwhelmed. also my thinking hasnt been as clear so i get overwhelmed easier. though its been getting alot better WHat i have is and enless string of dayly journal entries on my iphone where i write about whats goingo n but its chaotic not short and consise at all. mixed in with other toughts. i tried going over it the other say but its a mess. definatly not built for quick glance rereading. but its all i could think of at the time thinking any record was better then no record, plus the act of observing it and noting would at least get me better noticing what exactly was going on. do you have any tips and advice on how to do that in eazy clear way? i dont have experience in tracking various things on a dayly basis like id imagine for example fitness people do. This also isnt my main issue. this was the last thing i was going to make a topic about. while i was awaiting approval i spoke with freeform about it and earl grey. im not an energy meditator. all i do is basic mindfullness and self hypnosis. i developed an issue with my nervous system after having gone to a hypnotherapist for a hypnosis session, and i came here because daoist practices work extensively with the nervous system and would probably have extensive mappings on it or some kind of moddels. becuase i had no idea what was going on. and couldnt get help anywhere. that was in november/december. i had basicly electricity coming down the back down my legs, underneat my footsoles , and up on the frontside. up to my forehead. and eventually after months of battle it would go from my forehead over my scalp and back down my back again making a circle. and it caused stomach cramps , foggyness , strain on my eyes. and id get icecold randomly. freeform thinks my chi flow got reversed somehow. so it would be a form of chi deviation. so ive been looking for an acupuncturist thats trained in classic acupuncture. did all kinds of bloodwork but the neurologist refused to help me. so ive been doing battle with them again to force scans out of them. though i doubt and also hope its not that. it started as a result of that process. so i dont think it will be a brian issue, lets hope not. i havent been doing any mindfullness for 8 months, since it started. yeah in that case i absolutely agree, not grounded, my proprioception feeling and knowing my body in space and full inhabitation of my body could definatly be lots better. I saw a program by anat baniel called neuromovements. She worked and learned directly from moshe feldenkrais when he was still alive and has programs for doing slow physical movements with attention to what your doing and sensing to get the brain to map the body better and establish better body and muscle controll through neuro plasticity. she works with disabilitated children and people who have brain damage that kind of thing. as well as help people move better. i was thinking of maybe trying that since its just slow physical movements. they only have about 12 people the directory in total not in my country. some in london some in canada. im gonna contact the people in the directory now, longshot but perhaps they have a network themselves and could referr me out to someone in my country, hadnt tought of that yet. i see, that might be important then and usefull to start doing then. i dont have a trampoline though, but you say the trampoline adds alot of extra value as opposed to regular carefull jumping? trampoline be easier on the joints knees etc i think and less risk of injury. it may also help with training better balance and things. funds are low, but im gonna do a quick check what second hand small ones go for. ive been so trapped into my victim mode of cant do exercise because of the issue - that ive just kinda rolled over and closed off from consideirng any creative possiblities il see what a cheap 2nd hander goes. thanks for the tip! lets hope so
  10. Going into other peoples bodies, and feeling them

    just to be clear, im not severely disasociated in any way. reading it back it sounds really extreme. @Master Logray -i also dont think im actually going inside peoples bodies, normally i would say if such a thing is possible, but clearly on this forum people believe its very possible. but i doubt theyl begin following my lead, if they were it probably be because they were in rapport with me and or theyre reactive to me, with causes people to follow your gestures. i know heavility focussing on people can create a kind of entrainment that makes them follow your lead but i think that has more to do with strong rapport. the process itself i know where its coming from ive always been kind of empathic ( the normal kind) having a sense of other people as well as curious about what makes people tick, so spending time analysing what structures motivate my acitons and toughts and those of others trying to figure out what other must or might be feeling has always been something ive kind of leaned towards. so ive always had a bit of an inclination to be other focussed. and in my head. -ive also always especially when younger spend lots of time thinking and introspecting, as well as thinking endlessly about things - this kind of geared me towards to being in light eyes open trances alot. so i probably developed a bit of disbalance between body and head. but nowhere was it anything dysfunctional. exept introvertion i guess when i was younger at some point i used movies - as a way to micro muscle modell, i didnt know i was doing this it was just kind of an intuive thing i ventured into not looking at it as clear and specific processes i engaged in that probably should probably be marked off -by a clear beginning - a clear ending - followed by a returning to normal baseline state. i went through a period where i stopped watching tv because i was taking on things i didnt want - so i stopped watching tv for a period i didnt have a clear way to fully disengage from it. i didnt have a concept of state and clear state breaks. i definatly wouldnt say im ultra ungrounded in some extreme way, ive also had hyper mobility all my life. but yeah it could be better balanced i think i get whats kind of going on now though. ive monitored it for a while 1) the nervous system issue we spoke about, ive gotten it to reduce significantly thankfully, like alot. through idemotor finger signals, non trance, asking my unconscious if if it can return my nervous system back to normal healthy functioning it axctually shifted it completely for a bit. the electrictity thats coming up on the front side of my body -> it pulls it back down, it actually fully takes it out of my eyes , my forehead, down out back down my legs, back under my footsoles, and i think it goes back up my spine and i felt completely normal for a few good hours, it was amazing. but it returns back at some point i feel it moving back down my neck , down the backside my legs, under my footsoles and up on the front again. but its at least in a very diminished way. it seems to be mainly electrictity behind my eyes and in my foreheadspace, that still messes with me somewhat. there is a whole space apparently in your forehead i can feel it because the electricity travels down it. and it creates a pressure there. and it kind of activates my head more something about the eyes connected to my brain and my forehead it seems.because when i sit behind a computer screen -my eyes slightly roll to the right in a way that my forehead kind of activates and it makes me slightly be in my mind while im also here - not in an introspectiveway thinking way. but more so like there is a movie screen in your forehead. so im sitting there but im partially in my mind. thats what kind of caused this i think. 2) i seem to have to much energy or something in my head. i dont know anything about energy but thats just how it feels. its gotten alot less but when i sleep it happens sometimes i had a period where my mind visuals were extremely vivid colours incredibly vivid and at the height there was this kind of warmhole that sucked me in - it seemed like i was travelling through it - but yeah i was definatly not gonna do that so i pulled out. but ive never seen such vivid pictures with my eyes closed in the topic about entitties - i asked some questions because i know nothing off it, and i was just trying to figure out what i was seeing. monitoring it extensively i know now that i start dreaming before im fully asleep. my brain feels like its wet like theres fluids in it. and my pictures liven up. ive caught myself talking to people in the movies a few times now - i was already dreaming, semi lucid and i shift out of it and im like huh. so thats probably just dreaming then a few times , it seemed a little different from that saw weird things present themselves. -i also had a thing blow white powerder on my face saying weird words that was pretty creepy i just keep monitoring it, 3) there seems to be something with my neck, because of the hyper mobility. the top hinge vertaebrae it shifts way to much and it seems it disbalances something. because i used to flex the neck muscle in a certain way to exactly reallign that top vertabrae and a sense of symmatry i would feel and i will start feeling something happen in my throat at the bottom bellow the adams apple, where you stick the finger in krav maga. and the place in my belly and im instantly more behind my eyes and in my body 4) the last time i did mdma (whitch i stopped obviously) it had a much different effect - and i think its because of the neck inhibits properflow of whatever flows there... so when you take mdma and basicly open up the fossett it was a complete different effect, i got all foggy instead of kind of clear and outwards focussed in my senses as i normally would. i think that had an effect to WELL, i would very much like to , but the xian tian college seems impossible to reach currently been trying to for over a month. and i dont really know of other places i could ask yeah i havent been doing it, but even a 5 minute mindfullness practice non trance? just outwards focussed attention. on my breathe and my senses? im just trying to ground andembody more and calm and center to start my day off better why do you say jumping specificly? is there something about that act? or just because it can be low impact i also have crazy reduced is it propropception or the vestibular one? or both i definatly get unbalanced crazy fast started noticing it when im pacing through my room, doing the turns. if i make a circle i already notice it. i dont get dizzy percep but i feel that beginning of dizzyness, just somewhat offbalanced - so yeah proprioception that would be. thats ridiculous
  11. Thanks! However The email doesnt exist ingbookings at gmail. Dot. Com. Did i get that right? Did i miss something? Or is it just a dead email address
  12. ive been trying to come into contact with them for a little longer then a month now, im really looking for a practitioner trained in ancient chinese medicine as damo calls it, -ive used their online contact form -emailed a staff member specificly that takes care of afministration according to the site -ive messaged them on instagram its been more then a month now and have send multiple messages, i know corona has people busy but have they stopped customer support all together? im seriously in need of a practitioner, are there any other colleges i could contact in europe that have classicly trained acupuncturists that can also deal with chi deviations?
  13. Entities, how do you know if you have them?

    thanks for responding, You misunderstand me, im definatly trying to address the things going on with me, im working on that. however the specific bit about possible entities, thats what i wanted potentially getting a read on . in the offchance that theres an actual spirit issue, i need to know, and well, i dont really know what to do in that case. aside from finding an exorcist or some kind of spiritual healer thats not a con man. witch without a recommendation from a trusted knowledgable person will prove most likely to be a challenge. so i need a way to rule it out, or in, i guess thats why i posted asking about this im not an occultist, so i have serious issues with writing pentagrams calling out beings and invoking spirits, for obvious obvious reasons. i dont want to invoke spirits, i want to get rid of them. if it were the case that something is going on. though i get the sense from your writings that you dont believe such things really exists (i havent read it all yet). from what i read i get the sense that you look at it through a lens of psychological processes? il be back to respond further i had to little time
  14. Entities, how do you know if you have them?

    hmmm this doesnt sound right to me. ive never had anything like this happen with any new developments. i mean ive had symbolic imagery representing things i was heavily involed with. but this is not that. thing is , i dont actually know what a servitor is. . i vaguely know that its kind of like an intention coming to live? see thats the thing, i dont have a practice. i definatly dont expect to have servitors. i was talking about a reading where they tune into you and see whats going on. something like eric isen does, i saw a member called riversnake offering it to somebody as well. somebody offered to do a reading in that way, but il pass as the persons vibe is off '''' . If you are training in a certain tradition they will have that. If not, and you are a westerner, suggest exercises from western tradition' The 'banishing ritual of the pentagram' (LBRP) , 'Middle Pillar' or 'Rose Cross ' rituals ( see the work of Israel Regardie ) '''' ive had a look at the lbrp and im definatly not comfortable with that. im not gonna invoke spirits or angels etc - isnt it possible to do some kind of reading? arent there people that can just see wether theres bad things attached to you yupp... ive been there, its not a pretty sight thanks for your extensive responce