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  1. Israel/Russia/China

    As always attack the person to avoid engaging with content. What exactly do you dispute in the video? Israel has sold the US out to China for too long, curious about Pompeos recent visit to Israel and the the death of the Chinese/ Israeli ambassador? Curious about Trump, Netanyahu, Putin’s ties to the fanatical Chabad Lubavitch ? Refuseniks (some of whom were GRU/KGB assets) used Israel as back door into USA to steal tech, engage in sabotage and espionage:
  2. Israel/Russia/China

    Hi this may be of interest, Israel is the driver of IP/tech theft from USA.
  3. Books or guides on stretching?
  4. Books or guides on stretching?
  5. Buddhist ajna chakra training?

    It won't work without transmission and without an empowerment it can fuck the teacher, the student and the dilute the practise. In the Dzogchen community theses teachings belong the Longsal cycle of teachings: "Longsal Saltong Tsalung' or The Yoga of Prana related to the Indivisibility of Clarity and Emptiness. If you have had a transmission from the Guru (ChNN) you can then attend a retreat (like I did) where these methods are freely disclosed. To anyone reading this topic who thinks you can reduce spiritual teachings down to techniques, you are deluded. Dzogchen teachings are protected by Ekajati, just a friendly reminder.
  6. Why Trump Won

    The alternative media helped Trump, there is too much info out there now linking the Clintons to globalist heavyweights like Soros and donations from wonderful regimes like Saudi Arabia. But I think Trump will struggle to initiate real reform not a single politician is talking about the challenges faced by automation. I find it amusing that everyone is saying no one knows how Trump will govern etc but no one expected Obama to surround him self with neocons and bail out the banks.
  7. Kriyas in meditation

    Thanks very interesting. There is a lot of progress being made in Dharmic religious studies, check out on Kashmir Shaivism, Christian K. Wedemeyer, Making Sense of Tantric Buddhism and relevant to this topic the work of Christopher Tomkins on the Roots of Surya Namaskāra and Āsana Vinyāsa.
  8. Globalist Slave Labour

    @Sionnach In Australia it costs car manufactures twice as much as other countries to make cars, which is why Australia has no car industry anymore. Its a complicated problem because the unions are so inflexible when it comes to the concept of lowering wages to remain competitive. I recall watching a documentary on small to mid size factories in Germany who experienced a down turn post 2008, the workers and managment actually elected to work for less money so they could keep their jobs. Proposing an idea like that to Australian mining workers during and after the mining boom would be a hard sell, where coal truck drivers were earning $100,000+ How is that sustainable for business? If Australia is to remain competitive it will have to review salaries, Im not advocating slave labour just a reality check about what some labour is worth.
  9. Hillary and Trump "The reality is that there is ample evidence uncovered by journalists suggesting that regimes donating money to the Clinton Foundation recieved special access to and even highly favorable treatment from the Clinton State Department"... Im so happy I don't have to choose between Dumb and Dumber, all ready done enough of that in my home country. How people can even argue that there is a better choice in politics anymore is beyond me.. Good luck.
  10. Does Chinese Civilization Come From Ancient Egypt?

    Amazing workmanship by any standards.
  11. Does Chinese Civilization Come From Ancient Egypt?
  12. The Hell planes

    Ok can we get some names of people who are now in hell please? I'll kick it off with two obvious candidates. Hitler comes to mind straight away and.. Jimmy Saivelle. The above belong together in the lowest of low hells. So based on our self regulating moral universe model the above candidates are currently being tortured in a very (hopefully) Yang Hell because the All, the Tao, the Primordial Unconditioned Awareness which is generally described by mystics as being very elusive, undefinable, love infused and beyond causality also happens to conveniently operate a very precise cosmic justice system which includes torture. Great! But how dose this work I hear you ask? Well what happens is that at death the the above candidates take rebirth in a hell that is directly proportionate to their crimes on Earth. Jimmy Saivelle ,who molested and ruined the lives of countless children, his evil mind stream, soul, heart shen, whatever. ?? you choose, is now as we speak having a hot iron rod inserted up his rectum and having his insides burnt out because the undefinable cosmic Insight actually cares about child molestation. I'm sorry if the above is a bit vulgar but I find people peddling their stupid theories about cosmic justice (with out even offering a tiny bit of critical balancing) even more offensive; especially given the complete lack of observational evidence for it.
  13. The Hell planes

    Yin hells, Yang hells and the Mother or Great Spirit (depending on your gender) balancing everything out in a wonderful 'just so' story. Its edifying to know that all the victims of war, poverty, paedophilia and other miseries humans have seen fit to inflict on each other are nothing more than cosmic manifestation of a reality that is morally self regulating. Its that simple.
  14. The Hell planes

    I struggle with the moral universe concept. The idea that the consequences of an action you committed in a previous life will come to fruition in a future life seems like bullshit to me; as dose the proposal that the universe some how rewards good actions and punishes bad actions. And what I struggle with even more than all of the above is when people talk about their private spiritual insights and use it as grounds for generalizing about ontological experience. Thats not to deny that there are other planes of existence but it is way beyond my knowledge bank to start generalizing and proposing simple linear models based on visions I have had through altered states. When you look at the descriptions of hell -particularly the part about a Hell Boss with a giant whip who's sole role is to torture beings- it makes me wonder at the critical thinking faculties of people suggestion that it is a valid insight; and that maybe they are addicted to a model of reality where the moral account book is evenly balance out because the alternative model, where chaos and impartiality reign, is actually more terrifying than any hell realm.