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  1. Good chi deviation warning and educational threads?

    Il check it out thanks, To be clear i ment she doesnt have any deviation she hasnt started doing qigong im saying the way she thinks makes her vulnerable to if. Shes starting to delve into real qigong rather then the physical park stuff but brings mentalities of jeet kune do, trust your gut how you shoukd do things over specific teacher instructions my intuition will show me the way i know better then the teacher. She says she doesnt but i see it in her behaviour these kind of things, she also is very smart , n willing to learn- but she needs to bexone aware of qi deviations n the risks from better sources then me telling her. I dont think she gets how eazy you can go wrong home studying from cources n mantak books. she also has this whole i do things snd “feel energy” type of thing i notice. Needs to know just that feeling energy or sensations doesnt mean its good. shes found michael lomaxs stuff now but will possibly branch out or mix up things so im looking for threads where she can learn what it is - and what you shouldnt do im pretty sure @Earl Grey Was big on linking threads and discussions trying to avoid new starters from being foolish
  2. Looking for these for a friend, she has all the workings of a chi deviation waiting to happen -can sometimes think her toughts on the subject are better then specific way the system dictates -may think at times you can fill it yourself -ordered mantak chia books -learns from books -has beem doing her own freestyled moving meditation for years making me think shel bring bad habits engrained habits jnto these chigong practices who has good threads for her to read? The search is horrible
  3. What are the mechanics behind chanting?

    Interesting.. i just read online that deities are the power behind chanting. Well atleast some chants
  4. Hey everybody, so i saw that chun yi lin is doing some kind of thing where he and a group of tibethan monks will do different chants twice a day fir 7 days. To bless in the new year. theyre doing a bunch -A prayer for all living bekngs -diamond sutra -heart sutra -grand compassion sutra -long gevity sutra -medicine buddha sutra -transforming all negative karma chant so im wondering how do these work? Whats the mechanics behind them. how does a chant transform negative karma or open up uour heart centre etc
  5. ok, so are you saying shiva and the medicine buddha are the same deitys? Medicine buddha was not mentioned in the article
  6. Hello, Just some random toughts, i dont know much about buddhism. i was under the impression buddhism didnt involve evoking deities and such. I tought it was focussed purely on liberation But i saw that that tibethan buddhism is filled with it from glimpsing. Saw that the medicine buddha is depicted as blue, so i wondered are these really buddhas? Or a deity they picked up from hinduism? As i tought buddhism somewhat came from that.
  7. What are the toughts on this? Short tiktok video of A christian pastor prophet doing spirit exorcising them out of people this seems very fake to me https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMF3XoUKP/ Has anybody witnessed spirits being forced out of somebody would it look like this? he also does alot of prophet ministring where he knows alot of things he shouldnt be able to know Is this a conmen, is this god? I always wonder
  8. How is it am abrahamic relegion though if it beliefs in a cosmic mind?
  9. Is it safe to direct energy to my testes?

    No not safe at all stop immediatly, many oeople have severely messed themselfs up doing stuff like this
  10. Semen retention debunked

    im about ready to sign up! Had me at tony but the concrete rock, D swinging and ball dangling really sealed the deal for me!
  11. Evidnece for the super natural

    in the first video what the heck is going on there?? Some look possessed, w the screaming n yelling n behaving like animals. Whats going on there exactly?
  12. i guess i ment outside of the abrahamic religions though i know little about the jewish religion so i could look into that. Il look into the hindu mystic as well, im just trying to get a sense of how he fits in according to other viewpoint. The abrahamic religions hold him as the god of gods the most high and all other beings / deities would be (fallen) angels and other entities according to the bible. The koran is fond of thinking everything jinn so hes basicly the all mighty. With that kind of status Other ancient traditions must have some kind of note on the abrahamic god within their cosmology or viewpoint
  13. Good day everybody, so ive been wondering how does the god of the bible fit into the other cosmologies of just about any other ancient tradition. Is he referred to or recognised in any capacity by buddhism, hinduism, daoism etc? i know he shows up with the gnostics who considered him to be the demi urge that created physical existance and the earth to trap souls is he only referred to by christians? Or do other traditions recognise and place him somewhere in the cosmology ? i would be interested to hear about, i havent found much so far
  14. What does it mean to get tied into a lineage?

    Are there any other people that could elaborate on what exactly entails a qigong lineage?