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  1. Is there really nothing else or nowhere else this person can reach out to? Theres got to be somewhere right Clearly hes in a very bad place, even having nerve damage, with not much of a plan or any idea besides masturbating to keep it down. i doubt he has been doing his walks in his condition Is there really nobody that can help this person? That he can consult? Theres gotta be somebody thats skilled, knowledged and in the open? That he can reach out to im very sorry that you’re going through this man. i really hope That you find your way out of this, get the help that you need and return yourself to health!
  2. Elixirs

    Are these prescribed via any form of diagnosis? Or do you just randomly order something and take it?
  3. Dissolving meditation not working after 8 years

    sorry to hear all this man, the one good thing about this story is that you are one seriously committed person to your growth and development. with that kind of an attitude theres always a way. real quick, i saw you mention severe depression, anxiety these kind of things. what results were you looking to obtain by using the dissolving method? since its basicly a technique (and not some path or ''way'' ) geared at undoing blocks in your system , im kind of assuming you were trying to resolve these issues you were mentioning of trauma, depression, anxiety low sef esteem. did i assume right?
  4. im curious, how would distant healing help him with his issue of severely overeating and obsessive habits? i mean there is tons that i dont know about the abilities of high level healers im open to hearing. im personally also looking for a healer with real ability for some issues im experiencing but is that really the first port of call considering what he presented as his issue? id look into finding a good hypnotherapist that has experience working with issues. Of habit change and a good regression to cause hypnotherapist to begin making some real internal ahifts to put yourself back at cause (rather then at The effect of your aggregated habit patterns) Transform habits, and uproot what got you there in the first place. At the unconscious level australia has some quality practitioners
  5. where the heck did he walk to though every night, thats alotta of walking
  6. severely depressive, victimised locked in worldview backed by a strongly invested narrative why everything is absolutely horrible, everything is impossible and women are the most evil creatures on the planet depressed, and broken spirit, that would be my take on why
  7. Entity attached somehow

    No apologies needed to me, . I have no issues, i definatly did not read it as being assigned a morbid mental condition (I think thats what was said) i just did not agree with some of the things you said n asked about it
  8. Entity attached somehow

    well this topic is taking off.. So far whats being presented right now, is that there is an element attached to me that came from the outside, assuming the readings are correct how would diving into my own psyche directly Resolve that? You seem to be coming from the viewpoint of entities being parts of yourself. (do i understand that right?) whereas im talking about detectable external things, seperate from the person Honestly i find this a kind of over generalisation that to an extent denies reality. is that really always the case? With every entity in every situation? obviously being of sound mind healthy n feeling great will Have you far better then say, being being deeply depressed, broken in spirit and physicly depleted where your natural defences will be very impaired. But in my culture they have lots of practices where they send things to eachother. And your state of mind has little to do with it being there or not. you wont automaticly be a bumbling Drewling person unable to form coherent sentences, that would be an example of a real dire situation. This i also dont understand. I looked it up but This is a process that uses the word “ demons” only in title, but is about working with internal parts. Its a psychological process basicly, or a mental-emotional process (however you want to call it.) Feelings of jaelousy, tensions , hurt etc tuning in to it so you can engage with it and resolve it. its a form of parts therapy or working with imprints and basicly bringing the missing but needed emotional state or other resource, Fullfilling the need so it dissolves and reintegrates But what im talking about is a detectable , external element seperate from my being. An external entity In the case that thats really going on actively trying to take that further into my system would be about the Very worst thing i could do. i think thats pretty irresponcible advice, I mean in the case of doubt, perhaps more action would need to be taken to get more clarity but just saying go do this process and integrate it, welcome it in doesnt strike me as a very good idea im with earl grey on this, Regardless of wether in my case it ends up being true or false. This idea of “im just being positive and it isnt happening im just gonna focus on im healthy, strong and everything is great” - thats just a recipe for denial of reality in my opinion. But why are you talking about that though? Do you think those are one and the same? Just to be clear, Im not (and i dont think anybody) is talking about posession as in the movie the exorcist. Fair question. I inquired via e-mail if there were to be an entity attached to me if hes able to detect and identify it. I also stated somebody told me this may be the case but i have no idea wether its true. and he e-mailed me back his findings. so i definatly pre mentioned the word entity, what i didnt do though was mention anything about location He mailed back that he found a dark energy showing showing up as an entity attached to my throat chakra and extending outward affecting the body. the other person didnt specificly mention a point but he pointed around the height of the base of the skull The chance always exists that eric perhaos did Get it wrong. Nothing is fullproof but i think there might be something to it. With 2 people seeing it around the same ive contacted terry dunn, to see what he recommends,
  9. Entity attached somehow

    Will do, Il contact terry dunn see what he says. and check out the link Thanks for the info.
  10. Entity attached somehow

    Ok well erik isen just confirmed that there is a dark energy that appears to him as some kind of entity, he doesnt really know what it is beyond that. I was enquiring if he could pinpoint something like this with a session but he was kind enough to just e-mail me back with the scan results stating what he had found. i guess thats that then.. i need to go looking for an exorcist
  11. Entity attached somehow

    Quick reply, basicly its this: on the one hand my bullshit detector is going off, with all the vagueness no clear description and vague treatment explanations . All basicky vague on the other hand he doesnt strike me an as ill intentioned person. But one can never know for sure so it could also be that perhaPs hes just unfammiliar with it, or doesnt know exactly. about the dreams, well ive had dreams suggesting some shit is going on. Before he told me about it. But yeah who knows i have very unpleasant nervous system issues that may be affected by that “dark energy” but again thats also vague and unsure. so il see what erik has to say
  12. Entity attached somehow

    Whaddup earl grey, i did the Palm check from your link, everything lines up. So thats good. ive also e-mailed erik isen asking if he thinks he can help with my question. thanks for your suggestions. Hey nungali, exactly, its very vague. I asked him Later via e-mail if it was a spirit his answer was, “it’s not spirit, but more like entity, deposit, or sediment. He wasnt sure where it came from but it came from outside.” So Normally i would think Along the same lines as you. However its definatly not some person confusing his own inner feelings for reality hes a qi-gong healer from an authentic lineage, (as far as i can tell, his credentials are on his site) he definatly has at least some abilities, i did a long distance healing session with him. For issues im having that may be qi-deviation. im aware that long distance healing can often be self suggestion, confirmation bias, Positive expectancy, self delusion etc but this was not subtle, there was also no priming, no explaining, no ritual, no induction just “yes yes close your eyes “ and i was immediatly hit by a wave. he unblocked my chest whitch i forgot to tell him about , he said afterwards my front (Zen) meredian was heavily blocked around throat and chest erea. Whitch was definatly true , and that it took him a while to get it open. Whitch i could also clearly feel because my throat felt like it was getting yanked on continously.. and afterwards my chest was open again So he also isnt just feeding me positive sensations but actually doing something. he then said he also found a kind of dark energy but that it was not in my body but Inbetween the dimension between mental and physical something like that and he sounded surprised that he found that. i asked if that was normal if people have that often, he said no its definatly not a normal thing. He didnt know where it came from later i e-mailed. And then he gave the earlier stated explanation he said it will take a while to get that fully cleared. But its not clear how long a while is. So thats pretty vague For the record i dont get the sense hes an ill intentioned person. However the world is the world and not being gullible, keeping healthy skeptisism and doing your due dilligence is probably a good idea. i do find it very vague and unclear. Whitch normally would raise red flags i havent posted his name, because i dont think thats very respectfull in this context on a public forum. so thats the full story, ... yeah thats what i tought, one of the reasons i posted. I first off want to be sure something is actually going on there. ive emailed erik isen about it. as for me, in a nutshell well im having strange nervous system issues that may be qi deviations i also have strange dreams so there might be something to it.
  13. Entity attached somehow

    Good day people, So A person has told me, i have a entity some kind of dark energy dark something attached to me in the deeper dimension. he calls it an entity or sediment or deposit. (Ive never heard those last 2 words in that context) so i find that pretty disturbing. how can i verify wether this is true? i know this person has some abilities so it could be true, but id like to be sure of it. He also cant tell me much more about it then just that. Id like to verify wether this is fact. how would something like that normally get removed? Are there risks involved i dont know that much about these matters. And im not sure where to reach out about these kind of things. i know it wont be at my local new age studio however. best wishes and thanks for your time,
  14. Strange sensation in upper dan tien

    kaiki how ya doin man? sorry that you’re going through this, Ive been having a simmilar situation. though different for the past 10 months now. Mine were caused by some trance processes i did. It hasnt been fun i just tought id repeat whats been said earlier. im not an expert in any way but i can tell you from the conversations ive had with freeform, that Pretty much the idea is to stop all messing around with the energy. Basicly all internal work you do now will mess it up further. And fuell the established pattern. the idea is that if you stop fuelling it and focus on dayly walks in the park, being in your body in your senses, stay outside of your head and do light physical exercise. At some point it will either dissipate by itself or can be shifted or so freeform promised me anyway Looking forward to that day. just tought id throw that outthere again. good luck to you, and stay strong! I hope youl have this resolved soon Edit| Im just repeating what ive been told but il leave the details for freeform to clarify
  15. Direct Transmission

    Im not an expert in any way. But from reading the many different experiences on here as well as my own issues. id say forget even the mark of can i attain enlightenment by myself or not Many many people going at it all solo seem to create chi deviations at some point and otherwise mess themselves up and get thoroughly lost. The forum is definatly full of posts like that. Including some very strange ones where people refuse to acknowledge the deviations even though having clear symptoms and Refusing to listen then getting worse over the progression of the thread pages. a good teacher, and the interaction with one is probably important for real progress in any serious endavour my 2cents